Just as awkward as you thought it would be – Kristen Stewart and New Moon madness at the MTV Movie Awards

OMG you guys I made it up the steps without tripping!! I won't do anything else embarrasing! At ALL!

OMG you guys I made it up the stairs without tripping!! I won't do anything else embarrassing! At ALL! (for the next 2.4 seconds)

Dear Kristen (my new favorite letters recipient, apparently)-

I’m going on hour 6 of live blogging the MTV Movie awards, I’ve fainted over your fake out kiss with Rob, I’ve eaten too many Sprinkles cupcakes, I kept repeating to myself “he is 17” while looking over my shoulder for Chris Hanson, I’m bleary eyed and tired, but most of all, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about the New Moon movie (if that’s even possible) and I wanted to say I think I may even start to like you after seeing your total fumble after winning the ‘Best Female Performance’ award…

This is exactly the type of moment you used to read about in that section in Seventeen called “My Most Embarrassing Moments,” and you’d cringe right along with them as they had toilet paper stuck to their shoe or they ran into a locker door as Jimmy, the cute quarterback walked by… but yours is beyond 2nd hand embarrassing and captured for all eternity courtesy of Youtube. I seriously can’t think of a better way you could have handled it and all the while coming off the most real or human you EVER have! Best quote of yours EVER:

“I was just about as awkward as you thought I was going to be, BYE!”

Seriously? So much win right there.

I must be in a sugar coma from the cupcakes cause I’m saying nice things to you… ok though THE HAIR?! Seriously, a headband, a clip, whatever just NEVER wear it down again or I’ll go nuts. Whew, I feel better now.

XOXO your new fake lesbian lover

PS HUGE thanks and thumbs up to NewMoonMovie.org for hosting the most rad live blogging event ever, check out all the goodies he already has live, also don’t forget our other live bloggers in crime Confessions of a TwiCrack Addict and Lauren’s Bite! And an even bigger thanks to you all for showing up and squeeeeing with us as we watched the trailer premier and Rob in his maitre d jacket.

Don’t miss the LTR MTV Movie Awards Post!

Take the jump to see more pics and video from the MTV movie awards last night!
Holy gams batman! KStew rocking her hot legs and shiteous converse… oh Kristen…

Uh ohh… Miley and Taylor… OH BUUUURRRRNNN poor Selena! This is gonna be like this generations Lindsay Lohan/Hilary Duff fued? Who fights over Chad Micheal Murray anyway?! At least Taylor is hot (he is only 17… he is only 17)

Ashley’s pissed cause she’s late for bingo night with the Golden Girls and now they’re gonna miss the early bird special at Luby’s. Kellan took a wrong turn at a truck stop in Des Moines.

No surprise here, Mike Dexter and Ava/Rebecca/Jane Doe show us the meaning of hot sex on a platter

And just back from his audition to play Danny Zuko leader of the T-Birds in Grease… Well it could be Grease lightnin’ You are surpreme, the chicks’ll cream for grease lightin’!!!!

“Oregano, party of ONE your table’s now available at the Olive Garden…”

“OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!!!1!! Seth Rogan is NEVER going to believe this, he really DOES smell like rainbows, jellybeans and babysitters club books!!” – Jonah Hill, newest LTT/LTR Unicorn

I just won an award… can I ask for something? KISS ME!

Alrighty it’s SO late I MUST leave you… but not without a parting gift… in honor of Monday Funnies, if you’re by chance having a bad day… nothing can turn your frown upside down like this:


and if you need to watch it a bazillion more times here it is…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Wow… just wow… yea we’ll be back with some obligatory commentary on the trailer until then enjoy!!!!!

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  1. […] let Kristen’s klutzy move & awesome recovery be discussed over at LTT, but let me swoon for a second over your adorable laughter for KStew’s embarassing moment. I […]

  2. Her dress and shoes were terrible. But her popcorn foul was amazing. I kinda love her now. And the acceptance non-kiss was the win of the night. Well…right after the Followills performing live…and their golf commercial…and Andy Samburg calling HSM3 a movie about “an all gay high school…” and Denzel Washington bringing class all up in that joint…and the trailer…and…

    • I wish I knew you so we could’ve watched together – 100% agreement on everything you wrote! I kinda love Kristen now too. But she still can’t have Rob. And would someone get that girl a pair of nice heels – the chucks with the dress were so awful.

      All gay high school! So win!
      And KOL live! Makes me even more thrilled that I have tix for their show in Sept in NY (well, Jersey, technically)
      And Forrest Whitaker singing Dick in a Box opera style!
      And the trailer . . .

      • I was thinking that it was a good thing she wasn’t in heels, during the whole awkward, clutzy moment, it may have just made it all worse!

        And Dick in a Box is just genius!

    • i rewatched the KOL golf clip like 5 times… now i just need a poster of them in those outfits.

      hipster boys in skinny golfing pants and cardigans… mtv you know me TOOO WELL!

    • i know i mean she was terrible as bella, but i kinda love her now, one for having the courage to look so incredibly awful in that outfit in front of like millions and millions of people, and two for dropping the popcorn that was just priceless i dont even know how many times i watched that clip lol. And i loved how the first celebrity they showed was Rob in all of his Glory, they knew that millions of girls out there would have turned the tv off if he wasnt shown in the first 5 minutes lol ❤

  3. CAn’t STOP watching it .. OMG .!!
    And I can’t BELIEVE MILEy Won ..I mean Seriously ?! Decode deserved to win .. maybe they just thought that twilight won a lot of awards so .. they gave it to Miley ? Not fair …

    • i guess it couldnt be a total landslide… unfortunately cause paramore rocks and haley is an honorary ltt girl! obviously!

  4. Seriously, I only watched to see Rob and the trailer.. and I have to say, I called my girlfriend-screaming like a banshee. My sleeping son woke up, looked at me, saw Rob on the screen.. and laughd, rolled over and went back to bed. Even my 5 yr old, now understands my obsession with Twilight.

    Rob couldn’t have looked more beautiful.. and dare I say it? His hair looked clean. *sighs*

  5. Her hair was messed up from how nervous she was- she was doing the thing Rob does (but can pull off) with his hair. Check out her look on the red carpet… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoNLsVp_ah4

    I think they were going to kiss and then she realized how many people were staring and freaked out and ran off stage heh. Their original body language was *shrug* “Uhm.. sure why not…” Then she got increasingly nervous and started panicking. heh

    I’m finding I feel almost big sisterly or something towards her. Everytime she’s awkward or does something retarded I get this urge to comfort her because I know the hell she’s going to get for it. Last night was priceless. I swore she was just going to run away and leave her award. Total Award Show Acceptance Fail

  6. The video no longer works 😦

  7. loved the trailer. laughed at kristen what a good night.

  8. ‘Jonah Hill, newest LTT/LTR Unicorn’….Look at his face he looks like he just saw Jesus…scratch that he looks like he just scored the best Hydro ever!!!! LMAO 😀

    • HAHAHA scored the best hydro over… seth rogan is holding it up over rob’s shoulder for jonah to see!

  9. On the pics:
    -Supposedly the sneakers and dress thing is the ‘in’ thing now. I considered doing that saturday to piss off an Alice-like acquaintance but decided not to look that retarded in public. I don’t like the mesh on the top part of it, it would’ve been cooler as a strapless dress.

    -*shudders* Ugh. Miley. She looks like a porn star. And has the brain of one. She looks so constipated in this pic- or like Taylor shoved something up her bum (or perhaps turned her down for a BJ before the show…).

    -They look like a couple in the 20-40’s (I don’t feel like looking up my history…). Ashley models for a fashion company that makes AMAZING dresses rockabilly cocktail dresses and such- thats probably why she went that route. It looks more like something for a fashion show than something for MTV though.

    -I’m finding myself having a huge crush on him. And I think it may be the reason I’m considering older guys lately…

    -Lol @ Grease reference! And chicks “creaming for grease lightning”. Is that the real line?! He reminds me of the guy that pays Heath Ledger to date Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You in this pic.

    -WTF were his notes on? They looked like the little membership card things you get at grocery stores for various point things or whatever.

    -Mmm… and causes spontaneous unicorns. What on earth do rainbows smell like? Skittles? Jim Carry’s line about “That twilight kid” was hilarious! Rob got so red!

    -He looks kinda evil here. His hairs making devil horns. And hes got that ‘I’m plotting something” face.

    • I really like your comment. So I am going quote my favs over here.

      *-WTF were his notes on? They looked like the little membership card things you get at grocery stores for various point things or whatever. * – seriously, that’s what I thought. business card or something.

      *-………..Jim Carry’s line about “That twilight kid” was hilarious! Rob got so red!* – LMAO at that comment. seriously Jim was hillarious.

      *-He looks kinda evil here. His hairs making devil horns. And hes got that ‘I’m plotting something” face.* – this could be a possibilty.

      *creaming for grease lightning* – That’s just wrong. he’s 17. he’s 17..and that just gross. he’s 17, he’s 17

      Now, do you remember when Andy said at the beginning “The guy who played Edward Cullen, raise your hand” and then they focussed the cam on him, the expression “priceless” and I have no idea where was he looking.

      Oh can you give the link “Dick in a Box”. I totally missed that segment. LMAO. I did, for real.

      • “Now, do you remember when Andy said at the beginning ‘The guy who played Edward Cullen, raise your hand’ and then they focussed the cam on him, the expression ‘priceless’ and I have no idea where was he looking.” -omg his face was hilarious he was like umm yeah i’m not putting my hands up please get the camera off me, but when he won the second award did he have to mention that he was about to shit in his pants, i mean i still love him but that wasnt completely necessary lol

        • Hehe yeah… he was like wtf did they just mention me?! Zac Efron made our Twilight people look so…. unprofessional or retarded or something. I hate to say that. But my god. Does Disney put special chips in their brains for award shows keeping them 100% in line?

    • actually ashley wore dolce & gabanna!!

    • Can someone make a recap of Jim Carey for me please? The internet transmission froze and didn’t get that part 😀

      Thanks in advance


    • OMFG- Will Ferrill says hes team edward but definitely not team jim… http://www.mtv.com/videos/movies/396806/im-team-edward-team-jim-team-stanley.jhtml#id=1612963

      The mtv awards footage is here: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/movieawards/2009/

      I’ll see if I can find the individual videos for those two.


    I ❤ all of you for putting on a FAB blogging event. Our chat that we had going elswhere was on SUPER CRACK. Everyone was typing so fast and missing everything!! HAhhahaa. It was GREAT! Could u imaging if a bunch of us Skyped an event like last night? HOLY. HELL. MADNESS. 😀

  11. “Oregano, party of ONE your table’s now available at the Olive Garden…”

    ROTFLMAO! I love all the photo captions and LMAO at the Ava/Rebecca/Jane Doe reference!

    But this one, this one right here gives me my Monday laugh:
    “Ashley’s pissed cause she’s late for bingo night with the Golden Girls and now they’re gonna miss the early bird special at Luby’s. Kellan took a wrong turn at a truck stop in Des Moines.”

    LOVED Kristen dropping her award! Same thing happened to Sharon Stone at the ’93 MTV Movie Awards. I’m sure you can goole that.

    New Moon is gonna be awesome! I was at a friend’s house watching and we were both up off the couch with our mouths on the floor!

    • I almost snorted my Pepsi Zero all over the screen. Truly a great caption for that pic!

      I agree that these def gave me my Monday laugh. I missed the show last night, but seeing it through your eyes/ blog/ pics w/ captions is making me think this is better than the real thing. Skyping the next event is the BEST IDEA EVER! Gotta get a plan together for that, UC and Moon.

      • jena- so glad someone else got the greys reference!

        oh man, skype?! can you imagine the madness??

        • I actually was rather bothered by her on Grey’s and when I found out she was playing Esme, I freaked a bit, but all is well and I dig her!

  12. “Dear Bella –

    Thanks for stopping by last night.”

    I really like KStew right now.
    I mean… really!


  13. I think the highlight for me was when Jim Carrey asked for Prop 8 to be reversed when he saw Rob, LMAO!

    And Leann singing “Jizzed in My Pants” and Forrest Whitaker singing “Dick in a Box”, LOL! Priceless!

  14. Loved it all!

    On a side note, my husband now knows that I’m a lunatic.
    Guess he was bound to find out sooner or later. There was no hiding the teenage squee that reared it’s repressed self last night.

    I feel like I was schlepped through the full course of emotions. Laughing in utter hysterics, ready to reach thru the tele and shag Rob in front of millions of ppl, to almost crying (you know when.) Exhausting. Worth it!

    @UC/Moon…you must be totally spent! It was so fantastic though! xo
    P.S. @Moon…I’m channeling my Eric Yorkie now, let me know if you need my services for a vid in the future.

    • I was somewhat able to hide my lunacy, because Mr LPB was out of the room for most of the awards, but I was following the live blogging, and was giggling when things on TV weren’t funny (like commercials) so I pretended that I was still laughing at Andy Samburg…( I THINK I pulled it off….)..he may have believed me.

      I can’t believe myself that I watched an entire MTV awards show (I am firmly NOT the demographic they are after) and LOVED every minute of it!

      And 45,000 following the live blog!! WOW. I feel so cool to have been one of them!

      Thanks again!

      • Pretty sure Mr. Proselyte is slowly catching on to the Rob thing.

        Perhaps it was the small bit of drool that was making it’s way out of the corner of my mouth when he appeared on the screen. Or possibly, it was the whimpering that I tried to contain throughout the trailer. But now that I think of it…I think the dead give away is when I dry humped the tele while screaming out…

        ‘Take me now Rob! I’m totally into the experimental! And I’m older than you, much older…this equates to experience!!!! Damn it…I’m good times! A sure thing! You wont be sorry…true story! You can enjoy my ‘hot pocket’ anytime you want! Am I shooting for the stars here!?’

        Or maybe it was the drool.

    • yea we pretty much screamed and jumped up and down while holding laptops last night at my house. it was 14 yr old to the max!!

      and VIDS!??!! we LOOOVE vids!

  15. “Oregano, party of ONE your table’s now available at the Olive Garden…”

    LOL!!!!! I cried my eyelashes off reading that line.
    Who are Ava/Rebecca/Jane ?

    • Ava/Rebecca/Jane Doe was the character Elizabeth Reaser played on Grey’s Anatomy… last season? She lost her memory, gave herself a new name, then remembered who she was, which is why she has three names.

    • that was Esme’s character name when she was on Grey’s Anatomy. She had amnesia and forgot her name so they made one (or 2…Jane Doe) up.

    • i HATE when the eyelashes come off!! damn glue.

  16. Of course awesome-ness, no surprise. Thanks for live blogging. You OMG moments made me feel like even more than our In–N-Out “Animal Style” Twinners.

    • YEA live blogging OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! beofre the kiss fake out and the trailer was hilarious to both of us! we’re adults and we LOVE it

      • I think I stopped breathing for a second before they kissed. I was texting my cousin back forwarth through the whole thing and when I looked down it made no sense because I was so drawn in. Then it was like nooo! Kristen you cockblocked him!

  17. Mmmm I haven’t been able to watch the show yet (its gonna be up to latin MTV on June 4…) so, I have only watch all the favorite moments (Gorgeous Rob speeches and trailer) So… I have a doubt… was Oregano there with K? I don’t know… red carpet… sitting close? something… anything? I know you are saying nice things to her but I still don’t like her and I rather believe that she’s with Oregano that trying to catch Rob’s eyes again…
    And I think Rob is way to smart to end up whit someone like her…
    Her “moment” was funny… very Bella of her…

  18. i overslept by 2 hours today .. whoops!

    Moon your picture commentary is BRILL!

    • i slept as late as i could, till the gardeners music woke me up next door. UGH mexican polka music, not cool at 8am

  19. kristen is soo cute!!! i love her.

    but what was up with ashley?

    did you guys see, kellan almost carried her, in his strong hot arms, to the stage for the best movie acceptance?!

    and she’s not in any press room pic!!!!

    i really hope it was nothing serious, and that she was just drunk, cause then i won’t feel guilty at all laughing at that scene.

    • she hair floated away thats why she wasnt there for pics.

      but for serious we’re gonna have to talk to our bff about that hair do. yowsa

  20. Rob’s like “WTF?! She did not…” And she’s like “I’m gonna run away now…”

    He looks like he’s crying and shes like “Gah, get over it..”. I need to rewatch that vid, I think this was before the kiss but it would be hilarious if it was after heh.

    His jacket is sooo wrinkly. maybe hes just sad she wouldn’t show everybody what they were just doing in a prop closet…

    Totally imagining he’s making out with Rob… or he’s part duck and we never knew

    Rob- “Gimme my millionth popcorny trophy!”
    Cam- “I’m so sick of this Twilight shit..”
    Kristen- “Yea! I think…”
    Kellan- “I feel like an American Idol..”
    Cathrine(sp?)- Why are your pants all the way up to your boobs? Or are they that low already…

    Maybe I woke up with a dirty mind but uh… good mic placement rob 😉

    Buurn! That pic says so much… Poor Rob

    Ryan Reynolds finally got his kiss from the “Dreamy” Rob… hehe.

    I’m stopping now. Tons of pics here: http://www.lionandlamblove.org/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=1421

    OMG- I just figured out what Kristen’s dress reminds me of. Spiderman! Maybe she has a thing for superhero type dudes. I want a corset top out of that dress…

  21. One question, where was NReed in all of this?
    Shouldn’t she have been on the red carpet holding Kristens hand when she got nervous?

    • wondered the same thing… filming a movie?? no idea didnt care THAT much. was SOO glad she wasnt there to hold hands with kstew and fake make out in front of the paps.

  22. Good question!!!

    Where was Nikki and where was Oregano?

    • Nikki was comforting Oregano in case Kristen had the balls to make out with Rob in public… who knows?

  23. Here it is the “day after” and I can’t believe that I watched the entire Movie Awards….just to get glimpes of rob and all that is twi. I feel kinda dirty but I kinda like it.

    three thoughts on last night:

    1. What the eff was Catherine Hardwicke wearing?? She looked awful in her Cher-skirt-rip-off.

    2. Jasper’s hair in the trailer. SHIT-SCARY! That is all kinds of wrong and kinda ruins his hotness for me.

    3. Kellan. Okay, srsly….the hat. I heart you Kellan (hard) but it is time to lose those damn dad-like-golfer hats. I don’t care if it is Gucci and made of the leather of 20 virgin calves….they suck. I am sure that some girl, like 5 years ago, told you that you looked hot in your first one (that you probs picked up at Goodwill for like $.50) but she was only trying to get in your pants. The moment has passed dude. Get another look for your head. I am begging you. Preesh. Love, Me.

    PS– I said it over in LTR but thanks again to you guys for staying up ALL night to bring us both the livestream and this bloggy goodness! Y’all are too good to us! 🙂

    • VIRGIN CALVES! loves.

      seriously the jasper hair… i have NO words. i cant live in a world where that poodle coif is alright.

    • wtf catherine hardwicke!! i’m so glad someone else saw that shit! i’m now blind in one eye from seeing her thighs and pelvic bones through black mesh. ewwww i shudder just thinking about it.

  24. I thought KStew’s dress looked like it was made out of Spider Man’s leftovers, but I kinda loved that she wore her Chucks with it. Can’t take it too serious at the mtv awards. And when you’re young and cute and weigh 78lbs you can get away with just about anything.

    I never disliked Kristen, but after her award fumble and adorable recovery I have a lot more like for her. And she gave us laughing Rob, which is always a win.

    I loooved Ashley’s dress, but her Betty White hairdo made me sad. And the X17 guy who interviewed them on the red carpet should have been punched in the mouth for being so rude to her. I was glad no one else stopped to talk to him.

    Aside from looking like he’s slept in them for 3 days there was something amok with Rob’s clothes. In some photos it looks like his shirt was buttoned wrong. Did anyone else notice this?

    I really really hope they are going to clean up the Wolf cgi. To me it looked a bit… looney toons. Fingers crossed!

    • We’re totally on the same wavelength heh. At first I hated ashleys hair, but then I was more thinking it was just out of place. It looked like something that would be in a photoshoot not at the MTV awards. It kinda went with the dress but… not her heh. At least the effects and everything so far look better than twilight? And I hate myself and feel very much like Miss Robinson for my thoughts about Taylor last night

  25. Kristen sprained her ankle in Italy, hence the chuck taylor shoes and not heels

    • Aaah. Didn’t she wear sneakers with a dress at another event though? Adventureland premier maybe…

      • to the mtv awards last yr i believe

        • Its so sad we know this. Watch. Someday we’ll look at paparazi pics and go “EEEEW! OMG He wore that shirt yesterday!” or… “Dude!!! She wore that at Rob’s bday and now shes with Oregano in it… that whore!!!”

      • in Vanity Fair pics she’s in black minidres and chucks

  26. did anyone else notice kellan half carried ashley on stage when they won best movie? ashley looked just as fucked up as kristen was.

  27. I so wish I could have seen the chat log around the time of the almost kiss! Did you gals save the chat anywhere?

    • That’s what I want to know. I had no idea this was going on because well for one I forgot the awards were on until about 15 minutes prior and I was half drunk at the lake all weekend.

      I had to sparkle myself.

      So, ladies!!! We need a transcript from last night!

    • It was so funny: I was following this chat and the other one Marta was talking about earlier , the crazy messed up chat where everybody was posting all the time.
      Right before the kiss, the reaction here was: no, don’t, don’t kiss
      and over there: do it do it do it.
      I don’t want Rob and Kristen to be together, but I was PRO kiss on stage, was so caught in a moment.
      And the almost kiss was the best.
      I like Kristen now, I like the dress, the hair, the attitude, and she is so cute.

  28. It is wrong of me that I have watched KStew’s fumblerooski more times than I’ve watched the trailer!! But I don’t care how many people say they like her now because she isn’t like those Disney Drones. I don’t like her and I am laughing at her, I’ve been laughing at her all day…I’ll be laughing at her this time next week and if my life gets in the way and I forget to laugh at her in the Fall, I hope someone drops something and reminds me of the bouncing popcorn and I will be laughing at her again.

  29. Hey look! Ashley made it onto my other favorite blog. (I’m not cheating on you, I always check you first). I thought they would have something to say about Kristen’s shoes.


  30. Maybe I am a spaz, I was trying to post this and it vanished into the netherworld…

    I wanted to say that Ashley made it onto my other favorite blog!


    I thought they would have said something about Kristen’s shoes….

    (I still read your blogs first, though)

  31. It just dawned on me. I have spent the day trying to figure out who it is that Ashley reminds me of. And I finally figured it out….

    Marissa Tome circa My Cousin Vinny!

    And I think maybe Rob is calling out Golden Girl Ash’s Bingo numbers…B-6, O-1, G-7…BINGO!!!!

  32. Okay, you guys if you wanna download the Twilight’s Official New Moon trailer go to http://www.mediafire.com/?aiymodzzott

  33. So I just watched those ET interviews on newmoonmovie.org and it made me love this cast more (if thats even possible).
    Ashley looks like she was in pain in the interviews and on stage when they were all up there.. I think either she couldn’t breathe or her shoes were killing her, She took a deep breath and then painfully put a smile on her face… I also thought it was cute when they were on stage and Kristen was trying to hide behind her… KStew totally laid her head on Ash’s bosom…. I bet Nikki Reed was so jealous ( I know I was… in a fake lesbian type of way).
    Loved your captions on the photos… epsically the one of Rob as Host at the Olive Garden…
    PS. I heard Kstew hurt her ankle and thats why she wore those shoes… girlfriend knows how to rock those legs usually in a pair of heels….
    wow this post totally makes me look like I have way too many girl crushes…

  34. I “heart” Kstew….Not in a fake lesbian way but in a I think you are adorkable way 🙂

    Yep, I said it…and I ain’t skeeeeerd!

  35. i’ve ventured out of longtime lurkdom to say thanks uc and moon for doing the live blog last night. your commentary was all kinds of awesome. it’s always nice to know you’re not the only one jumping up and down like a 14yr old girl. i just saw over at robsessed that andy samberg and producers asked rob to participate in the ‘dick in a box/jizz in my pants’ medley, and he really wanted to, but couldn’t get back to l.a. in time for rehearsal. how hysterical/ potentially awkward/ life altering would that have been? i’m keeping my fingers crossed for next year. thanks again for all that you both do for this site- you rock. ltr/ltt never fails to crack me up.

    • OMFG how awesome would that have been?! We all wouldve thudded and died in our seats to see rob playing live

  36. Kristen dropping her award was the GREATEST moment ever!!! I may be one of only a few who actually really likes her… hair and style included.

    I thought Rob looked REALLY good, and had such a cute face when he thanked the fans!

    Now about the trailer…

    OMG!!! Ive watched it 4 times so far.. Taylor looks so hot, thank god im his age. 🙂 He makes such a cute dog! The next 6 months better go by super fast!

    I missed the live blogging, and i was really looking forwar to it.. but thats ok.

  37. Oh and i think with Kristen dropping her award, makes her the perfect Bella after showing how clumsy and awkward she is.. So cute though!

  38. HEh, according to MTV’s Behind the scenes blog thing last night, http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2009/05/31/were-live-blogging-behind-the-scenes-of-the-mtv-movie-awards This is what Kristen did after dropping her award.

    10:35: In what might be the coolest thing we’ve seen tonight, Kristen Stewart just came off stage and ran — as fast as she could — through the catacombs, dodging stars, stagehands and props. Right as she got to us, she stopped and giggled, doing a few jumping jacks for good measure. Wow, KStew was smart for wearing sneakers tonight! Where was she headed in such a hurry? Kristen had to get back into the house to watch the rest of the show.

  39. LOL.
    I think she pulled it off nicely. I still think she is cute yet clumsy…but soo cute 🙂

  40. “Oregano party of one” cracked me up! And Jonah Hill comment is hilarious! Moon, you are a mind reader (although I believe his face says it all).

    I cannot stop watching the trailer! Thanks for putting it up in HD (so much better than the version I was watching). I cannot stop watching! Oh Edward! Oh Bella! And I don’t care if Jasper’s hair looks like it was on the losing end of a battle with sponge rollers! When he’s running towards Bella, I can’t breathe for 2.5 seconds because I’m overcome with the hottness. Haha…

  41. “Oregano, party of ONE…” That was the best photo dub. Loved it all!

  42. I don’t know if the mystery of all my posts turning to spam has corrected itself, but here it goes.

    I’ve missed so much in the Twi-verse since I started my new job! I love being employed again, but that part sucks!

  43. Stop denying it folks and stop hating on Kristen….looks like she bagged him!

  44. In the spirit of Breaking-it Down Vanity Fair Style – don’t you think Kristen learned to mix her dress with shoes like that at the actual Vanity Fair photoshoot?

  45. […] Just as awkward as you thought it would be – Kristen Stewart and New Moon madness at the MTV … Dear Kristen (my new favorite letters recipient, apparently)- I’m going on hour 6 of live blogging the MTV Movie […] […]

  46. […] his shirt off, Jacob looking hot and Jacob fursploding for the very first time then we got to see Kristen pull a Bella and drop her award on the ground but Rob and Kristen won best kiss. And oh how the fandom died a […]

  47. […] disappoint at the MTV Movie awards in May. I’m sure you didn’t forget but just in case; you dropped the award on the ground and it was AWESOME! Awesomely funny to watch! HAHA I’m still laughing. This night also set […]

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