Breaking it down, video style: exclusive video from New Moon!

Dear LTT-ers

If you haven’t seen this video yet where have you been? Not following our Twitter? Not hanging out in the forum? Off being an extra on set in Italy? Or perhaps you have a REAL job? Stop bragging. Well never the less we present to you 14 seconds that will make you lose your flipping mind, scream out loud and then hug your computer screen. All in about the span of 3 seconds. Trust.

Is it possible to break down like 4 actual seconds of dialogue and all from KStew? You bet your butts it is!

UC: I just had a heart attack
UC: Uh, she sounds like an effing man!
Moon: I’m gonna walk around all day doing that eyebrow lift while saying “KISS ME” in a deep voice. let’s see if the intern freaks!

and so of course without further adieu I embarrass myself in the name of the blog doing KStew’s man-voice and eyebrows…

(and next week in 2nd hand embarrassing videos…)

I must love you all!

If you didn’t know this Sunday we will be LIVE Blogging the MTV Movie awards with our pals at NewMoonMovie.Org, Lauren’s Bite and Twicrack Addict! Did you miss our announcement yesterday? Check it out here! Then come back and join us on the blog(s) (either one!) a lil’ before 9pm Sunday night (Eastern AND Pacific time in the US) to be apart of all the gossip, news and general freak outs during the MTV Movie Awards. Can you even imagine what we’re going to say about the New Moon trailer they’re going to be premiering?! Who’s with us?!

56 Responses

  1. Dear god in heaven, Moon…

    laughs. just so many laughs.

    Sunday/Tuesday is going to be so much fun.

  2. I am dying. Just dying!

    I am seriously going to tell the hubby to kiss me while lifting an eyebrow…why didn’t I think of that. So obvious!

    Why is it KStew can get the words right, or the face. But never simultaneously. Ugh. However, I can NOT wait for Sunday! I can’t wait to see the “unofficial” coverage from you guys!

    • in her defense doing the eyebrow AND delivering the line wasnt that easy! it was like patting my head and rubbing my belly. maybe someday i’ll share some outtakes! HA!

  3. Great Job Moon! Love the eyebrow lift. KStew does sound like a man. Totally not hot. Does anyone else think Bella was sometimes happy in the books?? Cause apparently KStew doesn’t.

  4. OMG!!!! Love, love, love it! Moon! Totally sign me for a spoof anytime! I have no shame to speak of, and this looked so stinking fun! xxo

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Moon – sadly you showed too much emotion to be a good replica of Kstew. That and it’s clearly not manly enough (which is a good thing!).

    Thanks for the Saturday morning chuckle!!

  7. haha…

    *in miss swan voice*

    sheeee sounde likeaman…yesh yesh..

    *in the Rock’s voice*

    The rock says, she can’t do the people’s eyebrow..if ya smeeeeeeeelllll what the rock*raises eyebrow* is cookin’..

    lol you girls crack me up!

  8. LOL!!!!!! I laughed very hard after watching the eyebrow thing! Geweldig! Soooooo funny. For this I gave you a Popcorn award!

  9. Wow. I was wondering yesterday if you were going to break down that 14 seconds! Could she sound less excited for him to kiss her? And yeah, your eyebrow was dead-on, but maybe pop a Xanax next time to get a little less emotion in your voice, more monotone. You still win in the award show in my head. Speaking of awards shows…
    Moon and UC, I may be a day late and a dollar short, as usual, but related to yesterday’s post about the crazy stuff Twilight makes us do, I signed up for a Twitter account (itslapushbaby) last night, just so I can follow you funny people!! Thanks for inspiring me, now i am totally down with ‘the kids’.!!

    • Hey LaPush,

      I responded late your reply yesterday. Thanks so much for your Forks input. Can’t wait! 🙂

      • Awesome! When are you coming out? Where are you now? It really is phenomenally pretty there, the forests and mountains are just amazing. I may have to head out to Forks/La Push one of these days this summer, I think the Twilight Tours and kitch might be all kinds of hilarious…..

        • I would LOVE to meet up if you were going too! Unfortunately, I’m not planning on going until next year. Haven’t decided which season yet. Probably summer. Maybe early fall?

          Gotta do the tour, cause…I need ammunition for snarkiness. Plus, I’d prob get lost trying to find all that nonsense alone. Would be sooo much more fun with one of my LTR chickas.

          I’m in Toronto now. We are visiting AZ (where I’m originally from) this summer. So that’s it for my little trip this year. 2010 for sure! I really want to see/do it all. Make it count, and not rush.

          If you don’t make it out this summer, consider hooking up with me next!

          • Oh you bet!! I’ll send some pics if I get out there. I work in a school, so with summers off, that’s my travelling time!

            LOL, I think it is pretty hard to get lost there, it is not very big! And there are not very many roads! hahaha. It would be fun with someone else, because I might second hand embarrass mySELF if I went alone! Maybe I’ll rope the kids in with some bribes….

            Have fun in Arizona! I have relatives in Cambridge and Toronto!

          • @LaPush…Dude, I could get lost in a coat closet, sounds like my kind of

            I would love pics! I would really like to go this summer, but I will just have to
            tide myself over with photos until then. That would be great if it worked out for us to hook up!

            BTW…I’m down with the second-hand embarrassment just this once. I mean if
            we can’t let our freak flag fly in Forks, where can we???? 🙂

            Enjoy the trailer tonight!

  10. Why does she sound cross?
    Moon you rock girl ……they so miscast Kirsten IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU!!!

  11. She sounds like she is having a cold..

    and it wasnt’t 15 but only 14 seconds…

    and why did they cut the clip in the middle of the sentence…… I lov/

  12. LOL!!
    Moon is my hero.
    I’m SO 2nd hand embarrassed!

  13. Rob looks like he’s obliged 2 kiss her, not like he’s fuelled by passion. Don’t think the manstew would get his blood up, not 2 mention getting anything else up…;)

  14. she always sounds to me like she’s channeling Jodie Foster…

    • LOL

    • You know, funny you should say that. I was just watching Panic Room on tv and was thinking ‘jeeze, she had that deep voice even at 12!’ Maybe it’s something Jodie Foster taught her?

      I was speaking to a client on the phone a few weeks ago and he was trying to get back in touch with a co-worker. He couldn’t remember her name so he said “She has a deep voice. Deeper than *yours* even!” I’m afraid I can’t fault the KStew for her manly voice when I suppose mine is worse. Sigh.

  15. @Moon I just wanna say…WOW

    I mean wow you have really stepped up to the next level…you have cross boundries these past couple weeks I never imagined lol

    I blame shirtless Rob…he does that to us all 🙂

    Keep it up…hahaha ….(thats what she said) 😉

  16. Ok I liked the eyebrow…I think her voice is ok too! call me crazy I think she realizes at this moment that something is off with Edward and that it is all spiraling out of control….that is what I think she is trying to express….

    I know, I am a minority…but I like Kstew as Bella. I think she gets the angsty and she is only following the directions given by the director…but I digress….

    The real question is WHY DOES HE ALWAYS KISS HER UPPER LIP?

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


    Moon, I love your hair color!!!! I’m looking for a new summer color so I have been on the lookout!

  18. i’m freakingggg outttt! can’t wait for tomorrow no. i can’t wait for the MOVIE! although i did read on myspace that they’re planning to change the whole “marry me and i’ll change you” deal edward proposed in the book >_< HOW can you possibly change that when it's such an important decision she has to make?! PLUS that's not even until eclipse so why even mention it for new moon? it scared me since i'm praying everyday for new moon to be the shizzz.

    ps. LMAO at that video moon but you're voice is just not as MANLY and i thank god for that =P

  19. So funny!! KStew’s damn eyebrow distracted me so much I had to rewatch the clip at least a dozen times to make sure to watch Rob 😉

  20. I don’t hear the ‘man voice’, it sounds normal to me D:

    I just wanted to say that this 14 seconds totally convinced me that she makes an awful Bella. Bella would have made it more ‘casual’ (?), less… eyebrow-y (I mean the eyebrow attitude, not the eyebrow itself).

  21. Ok – I’m serioulsy LMAO, BUT… I’m so freaking totally obsessed by HHH RP that I barely even NOTICE KStew in the clip! I had to go back to see what the whole eyebrow thing was! Oh, and yeah, smoking alot will give you that deep voice… Oh, and great spoof! Looking forward to more…

  22. bwahahahaha!

    I like your version better than hers – much better acting! *dodges flames*

    I was wondering that too brummielover – and he always seems to scrunch his face up too. Still, he can kiss my upper lip anyday…

  23. Loving the boundary crossing video. You do love us! And yes, shirtless Rob does seem to have turned the world upside down, my world anyway.
    About the kissing, IMO I don’t think of it as crunching. I like to think of it as the way he shows us the pain he feels being so close to her and touching her. Maybe in the movie KStew’s bottom lip will get some love this time. There is always hope.

    • @amylouwho I concur…def due to the battle of “do I eat her face off or just kiss her” going on…def causes the scrunching lol

      and yes lets hope we get some bottom lip luvin goin on here right quick…or I might…dare I say it…start to think rob isn’t a great kisser!

      Egad Brain…blasphemy!

  24. Kstew notorious eyebrow lift must have been the most talked about shit on the past 24hrs worldwide..

  25. HAHAHAHA. oh yes.

  26. my fav thing is that when i wake up in the AM and check my phone & see some drunk texts you sent me in the middle of the night…I wonder how the post turned out… since you didn’t finish it b4 going out..

    and it always turns out great.

    i love that

    ‘oh edward’

  27. Good god in heaven kstew drives me insane I go in and out of these phases of liking her and then thinking she is the worst actress ever. That clip did nothing for me. Hopefully the extended teaser will satisfy my need for rob. I’m excited for tomorrow night. My feelings may change again towards kstew but my love for rob is amazing steady and unchanging. Halleujah. CCM shout out!! Holla!!

  28. I feel sorry for Kristen.
    That role is the biggest poison chalice in acting.

  29. Dear Moon,
    I fully expect you to pull out the creepy eyebrow and man voice on Friday at the Sam Bradley show. I may be convinced (read drunk enough) to join you and do it too. Oh yeah, I was scheduled to work, but my co-worker said she’d cover for me, we just gotta get it approved by the boss man.


  30. If nothing has happened between the two of them by now ,one of them is gay and it’s not an accusation but a fact. You can’t be that close to someone for that long …

  31. Moon, you’re hilarious. I love that you did that.

    That whole “kiss me” thing makes me a little nervous. Will we never see a happy Bella? It’s the first 15 seconds of the movie. They’ve just come off a fabulous summer. They should be happy.

  32. […] Edwards Meadow DVD Release Kiss Me! More girls! More […]

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