Storytime with UC & the 100Monkeys

Dear 100Monkeys,

I have a story to share with you today. That’s all.


Once upon a time in the city of Philadelphia, UC arrives to 2nd street and is walking away from the parking garage towards Triumph Brewery. Suddenly 4 sweaty boys with guitars on their backs come RUNNING from another street. It is the 100Monkeys. Someone yells “Jackson!” and UC cringes with 2nd-hand embarassment and quickly looks away, afraid someone will think she is a crazy Twilight fan.  Instead of going to the club to meet her friend, UC proceeds to follow the 100Monkeys, just as any good blogger in desperate need of content would do. But they continue on past the Triumph Brewery and, alas, UC is hungry and running a few minutes late.

The first east coast LTT/LTR dinner is a success and a few drinks later, everyone proceeds to The Kyber to see what other 2nd-hand embarrassing moments await them.

Soon after arriving, UC points out the Bella Tattoo, which we learned on Sunday was tattooed so that Rob would decide to love her for eternity.


Frustrated with the lack of Twilight T-shirts in her vicinity, UC decides to take a walk with JustGotWicked. Ah ha! There they spy the Monkey-aholics in the front of the line. They’re sure to provide 2nd-hand embarrassing moments! They did not dissapoint. Exhibit 1: Home-made canvas Team100Monkey bags:


Continuing on down the line, Monkeyhats are spotted!


Some guy who apparently is in the 2nd opening band approaches them & they decide to snap a snot with him. Just cause. It’ll make him feel famous. Instead of a broke guy in an awful band.


Do you spy my tounge? I do


and look! A huge Stuffed Monkey!


UC decides all this work is tiring and needs a break with Calli & Amourpsu for some shots

Find out what happens after the shots (Here’s a teaser- UC falls down the bar’s stairs) after the jump

The line is starting to move and people are being let in. UC looks up to the 2nd story of the club and notices a nice old man. Wondering if he’s Jackson’s grandpa, she points him out to the other girls. Someone takes his picture. And then he motions for us to flash him. Uh uh. Jackson’s grandpa is a dirty old man!


Suddenly appearing in the window next to the dirty old man is the bass player for the 100Monkeys. The band is upstairs? UC & her friends now know where they’re going as soon as they get in the door.

Finally they get through the door. And who do they see? Oh, it’s Marty, the Bananager.


There was a mob of people in the room where the band would play and at the downstairs bar, so UC & friends went straight upstairs after seeing Marty. It was there they discovered the 100Monkeys, having a band meeting. They ordered drinks. They hung around inconspicuously.

They got 2nd-hand embarrassed by a girl with bubbles who was trying to get Jackson’s attention


They used the bathroom a few times which happened to be in the room where the band was meeting (before you say that’s stalkerish, you need to understand the small size of UC’s bladder)

UC got 2nd-hand embarrassed when she, after meeting a co-star of Jackson’s who was waiting for him but decided to stop waiting and text him instead, heard a girl say “Can I have Jackson’s number?”

UC gets a picture with the big stuffed monkey

At this point I had way too many drinks in me to be 2nd hand embarrassed

At this point I had way too many drinks in me to be 2nd hand embarrassed

They pass by The 100Monkey’s bass player and he smells like a whole lotta pot.

UC & friends spot a DJ in the room past where the band was meeting.


And when they get tired of being respectful of the band’s space* and instead decide to make the poor DJ’s day and dance to the tunes he was spinning, they enter the room past the 100Monkeys and do just that. Dance their socks off. But not before getting 2nd-hand embarrassed at the shirt Marty the Bananager was wearing**


*I have no pics of the guys having a meeting. I’d never do that. Ever
**I asked Marty if I could post this pic.

It’s time for the band to go on. Somehow UC ends up near the front (well, “somehow” is because the DOOR to the room was at the front of the stage) and the following occurred:

Jackson entered, and blinked. Aw! Just like we do!

Jackson entered, and blinked. Aw! Just like we do!

The band made a ruckus. Or was that music?

The band made a ruckus. Or was that music?

Jackson looked cute

Jackson looked cute

Jackson sweated, a lot

Jackson sweated, a lot

UC spied a monkey hat

UC spied a monkey hat

A monkey bag was left, unattended, on a speaker. We confiscated it

A monkey bag was left, unattended, on a speaker. We confiscated it

Marty the Bananager shared his sweat with the crowd

Marty the Bananager shared his sweat with the crowd

Jackson was surrounded by a shroud of light. UC thinks it was from being in the precense of Rob

Jackson was surrounded by a shroud of light. UC thinks it was from being in the presence of Rob

And then it was over. And UC’s ears began healing…

Stop blowing bubbles in my face. I gotta leave!

Stop blowing bubbles in my face. I gotta leave!

Watching the bananager mack it with two of her friends helped UC’s healing process greatly.

Sorry, Marty. They're both taken

Sorry, Marty. They're both taken

And once UC’s ears recovered, they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

So, real deal is…. I thought the band was awful. I truly think they are a bunch of friends from LA who are TALENTED musicians and love to get high. One day they were high and said. “I know.. let’s ride out Jackson’s fame and play some shows across the country.” So a bunch of talented kids who love to get high are riding around the country in a van, knowing they can sell out 6 nights in Philly, b/c they’re friend was a vampire in a movie. To me their sound was dated and not very creative. They play 3 chords and make up lyrics- and sweat… a lot…. but Jackson is hot. And the rest of the band isn’t so hard to look at either. And Marty is very sweet. But I’ll bet you $10, you 100Monkeys fans & the 2 girls on twitter who tweet-hated me for not liking them, they’re not gonna be around for too much longer. Jackson will get way busier, the high will wear off and one of these days one of the girls Marty dances with will steal his heart. And that banana costume will eventually be so smelly he’ll never want to put it on again….

Much love to Trixi, Amourpus, JustGotWicked, Mary, Cathy & your daughter & friends for coming out! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!

 The Group *minus 3 who came after this pic was taken!

The Group *minus 3 who came after this pic was taken!

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  1. Funny post – and honest too 🙂

    Great pics too. I thought Jackson looked all kinds of cute, even when sweaty.

    I would not recognise a 100Monkeys song if it slapped me around the face with a wet fish, but if they came to London I would defs go see them.

    Did none of you wear Pattinson pants, Girls? Or a Jackson jacket? Not even a Twilight Tshirt, Girls!!!! You promised……

    • i had on my rob-underwear under my dress.. does that count? i took it off midway through the concert and flung it on jackson’s face

    • Hahaha… okay, so I agree with some of this… but I actually like some of their music. ((Though a large amount of it is very repetitive). And I had a great time at the show. I’m shocked to see myself in one of these pictures… 😛 I will go see the band again if they are local to me, (it’s cheap enough for a good time) however, I have no plans of ever attending another show for ANY band in THAT awful bar… I think every one of us was sweating like pigs. Ew.

      • if you’re in one of my pics then chances are we shared sweat.
        or ew…?

        • Ew. Okay. That’s gross. LOL!!
          One thing I left out, that girl with the Bella tat was standing right in front of me the entire night. It was driving me crazy. My group was discussing whether it was a memorial tat or her name or for the books pretty much the whole night. I figured she was a crazed Twilight junkie… *shudders* That’s a little over-obsessive! She’ll regret that when she’s old and wrinkly. 😛

  2. Jackson was surrounded by a shroud of light. UC thinks it was from being in the presence of Rob

    *rolling on the floor laughing*

    That was brilliant!!! LOL =O)
    UC you are a genious!!!!

    Dear, I feel for your ears and I hope they are fully recovered.

    Jackson is very hot and Marty does look sweet but I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like their music. I haven’t attended a show but there are so many videos out there that I don’t need to. Not that I wouldn’t endure it if I had the chance to see Jackson in person.

    And O-M-E!!! Talk about 2nd-hand-embarrassment!!
    There should be a 2HE day in LTT because it’s so much fun and it make me feel so much better about myself. At least I don’t have a TwiTattoo or wear RobPants… yet *shudders* Please, keep on writing this blog so I would never become one of “them”!!!



  3. First of all let me begin by saying I should have been there. In that last photo. With all the girls. Dang.

    So what if I decided to have one incy-wincy little shot and found the nearest table to dance on soon after (wait, were there tables?) I mean alcohol has not touched these lips in like…forever! On second thought, I probably would have talked Marty out of the banana costume and donned it for the rest of the evening. Then again, it’s most likely that I would have wound up sporting a robnana tattoo with monkey ears by the time the whole night was said and done. Hate that. Guess some ppl just shouldn’t drink. But if I ever do partake again, I’d love to do it with some cool chickas like the LTR/LTT girls.

    Now down to business…

    1. Sweaty Jackson scares me…sorry. Ew! I don’t do other ppls sweat.
    (Rob this does not apply to you,)

    2. UC you have confirmed what I have long suspected, I kinda knew the music would suck. Paying for the full restoration of your ears now. Can’t blame the boys for riding the fame wave, I get it. Ride it out boys (Rob this does apply to you.) I bet they know it isn’t going to last, just enjoying being young, hot and musical…whatevs. Ppl who can’t handle the truth??? Lame. Lamespice.

    3. Seeing the ‘fans’ once again reminds me why I cannot be one. Ever. Glad you confiscated that bag, cause…. like, burn it now before the crazy begins to seep into your consciousness.

    Good times…love the pics and the deets!

  4. P.S. This comment..

    ‘Jackson was surrounded by a shroud of light. UC thinks it was from being in the presence of Rob’

    Ya, I actually believe that.

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  6. Great Review!

    I saw them at Eyecon.. I was pretty drunk and can not tell you that I loved them but I didn’t think they were awful either. They sound like a garage band. The pot smell followed them to Florida as well. I will say that the after party was great as they played some wonderful old rap hits such as Slick Rick Loddy Doddy and the current Stanky Leg. I may have been really drunk at that point but I remember saying.. HOLY CRAP this great! LOL

    • garage band- PERFECT description

      i also think you HAD to have been drunk when you said ‘HOLY CRAP this great” (since you forgot the ‘this IS great!”) OR you said it loud enough for jackson to hear… and you wanted him to fall in love with you. i hear you. i almost tweeted this “Hands down 100 Monkeys one of the best up and coming bands ” until i realized it was a big fat lie! 🙂

      • Sorry I was blogging and replying to your blog at the same time!

        I replied to your comment. Im thinking a brochure with pictures and a list of ammenities. I can jump right on this since I am the phenom photog.

        When you are getting knocked up so I can photograph your belly?? LOL

      • “Hands down 100 Monkeys one of the best up and coming bands ” until i realized it was a big fat lie!

        and THAT is why i LOVE you with all my damn heart.

        the end

  7. It was nice to meet you UC on Saturday!

    I agree to disagree about 100 Monkeys. And I’m not going to hate-post on you because everyone likes their own things. Just like how some people love Toby Keith and how I’d like to sink them to the bottom of the Hudson.

    I honestly don’t think they are a fad. They may or may not reach “superstar” status, but I definitely believe that they will continue to grow in popularity and musically in general.

    As far as people (Twilight moms) being there for Jackson, that is true. But since I came to know my monkeys through love for all things Twilight, I can’t really place blame there.

    100 Monkeys’ style is for some people…and not for others. I love them and I can’t wait to see them again, hopefully at the next Spencer Bell Legacy night….

  8. What the hell goes through people’s minds when they go to show like this???? Take those canvas bag chicks there.

    Crap-ass tennis shoes= check.
    Ankle-Slouchy Socks= check.
    Shorts that show of my shapely calves= check.
    MOST IMPORTANT, the 100 monkeys bag that I stayed up ALL night making= CHECK.

    No ma’am. All kinds of fail there.

    PS– I am glad that you guys all suffered for us though to bring us this post…funny sh*t.

    PPS– Jackson is hot.

    PPPS– Sweaty Jackson is even better.

  9. First, I have to say that UC…you could be biased musically. I know that for me being from Nashville…I tend to be VERY hard on musicians/shows and especially live ones. There are very few people that I would actually pay more than $10 to go and see…wait, now that I think about it I have never paid more than $10 to see anyone…that’s what dudes are for! So if I went to a 100 Monkeys show, it would only be to partake in the entertainment that is Twilight fans.

    Second, with that said, if anyone ever figures out that they are coming to ATL let me know and we’ll all get together and go…do it up Southern Style!

    Third, your little green dress is SUPER cute. I want.

    • oh i’m a self-professed music snob. i make no apologies. i am a musician myself, have a degree in music business & rarely listen to anything other than indie rock. or the twilight soundtrack. or bob dylan. or carrie underwood. 🙂

      • @UC

        HEY Music Snob 🙂

        Do you like…

        Band of Skulls…Cold Fame is brill!

        White Rabbits…Percussion Gun! great biking song

        Cage the Elephant…Ain’t no rest for the wicked, In One Ear, Back Against the Wall

        Great Northern…Houses

        I don’t know enough to be a snob “sigh jealous” but I know what I like.

        Oh yes and Blue October…but of course 🙂

  10. UC – best storytime ever!

  11. Awesome review!! Sorry that I missed it. SUCKS!! But seems as though, Calli and AmourPSU also rocked hard.

    UC – Agree with your assesment of Band as I have heard via Youtube. Eff the haters. I am a much better hater anyhow.

  12. I wish I knew you were going to be there. It would have been great to put a face to the great wit I found on this site. I like that I can laugh every day at the awfulness that comes from things Twilight related.

    I believe the homemade tote bags and matching t-shirts belonged to the admins of the 100 monkeys fan club. They were rather mean.
    In fact, a lot of 100 monkeys fans were totally mean (except to members of the band and associated individuals).
    While waiting in line to get in, a small girl and her mom walked by. The girl asked “Mommy, why are these people waiting in line?” The mom responded “I don’t know dear” and proceeded to ask the girls in line what they were going to see. The response from the 100 monkeys fans: “never you mind”.
    I swear these girls have deluded themselves into thinking that Jackson, er pardon me, Jacksper has this glass slipper and if any other female gets in front of her, she suddenly has less of a chance to be swept off her feet by a complete stranger who happens to be a human male and not a sparkling vampire.
    Case in point: Overheard in the audience. “Wow, they’re actually good.” “Who cares. He’s Jasper from Twilight.”

    I could write a book on the things I saw in there. The horrors that will never stop haunting me. There isn’t enough bleach in the world to cleanse my brain from that experience.

    • oh SAD! I would’ve loved to have met you too! And i agree… fans are usually so nice- but they were not the nicest ppl I’ve ever met. The big-monkey girl was super sweet tho.
      We’ll do another philly ltt/ltr event- maybe Sam Bradley will have a show and we can make Sam Bradly canvas bags!!!

      • Sam will be here in July…North Star Bar…

        I must agree the band isn’t that great…I didn’t really care for the show at Khyber on the 23rd – way too many people, way too hot and just a mess! Now the Studio show – was the best – I guess because there was like 50 people – the Band did like 2 sets – at one point Jackson said he would do “one more song” Not that it mattered – he also said they were suppous to be done like 9 songs ago at that point! They did an awesome improve song about BUBBLES lol and it was a fun song – The band stayed and hung out – took pics signed autographs and caught Jackson not being on his best behave….They talked to eveyone and were just really cool – The Khyber they weren’t as fun and carefree – who could blame them pouring in sweat! I think I just gave up trying to watch them play at the Khyber and in sat at the bar….away from the monkeys, bubbles, and Jasper chants.

    • The handbag ladies were NOT admins for 100 Monkeys fan club, just to let you know 🙂

      The admins of the fan club are some of the nicest people you could possibly know.

    • Do tell of the horrors!! I love a good horror tale!!

      I’m a fan *yeah and…lol* and I would never be mean to people who are inquiring about something.. Karma doesn’t like that..

      I wasn’t there of course..But um handmade that’s a no no in my book. I know a couple of the 100monkey fan club gals and the ones I talk to never seem mean to me…

  13. That pic of Marty wearing that shirt confirms why I am so mortified by the Twilight Moms.

    I’m thisclose to leaving the fandom. Why can’t people be cool? Like UC and the LTT gals.

    p.s. Music snob here–wait, I’m not a snob. I have TASTE. And 100 Monkeys is a fun band. They’re talented. But are they good? Um…no. And it’s OK to feel that way. Because it’s true. The end.

  14. Awesome recap! And I love that you can be honest! Screw the haters. At least you’re not one of those people who only says the band is good only because you’re a Twilight fan. Those dudes can sweat!
    What was in the confiscated canvas bag? LMAO!

  15. @UC – I love this so much! And I love that you have no shame in saying you don’t like them. Bwahahaha!!

    I got chills looking at the sweaty Jackson pic with the sexy neck veins…..omg. Jazz in my pants.


  16. UC….

    To each his/her own as they say..

    No hate from me..see.. *hugs*

    I would like to point out that they were a band before Jackson was in Twilight.. And yeah a slew of those chicks were there because of him..

    Just like those same girls will go see Bobby, Sam and Marcus because of Rob..

    But I think you missed the part about someone wanting Jackson to be her baby daddy…(now THAT’S 2nd hand embarrassment..)

    So my dear UC, different strokes for different folks.. Some people said the same about 30 seconds to mars..Remember Jared Leto lol

    • i TOTALLY missed that girl saying that. i heard rumors of it.. but the bartender upstairs like amourpsu & calliope so much that he gave us free drinks. so things are a lil fuzzy after 11pm…

    • *hugs* to you.

      I don’t feel like the only green m&m in a bag of reds so much anymore….phew.

    • Oh my GOD! That babydaddy woman was a MILLION times worse than your comment lets on!

      First, she crawled out of the woodwork with her over-6′ frame, with several tweenieboppers in tow, right as 100 Monkeys went on stage. Where were they during the opening acts?! Why is it I’m supposed to move out of the way for your little tween ducklings, as if they have a chance with Jackson , the Bens, or Jerad? (Oh, that’s right, you only care about some J. Action, anyway.) And why, when you finally shoved me against a wall so that I could avoid your armpits-in-my-face, did you feel justified in giving me the “stink eye” the majority of the concert?!

      The bitch even had the audacity to scream “Jackson, I want to have your baby!” and duck down behind the tweens she was with. Thank GOD Jackson made an offended face of “eww, wtf?!” as he looked down, rather than across to where I stood directly behind the bitch-hiding-behind-tweens! Seriously, it wasn’t funny, lady giant. You made my cheeks flush in rage.

      • LMFAO! So she was an Amazon rude arse teenybopper? See that’s when the ‘urban’ in me would’ve been like ‘Biach, git yo funky arse pits out mah damn face before i cut ya! Bloody bandwagon jumpin *inserts a crapload of bad words here*”

        I saw the footage.. He looked embarrassed as hell… Poor guy..

        But in the clip you see heads, not faces cause its dark.. just type in 100Monkeys Khyber ..its like number 3 of 6..

        • Yeah, I found it in the end. Poor Jackson.

          Lord, I gained SUCH a crush on Ben G. by the time the Sunday show rolled around. I was in the front, with my knees pressed against the stage, in the very far left corner, directly in front of the keyboard. At the beginning, he took pairs of bottles of water and set them on the edge of the stage. I looked to Cassandra, (she’s one of the two in the monkey hats ranted about by UC), and said, “Think these are for us?” She gave me an idk-shrug and I looked up at Ben and said, “Hey, Ben, are these for us?” He grinned and babbled something about “Of course!” and “hydrated” and “hot” and stuff. Which apparently opened a wave of communication cos he would say silly things between songs not-into-the-mic and I’d laugh and he’d smile. (Kinda like the cowbell girl in TNR. I told her it’s hot when she plays the cowbell, so when she got it out, she winked at me. LMAO! I love audience-involvement.)

          But anyway. Tbh, I wouldn’t have found out about 100 Monkeys if it weren’t for the jasperalice community on LiveJournal. I wish it’d been the other way around, but it is what it is. Either way, I have listened to rockabilly, psychobilly, and all sorts of similar genres, so I was bound to find them eventually. I cant imagine coming to the genre only because of Jackson. If I weren’t already into the music, I would’ve been all O.o;?! hearing it. I still don’t get why fangirls insist on coming if they aren’t there for the music.

  17. Such a funny review, and spot on. I drug a few of my friends to see the show on the following night. It was much the same as your night – we opted to go upstairs to partake in the Sunday night open bar that the fans downstairs were oblivious to. Instead of sweating and fighting for a spot near the front of the stage before the show started, we got sloshed for $10 with no one around except the band who was hanging around and in and out of the ‘vip’ room for an hour or two before they went on. In efforts to not be first hand embarrassed I kept away from the band as much as possible when they graced us with their presence between bong hits (with the amount it smelled there is not denying it, Monkeys). I did almost have a fan girl moment when Jackson placed his hands on my arms in order to scoot around me when it got a little more crowded. Luckily I was able to pull myself together and manage a disinterested face when he looked at me to excuse himself. I also met and got a picture with Bananager Marty in his banana suit, the praise you gave him was well earned. Ohh, and the music was terrible. Good thing I was too drunk to remember much of the performance.

    • oh GIRL!! this is the best review ever. First of all, thanks for confirming that we did, indeed, smell pot. and OPEN BAR on Sunday? Damnit! I went the wrong day!

      • Yes, you missed out! Every Sunday they have $10 all you can drink open bar upstairs. I recommend it with or without a terrible performance by 100 Monkeys. Wonder if The Khyber will give me a cut for this promotion?

    • OMG!!! I would hope that I would have done the same. Been casually cool and then squeeed on the inside later. What an awesome experience!


  18. It was a nice tale of UC and her friends.
    Where someone’s granpa asked the girls to flash but the girls definitely did let to pass.
    Where bubbles, pot, sweat aroma was in the air.
    Where Jackson’s was really sweaty during the show and Bananager wanted to get his game on.
    At the end they all got through it and as UC said her ears were healed. Yes, later on.
    But all in all it was great. UC, Amourpus, JustGotWicked and their friends had a good time.
    They will rememeber this [well i hope] for a lifetime.


    *UC, if you feel my above arrangement of words were full of lamspice. You have my word to remove it.

    Great Recap. You are my best blogger ever.
    your NO.1 fan.*

  19. @above – *did let it pass.


  20. I think we were ALL sweating like crazy, not just the band. I know we were! 🙂

    • i was sweating but it wasn’t my sweat. it was other people’s.. you know that’s when it’s really bad! I’m sorry we didn’t meet up. got your tweets (or the other Kim’s) but we could not find you in that small place!

      • Ah, but were you bathed in the sweat of Marty the bananager as he danced around the room and shook his head. I crossed my fingers that it was only water he poured over his head to make it so wet.
        The Khyber sucks in warm seasons. Showers are always a must have after shows there.

  21. Khyber was too warm. I cracked up seeing the Huge Monkey and Monkey Hats. I am glad I did not make it on your blog and 2nd hand embarrass you. I just enjoyed seeing Sweaty Jackson very much!

  22. At least the chick running after them yelled “Jackson!” not “Jasper!”

    • Do you mean the girl on the street who saw Jackson and some other band member walking away around the corner?
      What goes through your head when you think “gee, yes I’m going to yell and run after this guy I’ve never been introduced to before”?

  23. I am almost sad I didn’t blow off dd recital to join you ladies (*light sarcasm*) …it sounds like you ladies had so much fun!!!

    UC, as usual you are hilarious and completely entertaining – I bet you are a blast to party with! I loved your review.

    I can’t wait for them to come back again …I will definitely make the trip next time!!!

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  25. 1) i love your website – it makes me laugh and you make my day. it’s the only site i look at, well LTR too, besides newmoonmovie because I am not one of “those” people 🙂 nor do i ever want to be
    2) to each his own… and i don’t hate, so we agree to disagree…
    3) i enjoy their music and see them in LA even with out Jackson, it’s a different crowd when he’s there. still there are plenty 2nd hand embarrassing moments and stuffed monkeys… ugh

    thanks for what you do and for making my mornings!

  26. I know you have all been waiting for my comment on this most fantastic night. (sorry had to wait for my lunch hour to comment today)

    @UC Loved the recap and agree with your assessment of the band. Sign me up for any other LTT/LTR city adventures.

    Wish I could share more information with you all, but I partied a little too hard that evening while trying to drown out the music and perhaps had to leave a little early.

    For those of you going to see them atTwiCon, God Bless you, I can’t even imagine the fangirliness and craziness that you will see. My parting words are to drink heavily, but don’t go hardcore like I did about 5 hours before they even went on stage.

    As bad as the music was, I had an amazing time meeting everyone. Calli and I will forever have a special place in our hearts for Ralph and Rich the bartenders who hooked a sista up during the night. (Yes, somehow I remembered the bartenders names, even though I barely remember the cab ride home.)

    I’d also like to state that I met an actor who supposedly is in the last airbender movie with Jackson and he saw the “Sad Face” Rob pic on my phone and called me out on it. Calli nearly lost it and her second-hand embarrassment for me. Definitely blushed.

    In recap, pacing yourself while getting a good drunk on to listen to their somewhat bad music while enjoying the LTT/LTR company is the best way to go!

    • haha.. if i had known about the 2nd-hand embarrassing story when i drafted this post, you KNOW I woulda included it. just to prove to peeps that i’m not ashamed to call out even my ‘girls!”

      if moon bends down and her taylor lautner undies show, i’ll snapping a shot and posting about my 2nd-hand embarrassment.. i have no qualms against that:)

      glad you got home safe. i woulda been more worried if i were less drunk

      • I’m pretty sure that Calli lived tweeted my embarrassing moment. I did received some true concern from @janetrigs on after her post.

        Did I mention the ‘actor’ said “oh you have Pattinson on your phone, I’ve met him. (and then some other jagon that is fuzzy in my head)”

        I replied, “oh my god, I can’t believe you saw my screen. um, yeah, he’s um, yeah. How about I take your picture and replace it?” Yeah, I’m pretty quick. And yes, I have his picture (IN my phone, Rob’s still the background – of course!)

        Now, all you ladies know you have Rob as your phone wallpaper, so this could have been any of you!

      • don’t forget my dr cullen bra… it says “feel your boobs, dr cullen approves of monthly self checks to prevent breast cancer”

        so kind of him

        • Now, I’d be more worried over the circumstances of said bra being seen in public. In that case, we may be 2nd-hand embarrassed for you over more than one reason 😉
          Did you hear about Rich the actor friend?

    • Omg, Amour!! I love this recap of the eve. We’re partying like crazy in NYC!! I can’t wait!


      PS – People see my Rob “laying in bed/bedroom eyes” pic on my phone and call me out all the time. Own that!! Don’t blush. Own it.

  27. Just so everyone knows…there is a petition going around the internet for the 100 Monkeys to come to Atlanta.

    So far only 28 people have signed it. (I am not one of them)

    They think it’s a good idea since there is a Twilight convention going on in July (there is??).

    So should we all sign to see if it actually gets these Monkeys to ATL?

  28. Part of me is 2nd hand mortified for the bananager for wearing that t-shirt, but the other part of me is proud of him for knowing where his bread is buttered (or banana is peeled?). Ya gotta ride that wave as long as you can.

  29. Loved the honest and hilarious review, but mostly loved your cute dress!

  30. OH – and, BTW. I’m in Dallas. Thinking of trying to sneak into TwiCon in July. Anyone else hoping to do the same?? 100 Monkeys is playing at the Con July 31. I may go – it looks like it would give me a good self-esteem boost.

  31. that’s incredibly a lot of sweat!! xD
    scary… and funny lol!!

    it’s also funny what u say about the band being bad, lol
    but the good thing is that u had fun, right? =D

    i like your dress, btw xD

  32. Great review! but am i the only one who does not find jackson hot? I mean, I guess hes cute in creepy sorta way. I find his character Jasper cuter. 🙂

  33. Sianna,
    I’m with you. Jackson is not hot. But cute in a creepy, sweaty, dopey sorta way.

  34. Ok now that I have taken my hands down from my eyes with the amount of embarrassment these *ahem* ladies have put themselves through and not even know it. I can comment. (I mean come on!! Bubbles?! bags & monkey hats.. OH MY! I mean seriously.)

    Great recap & pics!! Love it!

  35. Holy shiz, Jackson is a major sweater (and by sweater I don’t mean a huge comfy thing you wear in winter, but someone who sweats an ungodly amount). Still cute though. I might have to wear a wet suit before doing it with him.

    I also wanted to stop by and let y’all know we moved our blog. We are now at:
    There are some kinks to work out, but both of your blogs are already linked. Oh, P.S, I’m also following you on Twitter!

  36. As one of the girls in the monkey hats, I just thought you should all know that it is a joke between Jerad and his monkey girls. You are all entitled to your opinions, but I just wanted to set the record straight. It may seem ridiculous to all of you, but the guys get a total kick out of it.

    P.S. I agree to disagree with you as well on the music front. Their music is most definitely love it or hate; but you have got to give props where props are due. How many musicians do you know that could come up with an entire song on a topic that was only just introduced…..not many in my book. Your review was very entertaining, and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

    • well, i’m glad they got a kick out of it! and i loved spying one in front of me during the show.

      i did say the guys were talented. i just said i hated the band. i actually know a bunch of musicians that can improvise, including myself:

      ‘i wish i had a monkey hat eee ay eee ay ohhhh
      if i had one that’d be so phat eee ay eee ay ohhh
      i’d get a big wet hug from a big sweaty man
      he’s a man, she’s a man, everyone’s a man man
      i wish i had a monkey hat eee ay ee ay ohhh”



  37. The fact that I live in Philadelphia and had no idea that mass chaos was unleashed upon the city… Ugh.

    Well, at least you are a normal fan.

    Major *facepalm* to the girl who has the ridiculous tattoo!

  38. Can someone please tell the chick with the “Bella” tat that she’s wearing her shirt backwards?? I don’t care of it frames her [crazy-ass] tattoo nicely; shoulder blades are not boobs that that shirt needs to be turned around.

    And UC – thanks for callin’ it like you saw it! We wouldn’t want it any other way – you gotta be you! And we [heart] you.

    : )

  39. Ok so I was at the show, and I hated the bar, it was tiny and that bathroom upstairs was nastay! but dont think i didnt have to use it twice so that i could walk past Jackson lol i was totally 2nd.H.E by bubble girl, monkey stuffed animal girl and the purse was an interesting night, I am just mad I didnt get to meet you! lol After the show they ran the hell outta there to get away from the nugbags and I hardly blame them! So I went to the Sunday night show and it was much much more tame and less hot up in there. Jackson was as hotty hot hot as eva!
    I love your review! keep on keepin on lol

    • oh yeah forgot to ass that I saw “Gramps” stroll in the bar Sunday….he was an interesting charcter, I had the “pleasure” to speak to him Saturday He was telling me he never been to the bar before but really liked it..i just nodded, grabed my beer as slowly backed away…i guess he really like the bar form him to return again sunday night (btw the upstairs was closed this time)

  40. Um… what happened to the part about UC falling down the stairs?? I was looking forward to the details of that incident. Unless there weren’t any more.
    Seriously though, I’m not really that mean or anything, it just reminded me of the time I did something similar & wanted someone with whom I could commiserate. Funny too ’cause I was just reminiscing about it with my sis recently, which brought up other drunken adventures & my abs never hurt so much from laughing…
    Anyhoo, I do understand about the 100 Monkeys thing, although I’m as yet kinda undecided about their music. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting, but very interesting. I would love to see them live, but have my doubts about their coming to Toronto anytime soon. In the meantime, I guess I’ll have to settle for other people’s accounts.

    • haha.. i just used that to reel you in! but i really did fall down the stairs. two guys totally saw me.. i dind’t even tell amourpsu & calli, who i was with.. i fall all the time in the wedges i was wearing. it was tre’ embarassing….

      • It’s always tres embarassing to fall at a bar. In my case, I did an extremely embarassing Superman dive down a staircase. Yes, I swear it’s the truth. The worst part is, it could all have been avoided if the stupid guy in front of me had actually helped me out instead of moving out of the way. My friend tried to grab me, but she was behind me & I fell forward. It was all in slow motion where you’re totally aware of what’s going on, but are completely powerless to stop it. At least I didn’t hurt myself & my tube top managed to stay on. It could have been much worse.

  41. First off, thanks for the stalkering UC! Great pics!

    For my part, I love the fact that 100 Monkeys goes for original rather than ‘good’. They seem like 4 good friends who just love having a good time and jammin out, and thats def something I wanna be a part of. I’m seriously thinking about driving 5 hours to see their Allentown PA show just because they look so fun to chill with (those bands are the best).

    I sure hope that no matter how famous Jackson gets he stays true to his musical side, cuz I think that while he loves acting and it pays the bills, music is more his thing. And if he does have to make the choice between them some day, I really hope I get to a 100 Monkeys show before that happens. (Partially because I do enjoy their unique style and partially because I have an intrinsic need to see Jackson cute and sweaty. LOL)

    Dancing with the bananager looks pretty awesome too : )

  42. Newbie to this website–just located it today and so glad of that! I was actually considering driving out to Philly (I live in PA about 4 hours away) to see 100 Monkeys play for the hell of it! That did look like fun and UC, I was seriously laughing my ass off throughout the whole article.

    Jackson looked cute at first and then VERY scary all sweaty–like holy shit straight from my nightmares!

    Can’t believe the 100 monkeys bags…wow.

  43. Ok, I guess I should have really said ‘5 friends who just love having a good time’ as I’m assuming Marty is more than just a man in a banana suit to the band : )

    • He’s their manager. Bananager. Whatever. LOL! Idk if he actually jams with the band, but I’ve seen no evidence of this. Then again, this is coming from someone who has only seen 100 Monkeys play three times.

      • Oh, I just meant I’m sure he’s their friend as well as their bananager : ) They all seem to be of an age, and he frequently appears in their pictures.

        And at least you’ve gotten to see shows! My hopes of driving 5 hours to see them were dashed unceremoniously, so now I have to wait for them to come back to the east coast or stalker them somewhere else : (

  44. dang that boy sweats like none other!

    love your dress moon!

  45. Pattinson Pants and her Eclipse shoes?


    Self made 100 Monkey bag owners?

    You must accessorise using one of these key pieces.

  46. […] Storytime with UC & the 100Monkeys Dear 100Monkeys, I have a story to share with you today. That’s all. Love, UnintendedChoice Once upon a time in […] […]

  47. […] -I went to a 100Monkey’s concert. And I’m a music snob. And they’re not […]

  48. […] uh JASPER- aka:  Mr Rogers cardigan and a poodle wig UC:  SO nasty! Seriously. Almost as bad as sweat fest 2009 at the khyber in philly Moon:  he’s all top heavy with that hair, makes him look like a pinhead. I’m […]

  49. […] crafts abilities to make Pattinson Pants for every LTR reader, along with matching Eclipse Keds and Canvas tote bags with his face on them. That way he’ll know we’re all TRUE fans. Ok, ok, maybe I fibbed […]

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