Celebrating Memorial Day with Twilight!

And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free...

And I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free...

Dear Military service people, fallen heroes, deceased vampires and those who have gone before us-

Today is Memorial Day here in the states, it’s a day set aside to remember the past, people who have passed on in our lives and also to thank our service men and women for protecting and serving. We here at Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob salute you and thank you for you service to our country! Without people like you we wouldn’t be free to profess our love for a British Boy, wear cute outfits like Ms. Stewart over there, or be free to write a snarky blog about vampires.

Today we’ve dragged Kristen Stewart out in her campy military finest to pay special tribute to the following:

James – You certainly made for interesting sport and fodder for the first book/movie but I have to say I’m glad your creepy trailer trash-y self won’t be around for another movie

Victoria – We will most definitely miss your faboo hair after Edward rips you limb from limb in Eclipse. It’ll be awesome but we’ll miss seeing a kick ass girl uh well… kicking ass!

Harry Clearwater – we barely knew ye… but anyone who fathered Seth Clearwater, makes the best fish fry in Forks and is Charlie’s BFF MUST be good people!

Jasper Whitlock – Thank you for your valiant service as a major in the Confederate Army before you were unceremoniously turned into a vampire and then helped train and lead the New Born Army… though I’m not quite sure that kind of army is something we celebrate on Memorial Day but we’ll use any excuse to talk about Jasper

Army Unicorn – our very own unicorn commenter who happens to serve and protect each day in the US Army. We ❤ ya!

Have a wonderful holiday… cook lots of cured meats and we’ll see you back here tomorrow and back to our regularly scheduled programming

PS Don’t forget to check out Letters to Rob and see what’s cooking over there for Memorial Day
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18 Responses

  1. Favorite picture of Kristen, ever. I lust after those legs. In a non-lesbian kind of way.

    Today I’ll make fish in a bag…because I like the sound of that. As do other people we know and love. Hooray for Harry Clearwater…

  2. Dear Military service people, fallen heroes, deceased vampires and those who have gone before us *snort* Amen.

  3. I salute you and thank you.

  4. I’m going to add Garrett to that list to thank. I mean, he was all revolutionary and I’m sure he kicked some granite butt in some war, somewhere.

    And I just have a huge sweet spot in my heart for him.

    And… you know. Rob. But I think that goes without saying around these parts.

  5. Happy Memorial Day to all the TwiJunkies in the US!!!

  6. Beautiful post…..sniff….amen.

    I put my flag out this morning, as a thank you to everyone who passed away, fighting for my freedom to covet Kristen’s legs, lust after vampires, and snort coffee out my nose every morning laughing at this blog. And all the other stuff I am free to do as well. Like eat fish from a bag.

    Special shout-out to Army Unicorn, stay safe out there.


  7. Aww this is just what I needed since i’m stuck at work…grrrr!!! 😦 Thanks for making my day a little better! 🙂

  8. We remember you too…Waylon Forge. I am gonna go out on a limb and say you had to have seen some kind of combat to sing a song like….

    Momma said I didn’t know how to make a kitty meow…..


  9. Awww. It was sweet of you to pay tribute to all those who have passed on and to remind us all “that freedom is not free”. But…. lusting after Rob’s hot pics on the internet is so I am going to use my day off to do just that. Happy Memorial Day.

  10. Hey everyone! Sorry for missing Memorial Day, but I was packing up one of my duffel bags full of military gear and uniforms and hygiene stuff and it took hooouuurrrss. In about an hour I have to be in formation because we’re all dumping those duffel bags out in the parking lot behind our company offices so they can be inspected. Apparently they’re real sticklers here about having all your gear when you deploy, lol. I guess that means I don’t have room to bring my box set of twilight books, eek gad! (no worries though, I downloaded all the books in pdf format – much easier to carry)

    Anyway, thanks for the shout out ladies. We’re leaving in a few days, so I’ll try to come online as often as I can till then =D

  11. That’s not even kristen stewart people! gosh. idiots

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