Taylor Lautner and Selena Gomez come out. Officially.

And they called it puuupppyyyy looooveeee

And they called it puuupppyyyy looooveeee

Dear Taylor-

Looks like someone had the DTR* talk recently!! I can’t say how excited I am for you two… you’re so cute I just want to squeeze you like a couple of cabbage patch kids!

As a girl with an ass ton of guy friends I can say with some authority that I believe a DTR talk has occurred because unless you two are underage drunk in broad daylight on the sidewalk in front of the paps, no one goes for the under the boob side grab. Not even good friends.

Have your fun and kick out the jams with Selena now because puppy love is fleeting but Wolfgirl love is forever.

Your older wiser faux sister something

*for the uninitiated or those no longer in High School, DTR= “define the relationship”

Picture Source: Lainey Gossip

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  1. haha, the “under the boob side grab.”

  2. Dear fellow LLT-ers:

    I love Taylor in a very big-sister way. I think he and Selena look adorable together and I want them to be happy forever and ever (which at 17 means for the next six months).

    I also think she is very pretty but after taking a good look at her I realized she looks suspiciously like a certain half-human/ half-vampire that, you know, pops-up in BD. So now I’m afraid that her motives to hang out with TayTay are less than pure… what if she is using him to get a bite of the Twilight saga? (because there’s no way they are going to left that relationship like it’s in the book) What if after getting (or not) what she wants she leaves him with a broken heart?? Will Taylor be a victim of the Jacob curse????

    Swine-flu-free hugs to everyone!!


  3. Awwwwwwww. That is SO cute! I watched Miss Selena on her show last night for a bit, haha. She’s too cute!

    This post made me happy! Luv the pic! Thanks girls!!


    P.S. Does her show film in Vancouver? Or is she there just to see TayTay?

  4. Wow. Almost so cute it makes me gag.
    When will he turn 18, so I can comment on his freakin awesome arms without feeling guilty?

  5. 1. I did not know what DTR meant. Thanks for defining it for me.

    2. You said “kick out the jams.” You win. You know why.

    3. That you referenced Donny Osmond in that picture caption has brought sunlight into a very foggy morning. Please marry me and be my lesbian life partner. In Vermont.

    4. I hadn’t realized he was grabbing her boob until you pointed it out here.
    …and now the Disney peeps are losing their shiz.

    I love it.

  6. Hmmm… the underside boob grab. Classy! What a great way to say I love you in front of the paps.

    Oh TayTay, we really do ❤ you like a little brother!

  7. I see you TayTay trying to be sneaky with the i-just-wanna-hug-you-and-graze-your-lower-boob-while-doing-it hug…good try my friend…LOL 😉 Just remember that your ‘special hugs’ should be reserved for wolfgirl and no one else! K? Thanks! So when I first started seeing these pics on the net my first thought went to wolfgirl…seriously…anyway so I figure you better work out the kinks with selena and perfect the game before you can step up to wolfgirl… 🙂


  9. I do feel bad for Wolfgirl. Oh well. They are adorable.

  10. As cute as that picture is, that looks like the most awkward hug. How are they even walking? Oh I know… because of Taylor’s super cut, super strong, super crazy biceps. Yeah, I commented, but I mean it in a “Way to go, son” kind of way! I swear!

  11. aww they are cute! i still have no idea who she is.

  12. Smooth moves, Tater. The under boob side grab ranks up there with the “stop-short” in the car.

  13. Shut up– I love that you brought out the DTR! Haven’t heard that one in years! hahaha

    • cause you KNOW thats what happened. totally late one night after a texting fiasco they meet up and hash it out!

  14. OK, I am old, I will divulge here. I didn’t know DTR, AND I have a daughter who LOVES Selena Gomez–well, mostly her show, but she does think that she is ‘very cool’. When we were in the grocery store together, we went and checked out the teeny-bopper mags (which may or may not contain pics of Rob, I wouldn’t know…:-) ) and Selena is in ALL of them.

    I also loved the Donny Osmond ref. You rule.


    • thats what i need to do… find a preteen girl i can take to the mag racks so i can scam on all the hot rob pics in bop and laugh at the ‘hand written’ surveys they make those kids do!

  15. I was looking her up on IMDB and she was in an episode of barney called “puppy love” and i laughed my ass off.

  16. @LaPushBaby LOL! I only renewed my daughter’s subscription to Bop magazine so I could look @the Rob pics 😉

    DTR? Never heard of it…does that mean I am old or that I should have had more than one boyfriend in high school?

    @superhumanmoron Now I’m gonna laugh every time my hub “stops short” while driving!

    • ooo, DTR, I just assumed it meant I was old! Maybe I should have had A boyfriend at all in HS to have heard of it…..

      hahahaha, vickyb, you are cunning….maybe I should offer her a subscription to one of them, her b-day is coming up, she’ll be 10, she needs to know what the kids are doing, right? (and I need 100 photos of Rob to look at) (Those mags are also dominated by the JoBros, which I am happy to say my girl is not impressed with them at all)

    • dude this is the best idea ever!! now what teeny girl do i know who i can give a subscription too….

      • Just buy it at the grocery store. And when you go up to the checker, roll your eyes and sigh loudly, then say “I can’t BELIEVE my daughter/niece/neighbor’s girl likes this magazine!” Then laugh in camaraderie with the checker, while you furtively caress Rob’s face on the cover with gentle fingertips…

        No? Just me?

  17. I’m sorry, but if I were getting the under the boob side grab from Taylor I’m-Underage-But-I-Got-All-The-Bitches-Swooning Lautner I think that I’d have a much bigger cheesehead grin than what Selena’s got goin’ on. Still, they’re adorable and I love them.


  18. They do look so cute. Taylor looks so hot with short hair.

  19. man i bet summit is eating up all the publicity taylor is getting!

  20. This picture makes me one of two things, I can’t decide.
    Option #1: Insanely, madly consumed with jealousy (I’m talking about Taylor’s muscles…… Duh… I mean, why would I be jealous of Selena?! I don’t know what you’re talking about….)
    Option #2: Happy, because, is it just me, or does Selena look a liiiiitle uncomfortable?
    It’s okay, Taylor, when she leaves you for a JoBro after she scores her part in Twilight, I’ll be here waiting (I am allowed to say that and not go to jail!).

    • and she will. inevitably she will dump him. and we will be here. what a cruel cruel world.

  21. It’s all fun and games until the ‘roid rage kicks in.

  22. i love how he’s looking RIGHT AT the camera. hahaha. i still think they’re cute.

  23. i hate this pic,only cuz Selena Gomez is in it!!!I hate Selena Gomez so much i wish she would die!!!Selena and Taylor she not be goin out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i feel the same i hate selena i wish taylor dump her i like him he is so hot but she is so ugly and i hate her so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. not so beautiful, I hate Selena

  26. Hello Taylor I love for ever and ever its bearofer Selena uuuuu

  27. no me gusto para nada

  28. Odio a La Selengaaa :@ La Odioo Media Suerteee

  29. […] stops. Vancouver was the site of much debauchery and monumental moments such as: Taytay’s doomed love affair with a Disney princess, KStew and Oregano’s one last failed attempt at faking their relationship and my favorite: […]


  31. a mi se m ase

  32. awwww ❤ that's soo cute

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