The Twilight Museum of Art

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s Monday and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate this glorious, beautiful sun shiny day! I spent all yesterday thinking about how much I couldn’t wait for Monday, my favorite day of the week, and to share with you all the awesome pieces of Twilight art I’ve been collecting… it’s like a virtual museum of all the best artists in the world on my hard drive right now!

Now sit back and enjoy this joyous Monday!


click to enlarge and enjoy the beauty!

When I look into Alice’s eyes I can really see the soul of her character… it’s almost like she’s seeing the future and the artist just happened to catch it on paper

click to enlarge and enjoy his true beauty

click to enlarge and enjoy his true beauty

I’m glad Edward’s true self has been captured for all the world to see. It was so obvious in the books that Edward was really a make up artist waiting to break free and show his love of MAC’s “Russian Red” lipstick. Sometimes it just takes a talented artist to bring a characters true self out

To continue this tour of the best art in the world take the cut!

click to appreciate fine art in maximum size

click to appreciate fine art in maximum size

Oh Rosealie I never knew you were going to be auditioning for the next season of RuPaul’s the drag race! Obviously this artist was sensitive to your inner beauty and penchant for lace front wigs and eye brow pencils

click to enlarge if you dare

click to enlarge if you dare

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul and this artist worked hard to convey Jaspers electric gaze and 1990s crimped hair. I could stare into his depthless eyes all day!

And now for my two favorite pieces… I’m looking into getting these framed:

click to enlarge!

click to enlarge!

In this piece I think you can really see the inner turmoil of Jacob, the light vs. dark of  his soul… the flat vs. spikey of his hair, the nose to lip ratio…

click to see the best drawing of all time

click to see the best drawing of all time

Can you really have any words when you’re in the presence of greatness?

The only thing I can say is I’ve commissioned a portrait of myself and I can only hope it will look half as good as Bella does here. Now enjoy this work of art in silence as you finish off that your morning cup of coffee pondering true beauty.

PS if you couldn’t figure out, today is opposite day! Enjoy your crappy Monday.

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And another thing! Don’t forget the super dee dooper LTT/LTR Forum!

56 Responses

  1. wow.

    well. wow.

  2. I’ve said it a thousand times…I MUST have whatever lipstain was used on “Edward” in the movie…it’s fantastic. And the one in the pic above…that’s clubbin’ lipstick right there. Are you sure it’s MAC? It looks a lot like Revlon’s “Cherries in the Snow,” to me.

    That pic of Alice kinda looks like my husband’s cousin. His name is Michael.

    • i heard they used benetint on edward, fyi!

      micheal! she does have a comb over, doesnt she??!

    • OMG…I just spit my tea EVERYWHERE. Do you ever mistakingly ask Michael if he can predict your future? Srsly…that is the funniest thing ever. Bravo for your sarcasm and wit. Loves it. 🙂

  3. Well I will give the Bella artist this much…he/she truly captured Bella’s lips……;)

  4. ummm….yea….LOL

  5. I’m dying. I needed this b/c the OFFICE RAN OUT OF COFFEE

    so I’m also dying about that.

    Rosealie wins! That’s not how you spell it.. Rosealie Rosalie That’s it!

    • Um, that’s employee abuse! Not OK.

    • rosalie the tranny!

    • UC, I totally feel your pain about the lack of coffee shortage at the office. When my office was out of coffee for the Keurig, I called to inform a co-worker I would be stopping at Target before work for the K-cups (total work errand!), got there just five minutes after start time at 8:35 and got in BIG trouble with my boss. She said it was “disturbing” behavior. Needless to say, I don’t venture onto the Internets at work!

      As for the “artwork,” I always felt that Bella was too pretty in the movie, because, let’s face it, Kristen is smokin hot, so of course all the boys at school want her. This, I feel, is average Bella as Stephanie Meyer intended. Genius! And we can’t see it in the picture, but she is wearing her favorite khaki skirt.

      Alice looks like a female character disguised as a boy in a Shakespeare play.

  6. These make me sad.

  7. oh wow. um the only nice thing i can say is people have a lot of time on their hands.

  8. lol lol Thanks, you enjoy your crappy Monday too.
    I must say though, your sarcasim did brighten my day!

  9. Wow! Where so you find these!?!. Edwardslipstain is hilaious.

    • here there and everywhere! makes me think of bop/tiger beat magazines i used to read when i was a kid and girls would send in their artwork. they looked a lot like this!

      • hahahaha…i totally remember that! I used to draw pictures of Kirk Cameron….and…..maybe I always wanted to submit one but was afraid of what people would think…..sooo glad I never did!

  10. so, uh, beautiful..;)
    some people have too much freetime…x)

  11. i love fan art. especially on Mondays when usually the day is so crappy….but this makes it all better! I can’t stop staring at the Jasper one. His eyes keep following me around the office.

    Oh, and that Bella kinda looks like Lois from Family Guy to me. Just sayin’….

    • YES!! good call. post the jasper one on your wall and watch him stare at you from any angle!

  12. Alice and Jasper look like cracked out homeless people. The Edward looks like a paint by number. Jacob looks like his daddy bred with a pig rather than a woman, and the Bella is totally something I could draw which is not a compliment.
    Now the Rosalie LOOKS NOTHING like her, but the eyes in that picture are amazing. That is a good artist…just a little misguided. Like maybe they got RuPaul and Rosalie confused.

  13. And upon further study…what is with Bella’s eyes? They are rolled up in her sockets. Weird. She looks high….oh….damn…answered my own question.

    • this must be a kristen stewart drawing and not bella! that would answer the is she high question??

      • if she were high her eyes would be squinty and red but not rolled back into her head. at least that is what i look like.

  14. actually i’m having the best monday ever: rode my bike for the first time after my knee surgery, had a popsicle and cut my dog’s hair. yes, his hair..

    i envy rosalie’s beard. never thought a girl could have such fine beard. need to grow some.

    aaaaaaaaand happy belated birthday moon!!! and rob, od course.

  15. OMFG! That pic of Alice made me laugh SO freaking hard. I’m trying to be quiet cuz I’m at work um working but damn that pic is funny. I love how one eye is looking one way and the other is looking the opposite way. Maybe that’s how she sees the future.

    And who knew her mouth was so crooked?

    Jasper doesn’t mind all this though. He can make out with her WHILE she’s watching his back… or the ceiling. Either way. SCORE!

  16. I have no words. With no artistic drawing talent, I feel I am not qualified to critique these at all…..Except to say that the person who did the Alice spent a LONG time working on that! I like how smirky she looks at first, and then you realize she is just asymetrical. Well, most of us are, I guess….

    And the Edward one is priceless, and I agree with Leigh Anne, they should spill on what kind of lip stain they used in the movie! I actually have to adjust the color on my (very old) TV when I watch the DVD, because it Edward’s lips are SO bright. Weird.

    Thanks for the Monday funnies. I’ll be that fine art gallery on your hard drive will make you a mint someday….

    • err…that’s “I’ll bet”, not “I’ll be”…

      I will not be your hard drive’s art gallery, sorry.

      *off to coffee pot*

  17. I really want to say something about the Bella one, but I fear a child made it, and then I would feel bad. “Hello my name is Simon, and I like to do drawerings….”

  18. OMG, DOES ANYONE HAVE A TIME MACHINE??? I need to go back and NOT look at any of this!!

  19. woah, i´ve overcome the shock i was in earlier this morning, when i was looking at these pics for the first time and now -as a twilight fan, art student and human being who can actually see- i have to say: this is plain wrong.
    taylor looks like a maori btw.

  20. I love being in the presence of greatness.

  21. So glad I waited until the afternoon to read this, that picture of Bella made my day, Please tell me that an innocent child was responsible for that, please…..

    whoever said that picture looks like Lois from Family Guy – I ❤ you

  22. hahaha aww these are horrible! poor people.

  23. i drew that one of edward… and moon you were spot on with the lipstick shade… bc i wear that shade everyday. also, as you should obviously all infer, I made out with the pic shortly after i drew it to get the right lip color going on eddie boy. duh.

  24. aaah, third comment on this.
    i did a little research on fanart and found this:

    i know edward´s shmexy jawline is fucked up, but all in all it looks like they´re on a salvage-version of isle esme and just had sex or something.

    • OMG!!! he looks like either a disease center patient or already dead and bella is taking to his upright corpse. weekend at eddies!!!

      great find!

    • ow ow ow ow… my eyes.

      I have exactly ZERO photoshop skillz, and I am pretty sure I could get their head size to match the bodies better….they look like encephalitis patients….

      I love the effect of the gross stained wall in the background…ewww, just where you want to be bangin’ Edward (not)

  25. Look this is NOT fair, when I pop on the page I have to SEE that, THAT THING!!! Making Alice, sweet, cute, and funny Alice, look like that is not right, NOT right at all!! *click* *click* DELETED!!

  26. Huh. Alice looks… well, she looks down right special. And not exactly in a good way, either. And wtf is Jacob grinning so toothily at? It’s like he just got a glimpse of Bella’s beaver or something.

    I really shouldn’t talk – the extent of my artistic ability is stick figures but still…

  27. “electric gaze and 1990s crimped hair”

    aaaaaahahahha. loveit.

  28. all i’m saying is that those are some fierce eyebrows in each picture. i’m pretty sure rob would approve of the sculptedness of his brows in the drawing.

  29. No, not a fan of these…

  30. I tend to be critical of art because of my art history studies, but the truth is I wish I could draw even half as well.

  31. i like the jacob one but the bella one is weird

  32. Bella’s portrait is pretty accurate.


  33. I absolutely love that the artist of the Bella drawing used TWO different shades of brown to get the color of her hair just right. Magnifico.

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