Bad case of lovin’ Dr. Cullen

We haven’t posted a fan letter in awhile on LTT and have never posted a letter to Carlisle. It’s high time the Doctor gets some lovin’ too!

damages_facinelliDear Dr. Cullen-

Alright. This isn’t easy for me…. but I think it needs to be said.

I love you.

I was in denial for a long time. I thought Edward was the only vampire for me. You were a father figure to me while I read the books, and I loved you, but in a completely non-sexual kind of way. You were kind of Dumbledore-esque— a wise, mysterious older man that has all the answers and an incredible gift for what he does.

But then… somewhere in the wee morning hours of November 21st 2008, you pushed your way through that emergency room door and into my pants heart. It hit me like a ton of bricks…. Being in my early 20’s myself, I thought—realistically—who would I rather have: a 17 year old virginal vampire, or a 23 year old vampire doctor with 300+ years of *ahem* “life” experience, known for his unparalleled compassion and being extreme skillful with his hands?

dr-cullenSo Carlisle, I just can’t help myself. I want to have bed breaking, house crushing, mind-blowingly awesome vampire sex with you!! (Even if it means a half human half vampire baby will break my spine and eat its way out of my body…).

I mean, what’s one night of lust with a Twilight fan when you’ve got eternity?! Seriously?!?! I’ll have a chat with Esme if you want me to. I’m sure she won’t mind. Hell, Esme could come too! As long as she promised never to wear that stupid hat from the baseball scene again (Let’s not lie, it made her head look a good 6 inches taller than any normally proportioned head should be… not to mention it brought attention to her *ahem* “extraordinarily realistic wig”).

Furthermore, based on the amount videos montages of you I’ve seen set to Sexyback and Doctor Doctor, I know that I’m not the only one with these feelings. If you won’t indulge me with one night of pleasure… then I will ask you this:

Since you’ve lived through the entire history of modern medicine… do us all a favor, and spend the next 100 years as a gynecologist.

Carlisle Cullen, OBGYN. I think it has a nice ring to it.

Call me!

-Schön Duck

22 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’m going to admit. He is sexy as hell. But that’s only movie-Carlisle. Thinking about book-Carlisle that way kinda freaks me out. It would be liking crushing on your married-with-kids teacher. *shudder*
    (I totally apologise to people who actually DO crush on their teachers. It’s just…that’s not my thing.)
    And that first photo in this post is smexy. I like dark hair better on him; it gives him that Tall, Dark and Handsome look.

    And to TMID and UC, you chose a good fan letter to post.

  2. the ER stylings of your youtube are wondrous indeed!

    Dr CC is hot – when he first burst through those hospital doors with his bad blond hair and sexy catwalk i snickered aloud. the smile never left my face ..

    get thee to the deleted scene with badwiggirl immediately!

  3. Movie Carlisle is way sexy! (Though I agree the dark hair is better, but there have been many discussions here about the ineptitude of the hair-and-wig wranglers on the Twilight set) I haven’t thought about book-Carlisle in that way, either, I guess because of the father-figure thing. Though he is described as very youthful and yummy….hmmm……

    Great letter, I thought I was the only one annoyed by the weird position of Esme’s baseball hat!!

  4. hahahaha great letter!
    Carlisle, my love doctor, steal my v-card and marry me young!

  5. I always thought that book-Carlisle was wonderful but movie-Carlsle is HOT!!!!!!! And by all accounts Peter (you know, the owner of Dr. Cullen’s hot body) is such a sweetheart that you can’t help loving him even more.

    I think that Carlisle is one of the characters that have become even MORE popular thanks to the actor playing him… he certainly climbed to the top of my ranking (yep… second place, just a few millimeters after Edward/Rob)

    Why don’t we have doctors like him real life????????

    Have a Cullen Sunday!!!


  6. I’m totally with you! I think the way he has grow on me so much has a lot to do with the fact that real-life Carlisle/Peter Facinelli seems like such a genuinely wonderful & awesome guy.

    Is there a mash-up Twi name for him? No?! Can we make one up now??? Carliter? Pelisle? Um, why do those sound so very wrong?? Eek – sorry! I [heart] you Dr. Pete!

    : )

  7. Movie Carlisle is smoking hot, thanks to Peter Facinelli. And his entrance in the ER scene was excellent. *swoon* Up there with the Edward’s-arm-around-Bella-in-the-parking-lot scene (with those Ray Bans). Just sayin’.

  8. One of the benefits of being a cougar is that you get to think of them all in ‘a certain way’ with no problem at all.
    Just lurve the way Dr Cullen bursts through those doors mmmmmmm

  9. nice sense of humor, whoever wrote this xD

  10. […] someone has made a fan video for him on youtube with this song.” Lo and behold, when I check Letters To Twilight today, they have a post about the good doctor with this fan video […]

  11. Hahahaha, love the vid!! Carlisle definitely deserves to get some attention, although I will agree with many who have commented on the distinct difference between the movie Carlisle and the book Carlisle. Love them both, but only wanna change into a hospital gown for one of em ; )

    And since I just spent the last 15 minutes watching, re-watching (14 times) and commenting on Jasper’s flippy bat skillz, it would be remiss of me not to point out that Dr.Cullen looked pretty effin hot pointing with his bat and gearing up to take a swing. Rawr. Love me some boys with baseball skills 😀

  12. Now THIS is the video for “Bad Case of Loving You!” As God and Robert Palmer intended it.

    If you’re wondering if I said, “That’s HOT!” during the scene where Carlisle turns Edward…well, I did. Cause it was hot. Man-on-Man action, baby. Lawsy.

  13. Amen sisters! Movie Dr. Cullen is hotness! I never fancied a shag with him while I was reading the books because he was too “good”. I guess I didn’t want to taint him with my “freak in the sheets” ways. I’ll admit I may have squee’d along with the rest of the fangirls when he first burst through the ER doors in all his glory.

    And yes, I could fully appreciate the man-on-man action too. Is there an extended makeout version floating around somewhere?? DIZ-ZAM!

  14. I have to admit that as I was laying in bed this weekend and feeling ill I wished that Dr Cullen did make house calls. He is super sexy. I totally wouldn’t mind if he put his *ahem* cold stethescope on me ifyouknowwhatimsayin’ 😉

  15. AHHHHHHHHHH I THINK YOU JUST MADE ME LOVE DR. CULLEN MORE TOO!!! I was just starting to come around with him…especially all the twicon vids on youtube..he is sooooo sexy…and for someone that is about to turn 30 next month..seems natural for me to prefer him..hahaha I just watched twilight last night…again..hehehe and i loved when he showed up in the hospital..his first scenes..nice..hehe now i read this and you just made me love him more..i mean..those eyes..hahahahaha

  16. OH, I’m so sorry I missed this letter yesterday…

    “you pushed your way through that emergency room door and into my pants heart.”

    “So Carlisle, I just can’t help myself. I want to have bed breaking, house crushing, mind-blowingly awesome vampire sex with you!! (Even if it means a half human half vampire baby will break my spine and eat its way out of my body…).” – sign me up for that.

    “Since you’ve lived through the entire history of modern medicine… do us all a favor, and spend the next 100 years as a gynecologist.” – wow that’s a genuis idea!

  17. Great Letter! I ♥ Carlisle (Peter) as well.

  18. you pushed your way through that emergency room door and into my pants heart

    OMG, that made me laugh so hard!!!


  19. As much as I love Carlisle, when he walks into the ER I flashback to Mike Dexter walking into the graduation party.

  20. LMAO!!!

    Ahhhh, that was hilarious.
    At least you’re honest!
    I love me some Carlisle/Peter Facinelli, too.

  21. I sort of agree w/ ’86 Rabbit when when i used to see Peter I thought of him also…and remember seeing an article in a magazine w/ him and Jenny Garth and the fam and he seemed kind of an @ss. I have sincc amended my ways…. he seems really funny and nice and i would luv to have sexytimes with him. but seriously, that aside when I thought of the Doctor Doctor song…i was thinking something totally different.

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