2nd Hand Embarrassment – I Kissed Your Mom, Bella Swan

Dear LTT-ers

Wow just WOW there’s so much 2nd hand Embarrassment in this video I don’t know where to start. I just want to turn it off or look away but these videos are like car crashes you just can’t stop staring in horror at the tangled mess. First off I think someone owes Katy Perry an apology for totally screwing over her song “I Kissed A Girl” cause OF COURSE they changed it to “I Kissed Your Mom” with a Jacob and Bella theme and then added in all kinds of terrible fan art.
Witness the offenses…

Yes, if you couldn’t tell this toddler on a motorbike cruising her way through what is obviously Forks, Washington is supposed to be Bella. Nothing says MILF like a bug eyed-anime eyed kid on a Little Tykes trike.

And OF COURSE what embarrassing picture video montage even remotely featuring Jacob is complete without this super creepy totally photoshopped picture. How long has this gross pic been floating around and people are STILL using it. Nice painted on wig, dude.

And I’ve saved the best part of the video for last…

I don’t know about you all but this is totally how I pictured the imprinting scene going down, complete with heart eyeballs and wolftail! Seriously??!! Come on people! Actually this might belong in Monday Funnies.

Make it stop!!

I kissed your mom and I liked it, her cougar lips invited… her hungry eyes, her quivering thighs… (wtf!)

Check out the rest of our 2nd hand embarrassment

27 Responses

  1. Car crash?? More like a train wreck! ugh, I love the little bella in the background of the last picture. With her vampire teeth (even though they don’t have vampire teeth)..It just says no! Weird video.

  2. I love that last that last drawing. It’s hilarious! I love how Bella’s mad eyes and frown just weren’t enough to fully illustrate her anger. She needed the scribble above her head to *really* make us feel it.

  3. actually i´m not as 2nd hand embarrassed as i´ve been for that girl who painted her face brown and sang twilight-versions of popsongs.

  4. Y’all have this tagged under “MILF.”

    That is just pure GOLD right there. No, PLATINUM!

    Win of the day. WIN. OF. THE. DAY.

  5. omg. i’m gonna die. my sister is over and just overheard me watch that… and i’m SOOOO 2nd hand embarrassed!

  6. Ummm…eww.

    And I think I might be a Book Slut. I have all the signs.

  7. To quote Rod Flanders, “Oh my frickin’ ears!!” And my eyes, too. For goodness sake, my eyes.

  8. Holy Shit. All the time I think y’all could never top the stuff from before and you always do. This is bad in an epic way.

    • theres always someone out there trying to create the worst thing we’ve ever seen! YEA!!

  9. What possesses people to create stuff like this?!? I am baffled… And I hope they never stop doing it…

    And can I just say that I can no longer look at a fuzzy coconut without thinking of that “Bella’s Womb” monstrosity?? Ack!

  10. OME!
    “experienced and doable”
    Giddy up I want to ride it?? Wait, wait…. “Yummy Mommy”

    Excuse me I just threw up IN MY MOUTH!!!!!… In some cultures that is a delicacy hahaha sorry Dodgeball anyone??

    Good work digging up this little Gem Moon ..as always you have madskillz


  11. Worst part is the guy who sang that song is probably pretty damn proud of himself.

    Okay..must admit that I kinda like some of the anime fan art for twilight…could totally see it as an anime series…(sorry inner nerd taking over keyboard).

    • there is some nice respectable anime art in relation to twilight but THIS??!!! naaaaah 😉


    Please pass the eye bleach. I planned on watching about 10 seconds of that, since you covered the highlights in the still pics, but NO, I watched the WHOLE THING. Yikes!! Could not tear eyes and ears away….Train wreck with a four car crash on the side…..

    What was the coconut thing? Am I a dope for not knowing?


    • @Jordan

      Really which part actually disturbed you the most lol
      the song or the drawings…cause I gotta tell you I am not sure which was more disturbing lol

  14. Wow….just, wow.
    That’s probably the most messed up vid I’ve ever seen.

  15. Oh wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. I’m speechless. Me and my sister both just watched the video and I don’t think i can ever read Eclipse again without having this replay in my head.
    Ahhh! It burns!!

  16. I laughed so hard I cried on this one ,,,,, I am speechless – this could so have been a Monday funny!

  17. Hahahahah. Feeling so much better you brightened my afternoon.

  18. O.M.G. Make it stop. Please, please, please make it stop.

  19. Great. How do I get this out of my head now?

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