Characters that got the shaft in the movie Vol. 1: Jasper


Dear Jasper –

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now since I first saw the movie and now that I’m rereading Twilight (again). I’ve come to a conclusion Jasper: I think you got royally screwed in the movie. You (as well as some others I will cover in later posts) got screwed out of some majorly needed character development and denied one of the most powerful and in my personal opinion one of the BEST scenes from the book. You know the one… if you’ve got your bibles Twilight books handy it’s on page 404, near the end after the baseball scene they’re in the garage and everyone has run off to chase after James and Victoria while Alice and Jasper take Bella to Phoenix. Bella and Jasper are alone in the garage and this exchange takes place…

Jasper and I looked at each other. He stood across the length of the entryway from me… being careful.

“You’re wrong, you know,” he said quietly.

“What?” I gasped.

I can feel what you’re feeling now — and you are worth it.”

“I’m not,” I mumbled. “If anything happens to them, it will be for nothing.”

“You’re wrong,” he repeated, smiling kindly at me.

jasperaliceAmazing, isn’t it? Calm, cool reassuring Jasper says one of the most profound ideas of the entire saga, the whole basis for why they put themselves in danger, the reasoning behind Edward’s love for her. That above all else SHE’S WORTH IT! And it was not in the movie! What were they thinking? They added in some totally necessary parts and left THIS gem out? I really can’t quite understand that. Not only was this amazing scene cut from the movie we also never really learn fully about your abilities, Jasper. It’s mentioned that you’re “special” like Edward and Alice but they never explain how or why. Instead Jackson is forced to play Jasper as some sort of Edward Scissorhands caricature with crazy eyes and a serious need for Immodium AD. When really he’s a much deeper character with very deep emotions.

I understand the limitations of film but I still think you got screwed and I can only hope that they get it right from here on out with not only your character Jasper but with a lot of other ones. And while we’re at it can you tell Stephenie Meyer once she’s through finishing Midnight Sun she can start on the Alice/Jasper story. I’m DYING simply DYING to know more! I need to read the diner scene and get all ooey gooey with some Jasper and Alice love.

Soothe me Jasper,

Now don’t jump the gun… this is volume ONE and we have plenty of other characters to talk about!

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    What a difference in the movie that would have made. My sister saw the movie first and there were so many things she didn’t understand. I had to tie up some loose ends for her then force her to read the book. She would have understood that relationship all on her own. oh well. Thank God/Stephanie we have the book!!!

    • i know!! when i first saw the movie i was like WOW somethings really missing from this…

  2. Wow, I had completely forgotton about that bit! Completely agree with you, Jasper was seriously lacking in more ways than one! Love this site soooo much girlies and LTR! Keep the fun times rolling 😀 xx

  3. Perfectly said Moon!!!

    Jasper was one of the most harmed in the book-movie transition. And THAT scene is so important to explain Bella relatioship no only with Jasper but will all the Cullens and why they do what they do for her.

    Oh!! And I agree with you… i want more Alice & Jasper love!!!!!


  4. I totally agree with you, Moon! There are only two scenes that I was really upset that were cut from the movie …two scenes that explain so much and set the momentum for the rest of the series. This is one of them!!

    The other is a short line between Alice and Bella …which, I’ll bet you would agree with and will cover in the future posts …

  5. One of my best friends and her significant other are in the theater / film industry. Neither have read the books and only watched the movie because I begged. They hated it. After I calmed myself down and could mutter the word “WHY!!!!” they responded by saying that there was no background, no character development. They asked why the film even bothered introducing Edward’s siblings/parents at all. They said they all seemed so unimportant!

    Can you even imagine Twilight without the Cullens? GASP!

    Thanks for putting this out there Moon! I am hoping Summit hears our cries!

    • i feel the same way! there was not enough CULLEN family! i mean theyre pretty essential to the story and they felt very left out. i felt like we knew more about the high school friends than the Cullens and im NOT alright with that!

      and same goes for my film industry fam/peeps they werent fans. SAD.

  6. New Moon=MORE JASPER.

    Or else I’ll revolt.
    As he is integral to the entire storyline of Edward and Bella. Look at how his actions set things in motion for the final 3 books.

    Jasper. I love him.

  7. yeah jaspers snub is one of my biggest problems with the movie. the fact that they just ignore all the chances to talk about his powers just a little bit is so frustrating. all it would have taken is that one minute scene mentioned in this post and newcomers to twilight would have had little lightbulbs going off aboves their heads in the theaters. i have lots of problems with the movies and they basically all stem from wheat i consider, a crappy script.

    ive watched it a bajillion times and probably will watch it a bajilllion more, but i know it could have been better. i hope they learned from their mistakes and the rest are more true to the books.

  8. Perfectly stated, Moon.

    If Stephenie would ever bless us with a prequel, I would love for it to be about Jasper’s life before Alice like with Peter, etc. All about the Southern wars… how cool would that be??!

    @shalan– the short line between Alice and Bella really needs to be made up for in the first scenes of NM or the plot is toast.

    • VERY COOL!! i need more alice/jasper.

      i mean someones has to of written a decent fanfic from this angle right??

  9. wait, it really mentions in the movie that jasper is “special”?? I thought it wasn’t mentioned at all?? that was one of my peeves about the movie. what scene? *runs off to re-watch twilight*…

    • that’s what I thought too (i don’t have a dvd yet, it’ll be released in july where I am)

      can somebody please explain? 😉

    • i thought when they were out by the river and it’s raining he says something about others of his family having special talents… i gotta rewatch to make sure.

      oh darn!

  10. You’re soooo right he did get screwed royale…They really didn’t focus too much on other characters in the movie but i agree there are other characters that needed to be built up so that NM could flo and work.

    • e4xactly!! theyre gonna have to do some serious back story before NM can get rolling. AH! scared!

  11. THANK YOU!!!!

    I need to go back and reread Twilight again, but I already knew watching the movie that they totally chopped stuff (like that scene!) that were NECESSARY. You’re so right!! We didn’t get enough character development from characters that are pivotal in the story’s future. If someone sees New Moon and so forth, and they don’t know what the fudge is going on, blame it on Catherine and Melissa. *grumblecakes*

  12. I totally agree with you Moon! If that conversation would have been included it would have explained a whole hell-of-a-lot for people that had never read the books…I’m so glad I read the books (4 times) before I saw the movie!
    There was many, many things from the book that were left out of the movie that I thought should have been included – mainly how the relationship evolves between Edward and Bella – it was much too fast in the movie and Edward kind of came off slightly stalker-ish….and then there were some things that I thought should not have been included at all like the line, “You better hang on tight Spidermonkey.” AARGHHH – Hate that line – Just typing it gives me a rash!

    • so true, lots that was added that was NOT needed and essentials that were left out.

      crazy talk.

    • Didn’t Catherine say she gave Rob a list of options and “You better hang on tight, Spidermonkey” was the one he chose? I would like to think Rob chose the least dumbass one, even though that line makes my skin crawl.

      With all the monkey lines in Twilight, did Jackson and his band tamper with the script? LOL

  13. “Instead Jackson is forced to play Jasper as some sort of Edward Scissorhands caricature with crazy eyes and a serious need for Immodium AD.”


    • I agree – that line is hilarious Moon, he looked constipated the entire movie. Glad others were disappointed, I was speechless watching that movie. I didn’t even watch it all the way through the first time.

  14. YES! one of my fav scenes from the book.

    Let us hope that the birthday scene and the follow up scene makes up for this grave oversight!

  15. I agree completely! I love me some Jasper and thought that he got the shaft in the movie. I saw the movie before I read the books and didn’t really understand Jasper until after reading more about him in the books. He is a catalyst for so much in the series and I hope that in New Moon they develop his character fully – otherwise Eclipse will turn out completely random!

  16. @Melissa – That line is the worst! “Just typing it gives me a rash!” Well put. The saddest things for me is that Rob picked that line. I love Rob, but I’m seriously disappointed in that choice.

    Jasper got the shaft, fo’ sho’. I didn’t think that Bella was conveyed as all that insecure, either. Maybe all that blinking and stuttering was supposed to convey that, but I think that idea largely flopped.

  17. Melissa whatsherscreenplaysname is a moron!! Of course, I’m blinded by love for Jackson/Jasper, but he got the shaft big time. He had what, 3-4 lines the whole movie?! Glad he got to show his sexy, mad baseball bat skills. At least he stole THAT scene!!! And he (ok it was Edi, but still) got Rob to say, “oooooh NAUGHTY!” in the DVD commentary!! *sigh*

    So naturally, Jackson is gonna BRING it like it’s never been broughten before for the b-day scene. Just hearing Peter say that he and Kellan had to use all their strength to hold him back makes me know it’s gonna be Jacktastic! I lurve him.

    • Oh and they BETTER have Civil War/vampire war flashbacks with Jackson or I will riot the set!!! Anyone willing to fork over some bail money? =)

      • my best friend’s dad is a bail bonds men………gotcha covered! Can I come too?

        • Woohoo it pays to have friends in high places!! Heck yeah you can come! It takes more than one to stage a riot. Hale no, we won’t go… Hale no, we won’t go! LMAO

  18. I totally agree with you… a lot of characters where missed some major character development… i hope that with new moon we can see some characters developing… and as for Jasper’s role i swear i didnt even hear that he had “talents” i only heard that Alice can see the future… GAH and Jasper is one of my fav characters… boo for the producers! Thanks for finally speaking out about this very SAD occurrence with poor Jasper 😥

    • they didn’t even say that jasper controls emotions. they only touched on alice and her visions. there are some major plot points missing and character developments that need to be covered in NM. i agree! i don’t even think they came out and said that edward can read minds it was just assumed. i may be wrong on this i can’t really remember because i really only saw the movie once in the theater and once really drunk.

  19. First of all, “Immodium AD”? One of the many reasons I adore you, Moon. The second of the many reasons is for the Jacksper love. And now the second movie is going to come out, and it’s going to be all “Oh, BTW, Jasper has a power…did I neglect to mention?” BOLLOCKS.

    My prediction for who is going to get shafted in New Moon? Alice. I keep hearing that other members of the Cullen clan are going to Italy to film. WTH? It’s supposed to be Alice and Bella. We get to see how strong Alice’s protective nature is with Bella and with Jasper, how she doesn’t want to get him involved. And also how she saves the day with Aro by showing him the future. But still, fingers crossed for a satisfying New Moon!

    • Am I the only one that wants a PG-13 make-out scene between Alice and Jasper when they’re reunited after the Italy fiasco?!?!?!

      • but there is no make out scene! don’t they just look at each other adoringly but don’t touch?! if i remember correctly, they don’t do the whole rosalie/emmet lurve scene in front of people.

        • True, but creative licenses could be taken and make it happen. Plus, I just want to see Jack and Ash finally show their love – even if it is just on screen!! =)

      • um you’re definitely not the only one and screw pg-13 go hard or go home. AHEM.

        freya- you know my jasper/jackson love so im crossing my fingers for new moon. they have “lots of ‘splaining to do!”

        • Jackson can go hard and go home… with ME! =)

          Although we need to discuss this Mom tattoo he just got IN A HOTEL CONFERENCE ROOM! Jackson, honey. What happened to the Rathbone family crest tattoo?

          Definitely need more Alice/Jasper moments in NM!!

        • If we get “spidermonkey” in Twilight, then we can sure as heck get some HOT, HOT, FREAKIN’ HOT Alice and Jasper scenes in New Moon!! You hear me, Powers That Be? We want to see all that Jackson/Ashley delicious sexual tension played out on screen. And then we will play it over and over again when the DVD comes out. And make delightful little GIFs.

          • You’re damn skippy, Freya!! If you’re gonna make them have telepathic/feelings projecting intense eye sex, at least give us a flash into their brains of the real deal Holyfield! Emmett and Rosalie may destroy houses, but deep emotional sexification between Jasper and Alice would melt the screen!

  20. i totally agree! i was so pissed that they didn’t put that jasper/bella exchange in the movie. it showed that the family cares for edward and that in return they care for bella. and how bella comes to care for the family. and the one with alice saying something like we are the ones that has to look into edwards eyes for the next however long if something happens to you. i just don’t think that the movie showed the connection that bella had with the family.

    • Ditto on every word you just typed.

    • I think they were trying to show the love of the family by Carlisle saying something like “Edward loves Bella and she is family now. We protect our family.” Great line, but we needed MORE!!!

  21. Bringing us back to why we do this, Moon.. I love you for it….

  22. THAT is exactly the part that I said was missing from the movie! Infact it was the first thing I said when we left the theatre…they left out so many important dialogue pieces from the other actors….especially Jasper!

    Can’t wait to see/hear more on this topic..the more I talk about the movie compared to the books, the more excited I am for the new directors…Catherine only got it half right in my opinion…

    • agreed. about half right. i also feel like alice got pretty jipped too. the lines from all the family were SLIM.

  23. Good new topic to begin. Interestedd to see your take on the others. But I know how you like your Jacksper

  24. I was bummed that in the movie they didn’t go into Jasper’s abilities too! And I love that part of the book when he tells her that. I love Jasper. And I’m SO in love with Jackson’s hair from that behind the scenes screencap. I just want to tangle it up in my fingers and… ::ahem:: I need to get back to work.


    • yes these pics illustrate his BEST hair moments… not that poodle nonsense from recent set pics. ugh

  25. “Instead Jackson is forced to play Jasper as some sort of Edward Scissorhands caricature with crazy eyes and a serious need for Immodium AD. When really he’s a much deeper character with very deep emotions.”

    Immodium AD! Brilliant! LOL!

  26. I LOVED that part of the book and I did notice that it wasn’t in there and was highly irritated. MORE JASPER. I ship Alice and Jasper. Plus, Jackson’s hot and we need to see his lovely face more.

  27. I just reread Twilight and read that scene and realized that they really missed the boat there. It would have been a simple add. The Cullens are in the garage, Rosalie stalks off, Jasper is leaning against the car and then —-> SCENE.

    It would have led perfectly to Edward’s goodbye to Bella (although I missed the kiss, they should have included the goodbye kiss!).

    • you’re in amber! i just replaced melissa rosenberg with you!

      get to vancouver stat!

  28. Instead Jackson is forced to play Jasper as some sort of Edward Scissorhands caricature with crazy eyes and a serious need for Immodium AD.

    srsly, where do you come up with this? classic!

  29. How funny! I was watching the movie with my nephew yesterday (he’s still all about being a cool vampire that can climb trees) and mentioned the fact that they left out that scene and the entire Jasper calming effect thing. It really should have been there.

  30. Yes! Seriously, why would they not go into more detail on Jasper. They must not have been thinking sequels at the time. That was one of my favorite parts of the book. Who wouldn’t want someone to tell them that.
    And movie length? I hope they realize us Twilight lovers do not care the length of the movie, and give us more in the rest of the saga!!!

    • i think they were definitely NOT thinking about twilight, they were just trying to finish the movie.

      oh and i think the success of the 1st will help out a lot… more run time a bit more creative license, etc

  31. Because Victoria, at the prom where she would have never have been because they would have heard her/seen her, was a much better editing choice!

    OR the greenhouse scene! I personally couldn’t have lived without seeing the ‘compost tea’ scene!

    Such a massive amount of fail. Jasper got the shaft. Alice got the shaft. The shaft was just handed out left and right. So many pivotal scenes were left out. I’m still bitter.

    • Speaking of the prom, why were J/A and E/R not there?! She goes into detail about what they’re wearing. They could’ve at least been in the scene!

      • The whole prom scene was just ugh. I have no clue how they’re going to tie the Victoria thing up to where she leaves and Edward tracks her when he leaves. I mean she’s supposed to be SO LETHAL and she’s like 20 feet from them and nada? Made no sense. Not mention didn’t S.M have some say in what went? Or did she just say “Keep it innocent and let the sexual tension kill the viewers” and then just bow out?

        • Why didn’t Bella throw a hissy fit about going to the prom?! Unless memory fails me, wasn’t she completely pissed and crying in the car when she realized they were on their way to the prom?

          I agree with PinkFluff, SM just gave her two sense about the too sexy booty shorts scene and didn’t give two rats’ asses about the rest. =p

  32. Apparently I’m going to post 1,000 times on this. Sorry everyone!! I’m passionate about my Jacksper. =)

    They also made the whole hotel scene so cold and rushed. Bella could tell when she would wake up that Jasper was trying to make her feel better, but she would close the door and go back to sleep instead of letting him affect her. Another showing of Jasper’s concern for her as a member of their family.

    Also in NM the movie, those important moments between Jasper and Bella in Twilight would explain how horrible it is for Jasper after he almost kills her.

    • no worries you’re with fellow freaks who are passionate on the topic… especially our jacksper!

      oh and totally agree about NM jasper, now he’ll just look like a crazy killer vamp.


    • Totally agree that the hotel scene was way awkward. Alice looked kind of kooky while drawing without looking, and most of what Jasper did/said made no sense. And it was WAY too easy for Bella to get away.

  33. You’re sooooooooo bang on about Jasper getting the shaft in the movie. He’s my fave character in the series (along with Alice) – even before I knew the role would be played by the yummiest Mr. Rathbone. I would totally flip for an Alice/Jasper story. I was very much confused/saddened about the fact that they didn’t even explain about his powers. Especially when Bella specifically asks Edward about vampires having special powers. It’s such a random thing to leave out. Also, I’m loving the Edward Scissorhands reference b/c that’s exactly how I explained him to my sis & friend before we went to see the movie. I can think of no better description.
    Anyhoo, here’s hoping they do him more justice in New Moon. I’m practically salivating waiting to see the big b-day scene. I’m positive Jackson has it in him to give us the animal that is Jasper at that particular moment. And then there’s Eclipse where it gets even better & they’d better not mess with Jasper’s moment.

  34. I was miffed about a lot of things not in the movie and that should have been in there!!!!!!!

    II have said it before and will say it again-Catherine Hardwicke did not keep the movie true to the book! I am sure the fans could have made the movie a million and one times better!

  35. Absu-fecking-lutely!!

    I also had to explain a lot of background to Mr LPB when he watched the movie….

    I’m looking forward to Jasper’s big scene in NM, but am worried with so little background about him, people will just think he is an A$$. I agree, it would not have taken too much time in the movie to put that line in the garage in, and leave out Buttcrack Santa and the ‘little bottles’……

    Who is responsible, director or screenwriter? Don’t we have the same screenwriter this time?


    Dear Stephanie,
    When you are done with the Alice/Jasper love story book, I would really love an autobiography of Carlisle. It would be such a great read, he lived through so many centuries. Thanks,
    Your fan, LPB.

  36. I agree 100%
    Leaving that out is like leaving Rosalie and Bellas talk out! I hope they dont do that!
    I want more Jasper and his “special” abilities!
    Im glad he cant control his own emotions lol
    they made him out that his special ability was not being able to control his thirst!

  37. oh and another thing i was not happy with the excuses for leaving so much out. They had to cram a whole book in to less than 2 hrs.
    Umm ok who says it has to be ?
    I would have loved if it was 3hrs cause as we all know movies dont have time restrance look at lotr
    A movie made up from a book and at least 2 and a half hrs was walking lol i know i would rather sit for 3 instead to get the whole book!yumm 3 hrs of the cullens!

  38. If you ask me, and I know nobody did, its a downright shame how the book to movie transition was so screwed up. And just pointing this out proves my point. Jasper is my favorite character, the one who remains interesting to me throughout the entire series- even that trainwreck that was Breaking Dawn. And in an attempt to sell more movie tickets and merchandise, they chose to plaster Robward all over everything, and left everyone else in the dust. (Dont get me wrong, I got no problem looking at RPattz) I seriously hope they give Jackson a Jasper worth playing, since it kinda looks like they already messed with the perfection that was his hair. I ❤ Jacksper and I want both of them to get their 15 minutes done right, dammit!

  39. that is sooooooo true that scene was one of my faves from the book too

    the movie needed waaay more Jasper love!

  40. i ❤ that so many people ❤ jasper!!! YEA!!

  41. hey guys… i love jasper (jackson rathbone) he is awesome and i love edward too there both awesome and hot!!!

    xoxo, cheyanne

  42. Jasper is soooooo ripped off!
    there should be way more Emmett, Rosalie,Esme,Carlise,Alice and JASPER action!!
    We lurvvvvvve him he is sooo understated and it’s not fair
    if they just leave it like that then no body will understand how he calms everybody down all the time!!!

  43. I read all of the books then watched the movie…. Truthfully I liked the book better… It was more developed and didn’t confuse the crap out of me…. In the movie it was just random parts that aren’t really all that important… don’t get me wrong a few parts were needed to explain the storyline but most of the actual storyline was left out….

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