Pledge of Allegiance – Twilight style


God Bless the LTT!

Dear Folks of LTT and LTR –

I recently ran across this outtake from VMAN (still one of my favorite photshoots ever) and I couldn’t kick the thought that these boys were pledging their allegiance to us till the bitter end! And so direct from their hearts I’ve written: The Letters to Twilight/Letters to Rob (official) Pledge of Allegiance!

Repeat along with the boys… (to the rhythm of the USA Pledge)

I pledge allegiance to the gals and guys of Letters to Twilight
and to the comedy for which they write
one blog, under Rob, hilariousness
with videos and hot pics for all!!

Amazing isn’t it?? After pledging their undying love and affection each boy felt it necessary to swear a personal oath to us. They are as follows…

Jackson– I do solemnly swear to always love the girls and guys of LTT/LTR with all my heart, cross dressing tv parts and questionable band. (Oh and to always love Moon even when she strays to Rob)

Taylor – I do solemnly swear to always love the girls and guys of LTT/LTR in an older sister/older brother sort of way, with all my muscles, protein shakes and crest white strips.

Kellan – I do solemnly swear to always love the girls and guys of LTT/LTR and pray for them without ceasing during my daily Devo time with all my muscles, sleeveless tees and promise to never wear shirts in their presence.

Rob – I do solemnly swear to always love the girls and guys of LTT/LTR with all my laughs, smiles and drunken air guitar pictures. Oh and give both UC and Moon equal special hugs and devastatingly handsome beard moments.

Cam – I do solemnly swear to always love the girls and guys of LTT/LTR with all my crusty wigs, meth-y face looks and crazy 12 pack abs. Oh what the crap I’m dead in the next installment anyway. Ef you all!

One girl, under Rob (ahem)

44 Responses

  1. “one girl, under Rob (ahem)” – PRICELESS!!!!

  2. Moon, when Jackson does stray with you, will you please show him where his heart is? He has it confused with his left lung.


    • LOL I just noticed that…I was too busy drooling to catch it…good eye!!

    • LOL, I was just thinking Jackson looks like he has a tummy ache instead of pledging his allegiance.

      “Uh…shouldn’t have eaten that chili.”

    • he was nervous about pledging his undying love and affection to me in such a public space!

      i shall remind him though!

  3.….nuff said!!! 🙂 Thank you for the Friday treat girls!!! 🙂

  4. Oh Moon… BRILLIANT! This was a laugh out loud post fo’ sure
    “One girl, under Rob (ahem)”


  5. You made my day!!! They are all so bootylicious I don’t know which one I would do…um….talk to first….

  6. @Moon – That will become a classic!

    May women everywhere start their days by reciting this pledge!

    (P.S. Best pic ever!)

    • everyone morning before the post open this picture and say the pledge together! we’ll have tgo figure out what our flag is

  7. Is there also a Flag or should I just say the pledge to the RobQ or the Twilight DVD?

    • OHHH those are good ideas… i need to think of a flag… until then salute your nearest twilight item!

  8. I have never been a fan of the beanie/hat…but this pic…hmmm might just convert me 😉

  9. oh my gawd, Moonie! You are so witty and fabulous! I love this! Your pledge is definitely going into the charter.

    Also – Jacksons pledge may or may not have made me do that stupid “guffaw” laugh out loud and scare my 3 year old into dropping her spoon on the floor. Nice.

    LOL. Y’all never disappoint! ❤

    • yes this is part of the mission and also when it’s new recruit/sorority pledge time! we will quiz everyone!

  10. Hahahahaha!! That was brilliant, though my wish is for it to be ‘one girl, under Rob (at a time)’.

    And Jackson totally looks like he’s going to hurl.

    You slay me every day. I love it.
    *<3 xoxo*

  11. Dude, Jackson just has indigestion from the crazy meal I cooked him from the night before. I TRIED to tell him that he was eating too much food, but he didn’t believe me.

  12. I don’t even know what to say to this. I think I woke my neighbors up with my uncontrollable laughter.
    Oh my gosh Jackson’s questionable band haha (come on we were all thinking it!)
    Kellen’s is BY far the best thing I have read all week (and I read a lot). Thanks for incorporating 1 Thess. 5:17 our daily LTT reading… Im glad to know that Kellen is taking the apostle Paul’s advice and is praying without ceasing. I always knew he was the kind of Christian who would do such a thing… isnt it obvious?
    and Cam’s gosh… its like you live in my head I swear…

    • do do do dooooo i do live in your head don’t you know?! this is the twilight zone.

      ps kellan told me to use that verse it’s his fav that he learned from the prayer warrior conference he went to in 98.

  13. This is laugh out loud funny.

    I can just imagine Rob giggling 🙂

  14. I just read that Isabella was the 2nd most popular girls name for 2008.

    I wonder why…..

  15. LMAO The cross dressing and crest whitestrips made me laugh.

    Oh Jackson we could only love YOU after seeing you as a beautiful cross dresser with a retarded southern accent. And sadly you WERE a hot chic. SADLY.

  16. And where was Peter in this pic? No not THAT kind of peter but poppa Cullen? I miss his hotness. Although I WOULDN’T mind seeing the other peter too. Just not Taylor’s though. I don’t wanna get arrested.

    • ur my new favorite person

    • I kind of got lost with the “not THAT kind of peter” part but I agree with you, hot-daddy Cullen should have been there. Actually, he should be everywhere… let say that after watching the Supernova my pulse skyrocketed and so my lu…love for him ;O)

      (And I think it shouldn’t be legal for under-aged kids to be hot… older women have only so much self control — I know of several that could be arrested for thinking of Taylor in not-very-appropriate ways =O) LOL )


  17. Hilarity! I want to rip Rob’s clothes from his body…but that might scare him. Questionable band and Crest Whitestrips – love it Moon!

  18. Hello!

    In the spirit of rising the morale of the LTT/LTR people I want to introduce a motion to replace the promise to never wear shirts in their presence. part of Kellan’s pledge for promise to never wear clothes in their presence.

    Thanks and have a Cullen weekend!!


  19. This is priceless…although I believe I need to have a talk with my fiance…I do not approve of meth use.

  20. I’m in love with this!!!!!!!!! Kellan didn’t swear his mannipples to us though. I’ll take bare chestedness though…it gives them to us anyway.


  21. Under Rob, I’ll take that any day! XD
    I said the Pledge out loud & imagined these (my) sexy boys reciting it lmao!
    xoxo Alexx

  22. I think you need a LettersToTaylor for the right minded people who would jump him over Rob. Or Kellan. Or Jackson…. Just about any other guy. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor… Ahhhh.

    • letters to taylor would be our blogs little sister site that we’d only let into the party before 9… after that i’d fear for their innonsense 😉

  23. OMG I love it! hehe

  24. Ahem indeed!

  25. Just give me the sulky look AND devastatingly handsome beard moments and I’ll be good to go, please. You’ll share the love won’t you Moon and UC?

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