Worthy of our Sunday Praise: Stephenie Meyer

Dear Stephenie Meyer,

We spend so much time using sarcasm, poking fun of the actors, finding 2nd-hand embarrassing videos & art that it’s easy to forget why Moon & I started LetterstoTwilight and LetterstoRob in the first place.

This is it! This is why:

Your story! It’s for the vampire world you built and the connection between it’s handsome, lonely hero and the weak mortal who is the object of his affection. It’s for what their love makes us feel about ourselves- what we long for or remember about our lives and experience. It’s for the purity of their relationship- how selflessly they love each other. It’s for the bonds of friendship and family between the Cullens and for the theme of forgiveness and eventual respect between the vampires and werewolves. It’s for all of that!

So on this Sunday, we give YOU praise, Stephenie Meyer, and thank you for the amazing gift in story you have given us!

Sappy on Sunday,

Thanks to limeslice for telling Moon & I about this awesome vid!

Thanks, also, to RaggDollish on YouTube for your amazing video skills! RaggDollish made this video about books Twilight thru Eclipse. I’m hoping that she does one about Breaking Dawn! RaggDollish, I’m feeling generous so you get 13 minutes uninterrupted time with Edward in the tent in the woods from Eclipse (no dogs allowed!) xo

31 Responses

  1. OH WOW. I’m sorry, I haven’t even read the whole thing. I’m still in the middle of the video. Ha.
    No, but seriously, that video is so far freaking AWESOME. First of all, I love the song, and second of all, whoever made it has some pretty wicked video editing skills.
    Oh, and let’s not forget that its TWILIGHT. Man I love Twilight. =)

  2. I linked to this video in my comment to your earlier post about “follow your dreams – twilight style”
    because I thought it was brilliant too.

    and you’re right about that one can easily forget what got this whole mania started …
    It’s a sorta weird experience to read the books again, in their purity, after having so long focused on all the things that deal with their story.

  3. Erm, can’t see video on phone, but I appreciate the sentiment towards Stephenie Meyer nonetheless.

    Things are pretty crazy in my life at the moment, which means I may need to reread the series for a good (maybe week-long) distraction.

    Twilight, I ❤ you.

    My LTT buds, I ❤ you, too.

    Moon and especially UC, thanks for the good two-month thus far temporary distraction from RL and the laughs that come along with it. 🙂

    Big move for me today (will get my queen-size bed back), won’t be on much til later!

  4. Okay – just watched the video on youtube. (Why I can watch it there but not embedded, is beyond me). It plays muse, right??

    Can I just say how much I’ve been loving Muse over the past few months?? Also kudos to the creator of the video. Was this taught in school and I’m too old to have had it? I mean, where do all these people get mad video editing skills??

    Must go pack!!

  5. Favourited!!!!
    I’m reading through the saga for the second time only , so excuse me for my Q:
    who is the guy in the video, not Edward, not Jake, short hair, cute…. ????

    oh, and Rachelle looked great

    • He’s an actor that I be;ieve comes out in the movie the coven I know which you are talking about. He is super cute and in my opinion would have made a better Jacob…God I cant rememeber what’s his name…o yea he also came out in that kiddie movie about super hero school…sorry hope that helps. 🙂

    • That is Steven Strait. He was a fan-casting favorite for Jacob before the original cast was announced. He still gets used in vids because there really isn’t a whole lot of footage of Taylor Lautner as Jacob, or as anyone else at the same age.

      Steven Strait co-stared in Sky High with Oregano. 🙂

  6. Aw – i’m all mushy-feeling now! gave me a little chill, too… : )

  7. i saw that video so long ago and fell in love with it ❤ 😀 she has AMAZING videos.

  8. Awesome vides and I couldn’t agree with you more UC Happy Sunday!!! 🙂

  9. wooo! you ladies made my day 🙂 thanks for the shout-out! i will now watch this video for the… 20th? time

  10. That is a great video…really.

    And that is a great song. Not only is it my husband’s fave Muse tune, but it’s also totally Edwardesque. Every single lyric…”he” could’ve written it. Brilliant.

    I thank God for Stephenie Meyer. I really do. Because she has blessed my life. She really has. And I’m the queen of sap, so you know I’m being 100% authentic here.

  11. I am 1st Hand Jealous of the super video skillz these people have! The video was great and it did take me back to how I felt right after reading the books before i fell into lust with Rpattz and was kind of ruined by the movie. Thank you for bringing me back to the “good ‘ol days”.

  12. That was a great vid, thanks for posting! We do owe SMeyer much. Without her, LTT and LTR would not exist and neither would our obsessions!

  13. Great post, UC! And that is SUCH a great video – anyone know which Muse song that is?

    • Hey Jordan – believe the song is Map of the problemtique (sp)

      If you don’t own any muse albums yet, I would suggest starting with HAARP. It is a live album and has many of their best songs (oh and they are awesome live too!)


  14. I haven’t watched the video yet, either, but I have to say Thank You to SM as well.

    I just finished reading The Host about 20 minutes ago, and I actually teared up!! Has anyone else read it? (I do realize this is not the Letters to The Host blog…)

    She’s a great writer in that you really get to be inside the character’s head……and the Host is very different, but with many similar themes as Twilight. Immortality, sacrifice for the greater good, True Love, Friend Love, Love in general, family (and the idea that family is not just the one you are born into).

    So Stephanie, please keep writing, I will keep reading!! Amen.

    • it’s sitting next to my bed and i NEED to read it! but i keep rereading twilight… i will start it soon!

    • yes! i liked The Host.. it’s not as addicting at the Twilight books- but I did really like it!

      • I liked it, too. I wonder if she is planning on a series for that one as well. She includes so much history and information on other characters, there are definitely opportunities for more stories! Which I would love. And read, and probably buy in hardback so she should do that to get her kids thru college.

        It took me a couple of weeks to finish The Host, (as opposed to one day for Twilight books). It took me a while to get into that world, and feel involved. But if you look at it as having the same themes as Twilight, it is easier to dive in.

        Not as addicting, but a good read….. since I finished it earlier today, I have continued to think about the characters and what they might be doing now. Obviously not as obsessively as Twilight characters, but still, it has stuck with me.

        Recommend for anyone looking for something different to read……

  15. Ain’t it the truth. Queen SM, we heart you so hard! xo

  16. I started reading The Host the moment i finished BD and liked it, but was sad all the time, so i stopped at p 95 and started Twilight saga again. They were also showing Jericho series on TV and the future started to seem so dark an hopeless and I couldn’ t stand it.
    Thank you for remembering me about my “debt” to SM, I will continue reading soon.

  17. Totally unrelated but I just had to share: I was just watching Jumper for the first time and towards the end of the movie, the main guy rings a doorbell and the next shot is of the back of the girl’s head who answers the door … and I immediately said, “Is that Kristen Stewart??” Then they showed the face shot and it totally was!

    So, Thank you Stephenie Meyer, for creating Twilight, allowing it to be turned into a movie starring Kristen Stewart, and thus enabling me to recognize the back of KStew’s head. Cause that’s an important life skill.

  18. Excellent!! I totally agree! Thank you so much Stephenie Meyer.


  19. That actually was pretty cool.

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