Sunday Morning Worship – Girls of Twilight

Dear LTT Worshipers (mostly the dudes today!) and ladies of Twilight-

In light of all the recent brouhaha over the  release of the Wolfpack official picture, the ET promo clips where we swooned hardcore over Jacob, the whole Jackson and the bat thing and well of course our main squeeze Rob we thought we’d spend this Sunday fawning over the ladies of Twilight. After all we thought it was time to throw you guys a bone for putting up with all our crazy fangirl-ness.

Really can we blame you? These ladies are HOT and deserved to be drooled over… so dear Sunday morning worshipers join with me and sing the praises of the ladies of Twilight…

Oh Rachelle how we love thee… and covet your beautiful red hair… trust me I ask for this color every time I sit down in the stylists chair. But no one can pull it off quite like you do! You’re like the classy girl everyone wanted to be in college but somehow couldn’t achieve.


Ohhh Nikki… there’s just something about you. Something just under the surface that I can never quite figure out. You seem like the girl that’s friends with all the boys and pals around with them. And I gotta love and respect that cause I’m the same way. I kinda hate to admit it but I feel like if we ever really knew each other we’d be friends cause we’re too similar not to be.

Elizabeth Reaser, we don’t talk enough about you here but you bring just that extra touch of class that this production needs. You ARE Esme and we love you for that. Oh and we totally think Rob had a thing for you at the Vanity Fair photoshoot. Seriously, watch the tapes and look at the pics. Just saying…

This one’s for you Armyunicorn! A salute from KStew to you! This probably has to be one of my top 2 favorite pictures of Miss Stewart. It not only showcases her underlying beauty that she usually keeps under wraps but is also one of the most kickin’ wardrobe choices for her. THE SHOES, please! Ok, sorry I know this is for the menfolk, sorry. Look at those stems!

Ashley! What else is there to say about our BFF but hot damn?! And we seriously don’t know what is wrong with the boys of Twilight that they haven’t snatched you up yet. Seriously! Oh and to one of our other Unicorns Jordan, this one’s for you!

Happy Sunday… as you leave please remain mindful of those who wish to stay and worship a little while longer!

43 Responses

  1. I was just thinking yesterday that this has got to be one of the most beautiful casts ever assembled for a movie. I mean honestly, who is ugly? All of the people picked to play the Cullens and Quileutes are gorgeous!

    Whoever was in charge of casting, thank you. You should get a raise.

  2. PTL!

    Let’s take bets on how long our LTT Unicorns will ‘get their church on’ today!

  3. Thank You, Jesus, for these lovely ladies.

    I will now go confess to God that I covet Kristen Stewart’s legs. And beg Him to make mine look like that one day….even if one day is Heaven.


    • Leigh Anne,
      I second your confession, please G-D would like to look like that one day. (I write this as I stare at the pastry counter at Panera)

      Diet, tomorrow.


    • Diddo!

      Girl’s got some stellar stams.

      Totally hetero over here…

      Just sayin’…


  4. I love this entry. I have to agree with this post, wholeheartedly. The ladies of Twilight are some gorgeous creatures. Some lack in their acting ability in certain circumstances, but beautiful nonetheless. Although, I am sure Moon and UC would make some wonderful leading ladies themselves.. you both get
    “rarr” from me..

    • you’re right. some lack in their acting ability big time:)

      and i laugh at your ‘leading ladies’ compliment… not gonna happen.. altho i want to be zooey deschanel when i grow up.

      rarr back

    • HAHAHA actresses. yup thats us. now if only you were a director or something we should use you as our catherine hardwick and we’ll be nikki reed and get into any movie you direct! YEA!!! go team!

  5. i know i might be tooting my own horn, but my 5 year old daughter has the same beautiful hair as Rachelle and I hope and pray everyday that it doesn’t change. The gorgeous color, the loose flowing curls, they bring me joy everytime I look at her. She asked to cut it all off the other day when her older sister cut 10 inches off to donate to locks for love. I must be incredibly selfish because i told her absolutely not. I love her hair too much.
    And yes all the girls from Twilight are spectacular. My favorite is Esme. Must me the mom in me who loves her mothering ways.

  6. you forgot the human ladies! Give Christian and Anna some loving!

  7. I covet Rachelle’s hair and class as well. Why must that hair color be so entirely incompatible with my skin tone? Curses.

    That is seriously one gorgeous cast, boys and girls. But I agree with Amber, Christian (and Anna too, I suppose) definitely deserves to be on this list.

    Happy Sunday, ladies!

  8. Gorgeous girls and some are gorgeous on the inside as well….Happy Sunday! 🙂

  9. Absolutely beautiful girls. I would give anything to look like any of them.

  10. I want to come back in my next life looking exactly like Ashley. She is incredible.

    And if I could pull off Kristen’s hair color, I totally would. (can’t go that dark) I know some is a weave, but sometimes in the movie I get sidetracked on the gorgeous brown of her hair! I know I am one of few people who love being brunette, but the right brown is beautiful, and Kristen proves it.

    Oh, though I do of course covet Rachelle’s color, I am human and have eyes.

  11. Do Kristen’s legs look like they were drawn on to any of you guys? i hate to say it but I’m for once jealous of Kristen for more than her proximity to Rob 🙂

    And oh Ashley. One of the single most beautiful girls in the world.

  12. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

  13. wow wow wow wow wow

    Well! Now that I’ve got THAT off my chest… I’m going to have to say that you girls are right; these are some of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen.

    Right now I think it’s a tie for first place between Kristen, Elizabeth, and Ashley. Ashley’s irresistible pixie-like face. Elizabeth’s ‘au natural’ look with the messy hair and simple top is just too sexy. But Kristen, that outfit (thank you thank you thank you Moon. If I could I’d send you a bouquet of roses for this one), I have to admit my jaw dropped just a little bit when I scrolled down and saw it. I already knew you were beautiful, Kristen, but I didn’t know you had something like this in you.

    Sigh..dream girls are so unattainable. I guess that’s why they call ’em ‘dream’ girls… OK, I’m on the verge of spilling into romantic drivel, I’d better stop myself before I get carried away with daydreams and romantic fantasies.

    Ladies, I know a post like this won’t do as much to whip you into fangirl craziness like pictures of the guys would, but thank you for indulging us unicorns.

    btw, church officially rocks.

    • I’m with you, ArmyUnicorn. My jaw drops when I see that picture of Kristen. I can’t help it. Some part of me just says, “I’d do ‘er.”

      Normally I don’t like her legs. I don’t know why. But in this pic, WOW, they’re phenomenal.

    • haha…. Pastor Moon will be so glad you said so!!!

      We ❤ ArmyUnicorn!

    • Army Unicorn,

      I think it is safe to say that you can spill into “romantic drivel” here any time you want……ummm…we all LOVE Twilight, after all…..Not that it is drivel, mind you, just that, you know, the mushy, romantic stuff, well, some of us might be into that. Just sayin’…


    • you are very welcome and i accept all gifts and contributions: flowers, cupcakes, shoes, jewelry etc here at the LTT/LTR headquarters!

      thank you and good night!

    • Um, ew. Kind of.

      Kinda don’t want to hear my little bro talking ’bout the ladies that way. Whenever he does it in real life (either one of us), we tell the other to shut up, haha! He’s my little brother!

      But I totally ❤ that you girls did a shout out to him and the unicorns!! Freakin’ HiLarious! I read his suggestion on Saturday’s post and then you go ahead and do it! Luvs!

      K. I want to be Kristen or Ashley or Rachelle. Or at least my BFFs. Not too much to ask, right?

  14. Rob likes this outfit on Kristen, as well. Just sayin’!!! 😉

    • i agree. he does. (and likes it off) but did he say that in an interview somewhere… or are you just sayin’ ?

      • I’m just sayin’, nothing to back it up except trying to read Naughty Rob’s mind! Although we know that he likes cheap lingerie, so Kstew probably doesn’t have to waste money on the…whatever the heck that outfit is!

        PS I love the moment in the GQ interview when a fan hands Rob a Victoria’s Secret bag to sign and the interviewer claims Rob said “Oooh, Victoria’s Secret, what did you get?” I can just hear him saying that, love it!

  15. Great post, Moon! They’re all beautiful, in different ways. And those pictures of Ashley and Rachelle are amazing – they look like they could be paintings, like they shouldn’t even be real.

  16. So Rachelle, I’m pale, I have curly hair – why doesn’t my hair look like yours even when I go all out and dye it Annie red. You seem like a really cool, laid back, cultured gal and I would gladly hang out – any time.

    Nikki – as Moon said, you do seem like one of the girls that’s friends with all the guys and well that was never me. Perhaps jealousy rears its ugly head again. However, as pretty as you are, you don’t do it for me as Rosalie. SORRY. Just doesn’t work!

    Elizabeth – Perfection as Esme.

    Kristen – I try to really like you, I do. You just come off callous and pompous. Perhaps this is because you are shy, so I will continue to give you the benefit of the doubt. Now, you have always been a skinny girl, so your legs are fabo. Little jealous that you won’t go to college and binge drink your way into having some meat on your bones. I worship your skinny-ass legs and wish some for myself.

    Ashley – Although you are a bit tall for Alice, your beautiful pixie face works! I think you did a kick-ass job on your baseball pitch for Twilight. Very excited to see more of you in the next movie.

    UC and Moon – we should also show some Sunday worship love to Anna Kendrick (Jessica) and Christian Serratos (Angela). Since really, these ladies had more lines in the movie than, Nikki, Elizabeth, Rachelle, and Ashley combined. I think that Anna did a great job at Jessica and her facial expressions were perfect. Christian seemed to nail the sweet, innocence of the Angela character.

  17. They are all so gorgeous!!

  18. Oh Rachelle, who Rob knows so well he calls you Rachel. (LMAO love that interview!) Your long, flowing, firey mane makes me want to play with it like we’re 8 year olds!! I’d give anything to be able to pull off that color. And you got to make out with Cam, which apparently was so steamy they couldn’t put it on the screen. OK so I made that up and it totally was off topic to the plot of the movie, but it was HAWT and should’ve been kept in! And y’all let Edi/Laurent watch. Ooooh NAUGHTY!

    Ashley, my love. How appropriate it will all be if it at the Breaking Dawn premiere it finally comes out that you and Rob have been locked in a love trance since Twilight?! Now there’s no mistaking that I want you and Jackson to finally just BE together already!!! But I wonder why there have never been whispers of you and Rob? I’d be OK with y’all hooking up. I’d totally go gay for you and wouldn’t blame Rob for laying the honey on you. =)

    Forever and ever, Amen.

  19. You guys are all so tough on Kristen… brutal.

    Give the poor girl a break… without Kristen, there would be no Rob/Edward…
    it wouldn’t be Twilight it would be 17 Again. Think, or maybe don’t think about that point.

    Without Kristen, Letters to Rob would be…well, your blog story supply would be limited. Think of Letters to Rob… without her Birthday post alone. (I gotta give it to you girls, that was gold star material).

    And please give some time when you do the guy-worship thing to Billy Burke.
    To me he is the Twilight Scene Stealer. The highlight of the show.

    The head halo thing when he ‘meets’ Edward. The closing of the curtain on Tyler when Bella is in hospital. The gun thing when he’s about to ‘meet’ Edward. The ‘it must have grown out’ hair comment thing at the start. Even the moustache. The flannels. The capsicum spray.

    Ahh, Billy. You’re all man when Rob is only 17-year-old-vampire-with-potential at this stage. He just hopes he can grow up to wear his/your uniform of flannels and facial hair as well and as lusciously as you do.

  20. holy sh*t kstew is freakin’ hot in that picture. sigh…

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