Unicorns in their natural habitat

Dear Kellan & Peter,

We know what was going on here. We got your secret signal:


Peter: Hey Kellan, come here.
Kellan: Yeah, Peter?
Peter: Check this out…(whispers) Ok, see that camera over there?
Kellan: Nice! Whip out the book! The LTT girls are going to go nuts!
Peter: Yeah, they’re always talking about the airport being the natural habitat of the Unicorn. Let’s show them the best Unicorns out there!

We saw you! We loved it. This is a fun game. Okay instructions for our next secret signal: Peter, you go to Starbucks, order a double shot venti vanilla soy latte and hold it in your left hand and look at the paps over your right shoulder. No need to wink- we’ll know the signals is for us. And Kellan, your signal can be taking a prom-style photo with a fan! We’ll know you guys are thinking of us when you do those two things.

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Thanks to our #1 original fan (aka our “Fanbase”) Christapie for the words & idea!

23 Responses

  1. Man I totally [heart] this pic SO much! I am going to go all
    “Team Carlisle” if I keep looking at it… I have never wanted to be Jennie Garth before – and I looooved “90210” when it first came out (dang it I am old…) – but now I totally covet her life. (thanks guys for making this a “7 deadly sins” kinda morning…)
    : )

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  3. I think that pic is hilarious…I love a man with a sense of humor…but to find out that they were signalling LTT 😉 just makes it all ther sweeter. You girls are hilarious with your blog…and love the next secret signals…LOL. Thanks for putting a smile on my face so early in the morning as I didn’t go to be until 5am and just got woken up at 9am so I came to see what you gals had up today…no dissappointments.

  4. I love that picture!! Kellan and peter, you are so cool! And don’t get me started on the handholding!LMAO ! They are so messing with the razzi and I’m loving it!!!!! Go vampires!!!

  5. They are totally making fun of the paps..I heard in some interview(not sure though), they are planning to get back at the paps. Nothing serious, just all for fun.

  6. Sigh…as a heterosexual unicorn, sometimes there’s just too much estrogen in the twi-world. I couldn’t even finish the last letter, fawning over werewolves and six-packs and 17-year-old Jacob. Lol, but it’s ok. My sister is even more crazy about twilight than I am, so I understand the uncontrollable female obsession and banter.

    Just one favor, ladies? Don’t forget us unicorns! I wouldn’t mind drooling over an article about Kristen/Bella, *hint hint*. lol..

    • ewwwww 🙂 well, ArmyUnicorn … YOU could write a letter to Kristen/Bella & see if you’re lucky enough to get posted!

      There are some new hot pics of Ashley Greene that came out and we’ll probably post them too.

      We LOVE our Unicorns- I think we have 3 (and occasionally a semi-celebrity unicorn on LTR) and we ❤ you guys!

      • Pictures are aaaalways welcome. Post away =)

        And thanks for the welcome, despite the fact I’m no semi-celebrity, hehe.

      • “There are some new hot pics of Ashley Greene that came out and we’ll probably post them too.”


    • An Army Unicorn…HOT!

      I’m sorry to hear you are suffering from what OMB calls Estrogen Poisoning.

      • HAHA…wow, thanks for the unexpected enthusiasm, Rabbit.

        btw, how would one go about getting added to that prestigious Twi-Guy (aka unicorns) list of yours? I’m still new to the whole blog world, and still trying to get my feet wet. I just started a blog, so it’s on the barren side, but it’s a work in progress. Does that qualify me?

  7. I really love that there are real unicorns here. I wish that I lived with one. Maybe you could write a letter with some tips for unicorn conversion….

  8. Dear Peter & Kellan:

    We didn’t need that photo. Really. We were already obsessing and drooling over you two. Men shouldn’t be that handsome and sexy AND also have sense of humor. Certainly MARRIED men shouldn’t be all that (did you hear that Facinelli?) Because, honestly, what should we do? And by “we” I mean “single and lonely thirty-something gals”.

    Because, honestly, we are not THAT crazy. We know Edward is a fictional character and that guys like that don’t exist in real life. But then we find out that guys like you to DO exist and we read story after story of you two being sweet and kind and incredible patient to fans (yes, we realize we can go a little too enthusiastic some times) and we wonder why we can’t find one just like you. It’s so no fair!!!!

    So please be careful with what you. I don’t think my heart can take photos like this one too often. And since you two are good guys I’m sure you don’t want my death on your conscience… or me being committed. In exchange, please feel free to pose for as many shirtless photos as you want (or naked, that would work too). I have plenty of drool to spare.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation

    Sincerely yours (all yours in any way you want)


  9. I love Peter’s face. lol!!

    • guessing peter’s thoughts – oh, man, they are so falling for this. but I know LTT girls would love it.

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