We may or may not be excited for New Moon

He works hard for the money... so hard for the money so you better treat him right!

He works hard for the money... so hard for the money so you better treat him right!

Caution: Extreme fangirl letter!

Dear Chris Weitz,

THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS! We blog for moments like today when we saw the ET promo videos for New Moon. Because we LOVE THIS SAGA and THIS is what it’s all about! (Believe it or not, THIS is what we blog for! Not forums, Not comments, Not haters, Not complainers but THIS!) It’s about The Characters! The Story! The Angst!

Is it possible that our fasting and prayers have worked? And that New Moon is going to meet or, gasp, SURPASS our expectations!? (Because if so, please let us know so we can pack a defibrillator to bring with us on opening night!)

Always the Jacob never the Edward

Always the Jacob never the Edward

Could we actually walk away from the theater saying less about how hot Rob was and say more things like “Remember that moment, after Edward leaves, when, in the book it’s 4 blank pages? Wasn’t what Chris did visually to represent that emptiness just perfect?”

And will this theme ring true throughout the whole film:

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of the second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls, but pass it does. Even for me.

Edward WHO?

Edward WHO?

Will we feel that pain?

And, OMG, will we actually, seriously contemplate TEAM JACOB?? Because honestly (and don’t tell Rob this) we ARE considering it. (And if we wouldn’t get thrown in jail for thinking it out loud, we’d be considering Taylor too! (we’re still thinking it.. despite the risks- did you SEE that tight thermal he was wearing? GOOD CALL CHRIS!!))

Just from those quick clips, Moon almost broke a window in her office from her freak out. She slapped her desk and yelled stuff out loud. And UC felt JUST like Glow Worm (ya know, the affectionate name we gave the craziest Twilight

Repeat it with me... he is 17... he is 17!

Repeat it with me... he is 17... he is 17!

fan we’ve ever seen. No, we won’t tell you who she is.. it’s too mean). She gasped.. she jumped.. her eyes were wide! She squeed so loud that her husband ran in to find out what was wrong.. and all she said was… JACOB!

And pure WIN during the part when Jacob told Bella he wasn’t giving up- he was wearing a pretty half-ponytail! We want to comb his hair with our “My Little Pony” combs!

This is when we can’t keep it contained- the Fangirl in both of us. There’s nothing we can do to stop it. We can try to pretend all day long that we’re too cool for freak outs.  We can write little sarcastic, snarky blogs, but at the end of the day, when it comes down to it- we’re as nerdy about it as 14 year old girls. And we don’t care anymore. We’re outting ourselves.

We’re gonna let the wild, out of control, Glow Worm-style anticipation begin! We’re gonna stop this “I may or may not like Twilight” shit… We LIKE it. We LOVE it. And That’s Normal

Cannot FREAKIN’ wait for November 20th,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

Entertainment Tonight videos that warranted this wild outburst after the cut!

Part One

Part Two

93 Responses

  1. “She gasped.. she jumped.. her eyes were wide! ”

    OME!! Yes!! Yes!!! Me too!!!
    I was hyperventilating and wanting to hit the computer all at the same time (YouTube viewer her – I don’t live in the US).
    NO, I’m not contemplating Team Jacob (shame on you!) but Taylor does look smoking hot (repeat after me… he is 17, he is 17…) and Rob!… mmmm… Rob…. well, he is his usual sexiness so I was kind of prepared for THAT drooling experience…
    Can’t wait for tonight’s program!!!!

  2. I’m still questioning whether I will like it or not. I’m just not a big Taylor fan nor Jacob fan. he’s sweet, he’s cute, but he just doesn’t do it for me.

    So, I am not sure if I can be content with just Rob dreams…or if I can get over that manic depressive state I felt in the book. That’s what scares me the most. BUT…

    Of course, if Kristin plays her part wrong…which looks like she might just do Twilight all over again with a lot of eye blinking…then I might not feel that depressed after all for wanting to just smack her for not being more upset. Just sayin…

    • hahaha… give it a chance!!!!!! I really think chris is gonna pull this off!

    • I have high hopes for a non-blinking/stuttering Kristin this time around. Having watched the movie with the commentary more than once like a good little fangirl, I noticed that Kristin says she was directed to act “with her eyes fluttering”. She also wanted to do something different in the hospital room instead of just stuttering around. How much was KStew and how much was Catherine Hardwicke? Fingers crossed and fake lesbo kisses–I’m rooting for you, KStew!

      • fingers crossed!! she can do it. i have faith!

      • Directed to act with her eyes fluttering??? Seriously???

        Oh I’m so very glad CH is out and Chris-Reeve-Weitz is at the helm. And must watch that commentary. Have not been a good fangirl at all.

  3. Taylor has offically earned a spot on my wall next to me 3 robert posters!

  4. I always feel so weird at home, because NOONE is as twilight-crazy as I am. I was the one who refused – blank-point refused – to read the books while everyone was telling me about how cool they are …
    and now I kinda have to hide it a little (even though I’m still not even *obsessed*, I just really really like it and I follow the news) so that people won’t think I’m a total freak (mostly because once people hear you like sth they start defining you only by that …)

    So it’s sad because I can’t talk to people at home about a video like this. I can’t even talk about this amazing site. Now and then I slip in a little snippet like “you know, the new twilight movie; they just released a real drool-worthy pic of the wolf pack” or “there are some really hardcore fans (I wouldn’t even dare call them twihards …), have you heard of those for the twilight movies that …. blah.”
    And all I get are weirdly blank looks and an “oh, yeah, well, I didn’t know that, I didn’t see that …”

    So I won’t ever be able to talk to someone about this brilliant post, and I won’t ever be able to talk about how I gigglesquealed just like you when I saw these videos. I watched them again. I stopped when Rob or Jacob was in frame (I’m 19, but I still think taylor looks a bit too young. His body though …………….*arrrrrrrr.*) And I cannot WAIT for november! (Though I will have to watch it illegally, because in germany they’re showing it TWO months later. I can’t wait that long.)

    • well, I am glad you have us HERE!!!

    • Hamnoo, I am right there with you in that “i have no one to share this with in real life.” Until I found LTT and LTR, I was starting to think I was seriously demented or something, but now, whenever see something that reminds me of Twilight, or Rob, I just say it to myself, It’s OK that the silverware drawer just made you think of Rob (Forks), THAT’S NORMAL!

    • just give in! it’s normal!

      and i would totally die if i had to wait 2 extra months. OH MY! we are praying for you!

    • My daughter read the books first then my sister told me I had to. By the time I was on book 3 my daughter refused to share and we were competing on who would finish. Now she (14) thinks I am crazy. So at work I have all these google alerts to know whats going on with a super secret email that no one knows about except me (shhhh) and I just obsess all day.

      Before I read the books I basically rolled my eyes when my daughter would come running in about something she read or cried when Edward left her… I was like “PALEASE girl!” but then I read it… and put my book to my chest – looked up to the sky and sighed.

      So I too am a closet Twilight fan… I have to be otherwise people stare at me and crickets chirp…

  5. I was freaking out so much and like you ladies I didn’t care. My mom was complaining about how her legs hurt and I hit them about 3 times after she said they hurt. I had to move to the other couch so I wouldn’t hit her. It was pure amazing. But last night was just some. There is more tonight!!!! I can’t wait. I have to watch it when I get home from work. 😦 Its sad. I have to admit, I am not contemplating Team Jacob but Taylor is looking hot! Again, I am so excited!

  6. Same here! ha!! and Taylor is…is..there are no words. LOL
    I am and will always be Team Taycob! XD

  7. chris hansen and pedobear just dropped by to say “hi” and “why dont you take a seat over there?”

    fo’real though. Jacob is looking mighty fine. i wonder if they are gonna make him so tall? because he reaches like up to 7 feet tall in book. Im excited about Chris Weitz directing… not so sure about the new guy for eclipse. Hard Candy. sheesh.

  8. AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!


    I LOVE that you did this post. It’s what we were doing on the forum last night! Play-by-play as we were watching the ET special! We were all SQUEEEEEEEEEEEing for joy!

    Srsly, last night totally brought out more of the fangirl in me, too!!


    I don’t know how I’m gonna hold out until November!!

    HP will tide me over this summer, I think. Will HAVE to see that a couple times.


    P.S. I don’t think I’ll ever switch to Team Jacob, but he did look mighty fine in that thermal!! Hot Damn! 😉

    • oh AWESOME.. i have to go back and re-read the forum squees!!!!!

      no.. i won’t switch teams either.. but i will drool over my hot future bro-in-law (remember.. he gets Wolfgirl….!)

    • love that everyone joined me in a group forum SQUEEEEE when we watched the vids!!


  9. I’m SQEEEEEEing like a 13 yr old. I can’t wait. *crosses finger* I have a feeling Chris is going to do an amazing job w/it. With the pic of the wolf pack I even got my mom excited and she’s in her 50’s!

  10. Long time lurker, first time commenter here…although I have joined the forum! 🙂

    And I have to say that I have been trying to be all cool around my house too– and overall just trying to keep my twi-rob-session on the DL. But like you ladies here, I can keep quiet no longer!

    I pretty much jumped off the couch last night when I watched it and my husband also came in worried I had fallen or was choking or that someone had broke it……nope. It was just my giggling! Lots of eye rolling from him in return but I don’t care anymore!

    And, I am totally Team Edward (duh) but would it be wrong to say that 17 is totally legal in Texas??? Okay. That sounded creeperton. Sorry. But Jacob really was looking too hot! 🙂

    • ZOMG! 17 is legal in texas!? moving there!!!!!
      Thanks for commenting- and joining the forum- YAY!

      • for the record, 17 is legal in ALOT of states…

        • Haha I didn’t actually understand that in America it’s 18/16 in so many places. I was always wondering wether you were maybe speaking … um … of a different kind of consent? You know, in case I was misunderstanding what you meant …
          But I gotta say, this “age 9” is totally creeping me out.

    • YEA! WELCOME LILI and glad you’re commenting AND loving the forum! join in on the obsession!

      ps moving to texas and dragging taylor with me!

  11. Coming out of lurkdom to say how much I enjoy reading the blog everyday. This is my dirty little secret too (I’m a grown up with a job and family) so I keep my Rob fascination to myself for the most part. I think I prefer it that way anyway. But it’s nice to read all the comments posted here and on letterstorob that I completely agree with but can’t voice out in the real world.

    Oh and I agree that Taylor looked all kinds of delicious on last night’s promo and I find myself way too excited for New Moon to come out.

  12. cannnoottt wait!!!!

  13. I am really happy too. But I almost thought that this was one of those real “Fan Girl” letters that you sometimes receive from the clueless. But, anyhow, I agree with all of the above, but would like to add how much I hate Charlie Sheen. If you watched it live on ET, you know what I mean, right?

  14. I am reminded of a Tiffany song….
    (yes,I know it’s a cover, but still….)

    Well he was just seventeen
    if you know what I mean
    the way he looked was
    way beyond compare

    Still team edward, but, I can look at eye candy. 🙂

  15. I saw this last night and i was JUMPING and SCREAMING up and down like a pubescent girl!!! I CANNOT wait for Nov. 20th!!!! I AM SOOOO THERE!!! Let the count down begin 6 more months!!! 🙂

  16. So happy to see that everything looks as if it is being done right!! Chris is rocking my socks off right now!

    The fangirl inside me says it is on like Donkey Kong on Nov. 20th!

  17. This is why I lurv you guys. 🙂

  18. CAN NOT WAIT! SQUEEEE! I can’t wait to see the finished product. and I love you guys. thats all! 🙂

  19. I don’t care how sweet and hot Jacob/Taylor may be! I hate that dog from the very first moment I read about him, sorry.

    Anyway can’t wait to see the movie n_n

  20. I love that BOTH LTR and LTT are about Taylor. lol!! You girls crack me up!! Taylor is yummtasticness. *swoon*


  21. can’t…see…videos…at…work – stupid blocker! kicking myself for spending evening at Home Depot and not remembering that this was on tv 😦

    • wow somehow i dont think the hot studs at home depot can compare to that 4:39 of glory!


  22. Amen! I had a little fan-girl freak out in my room and I’m pretty sure people on my dorm hallway were probably confused at the various shrieks, moans and “omg so good’s” being uttered. I wish I didn’t still have to act all “I may or may not like Twilight”. I’m “out” to myself and my family, but no one else. It’s a tough life.

    I can’t wait for more of the ET sneak peaks, because I think that was just night one!

  23. I’m totally team wolf.
    bring on the abs

  24. “We want to comb his hair with our “My Little Pony” combs!”
    Freakin’ HIlarious!!!

    I too am so excited b/c although I love Catherine H. I just don’t think she delivered on the first TW movie. I mean geez, could Stephanie M have been any more detailed. Srsly? From what I’ve seen of the clips on ET it looks like Chris W. has hit it spot on. Just from the new casting (wolf boys=yum!) to the new wigs (yes I’m looking at you Rosalie) and the clothes (or lack there of, again, Wolf Boys) I think he is gonna out do Twilight by about a bazillion…just sayin’.

  25. I have to totally agree that I think it looks like Chris Weitz is doing an amazing job. He’s paid a lot of attention to detail. I love wolf pack tattoos, the more intense contacts for the Cullens and of course he gets major bonus points in my book for keeping Taylor.

    I am out, my the hubby’s a unicorn so it’s okay…lol. He watched the videos with me last night and listened to me go on and on. I did have two complaints though. Mary Hart referred to Rob as the man behind Edward’s fangs and then Thea asked Rob if he had a sister, would he rather she date Jacob or Edward. Since Rob has two sisters, that just wasn’t worded well and looked like she didn’t know what she was talking about.

    Ah the ignorance of the non-obsessed….LOL. So frustrating.

  26. Time passes…. I’m gonna start crying just reading this! I plugged this on twitter :))

  27. Chris Weitz = WIN

    Renewed hope that the movies just might do the books justice.


  28. HE IS 17. TL is 17….17…..How old is he again….17 how long has he been 17? Awhile…..this is like the longest year ever for a minor to turn legal!!!!

    I am so freaking stoked to see this movie!!!!! C’mon November already!

  29. team edward? team jacob? i’m team who,when,where, ever (including = the cullens, the wolfpack, and OBVIOUSLYnot, the humans).

    i mean, it’s like watching gossip girl, but people are way poorer.

  30. OMGGG you are soo right forget all this nonsense twilight makes me crazy and i dont caree!! I REALLY hope they capture the glass case of emotion that is new moon. the heartbreak the comfort she finds in jacob..the true sincere love from edward at the end ohh my! because the twilight movie was an epic FAIL.kthanks!

  31. *looking through the attic for MY My Little Pony comb…*

    Wow! November cannot come fast enough! I’m just as excited about New Moon as I am Half Blood Prince – and that’s saying something. I wonder though, did everyone feel this way when sneak peeks of Twilight were broadcast? I was not a fan until a few months ago, so I didn’t pay attention to this stuff before. I enjoyed movie Twilight, but was hoping for more. I’m really hoping not to feel the same when I walk out of new Moon.

  32. OH EM GEE! i didn’t think i could *squeee* like a fangirl(word to twicrack) but i EFFING did. and my boyfriend, whois a unicorn, i think i’d have to send pictures, stared at me like i was stupid. i refuse to wait until 11/20, but we are forced to. midnight premiere..here i come!!! xoxo crryysstaal =)

  33. p.s.
    my boyfriend/unicorn told me i was going to jail for staring at Taylor like that. *he’s 17..hes 17* *inhale…exhale*

  34. you guys SHOULD go on Team Jacob. Sorry, but Jacob is waaayyyy hotter than Rob (sorry sorry sorry don’t kill me). Plus it’s more fun to be a wolf. You don’t have a care in the world. Heck, you can go NUDE in front of ppl. but when your a vampire…. well let’s just say it’s a lot more complicated. but less hairy….

  35. I run with the wolves.

    End of story.

    p.s. I may or may not like Twilight. Still. And not because of the books. Not at all. But because of the super-psycho-nutjob-whackadoo-stalking fans, who give the rest of us a bad name. ‘Cause being psycho is NOT normal.

  36. Hey ladies, Just wanted to say that I’ve been kind of stalking LTT & LTR ( in a non-creepy way lol) since like january ,after i watched & read twilight & became totally obsessed!! You girls are soooo hilarious. Thankyou for being so funny and making me feel normal lol Its good to know that i’m not the only one completely infatuated with rob pattinson & all things twilight lol Anyway I saw the Et special on twilight and I am so pumped for new moon. Jacob looks extremely hot hot hot!!! as does rob!! Can’t wait!!
    Anywho ladies keep up the great work cuz u girls r just awesome =)

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  39. I am totally team Jacob. (mainly because of taylor. both of our names are taylor. it’s fate!) Edward lost my respect when he left. Girrr! Call me a traitor if you will, but I love me some Taylor Lautner. Sorry Rob, tough break.

  40. Im totally Team Jacob! I mean Edwards’ nice and all but that’s just it he’s just to nice(not that thats a bad thing).I crave and adore jacobs bad boy-funny-i’ll kick ur ass-motorcycle ridding self , Edwards cool to.

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