Peter Facinelli: Dr Cullen and Mike Dexter all rolled into one

Oh he likes long walks on the beach... pepperoni pizza and the color blue. SO DO I!!!

OMG Rob likes long walks on the beach... pepperoni pizza and the color blue. SO DO I!!!

Dear Peter-

Why are you the coolest person ever? Fo realz… EVER!

This is probably one of my favoritest pictures I’ve ever seen of you because this shows that you totally get it! If I was an actor in the Twilight saga I would be doing this stuff all day long. Carrying around a Bop magazine, making shirts that say “I boned Rob last night,” and going to get coffee while wearing said shirt. You know, normal stuff!

So, I know we haven’t talked much about you yet here on Letters to Twilight but I just couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to say about the MIKE DEXTER! I mean “…Mike Dexter is a God, Mike Dexter is a role model, Mike Dexter is an asshole!” Seriously, that’s the exact thing that went through my head when you came on screen for the first time in Twilight because “Can’t Hardly Wait” is one of my favorite movies. So much win and you’re a huge part of that. You can play the jerk- a-hole- jock like no other! But then you totally flip the switch and play Dr. Cullen like you were born for the part. Minus the blond hair. I truly can’t imagine anyone else as Carlisle.

But seriously please keep this stuff up you’re making all this set stalking/crazy fan/paparazzi madness bearable by staging pictures like this! I thought about not looking at paparazzi or set pics for a while cause I was SO over seeing Nikki Reed parading around Vancouver or weirdo fans stalking KStew in the bathroom but then look what I’d be missing out on, gems like this!

Keep on keepin’ on Peter! We ❤ you here!

See more Mike Dexter/Peter Facinelli AWESOMENESS after the cut
Mike Dexter is a god… Aman-DUH!

sorry for the crappy quality!

Seriously, just netflix this movie. You WON’T be disappointed!

47 Responses

  1. Dear Peter,
    Can’t hardly wait was dedicated to the class of ’98, so I feel a special bond with you cause we were the same year (obviously ignoring the fact that A- its a movie and B- I think you are maybe 6 or 7 years older than me). You are married to Jennie Garth (win) and have the most adorable children ever. I appreciate that you don’t take this all too seriously and have some snarkiness under the surface to mess with the paps. (I love me some snarky men).

    Enjoy your next issue of Bop,

    • Dear Peter,

      Let’s just clear things up, you rock out loud. Bop magazine? Hilarious. While I am an avid(psycho) fan of his royal hotness Rob, you are like my number 2 choice for guys I wanna bang from twilight. Oh and Mike Dexter was great but I loved you on the wretched show Fastlane. Your shaggy and greasy hair was amazing, and now that I think about it, maybe that’s where you he-who-I-cannot -bang got it from. Awwww, you’re inspiring hair just like a real dad would!! Love ya even more now. For realz.

  2. Hello!!

    OME!! Thanks a lot!!! I love Rob, of course, but Peter and Kellan are so incredibly cool that I love them almost as much as I love him. A very close almost.

    Please, feel free to write as many letters to both of them as you want. I will continue reading them… all of them =O)

    (patiently waiting for the forum to be fixed)

  3. Dear Peter,

    You seem like such a fun guy! You don’t take all of the Twilight craziness too seriously and for that I salute you.

    Dear Dr. Cullen,

    I am in need of a new family doctor, are you taking new patients? Thanks!


  4. Peetah,

    Its true we love you. I think 2 of my favorite things that I quote all the time is when you told us how you tell the Native Americans to “slow your roll”. Its hilarious. And I say it. all. the. time. To my children even.

    Another is when Rob told us how you say “Rosalie, always busting my bowls”.

    These things make me laugh like a maniac and people stare, but I’m okay with that. You are worth it.

    XOXO, Kristin

    • YeS!

      Dear Pete,

      When I saw that bit in the extras, I was like, “Did you just say ‘slow your roll’?” That’s HiLaRiOus!

      For that Pete, I ❤ you. You also share my bro’s name, and he’s quite an amazing person, too. Way to give Peters a good name!

      Love & Polish kisses,


    • “slow your roll” BEST PART ever!

  5. Dear Peter,

    You know why I love you, because you totally get all the the hype and you don’t go running into a corner or bashing the Twi-fans *coughkstewcough*. No, you playfully make fun of it all be doing things such as reading New Moon with Kellan in the airport or picking up Teen Bop to read up on Rob or stopping from shooting to hug crazy fangirls standing the cold.

    You make my heart smile!

    Love, me

  6. I love love love Can’t hardly wait!!! Peter is such an awesome actor and very humble…def one of the Twi-favs!!! 🙂

  7. Dear Peter,

    You get it, you really, really get it!



  8. Dear Peter,
    You and Kellan’s pics messing with the Paps totally made a shitty day better earlier this week. You have an amazing heart and are so good to the fans.


    P.S.- If you weren’t messing with the Pap’s and were really checking out the mag, don’t worry. Much to my nieces dismay, I did my best to suavely steal their copy of BOP or whatever the hell they were reading because I saw Rob on the cover and just had to know what it said.

  9. Oh Moon…you know how I feel about Can’t Hardly Wait and Mike Dexter.

    I only wish your real name was Amanda…so I could call you, “A-man-DUH!”

    He will always be Mike Dexter to me. Forever and ever, amen. (Sing it, Randy!)

  10. we LOVE LOVE LOVE peter here. him and his wife jenny were so cute together when i saw them on chelsea lately. we thought that he was harnessing the essence of brad pitt from interview with a vampire. he did a good job in twilight and i for one am looking forward to see him in the next installments of the twilight saga! and i will admit that i just watched can’t hardly wait the other week.

  11. Thank you for mentioning Mike Dexter!! I always think of MD when Dr. C stroles through that hospital door.

    Love Live Mike Dexter the God!!

  12. Remember when I thought Mike Dexter was a serial killer b/c apparently I missed the whole of the 90’s b/c I was too busy singing Twila Paris songs in church?

    Yeah… that was good times.

    And for serious, peter GETS it… and we love him for it

    • hahaha missed the whole 90s and mashed it up with one of my favorite shows of the 00s. YES! you rule!

  13. Dear Peter, I’ll make this short: we love you. You make me smile everytime!

  14. o.m.g guys i love you!!

    if you follow me on twitter or have ever read my blog you will know just how much i LOVE Peter.
    i first watched ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ 7 years ago, on dvd, and ever since i have watched everything Peter has done. When i found out he was going to be in Twilight my first thoughr was Mike Dexter with fangs! i had not read the books. so it is Peters fault i am now completely obsessed with Twilight!

    i was very privileged to meet Peter in February at a convention in England. He was soo nice. And yea, he totally gets it! he appreiciates the fame. He doesnt take it seriously and I’m gonna meet Peter AGAIN on 18th July.

    so i wait 7 years and now am meeting him twice in a year ! :o)

  15. oh yeah i forgot to mention i am so looking forward to watching the new show he is going to be in nurse jackie with edie falco on showtime starts june 8th i think. should be a good night for tv because the new season of weeds starts the same day.

  16. Dear Peter,

    First of all, please get more photos like this, my fave is when you and Kellen hold hands. Made my day.

    Secondly, two of the best movie line Ever, are yours…

    “I will kick everyone’s ass in this room!” = WIN
    (I have been known to quote that -sometimes irrelevently–and no one ever knows what I am quoting, though it seems maybe Moon would)

    and, of course,
    “Animal attack”.

    Thanks for being awesome. I saw you and your lovely wife on Chelsea Lately a while back, and I am now in love with you both. Call me if you want a babysitter so you can go out. I have refs.

    Love, LPB

  17. When I went to see Twilight the first time and he walked thru those ER doors I audibly gasped!! And then my head immediately said “AMAN-DUUUUHHH!!!”

    I love this post!! I can’t stop laughing because I think every girl in America had the exact same reaction as me.


    PS – When I took my sister to see it (after I coaxed her into reading the books and she fell in love too) I watched for her reaction in the ER and as I’m watching her she did the exact same thing as I did the first time: audible gasp, huge smile, then turned to me and said “holy shit! It’s Mike Dexter!! Aman-duuuhh!!” It was a perfect moment for sisters. We started cracking up and we got shooshed.

  18. You see? THIS is why I love PFatch. I always have. When I heard he was Carlisle, I almost did a back-flip!

    Yes, Mike Dexter was fabulous. But did you see him in Six Feet Under? He was bril.

    I adore him, AND his wife. They are two of the VERY FEW “real” people in Hollywood.

  19. Should I be embarrassed that I’ve never seen Can’t Hardly Wait and had no idea that he was married to Jennie Garth? Perhaps I need to add that movie to my weekend to do list…. along with a purchase of People magazine.

    • No, dont’ be embarassed! I own the DVD. HA!

      I found out Jennie Garth was married to him when I watched her on Dancing with the Stars. (Don’t judge me… I’m a pro dancer – I almost HAVE to watch it!!)

      She was great, he was ADORABLE there supporting her… I loves them.

      OH! And that interview on Chelsea Lately… the kleen-x… LOL! She’s great. He’s fabulous. I dragged the hubs to Twilight in the theater (he’s a total closet unicorn, btw… totally acts uninterested, rips on it in front of other people… but he’s always asking questions, knows when the next movie is coming out, reads all the news stories he sees on MSNBC about it, and was actually miffed when I said I wasn’t going to see NM with him.) anyhow… saw it in the theater with the hubs, and he said “you know, the effects were terrible. But the two dads were the best thing about the movie. Really great actors.” As soon as I explained to him who Carlisle was (It took “the mean jock guy from Can’t Hardly Wait) for him to figure it out), he was shocked!

      WE LOVE YOU, PETER!! Keep reading Popstar, (or whatever the f it’s called) and keep holding hands with Kellan!

      The whole cast needs to just start passing the girls around each time they go out somewhere. Have Ashley and Taylor holding hands one night, and then have her with Jackson, and then Kellan… Of course Nikki and Kristen will be holding hands already….

    • seriously.. go buy people right now!

  20. c’mon moon, only if you were an actor???

    i’m planning my “team charlie” shirt for weeks now.

    p.s.: thanks for this post, peter is my fav. twilight actor. he’s the sweetest!

    • ok, ok!

      *takes jacket off to reveal the “i’m doing billy black, in his wheelchair” homemade puffy paint shirt*

      • you know, i can totally see it.!

        although he’s in a wheelchair, he’s still “dancing” – if you know what i mean.

  21. Dear Peter,

    I watched you in Can’t Hardly Wait twice the week before I saw Twilight. Mike Dexter is a God. I absolutely adore you. Even though Carlisle is a docile vampire, I know you could still pull a Mike Dexter and “kick everyone’s ass in this room!”


  22. I was too old to see that movie. Depressed now.

    Dear Peter,
    I ❤ you for messing with the paps. I know they suck bigtime, but they give Callie inspiration for Twi-theater so I can’t quite hate them.

  23. that is so funny!! i thought i was alone when i saw him in twilight for the first time and all i thought was MIKE DEXTER! Can’t Hardly Wait is a classic and i love Peter. Messing with the Paps is so cool because it shows you have such a great attitude with it all. just plain awesomeness.

  24. haha where did you get this picture?

    I saw the one of him and Kellan reading new moon (also adorable), but not this one.

  25. i ❤ peter (but not his hair in that movie). btw i worked summer stock with a guy who was in that movie. (cant hardly wait)

  26. we should start a thread about degrees to the actors/rob, you know like 6 degrees to kevin bacon?

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