The Wolfpacks 2nd favorite place to hang out

Bom chicka bow woooowwww

Bom chicka bow woooowwww

Dear Wolfpack Boys-

First off can I just say “DAAAAAAANNNMMM Gina!” You guys are such Panty Rufflers* (copyright ltt and kristen!) for doing this to us! Shirtless, abs, tattoos, hot boys! But NO Jacob?? UGGHH you’re killing me!

I was having one hellacious day until this picture was sent to me and all was once again right with the world. Time and time again I have been impressed with this casting and I’ll say it again, you are restoring my faith in the Twilight franchise: Wolfpack and  Chris Weitz! Keep it up and I will be naming my unborn, unconceieved child after you. Little Christopher Wolf Moon. Has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

But where were we? This is a letter to the Wolves after all.

Wolves… guess what?! Today we are unveiling the long awaited, long prayed for Letters to Twilight and Letters to Rob (you know that one skinny nerdy dude) FORUM!!!!!!! That’s right we now have our very own place dedicated to shooting the shiz every day! So what does that mean for you boys? I’m so glad you asked…

1. We have topics dedicated to talking about the books, the movies, the characters and you guys the actors!

2. Wanna tell Team Edward to suck it, by flexing your manly muscles and shoulder tattoos?! Yup, we got a place for that too.

3. Wanna be 2nd hand embarrassed by bad fan art, bad videos and more? Wanna post a video you guys just made of your daily ab buster workouts mashed up with you guys tearing up an Edward cutout put to music by Wolfmother? Yup, this is the place!

4. Has Daddy Filet o Fish told you guys some awesome gossip about Taylor and Wolfgirl? SPILL YOUR GUTS and we’ll try to debunk the rumors with the help of our awesome Moderators: Jbell, Kristen and Calli (Twi-theater mistress)!

So really, what are you waiting for? Stop staring at yourselves cause you’re so daaaaaamn hot and get over there! But don’t forget to comment here first!

THE Forum:

SHHHHHH Team Wolfpack 4 life!

PS don’t worry Wolfies we’ll still be writing Letters to you and especially that nerdy wolf here and to that dork over at Letters to Rob! This is just a fun place to hang out, post fun stuff and shoot the shiz!

*Panty Ruffle = female version of Cock Tease. Love this with us! We do!!!!!

Pic source: New Moon Movie via TwiCrack via USAToday! Whew, that was a lot.

UPDATE: thanks to everyone for being patient and giving us a chance to work kinks out with the forum. nothing can ever be simple or easy right? but is anything that is, worth it? Hmmm…

stick with us and give the board a chance once we have things in working order. there are plenty of people to help out if you don’t understand something or want help!

we really appreciate you all keeping an open mind!

THANKS!! we ❤ you!


54 Responses

  1. omg.. that is NOT the wolfpack!? that is AMAZING! i must’ve missed that news when i was drunk (yes again) last night and being the worst blogger ever. thanks for being the best blogger ever, moonie pie.

    Go join our forum NOW! it’s fun

  2. LOL, shooting the shizz….I love you. Heading over! WOoohooo!!!

  3. They are all hott-stuff, but I can’t get past the fact that they might die of spray-tan and over-photoshopping poison.

    Its freakin me out *backs up slowly and sneaks off to the forums*

  4. So I guess they designed some sort of symbol/insignia for the Pack, like what was done with the Cullen crest? Very cool. And yes, I’m fully aware that I might be (and by “might be” I mean “almost certainly am”) the first person to see that pic and notice the ink first and the six-packs second. Whatev.

    Also, that’s awesome that you ladies got the forum up! I registered a few minutes ago, and I’ll see everyone over there later today!

  5. YAY! Super excited! Heading over now!

    P.S. My bro posted a comment on yesterday’s post that was quite nicely written, if I do say so myself 😉 (altho u couldn’t see it for a while b/c of moderation). I think he deserves props, girls!

  6. hotties! they look like they could be chipendale dancers!

  7. “*Panty Ruffle = female version of Cock Tease”

    That phrase is full of win! But you know what’s more full of win…. THE FORUM!!

  8. Although I am sure our wolfpack will look super hot in NM, the airbrushed abs are a little obvious. As I shared with moonilicious (that’s what I’m calling you now), just think…these men will be around for eclipse and breaking dawn…eye candy for years to come.

    Oh, I bet they are holding off on the jacob reveal until closer to the film’s release date.

    Btw – posted on the forum (yay), why does it call me a virgin? (which at this point is close to being true due to the lack of a love life, but completely besides the point) how come??

    • I’m a virgin, too. It’s cuz we’re new. If we stalk the site a bit more and post like CRAZY then I think we get upgraded. Let’s hope the site doesn’t get blocked for me at work *crosses fingers*

      Um, and I totally agree with you on the “closer to being true due to lack of love life.” *sigh*

      • Marta – I think we are 2 of maybe 5 single ladies that raed the site. See you enjoyed my post to your brother. He’s older than Rob and I have no problem with that scenario, so that’s a plus (I’m 29). Let’s see if I can lose my forum virginity in between doing actually work today. Yippee!

        • WoOt!

          I’m 28.

          He’s pretty mature for his age, as well. 😉

          I feel a challenge coming on. First one to lose their virginity wins a prize! 😛

          • Marta – we can be besties, for sure. So umm, make your bro upload a pic for the wordpress account…

            Okay – liking the challenge idea, but I have to do this all on my phone and I have a crap load of work to do…bah…who am I kidding…it’s on.

            Uc, how many posts til we loose our forum V-card?

    • Um, I think I have to download something to be on WordPress and I’m at work, so…

      Check out my post here to see a pic:
      Little Bro

      • Am I seriously the only person that doesn’t have a blog? Loved your banner! Lil bro is cute!

        • Thanx!

          I love the banner, too. Totally not mine. Haha, woops. Don’t remember where I got it but realized that it combines a lot of my likes: cats, black n’white photography, travel/foreign cities, the cat looks lazy, etc. Hehe…

        • hahaha, am i supposed to feel strange that my sister is pimping me out on a Twilight blog? Cuz I don’t, but I was curious if I should. =P I’m sure I’d have more luck with an equally twi-obsessed girl than my pitiful history with girls thus far would suggest.

          Isn’t my sis’s blog cool? She does a lot of interesting stuff with her own black and white photography at home, but we can’t motivate her to spend more time on it. BTW, marta, way to post like, literally the worst pictures of me you could find. Thanks.

          • not at all!!!!!! we love our unicorns! welcome!

          • Haha, you’re welcome!

            And I don’t think they’re bad pics. Quite dashing in your uniform!

            And those were the most recent pics I had of you when I did the post!

            I should steal the ones you have on Facebook of the 2 of us sitting in the living room, reading Twilight, and do a post, haha.

          • Thanks moon. =)

            You know what Marta, I’m just going to make my own blog. We call that uniform the pickle uniform, cuz it’s so green. fail.

  9. Nope. Does nothing for me.

  10. My favorite part of the post besides the delish pic was “DAAAAAAANNNMMM Gina!” You ladies really are too funny.

    Now about the forum – seriously, another daily addiction? When am I supposed to get work done??? You guys are killing me.

    PS – I love it!

  11. The Wolfpack can forage in my forest any time it wants to! Love it!

  12. Yowza! I am so excited for this movie, I keep forgetting that I am actually looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie this summer! (in a completely different way, obviously).

    I have never been on a forum, either, so Hopefully will lose my v-card there today……sounds like fun!

    • To think that I once scoffed (is that a real word?) At twilight cause I was mad at the HP delayed movie. If I only knew…

      So won’t be giving away my ltt forum flower anytime soon as the site will no longer work on my Blackberry.

      • Haha, I was mad, too! AND the forum won’t load for me either. I thought it might be a Firefox thing, but it won’t load in IE for me, either. I feel so left out……waah. *sulks*

    • Forums are FuN!

      I can’t believe I’m admitting this here, but the last time I was really involved in anything like I am in all Twilight, including forums and fanfic, was Dawson’s Creek. *runs and hides*

      I know! I know! I don’t know what it was. I tell ya though, towards the end of the show when it was really sucking, the fanfic kept me going. 😉

      I can’t wait for HP! I just watched the trailer the other day and I got chills. Chills!

      You girls are evil! I am NOT going to get any work done anymore…

      • omg! I watched that new HD HP trailer and I got chills too! My son, who is very excited for the movie, laughed at me. It looks SO good!!

        Well, I am home with a sick child today, so I will keep checking back on the forum thingy, glad it is not because I am too forumtarded to work it……

  13. Oh wow those wolfies are dang hawt!!! that is all * faints* * heads over to forum.*

  14. I only see Alex Meraz….the others are just a brown blur. I noticed the ink too…nice touch Summit…or whoever is responsible.

  15. As UC stated above, the forum is not working! I click on the link and it says it’s now broken. *cries*

    Us LTT & LTR peeps have too much power!! 🙂

  16. Forum is BACK! :):):)

  17. omg girls it’s already crashed and back up by the time i’m up and at em. WOoooooooWWWWWW! hahaha

  18. FYI – Filet of Fish, My fav LTT ever!

  19. Yum. And yay for the forum!!!!

  20. Team Cullen! BUT these boys have a special place in my heart, especially after this photo appeared out of the sky and graced my eyes with their beauty. HAHA.

    Yay for the forum!

  21. i’m 100% sure this movie will be 32 times better than twilight by just looking this one and only picture.

  22. Oh shiiiiiiiit, the wolves are ripped!!! The Vampires only have Kellen… they’d get their butts kicked…

    Why oh why would they leave Taylor out? That’s ridiculous. He worked so hard to get his muscles. Let him show them off!

  23. The forum is slow, but really very cool. I love the look. Well done!

  24. Congrats on the forum!
    Question! Where did you get “damn gina” from? I have a friend who uses the phrase and says he made it up, but I wanna rub this in his face. lol.

  25. Alex Meraz. Do me NOW.

    …now let me go peep this forum ^_^

  26. I like the Pack, but I will always be a Cullen Lover!

  27. When the girl werewolf in the pack phases human….
    WOW! I just kinda realized that! Btw, im ymapinky, read ur blog a lot, but I’ve only commented once before. Cya!

  28. […] light of all the recent brouhaha over the  release of the Wolfpack official picture, the ET promo clips where we swooned hardcore over Jacob, the whole Jackson and the bat thing and […]

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