Sunday Morning Worship – Song of Solomon (not Trimble)

Come... now is the time to worship... come now is the time to give your heart

Come... now is the time to worship... come now is the time to give your heart

Dear LTT Worshipers-

Please turn your Bibles to Song of Solomon for today’s lesson…

“By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not.”
– Song of Solomon 3:1

WTF Kellan… what a tease. Why does it always seem like Kellan KNOWS he’s a good time so he’s nice to the twi-hards and takes pics and signs autographs but then he goes out takes pictures  for mags like this just to remind you what his body looks like and that you’ll never have him.

OOOHHH Kellan… tease indeed.

Happy Sunday, Church dismissed…

Source: Flaunt Magazine and Cullen Boys Anonymous

Continue the day in quiet reverence after the cut…

Oh don't mind me... I just wrapped this jock strap around my head

Oh don't mind me... I just wrapped this jock strap around my head

hey babe just got some paint on my knee while i was painting the bathroom... don't mind me I'm just letting it dry in the sun

hey babe just got some paint on my knee while i was painting the bathroom... don't mind me I'm just letting it dry in the sun


28 Responses

  1. HAHA! Gotta love a little LTT and ,of course, Kellan before church. Now my my mind will be thinking about jock strap head gear and 12pk abs while being the loyal church-goer this morning!


  2. Wooooah mama that does make my Sunday happy 😀 That’s one man I would go to church for.

    However….is that tie (is that what it is?) coming out of his pants in the second one some kind of…representation? And why does his leg look like its broken and therefore splintered in the last picture?

    In summation: yum.

    • haha.. that’s one man i’d go to church for too!!

    • omg i never saw that tie thingy hanging out of his pants! hahah good eye!

  3. I adore me some KBC – kellan before church! dayum but those abs rock. RAWR!

  4. “Still the greatest treasure remains for those who gladly choose you now…”

    Jesus, that is. Not Kellan.

    OK, I choose Jesus and Kellan. Gladly. And again I say, “Amen!”

    (Fact: I will now be singing “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship” for the Rest. Of. The. Day. Thanks, Moon.)

    • jesus will let you choose both. i mean look at him!

  5. Dear Kellan,

    Thanks so much for the invite to Shirtless Bible Study. I’m so glad we’ve finally made it to the “naughty” book. I thoroughly approve of your wardrobe choices for the study today, but I’d like to suggest something to enhance our study: reenactments of key passages. I think you’ll be impressed with my “religious fervor”!


    • @Freya

      ROFLMAO!!! “religious fervor” indeed!

    • reenactments are always good! get on your robes and sandals

  6. HAH! This was so much fun to read (and unexpected, too).


    • always expect a little worship music/sunday school humor from moon & I .. we love it so much

  7. Praise be to the ever lovin’ ripples of Kellan’s abs! Hallelujah!!

    lmao! Great post!

  8. Oh Dear Sweet Baby Jeebus..

    Dear Kellan,

    Sweet baby Kellan. Please stop by, I need to wash my tongue, I mean clothes, on your abs..

    Thank you.

    P.S. Moon, you’re the awesomeness.

    • please take my laundry basket with you! you’re welcome

  9. You KNOW Kellan was feeling all guilty while lathered up in baby oil for that nasty-hot photoshoot. he was praying for forgiveness and that his senior high youth pastor’s wife doesn’t subscribe to Flaunt magazine…

    the guilt never goes away… no matter how hard we turn against it.

    “this lil light of mine.. I’m gonna let it shine…”

    • HAHAHAHAHA and cue awkward video

  10. We sang “Come, Now is the Time to Worship” at church this morning and I was part of the worship band/team this morning… so glad I didn’t read this before church. Not sure I would have made it through the song…

    • hashahahahahahahah omg.. i would’ve loved it if you read it before….

    • hAHAHAHAHAH laughing hysterically would have been a great addition to the song!

  11. AMEN!!!! 🙂

  12. WOAH! definitely a good thing that I didn’t read this until AFTER church this morning!

    Thanks LTT! =D

  13. I think I’m hyperventilating just a smidge.


  14. Good freaking Lord (and I mean that most reverently)!!!!
    I, um, don’t know what else to say….I mean, what can you say? He’s a god, not thee God, but just “a” god…I’m shutting up since I’m rambling and have no flipping clue what I’m saying at this point….NEED….TO….LOOK….AT….PICTURES….AGAIN!

  15. If I thought I was going to Hell for laughing the Salt and Pepper comic that’s nothing compared to worshipping Kellan’s golden calves…and abs, and biceps, and pecs…

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  18. […] my one year anniversary commenting on LTT!  I finally came out of lurkdom on April 19, 2009, and commented on a post on Kellan.  I’d been hanging out on LTR and LTT for about a month, since the Twilight DVD came out, and I […]

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