Follow your Dreams- Twilight style

Dear kids, teens and grown-ups neglecting their responsibilities who make videos like the one you’re about to see,

Moon & I spend a lot of time perusing YouTube for great content for 2nd-hand embarrassment, fan art, fanmade vids & Saturday Am Delight over at LTR. We are constantly amazed at your creativity. We had a conversation about it last night:

UC: seriously, these kids are talented
Moon: They are! I want them all to realize their dreams and go into movies or tv or whatever. I wish I could tell everyone that
UC: They should follow their dreams

I know that sounds pretty similar to the drunk convos we’ve had about you guys before, but we were sober- promise. And you should- you should REALLY follow your dreams! You guys are better than 1/2 the trailer editors in the business!

After watching this next video, I was SO excited to see Breaking Dawn… and we don’t even know for sure that it’s going to be made into a movie (and if it is, guarentee this short teaser film will be better than the actual movie!)

I loved this video, I really did, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to share some of the profound thoughts that went through my mind as I watched it.  Think of it as a mini-commentary:

  • I love how I’m feeling the emotion of the wedding…Bella looks beautiful in her dress.. the music is starting to build… and then suddenly, Cedric Diggory shows up!
  • Bella’s boobs are CLEARLY not that big… did a guy make this vid?
  • Isle Emse? Um, hot. You gave us what Stephenie clearly did not.
  • Natalie Portman playing Bella? Well, I don’t like it.. but only because Rob has a crush on her and I’m way jealous
  • LOVE it when Edward rocks a Jesus beard & does a cartwheel
  • Is that Bill Compton from Trublood at the end? It makes sense.. he woulda hung out w/ the Cullens…

Seriously, amazing job. We’re impressed. And I want to hug that little girl who played Renesmee NOW!

Follow your dreams,
UnintendedChoice xo

34 Responses

  1. Wow, although obviously that video had some random stuff I like that it put me in the emotional state of BD, I completely agree with you about that. Funny enough, the “bearded Edward” part as well as the little girl are from a movie titled Bella, and it’s really sad/sweet. Before reading your comments I thought the bearded guy was supposed to be Jacob in this? Anyways, thanks for sharing and you really should check out the Bella movie, if nothing else then just to see more of Renesmee 🙂

  2. I think the cartwheel guy is suppossed to be jacob. mempf.

    And I’m with you in saying that some of those people on youtube should make it their job.
    But I’d pick other videos as examples, this one was compared to them rather medium, in my opinion, even though it is still good.
    I’m just gonna post some links, even though this might be annoying, but I love to share to my favorites 😀
    Twilight 1-3:
    Jacob/Bella in Breaking Dawn:
    Breaking Dawn:
    New Moon:
    New Moon/ Eclipse_ Bella/Jacob:

    uhm. yeah. *giggle*
    I think I could post even more but then … 🙂 because I must have massive amounts of twilight vids that absolutely blew my mind ^^ but I just searched quickly through my account.

    • they are SO amazing aren’t they!?

      • totally.
        the techniques have evolved so much, I sometimes can’t believe that the stuff that is put on youtube is made by “normal” people.

      • well, that and the fact that they are so talented that they really – as you said it in your post – do it better than the official promoters of movies and such. (so it’s not just the effects but also the skills of editing and working with the little material that often only exists)
        I think that is one of the best aspects of art: It pulls others to creating art as well.

  3. I. Just. Cannot. Watch.

    Love y’all, though.

  4. That WAS really good. And the audio from Kill Bill fit in so perfectly!! This makes me excited too!


    PS – these kids these days do have some talent, but don’t they have homework to do rather than spend time making fan trailers?? lol!!

    • heck no. i am a teacher at a high school and kids play on computers more than they ever think about doing homework..heck, we even give them laptops 🙂 so i guess it is to be expected

  5. If I made a video, it probably look like a bad PP slide show. Nothing like this. As someone else who spends a lot of time on YouTube looking a t vids, congrats you ones!

  6. i love that the isle esme scene was blair/nate from gossip girl. hotttt

    • haha was it!? it was hot!

      • yes indeed it was….and although Nate’s [amazing] body has nothing on Edward’s…Blair Waldorf is prettier than kristen Stewart in my opinion making that scene sooo HOT.

        I think this comment qualifies me as a fake lesbian. damn it.

        again…love the post guys

    • I only knew it was a scene from GG when I noticed Chace Crawford’s man-bangs. Srsly, I can recognize those things even when there isn’t any light in the scene. Go me.

  7. wow… nice job. I was thinking the Jesus-beard guy on the beach would have been Jacob..

  8. I am in freaking tears practically watching that.

    I agree with SuzieQ, that Jesus-beard dude has to be Jacob.

    And yeah, that looked like Bill Compton … cannot wait for the new season of “True Blood!!!”

    Thanks for posting this! And if you want to see talented kids performing “Twilight,” you’ve got to see what my students did yesterday:

  9. OMG this made me tear up and made me SO excited for the movie……I really hope they make it!

  10. Okay, was watching and enjoying until these thoughts entered my head:

    Wedding Dancing – No, they did not use a scene from 27 Dresses..haha they did!

    oh my – Natalie Portman…damn her for flirting with Robward. Haha – Clip from star wars, very random stuff in here

    Wait, I recognize this voiceover – this is from Kill Bill 2. It is oddly perfect!

    Although I thought there were some completely strange movie clips in there, these kids do have talent. Just the time it took to gather all of those clips..crazy.

    Anyone watch Tudors? The third season started recently and I can’t help but look at Henry Cavill and think that he is much closer to how I imagined Edward in my head. **lowering my eyes in shame and turning my head from the sneers** I love me some Robert, don’t get me wrong – I am just severely crushing on Henry Cavill. Too bad he is too old (and yet still younger than me) for the role of Edward when it was casted.

  11. best line: “and then suddenly, Cedric Diggory shows up!”

    imagine that!!

    yea thats that creepy jacob from a few videos ago. creepy terrorist/hippie/jesus jacob!

    ps follow your dreams kids!!

  12. Look what I found. They slipped this under the radar.

    “The production company has acquired the rights (optioned property) from Stephenie Meyer to film and distribute Breaking Dawn, the fourth novel in her series. However Breaking Dawn will not begin production until sometime in early 2010.”

    • Hmmm. I wonder if the “lead” actors will choose to sign on to this project. As of now they aren’t, right?

    • I’m guessing there will be an announcement after they see how New Moon does opening weekend, just like they did before. They announced New Moon would be made, what, a day after Twilight opened? If they have another blockbuster then they’ll know they’re good for two more films, and they’ll assume they have to rush them out too keep on top of this Twilight Saga fad. Not that I think it’s a fad, but they must be thinking it is, as they are in quite a hurry to get New Moon and Eclipse to theaters.

  13. Hey what’s the song playing in the background? 🙂

  14. i laughed only because I am watching star wars ep 3 right now…and Natalie/Padme just gave birth!

    very cool video!

    @Moon- I love “creepy terrorist/hippie/jesus jacob!” lol!

  15. That’s not Cedric Diggory lol. It’s Rawdy Crawley from the movie Vanity Fair.

    It’s still hilarious — “and then suddenly, Cedric Diggory shows up”.

    • Gah. My bad. I just watched it again and saw Cedric after the clip I was talking about. LOL.

      Rawdy and Cedric show up.

  16. Wow..that was strangely moving and lovely – who knew?! I totally agree that YouTubers have some serious talent. Loved seeing Blair and Nate from GG. You guys come up with the best stuff — thanks!

  17. What the fuck is this shit? Follow your dreams? With half rate, AMVs?

    I did better in my first go.

  18. haha, i love the kill bill dialouge. big win right there.

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