Twilosophy – Sad enough to quit reading the Twilight Saga?

twilightDear Twilosophy Majors-

I recently had an email conversation with an old friend who has just finished reading Twilight. I was excited (of course! a new convert!) and asked her if she’d finished the entire saga. She told me no, and that she decided to stop at the end of Twilight because it was consuming her thought life, her real life and making her depressed and sad. I was quite taken aback and wasn’t really sure what to say because OF COURSE I had been emotionally affected by the series how could you not be? And isn’t that normal? But that never once made me want to quit, in fact quite the opposite. I HAD to know how it ended. I had to know that even through it all: the drama, the conflict, the separation the October, November, December, January for God’s sake, that Bella and Edward would be together in the end. That they really would make it.

Which got me to thinking… can a book (or any work of art for that matter) be “good” if it doesn’t make you feel something?

Think about your favorite song, your favorite movie, your favorite piece of art… why do you like it? Sure music can be fun to listen to, movies entertaining, and art “pretty” but at the end of the day if it’s emotionally vacant it doesn’t stay with you. The stuff you connect with, the stuff that becomes your favorite speaks to you! I’ve always said what matters most to me about a piece of music are the lyrics. They’re the heart of the song for me because that’s what I remember and what gives me something to relate to. When I’m sad I wanna listen to Joni Mitchell for a reason, when I’m nostalgic for home I listen to Jimmy Eat World for a reason.

It’s the same with the Twilight Saga, it has all those components that we can relate to in our lives: Twilight has that first love jitters, New Moon has the deep dark sadness of losing someone, Eclipse has that feeling of being torn between two things you really care about and finally Breaking Dawn takes us in about every direction. But that’s why we love it! If it was a bland sugar coated fairy tale we wouldn’t all be sitting around here every day shooting the shit. God knows there’s a lot of other stuff to be doing, but because we’ve somehow all been personally touched by the Saga we want to discuss it and find other people like us here who can relate.

Don’t get me wrong I commend my friend for knowing herself enough to stop if something, even a book, was being personally destructive for her… but I also wonder if we don’t have those kinds of reactions to art or life in general what would the world be like? A lot of lukewarm moments, boring taupe walls and Kenny G songs?

Painting this wall red!

PS Stay tuned for the next Twilosophy installment when I break down the rest of my email discussion, involving relationships in and out of the Twi-dom

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What do you think? Too emotional, must quit? Or must go on?

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  1. You should seriously start a petition to be the professor of Twilisophy at UCLA. That was some heartfelt lesson today and I loved it.
    You are amazing & I heart you.

    • Just a brief history – I resisted reading the Twilight series for a very long time. All 4 books were out before I ever started the first one. (Thank GOD, too, b/c I would have LOST MY MIND if I had to wait for a sequel!) I had several friends BEGGING me to read it. I really had no interest. “Teenage vampires go to high school? Give me a f**king break, guys.”

      BUT… I went through a TERRIBLE time in my life, and was in dire need of escapism. So they talked me into it. I just assumed I wouldn’t even finish it.

      I got sucked in. Just like everyone else. I had the whole series done in about a week or so.

      But this was me reading New Moon:

      *Hops online to yell at friends*

      Twi-friends: “Just give it time. There are two more books, J.”

      ME: Ok, ok. Fine. I trust you.”

      TFs: Just hang in there. It gets better. We promise.

      ME: You guys, this is really dragging on! Are you sure he comes back? Are you sure he comes back in TIME?

      TFs: JUST READ IT!

      ME! But… but….

      TFs: JUST DO IT.

      ME: Fine. But he better not come back to find her with Jacob. I will burn this damned book, I SWEAR it.

      TFs: *eye roll*


      TFs: Just wait it out… not much longer now… a car shows up.

      ME: THE VOLVO???????

      TFs: No, not the volvo. But he DOES come back. So relax.

      ME: I’m trusting you guys…

      Then later…

      ME: OMG!! OMG!!!!!! ALICE! AAAAALLLIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      By the time I finished this book, I was SPENT. (But still started Eclipse the next day.)

      If your friend couldn’t make it through Twilight, then New Moon would be the DEATH of her!!!

      • seriously, was that break up scene heartwrenching or what? i’ve read New Moon 1.5 times. only because i COULD NOT READ the middle parts where she was so despondent and hanging with jacob. it made me want to maim myself over the break up.

        • I read somewhere that Stephenie Meyers said that she has never experienced heartache like Bella, which is pretty amazing because the pain and anguish she described mirrored my own. I read new moon twice and now am reading FF, which is New Moon from Edward’s perspective. It’s pretty cool so far, but I haven’t hit the break up scene yet. Perhaps I just want to make sure he felt just as bad or worse (which is wishing thinking for me to hope my ex is feeling it worse than me.)

          • OH that break up. I’ve only read it once. I did read the series a 2nd time, but I got right up to the break up, and then skipped to when she dives off the cliff! HAHA!

            I’m hoping the movie is less gut-wrenching. It has to be, b/c it won’t go on as long! The book took us HOURS AND HOURS to read that separation. The movie will have to condense that, quite a bit. Thank God. I can’t deal with too much Jacob/Bella BS. Make the connection, then bring him back. Plus, we need plenty of Volturi time. (AND AN “I lOVE YOU” THIS TIME, DAMNIT!!!! Give us a couple of them to make up for the complete LACK in Twilight, thank you very much. And at least MENTION that Jasper has an ABILITY!!!! Sorry…. tangent.)

          • WHAT!! there’s another book? – New Moon in Edwards perspective???? Why didn’t I know about this? I am reading Midnight Sun right now. I downloaded the first 12 rough drafted chapters. Where did you find the next book?? I can’t believe this! Did she ever finish Midnight SUn?

          • wait… i’m confused…. There are 4 twi saga books in total + Midnight sun… no new moon in edward’s perspective… YET!

          • Hey UC – I am assuming you were referring to one of my posts. Sorry if I wasn’t clear – I’m reading fan fiction that is called, “dark side of the moon.” The author wrote it after reading Midnight sun, so it is done in that style.

            Here’s the link

            Check it out!

          • I hate to break it to you, but I recently read that Stephenie has decided NOT to finish writing Midnight Sun, which if I’m correct, is the name of the book that is from Edward’s perspective.

          • What is FF?

          • FF is fanfiction.

          • What is FF? and do you have a link to that – am I jumping the gun here and just need to keep reading?

          • FF… what is this you speak of? tell me now i must know!! New Moon from Edward’s perspective

      • These books have and continue to have a strong emotional impact on everyone that reads them. It made me realize how truly unhappy my marriage is and that life is too short to waste it trying to fix something that can’t be fixed. I have a friend that also could not finish Twilight because it was causing too many conflicting emotions over her own marriage!

        • i guess it’s important to remind ourselves that it’s not REAL and no one is THAT perfect.. b/c our imperfect marriages can be quite disappointing if we get those unrealistic expectations about them. Thanks for commenting!

      • Jas
        I read New Moon in a day because after he left her my daughter said “Just wait until chapter 16 (or whatever chapter he comes back in)” so I rushed through the entire book just to get him to come back. Then I read somewhere that Stephenie Meyer said to re-read NM because everyone was rushing through and missing the start of Jacob and Bella’s relationship. I did re-read it but I was never a Jacob fan!
        Finally in book 4 after I passed up my daughter I had to find out if it was going to end well – thanks to my sister I kept reading!!!

    • i’m currently applying… fingers crossed they will see this kind of major is needed! 🙂

    • You hit the nail right on the head… I was wondering why I was so addicted to this Saga… I understood the whole first love thing which is why I loved Twilight. It took me back to that place so many years ago. But breaking it down book by book put a perspective on the reading experience. I never thought to quit the series… there were many times I was angry with Bella that I had to put the book down, then remind myself she is a teenage girl who makes stupid decisions in life and THIS IS JUST A BOOK! But The series got me through difficult times the last few months and I also notice that I calm down when reading or listening to the audio books… when I am stressed or sad I lose myself over and over again in the series… it helps me for sure.

  2. i love you 2 ladies. this and ltr make my life each day=) this might be my fave entry. i agree 100% with you. if art doesn’t make you feel something, what’s the point?

    did i mention i love this site?

    • did we mention we ❤ you?

      • =) reading ltr and ltt is my new morning ritual. it has taken the place of regis and kelly. honestly. if you 2 ladies do twicon, you need to have your own workshop or something.

    • did i mention i love your name!

      • thank you muchlyyyy =) is it terrible that i just got home from the bar and all i could think was “i can’t wait until i can read a new entry on ltr and ltt tomorroww”?? if you ladies go to twicon, you should have your own workshop. for reals.

  3. Great post, moon! I think my first thought was not *why* did she stop but *HOW* did she stop? For me, (for all the reasons you so eloquently explained) it was a visceral need to keep going with the story. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter!

  4. This is EXACTLY How I feel! Thnx for getting it in perspective

  5. Interesting post! I have to admit I have given consideration to whether I’ve let Twilight take over my thoughts and life in general a bit TOO much, but if I could go back in time and have the option to drink the Twi-Aid or not, I would do it all over again. I think the fact that Twilight has had an actual impact on my life and taken me in new directions [hello, Blogger!] can only be viewed as a positive thing (regardless of whether it makes me question my mental well-being on occasion – lol).

  6. Whoa, Moon, that was deep.

    Totally agree! You’ve got to really feel something to have the kind of effect Twilight has on us. It’s the same reason why you can put certain songs on repeat and listen for hours on end. It’s the same reason I wake up each day and try to “connect” to the Twilight world, even if it’s just Twittering about it.

    It may be the same reason we are totally obsessed with Rob. Don’t kill me when I say this, but Rob is not the best looking guy in the world. *ducks as Twilight book is thrown at head* He IS amazingly gorgeous, but let’s face it, it’s his attitude, his personality, that have drawn us in. He effects us all emotionally.

    Oh man, I got a little deep this morning. I need more coffee.

    • deeps waters my friend… HAHAHa

      of course he isnt the best looking dude, i think his appeal is based on a lot of other stuff too. personality goes a long way for me.

  7. I really loved this post! But it made me worry a little about your friend, especially after the connection was made between our love of music, art, etc. and emotions. (So true, btw!) Maybe, as your friend read the book, she was confronted with feelings with which wasn’t ready to deal. That might be too pop psychological, but we are being all twilosophical, so I thought it would be okay to go there. 🙂 On the other hand, she obviously has truly remarkable self control! How else would you be able to put it down?

    • i was feeling the same thing. arm chair diagnosing is easy but seems to ring a bit true, doesnt it.

  8. The part of Twilight that I found especially touching is Robert Pattinson playing Edward and just the pure basic fact that I want to touch him and him me and over and over and over and…wait…what was the question again?

  9. Sign me up for this Twilosophy class, I’ll pay my tuition in full!

    Since reading the saga, I have grown closer to friends who have read it, and father away from friends who have not read it, or who have read it and don’t like it. Never in my life have I questioned a friendship based on if that person agrees with my taste in books. But it’s happening now because of Twilight. So what does that say about me? What does that say about my friends who aren’t into the saga? I’m just not sure. Hmm …

    • a dear friend that moon & i met via our blog says “twilight brings people together” and she’s right- Moon & i have gotten super close because of it and have met AMAZING friends through it!

      • sing it.

        i ALWAYS wonder about people who don’t like the saga. like whats wrong WITH THEM?? haha

  10. Yay–my new favorite post from you, Moon!

    I’m scared of a life lived lukewarm…in taupe walls…with Kenny G as the soundtrack. I say this as I sit in my RED kitchen. Dark, blood, vampiry red, of course.

    Brilliant Twilosophy, Professor Moon. You get an “A.”

  11. Amazingly well put, Moon. I completely agree. I guess I’m masochistic, but I could never put the books down. I feel the same way as you. I NEED to know what happens, no matter how silly, painful, blissful or other emotionally wrenching feeling it evokes.

    I literally get chills and an emotional response whenever I listen to a song that I LOVE. It kinda freaks me out that that kind of song can do that EVERY TIME I listen to it, but that’s what makes it so amazing. For example, Breathe Me by Sia is doing that to me right now. And it’s possible that I’m relating that song to New Moon, which is evoking even MORE emotion.

    I get the same way with movies and books. I may like other things that don’t necessarily bring something out of me, but I won’t ever LOVE it and get this weird feeling in my heart and stomach everytime I come across it. It hasn’t become a part of me.

  12. Definitely well put! I think that, in order for a book (or music, for that matte) to be good, it HAS to make you feel some way. The Twilight series definitely accomplishes that.

    • exactly i think we all can relate somehow because it’s the feeling behind it. smeyers wasn’t writing freaking tolstoy or something she just told a really great story that made you FEEl soemthing. and billions of books later we’re all sitting around here.

  13. I picked up Twilight for some “light” reading after I finished The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Which was a beautifully written book that left me bawling my eyes out every single time I picked it up. Art, music, books, movies… they can all affect us to extremes and while I think that sometimes it’s right to recognize your own limits and know that you should stop if something is going to disrupt your relationship/work/life – isn’t that the stuff that also makes life worth living? It feels good to really FEEL something to an extreme sometimes. That’s why people so often enjoy these outlets – because there is a cathartic experience involved. I think everyone can point out a book, movie or concert that they felt really “changed” their life! It’s these experiences that help shape us into the people we are.

    • YES!! i love this: “t feels good to really FEEL something to an extreme sometimes”

      i was thinking the same thing but you put it so well! bravo!

    • @ Moon – Great post! I ❤ Twilosophy! I wasn’t really online much yesterday, when most of these comments were posted, so reading all the wonderful thoughts from everyone is amazing! I just finished reading the comments, and because it’s so great to see how helpful and positive the Saga has been for so many (and because I read almost all the comments multiple times), just reading through all of them took almost an hour! I think it’s fantastic to see such a strong collective response from other Twilighters in support of how great it feels to just let yourself go, to a certain extent, and go on the ride with Stephenie’s characters, and let yourself be taken to all the emotional places that the books go.

      @ NoodleWolf – I pretty much couldn’t agree with you more, and I also LOVE the sentence that Moon quoted. Everyone has different things in their life that can be cathartic, and in all but the most extreme, one-in-a-million type of situations, having something that can serve as a release like that is fantastic. Really FEELING something – it’s life-affirming. Some people talk about being “adrenaline junkies” or “thrill-seekers” – to me, the ultimate thrill (similar to what others have posted) is that feeling of being connected to something else (or, if you’re lucky, someone else) so strongly that you find it impossible to imagine or think back on how you did things before.

  14. I’m sorry I couldn’t get past the beginning of your post that said your friend stopped reading after Twilight. How…did….she…stop??? The shame of being over 30 and standing in Barnes & Noble at the Teen Fiction section with my arms full of hard cover books after devouring the first one didn’t stop me. Reading in the car by flashlight didn’t stop me.

    BTW – Moon you rock, I love your posts! They are my secret treat every morning.

    • KJP –
      I read twilight with a flashlight too 🙂 And I am nearly 30, so you are not the only one! 🙂 Most embarrassing was being at the Twilight DVD release party (yup I went) and it being all teeny boppers who clearly did not know the trivia nearly as well as my friend and me (we didn’t participate, just stood in the corner and said the answers to eachother).

    • thank you!!! and yes i too have no shame when it comes to these books or standing in kiddie book sections either!

  15. ooooooooooooooo, I love Twilosophy Lessons! Well put, Prof Moon!

    I am actually impressed that your friend was able to come to this conclusion after ONLY reading Twilight! I mean, I love the book, but it was not the most emotionally consuming book I’ve ever read, just on its own…..I think I realized it was taking over my life when I finished NM with tears in my eyes, and within 5 minutes was driving to the mall for Eclipse. I was thinking, wth am I doing? I have never sped through neighborhoods to buy a book before!

    AND I totally agree that art, literature, music, whatever, if it didn’t touch you deeply, would be pointless. Whenever people not in-the-know are talking about Twilight like it is just crap, I always think about you guys, and all the other websites, (even the ones devoted to Rob’s beauty), that were all inspired by this work. It has to come from somewhere. It has struck a chord with us, and that is why we are here, checking this website before email in the AM, because I WANT to keep thinking about it. It’s my obsession, and I’m OK with it. I may be keeping it a secret from everyone I know, but hey–THAT’S NORMAL.

    OK, I have yammered on, hope that made sense. Thanks for continuing to let me feel normal.


    • i think people just like to hate on things that have become popular and they dont understand. it’s easy to rag on something you know nothing about. however it is also lame!

      and yes THATS NORMAL! 😉

  16. You know, I love books that make you feel. What’s the point otherwise?? For me, the Twi Saga took me back and made me remember all those things from my own life that you spoke about – first love jitters, loosing someone, being torn – and I got to re-live all of that through B&E. It’s so emotional and such a great story, I can’t imagine someone actually wanting to stop. It just doesn’t make sense to me… ????

    Dear God, thank you for all things Twilight. Love, me

  17. Wow…this literally gave me goosebumps.

    You are so spot on with this. I’m glad to see that you girls can be silly/boycrazy/fun and then bring things down to a serious level too. I’m very impressed.


  18. i just finished reading twilight. i loved it. but i stop, and i wont read anymore because the book is so bad written

    • wait!? you LOVED it… but won’t read more b/c it’s written badly? i’m confused!!!

      • i love the story. i love edward, i love alice, i love charly… even bella haha but i think meyer only had one brilliant idea, a great story to tell and thats all.
        i read a lot, i just don’t like the way she wrote.
        i agree with robert pattinson when he said it feels weird to read the book, its like reading a diary

        • I LOVE reading people’s diaries!! So personal….

        • give new moon a chance…. you’re right- steph isnt’ a great writer, but she is a brilliant storyteller!

          • thanks 🙂 i’ll think about it today…

          • remember me? by now i ended the incomplete midnight sun, new moon and tomorrow ill start the third book.
            i only slept 2 hours last night reading. until 4am on a workday.
            i cant help it anymore. is there any cure to this desease?
            (but yes, i still think SM sucks writing, im addicted to edward)

    • You know, I kinda have to agree with Sofia. I don’t think Twilight was the best written book I ever read. I just read it a couple weeks ago, so I was surrounded by all the hype. After I read it, I liked the story, but was not super impressed by the writing. Granted, this was her 1st book. And it is geared toward an adolescent audience.

      I do, however, LOVE the rest of the books in the series. I think you’re doing yourself a disservice by not reading them. The writing gets better. The plot gets better. It becomes more involved and complicated. I really think you’ll see what I mean if you give it a chance.

  19. Hmm, I believe this post has affected me emotionally – I have so many thoughts and feelings regarding this whole matter that I don’t even know where to begin. I hadn’t discovered twilight the series until after seeing the movie and in fact, I resisted reading it for a couple of months because I was afraid that I couldn’t handle the ‘love conquers all’ message of the book in my current state. I was completely heartbroken, going through my own ‘October, November, December, January’ (it was actually those months, oddly enough) and reading about true love was not something I was ready for. Needing distraction from my obsessing over my loss (we were supposed to get married), my friend pleaded with me to read the book. Finally, a month later, I picked it up and didn’t stop until a week later when I had completed the series and Midnight Sun. This happened concurrently with a move from Florida to PA and starting a new job. The series consumed my thoughts. I barely functioned. I sat at my desk, constantly thinking about the books, the characters and the story. I’ve read different articles on the books and I think the best characterization of their popularity is the escapist nature. As the books are told in first person, we are put directly in Bella’s world – the reader is Bella and you can live vicariously through her story. Although my heart still ached (and still does) I wanted to be in her world where love can conquer all. I wanted to feel her happiness. Sure, I now have completely unrealistic expectations for men (although Lauren’s Bite did help with some guidelines recently). I suppose though I still want to revel in the happy tale since I visit sites like this where I can be immersed in everything twilight. Perhaps the obsession will fade over time, but I’ll enjoy it while I can still escape the harsh reality of everyday life.

    Now you have all learned a little bit more about me 🙂 And I am so happy to meet others who share their love for the series.

    • Hey girl,

      I just wanted to say that I think you wrote this up beautifully and hit the nail on the head. I found my way to Twilight for similar escapist reasons, although in my case I wasn’t dealing with something quite so sad (so sorry to hear your story!!!). I was actually coming off of the best 4 months of my life (being abroad) and I had to return to a world that I’d been pretty miserable in before I left. Twilight has helped me laugh and have something happier, if not frivoulous, to focus on these months back and I appreciate that to no end.

      Anyway, I just wanted to wave “hello”! 🙂


      • @ Katie – Hello and thanks for the kind words. I can relate to you on the study abroad front. I had the time of my life studying in France in college for close to 6 months. It’s almost like going through withdrawl when you come home. Hopefully you can find things that make you happy where you are or make changes to make yourself happier. Are you still in school?

        – Amour

    • AmourPSU – Are you friends with Hannah?? If so I’ve been wanting to meet you!

    • Well put. I totally agree about the escapism aspect. I’ve been going through A LOT of stuff recently, and this is the first thing I’ve found myself really excited about in a long time. I know that I’m stepping out of reality when I’m obsessing about all things Twilight, but I think it’s to keep my sanity and allow myself a little fun. Seriously, the blogs and sites and people I’ve met since becoming involved in the series have really brought something to my life. Something really positive. And, I don’t want the obsession to fade. I got my brother into it and we’ve been talking about it a lot recently b/c he’s reading the books now. Great discussions. And I’ve started to listen to the podcast Imprint, which is great btw. Go download it. They’re the same crew who runs the site Mugglenet for Harry Potter and do the podcast Mugglecast. Top sites and podcasts. I get excited listening b/c it’s such fun discussions.

      • @ Marta – I hear ya! Love that I am beginning to have a whole twilight online family. It helps fill the hole a little bit. Will have to check out the Podcast.

        @ Moon – did you realize your post today would draw on such heartfelt responses? Any more thoughts on my Charlie’s Angel stalker weekend suggestion?

      • Okay…. I guess I am behind the times, but what is a podcast and how can I hear the twilight segments?

        • on iTunes. Podcasts are kind of like streaming radio. Programs are recorded about any kind of subject and you can subscribe to them so you get the latest when it’s updated. The podcast I mentioned, Imprint, is the #1 Twilight cast on iTunes right now. The production and quality are great. I downloaded all the episodes and have started listening from the beginning (the first was last June, I think). It was funny b/c the 1st 2 episodes had a lot of speculation on BD b/c it hadn’t been released yet. Then I skipped ahead to episode 5? which is right after BD was released b/c I was really curious if any of their predictions were correct. Not through with it yet. In the episode, though, they did announce they did an interview with SMeyer right before going on the air (it was a live cast) and that it’d be broadcast on Mugglecast (wtf?!) so I went over to Mugglenet to download it! Haha. They said they did that b/c it would reach a larger audience.

  20. This is very interesting, and I definitely commend the way you handled her email, but the whole situation kind of surprises me. Mainly because I didn’t feel any sort of upsetting emotions after Twilight. I felt hopelessly giggly, on the brink of obsession and pretty darn hooked, but it wasn’t until New Moon/Eclipse when my angsty/dark/sad emotions kicked in.

    Then again, it makes sense that I became obsessed with these books in spite of the fact that I often feel I shouldn’t be (aka I’m in the closet because my RL friends consider them trash because we’re “educated” and “literature lovers” etc). Anyway, it makes sense for me because I’m sort of an emotion junkie. It’s like you said about art, music, movies–I love anything that can make me feel and feel strongly…and not just good, but good, bad, melancholy, inspirational, hopeless, etc. It’s why certain songs will bring me to tears in sadness (like “Almost Lover”) even if it has nothing to do with my life. It’s why back in my days of devout Harry Potter fandom involvement my favorite part of my favorite fanfiction was a heart-breaking split between my two favorite characters…and then the way it was remedied. Actually, it reminds me a lot of New Moon. I get to really feel the pain, the sadness, and then I get to feel eubilient and on top of the world with Bella/Hermione.

    I apologize for rambling! I suppose my point is just that the reason I probably love the Twi-series so much is because I love when stories suck me in emotionally so I can sob with them, lust with them, be ecstatic, etc–it makes me feel alive.

  21. if something doesn’t effect us emotionally… does it really effect us at all?

    (also i skipped one day in 2nd grade & never learned the diff b/t affect & effect.. so sorry if i used the wrong one here)

  22. @Moon….just wow!
    I want to reply, but not before I can sit and really think about all the words that just came flooding to my brain as I read those deep and meaningful words you typed above…be back later! Srsly! Hoping MrsP and some ChickFilA can help me make sense of all these thoughts!

  23. OMFE!!

    I feel like if I’m being observed !! *squee*
    How did you girls found the note in our page? lol
    Thanks a lot for the video xD It was amazing!
    I love your blog xD it’s sooooo hilarious!

    Add me ;D

  24. I have this conversation with people all the time! I am a highly emotional person. I feel things so deep down to the point of tears or manic laughter. and I love it. I live for that. I think having those feelings are what makes us as humans so amazing. I could not imagine going through life on an even keel.

    These books stirred in me those same feelings you speak of. I could not imagine stopping reading the series because it was too emotional. Its the same reason I come to LTR and LTT every day. The emotions that I get to experience, finding new friends, laughing out loud at someones wit, being sad when they are having a hard day..its necessary to me.

    This post gave me goosebumps of the best kind. I loved it!

  25. i love this post. I can’t help but be reminded of my favorite movie of all time! Since I was a child I have loved the movie “Steel Magnolias” (yes i really am that sappy and girly). when I was 5 years old I was fascinated by Julia Roberts, the wedding and the pink…lots of pink. It wasn’t til’ I was older…and had worn out 2 VHS copies, that I started to really feel the emotion in the movie. I have watched it hundreds and hundreds of times and still to this day I laugh like the jokes are new, and cry like my best friend just died. My heart aches everytime.

    I think a good story, song, movie, art piece is great when it touches us emotionally, and truly magnificent if it can make us feel those emotions over and over.
    That’s how I feel about the Twilight Saga….I feel the same way the 3rd or 4th time reading as I did the first time…the anticipation, the heart pounding, the butterflies, the agony, the fear, the ecstacy….all of it. that is what makes Stephenie’s storytelling so great, the characters are so vivid and so fascinating you want to know everything about them.

    I think I better stop there, its taken me forever to write this because peeps keep coming into my office.

    I ❤ LTT

  26. My daughter (18) had the same reaction after reading Twilight. Really, really, sad. She picked up New Moon and started reading it the next day and said “Why didn’t you tell me to keep going!!”. For her, New Moon made it all right.

    I think these books affect(ed) us all differently, but I did notice one really bizarre thing. While I was reading them (all 4 in a week at a beach vacation) I had heightened emotions ABOUT EVERYTHING IN MY REAL LIFE. It’s like the crack that was Twiligh had seeped into my reality. I am generally a no/low drama girl, but everything that happened on that family vacation was HUGE to me. I honestly didn’t make the connection to the books until my daughter was reading them months later and said, “During the week I was reading those books, I would find myself in school just crying for no reason.”

    OMG(E) – I have been reading for many many years and have never had books affect me that way.

  27. can you tell it’s Friday, and I am being bad even with ‘Big brother’ is around…

    @UC and MOON congrats on being mentioned in Greek Glamour. That’s crazy! I wonder how many people from Greece will check out the site. Hi Greece! Would love to visit….

  28. My dear friend read the series 6 times in 2 weeks. It consumed her and actually took a toll on her marriage. She began to compare her marriage and hubby to Edward! As a married woman, I know how that goes… but luckily for me, reality stepped in and made my silly little crazy Edward crush only that. But for her, it made her question so many positive things, and IMO, it was more destructive. So, I praise your friend for knowing herself well enough to stop and stop early!

  29. Personally, I could not stop reading a book or stop listening to a song because it was making me sad or mad or nauseous.

    If it wasn’t making me feel anything…then I would probably stop reading or listening.

    The angst-ier, the better, IMO. What’s my angst may not be yours and vice versa, but that is okay. Just feel something!

  30. Here, here! I completely agree! I was sucked into the Twilight world shortly after New Moon was released. I was going on vacation with the fam and I needed an escape. I was going through a difficult divorce, and if I had to hear one more “are you alright” question from my family I would explode.

    I read the first two books in a few days. I must say that reading the break up was pretty difficult but allowed me to face my own feelings. They gave me a little hope. I couldn’t wait for Eclipse, it was tough, especially with the little preview at the end of New Moon (my fav). However, Eclipse did the same thing as Twilight and New Moon. It gave me some hope, it helped confront my feelings more, and I even found myself infuriated with Bella. I could have strangled her to be honest. Just had to remind myself what it was like to be a teenager. It helped a little. I just became so connected with all of the characters (especially Leah with her situation, my ex didn’t have the imprinting excuse though) and the situations, and feelings they were all experiencing. I just fell in love with them.

    That is why my books are in need of replacement. They are falling apart! lol

    I handed the books to my mom who really didn’t enjoy them. (Say what?!) She didn’t “understand” what I loved so much about the saga. Yet my Aunt is just as crazy about Twilight as me. Bottom line I just think it’s all in the eye of the beholder. You have to feel something to truly enjoy it otherwise it’s just a waste of time.

    Sorry so long! Just wanted to add my 2 cents to the convo.

  31. Okay. Now that I’ve had time to soak this all in and read all the info that you all have shared I don’t feel so crazy (not that it matters at this point, right?).

    These books sucked me in and spit me out a confused and depressed mess. I couldn’t explain it. I wandered around for days trying to figure out what the hell had happened. I have a happy marriage, wonderful kids and a somewhat fulfilling career and yet these books made me question everything and everyone around me. It’s not like the writing was so stellar that I was challenging myself intellectually yet, I found myself re-reading the books from TW to Midnight Sun and starting right at the beginning again.
    I finally realized that the books reminded me of my first love and loss and love again. Getting to be Bella as you read just intensified those long ago (and apparently not forgotten) feelings. I am such a sucker. A song from 20 years ago will come on and I can remember exactly where I was or what my hubs was wearing. I still cry every time I hear the song that was playing on the radio the day I brought my first baby home from the hospital. Music, movies or art that do not evoke that feeling for me are easily forgotten, but if they do they stay with me forever. I can see myself giving my granddaughters a set of Twilight books for their 16th birthdays one day in the far away future. Everyone should have a chance to swoon over Edward!

    • awwwwwwwww vicky!! i love this. i can totally see you have a special moment with your future granddaughters somewhere down the road giving them the saga and having a heart-to-heart about edward!

  32. its funny that this was brought up. me and my twi friend mom have been going back and forth regarding this “craziness”. mine started when i watched the movie. it took me 3 weeks to finish all the books and my life was never the same again. i read your AWESOME blogs about our RPatzz…..and i always refer myself as if i was a recovering addict..always in rehab….not wanting to recover.

    if i am not hooked on a book, i will not finish it. meaning it has no bearing to me. new moon really sucked up a lot of emotions off me but hey..does not change the fact that the Twi Saga is the best.

  33. With all due respect (& I love your blog, BTW) I propose that “Twilight” touched your friend greatly and she’s exhibiting a rare but high form of praise for S. Meyer’s writings.

    Here’s my theory: your friend’s unwillingness to move beyond Twilight is likely not a disconnected, “unfeeling” rejection of the book series. It actually illustrates that she was *so* drawn to the book and its characters that it literally affected her reality (which can be seriously disconcerting). Your friend said that the story had “consumed” her and was making her “depressed and sad”. I experienced the exact same reaction and while I have plans to read the entire series, I’ve not yet picked up NM. (But will before 11/09, holla!)

    I’m an avid reader and have read my fair share of stink-o books. I couldn’t believe that some of them had even been published! They left absolutely no mark on me. No happiness, no anger, no sadness, no depression. Nothing. They had no power and no lingering affect on my reality. Unlike “Twilight”. It was almost too much.

    Like your friend and bukus of others, I would read “Twilight” for hours on end (my young family, at times wondering WTH happened to me as I hid like an addict) and then when I would finally put the book down, (only if necessary, like say a small child was in physical danger or the house was on fire) I would be thoroughly saddened by the fact that the mystical and magical words on those pages weren’t describing MY life. Where was MY beautiful and tragic vampire, anyway!?! WTF!?! My life suddenly seemed so mundane and unromantic. Doesn’t matter that I have a great life and a hot husband (who incidentally resembles R. Pattinson a bit, score!)

    Like your friend, “Twilight” was confusing my thoughts…extracting “ghost” emotions and thoughts non-relative to my every day life. The book was a great escape — the tricky part was *returning* from the escape. I’m not sure why I couldn’t just consume it as fantasy fiction like 98% of readers, but whatevs.

    It’s just a theory based on my own experience but my first sense was that your friend stopped reading the series because it was affecting her TOO much. Which is actually a huge compliment to the author and “Twilight”. It had power. I had the same reaction and LOVED the book!

    So there’s my .02 cents and my first post. I twitterstalk you and RPatz, it’s how I get my fix now that I’m out of Twihab. Keep up the great work girls, you’re a riot.

    • Shannon.. thanks SO much for your thoughts- and while I was definitely not the same (blew through the series in 6 days!) I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!!!

      So glad you’ve been twitterstalking us and now are commenting 🙂 XO

    • You have described my reaction exactly. I devoured “Twilight” and then sank into a deep depression for days because it wasn’t real. I was torn between distancing myself to ease the pain and tearing into the next books in order to burn myself out, hoping I’d get tired of Edward.

      I did pushed, but after he left Bella in New Moon, I nearly came unglued. I flipped to the end of the book to make sure he came back, and then did the fastest reading in my life to get through the agonizing middle chapters.

      I’m also in my early 30s, married to a gorgeous guy, everything going for me… and the pining for Twilight is fading slowly. It was a huge comfort to read this. Thanks.

  34. Some of the best reads for me are, ironically, the ones that kind of made me all depressed at some point…the kind where the characters just stick with me and I moon and ponder and obsess about them for days, weeks, months on end. Atonement, for example. Or The Time Traveler’s Wife.

    Twilight didn’t do that for me, honestly. Thought it was just cheesy, crappy writing all around. But New Moon was at hand and I just had to know whether Bella would be turned to a vampire, you know? And that’s what actually sucked me into the series–the emotional ride that was New Moon. It remains my favorite of the series. (I have that in common with Rob, see.)

  35. […] bookmarks tagged jimmy eat world Twilosophy – Sad enough to quit reading the Twilig… saved by 4 others     XSecretGardenX bookmarked on 04/18/09 | […]

  36. Twilight came to me at just the right time. If I had read it any closer to my divorce I probably would have gone to La Push and jumped off a cliff myself. The Saga does draw you in and it does make you feel things that sometimes you don’t want to feel again. I can definitely see how reading it at the wrong time in your life can seem self-destructive. It can also be cathartic. You can relive some of the sweet stuff vicariously. You can relive old hurts and maybe gain new perspective. The point is that it makes you feel, and that is the definition of art.

  37. Wow…this sounded so, dare I say, Carrie Bradshaw-ish?! Well done!

    I think if someone chooses not to read past the first book, they’re just not getting the full story, the full feel of the saga. It would have made me feel incomplete if I hadn’t read all four books.

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