Jackson and the bat… need I say more?

Dear Jackson-

Now that the DVD is out I spent a good 30 minutes this weekend watching and re-watching that bit in the baseball scene where you’re up to bat and you do that cool bat flippy trick (technical term). I even sat there with it in slow mo cause it was totally hot. Then I noticed NReed in the background of your shot trying to do the same thing. And I wanted to yell at her “Stop it BIOTCH, you’re being distracting, this is Jackson’s moment stop ef-ing around!” But she didn’t listen.

(try not to wear this out toooo much)

I don’t know what it is about the scene that makes it so hot… must be something about knowing how to handle a bat…ahem… or maybe it takes me back to those high school days when I would sit in the stands eating sunflower seeds gossiping and crushing hard on the baseball team. And maybe a particular player named Hank who would later come to ask me out and I would tell him I couldn’t go out because it was my birthday! (I’m also dumb). But that is neither here nor there. I was young and stupid, don’t judge! Who knows what it is about that bat scene. But whatever it is… keep doing it Jackson!

Oh and I can’t wait for the Bella birthday scene in New Moon. Bite Kristen… HARD!

You can handle my uh… bat… uh anyday. Yea…

PS after the cut a gratuitous amount of jasper/jackson gifs to really help speed Tuesday along

PPS HUGE thanks to Twitter gals: dreamrevelry, MsJBell, tasha0529, starsfall, Twilight_Series and tabs07 for helping me find these goodies!

PPSS meant to add this in before but if you are creatively inclined please head over to Twilight Tuesday where this week’s challenge is who else?? Mr. Jasper. Twilight Tuesday

be still my heart…

work it

work it

a bigger version... you know, for your files n stuff

a bigger version... you know, for your files n stuff

how about a different angle?

how about a different angle?

ok, ok we'll let some other Cullen boys get in on the action

ok, ok we'll let some other Cullen boys get in on the action

yup, I'll let you handle it...

yup, I'll let you handle it...

oh why the heck not? ONE MORE!!!!

oh why the heck not? ONE MORE!!!!

Ok… done. again thanks to those who sent in Jackson goodies! You ladies rule!

Devilish Southern Belle, you out there? This is your man!

106 Responses

  1. You know there were 3 parts in the movie in which I said, out loud, “That’s hot.”
    *When Edward backed Bella up against that mountain.
    *When Carlisle turned Edward. (Man-on-man action…whew!)
    *Jasper’s bat skills. Of course.

    And seriously…he’s wearing a ringer shirt. That’s just good programming right there.

    • he has the least complicated wardrobe on, yet it’s THE HOTTEST. amen and amen

      i agree on all points you made. all were the best.

    • my thoughts upon jasper hitting that ball outta there and the face he made… Tasty.

      yup, that is all.

  2. And how Leigh Anne…and how!!! But did you notice how nicely fit that baseball shirt looks on him…it just so happens that his muscles look quite divine!!! That was one of the scenes where i thought the same as you…THATS HOT!!! LOL 🙂

  3. i can agree that i said outloud,”thats hott” when i saw jasper’s skills.

  4. Wow I said out loud too and rewound!! Ahh i’m so happy I have internet access, my friends think I’m really weird for rewinding it and watching it in slow-mo so much haha! XD

    • You’re not weird, THEY are for not thinking this. HELLO god invented slo-mo for times such as this!

  5. I totally agree with all the comments…Jasper could rock my world any ole’ time, as long as he flips his bat around beforehand….:)
    I thought the part where Edward was the hottest was when Bella and he were in his bedroom and he takes her hand and starts to dance w/her! OH….MY….GOD – how she didn’t jump him right then and there I’ll never know! I also love the part where he is playing the piano – I SO want to take piano lessons from him!

  6. OME I HATED when Rosalie did that…grrrrr I kept saying POSER..stop it you WANNA BE you aint no Jasper put the flippen bat down… lol Ok thanks I have been thinking that for soooo long haha

  7. lmao Please watch the NReed part again. She’s totes scared of the uh… bat. Another fact that point to the blaring reason she’s fake lesbo… she’s scared of the ‘bat.’

    “I would sit in the stands eating sunflower seeds gossiping and crushing hard on the baseball team.”
    So that wasn’t just me and my friends then?? Hm. 🙂

    Another thing – how come you’re totes all over Jacksper lately?? Why not some Kellan or Carlisle lovin’? Jacksper is teacher’s pet huh?

    • sunflower seeds and HS baseball: the american experience!

      hahaha dude i just said to UC it was time to feature carlilse… oh and kellan got tons of love at the beginning… i can only concentrate on one hot boy at a time… oh wait i lie.

      ps he is TOTALLY teachers pet right now! 😉

  8. he is soooo hot. i know that he was in our town shooting his new movie. we wanted to go stalk him. my text message to my friend was after we decided to go stalk him -fuck work! lets go now i am sure i could pick him up in my grateful dead hoodie, glasses and pink monster slippers. my friend then called me and we had a good laugh about it. we didn’t end up going. but i would for sure let him eat crackers in my bed.

  9. thanks for the eye candy this morning 🙂 crap, i am not going to get anything done at work today becaus i am going to be ogling my computer screen. i almost wanna lick it.

  10. trixi are you in philly too?

    i wanna stalk him next time he’s here….. it’s necessary.

    and by stalk I mean get drunk with him… and ask him how one goes about bumpin’ uglies with his boy Pattinson….

    • i live not far away from where they are shooting at the pagoda in reading. i am a lancaster girl. fucking amishville usa. why anyone would want to come and visit the amish for vacation is beyond me. they must come here to say they went to intercourse.

    • if you guys don’t stalk him we’re not friends.

      the end.

  11. Yay for Jasper love!! He’s soooo my favorite– so damaged, sweet Alice had to save him from himself, his devotion to her… swoon.

    I remember seeing Rosalie dork around with the bat around my 5th theater viewing and thinking, “is she the retarded vampire?” I wish they would have CGI’d her out of that shot.

    @moon: totally can’t wait for him to try to kill Bella, but what about when he shows her his scars and tells his story in Eclipse??? will be awesome.

    • anything jasper will be fabulous and awesome!!!!!!! loved how you described him: do damaged, so devoted.

      PS this rules:
      “is she the retarded vampire?”

    • oh, my belly hurts from laughing so hard at “is she the retarded vampire?” ohhhh…it hurts, it hurts!

  12. One of my very favorite parts of the movie… SUPER HOT! And I am also really looking forward to the birthday scene in NM… *hoping it turns out differently*

  13. Oh the bat scene…..one of my most favorite scenes in the movie. I thought I was the only dweeb that could view Jasper tossing that bat doing his “thing” 10000 times. It’s so hot and hunky!

    The baseball scene is my favorite period. I loved everything about it. It took me a while to pick up on Carlisle saying “Easy Kitty” to Rosalie after Bella called her out. LOL…priceless..

    Oh back to Jasper. Saw him on Criminal Minds the other night…scared me to death. He really is crazy! LOL!

    • it’s SO amazing. that Muse song!? the bat!? Alice’s pitching!? brilliant!

    • giiiirrrrlll i saw criminal minds and about died. SOOO creepy and awesome and more creepy! im gonna post something about it soon.

      • I just watched it too and yeah…he’s very creepy in it, but like a delicious creepy. Can I just say that I love his (and Rob’s) buttchins??? Seriously….I just want to dip my tongue into that crevice.

      • I know right!!! SO FREAKING CREEPY. But you have to have special acting talent to play that role right?

        Is is just me or did he look hot as a woman too? Maybe it’s just me. LOL.

        And then…I had to endure comments from the hubby….”Oh what do you see in him”, and “I can’t believe I’m watching this”. He gave away the whole show like 2 minutes into watching it and I smacked him. Pissed me off!

        • I could totally tell it was Jacksper’s sweet voice and the butt chin in the shadows gave him away.

          *sigh* the buttchin.

  14. Yay! I totally loved that part, too. But none of the gif’s you have actually include the one where’s he’s at bat and doing the bat flip thing before he swings. Is it because you didn’t want Rosie in the shot, ruining it? Then I totally understand. 😉

    • i could only handle her in the video…. once was enough. and apparently every person who made a gif felt the same way! HA

  15. Oh, and I dated someone in high school who played baseball. 😉

  16. Jasper makes me wanna do innappropriate things with him on a baseball field. I’m all up for 2nd…maybe 3rd base. =]

  17. I know this is TOTALLY off topic, but I was over at the Examiner reading the commentary about BD being made into a film. We all know it’s still up in the air, but there are some good (and really bad) points people make for both sides. Obvi, I’m for it being made. There are tricky issues they’d need to deal with, namely Renesmee, but with a bigger budget (you know there’ll be one after the rest of the movies are released and makes loads of bank), they could potentially pull it off well. What do you think? I was just thinking this could be a great post topic for you over here.

    • no joke. it is a GREAT topic because we all have some strong feelings about breaking dawn. i cant even begin to imagine a movie version.

    • Marta – my co-worker (who I initially bullied into reading Twilight so I would have someone to talk about it with but ended up loving it) and I had a serious discussion the other day about BD being made into a movie. She thinks that the only director who can pull off the movie and specifically scene in the clearing without it being dreadful is Peter Jackson and she totally convinced me. I know Resesmee is tricky but I have total faith that it can be done right with enough $.

  18. Awesome post! You are very welcome for the gifs! (Not that I am responsible for animating them or anything….). Our Twilight Tuesday crafty challenge is also about Jasper today, so it was a happy coincidence! Can’t wait for more Jasper in NM!

  19. Just so ya know …the baseball scene is my fav. part of the movie …and when Jacksper spins the bat, I get butterflies!!! I also love the ‘o’ face he makes when he hits the ball …gawd!!!!!

  20. jackson rathbone= hot hot hot…. yummm! *drools*
    btw. watch jackspers episode of criminal minds… damnn he was GOOD!

  21. Love the baseball scene and Jasper’s mad skillz! I’m an ole’ softball player, so I can do all that fancy ass shiz too with a bat. That’s how I could tell Jasper was a REAL player at some point in time, not like that impostor in the background *cough* NReed *cough*

  22. I also love Jacksper, and he can eat as many crackers in my bed as he wants, I won’t kick him out as long as he shows me how he does that thing with his bat. *ahem*

    If it doesn’t work out between me and Robert, because he has run off with Moon and UC, I will be looking to J for some comfortin’!

    The hotness is def related to both the bat wielding and the SHIRT fittage.

    *sigh* must go to work now……thanks for that video, that will be easier to disguise watching repeatedly than my DVD in the living room…..

  23. Be still my heart indeed. Jackson is 2nd on my “freebie” list. Rob is 1st of course. Let it be noted that my “freebie” list exactly mirrors my “to do” list at all times.

  24. Ok gotsta say it..I don’t find Jackson really attractive at all…..GOTTA GO NOW “run run run”

  25. Good lord. He is beautiful.

  26. Aw, my first shout out! Yes, Jackson, totally on my “to do” list. I don’t even care if he wears his hair like a 1950’s lounge singer sometimes.

    So Jackson,
    Can I have a crack at your bat?

    KIsses, Kristin/DreamRevelry XOXO


  28. […] 14, 2009 · No Comments OMG – this post from Letters to Twilight made my WTFkn DAY! i too enjoyed watching jasper play with his… bad […]

  29. *swoon* i’m in love!! <3<3<3.< trying to steal his moment.. STOP IT!! lol

    *sigh* idk how i’ll get anything done today after watching this.. on another note, i’m totally calling my bf to tell him to get his baseball gear out ASAP!

  30. OMG…I love his bat trick…but what I love even more about Jackson and this scene is when he is up to bat and you can see his amazing muscles….seriously…I mention it like everytime I watch that scene…and maybe watch it is slowmo….

    great post!! love it, ashton

  31. Ahhh!!!! The face he makes when he hits the ball is priceless! Love it! And the boy’s got some mad bat handling skills.

    I ran track in high school and one of the running trails went around the baseball field during their practice and games. It could be very….distracting!

    • Agreed, the face he makes when he hits the ball is a frequent player in my dreams at night… but he’s not playing baseball.

      • HAHAHAH like my dream last night after watching this video and these gif about 100 times. lordy. whew.

  32. HA! I totally did Winter Guard in high school!! That is awesome! Yes, I bet he could hang!

  33. couldn’t stay away.. i just HAD to see Jackson in action again… =D

    uh-oh.. boss caught me.. AGAIN!!!

  34. I can’t believe you all could tear your eyes away from the AWESOME bat skills to see NReed do ANYTHING! I’m disappointed 😦 I didn’t see her until it was pointed out.

  35. I think the rabid sex appeal is all in his facial expressions. He’s working these intense eyes that belie the total ease with which he is making that bat turn tricks. You totally feel like he has got 10,000 other (sexing) thoughts going on while he plays. A little of that tension is revealed and then released when he hits th ball and makes that O face. 😉
    For those reading “Wide Awake,” you know Edward complains about Jasper and his expression being “all knowing and shit”? Jacksper is wearing that face here.

  36. This is one of my favorite parts. I especially love watching Jackson shake his booty right before Ashley fires off the ball. I never before noticed Nikki, and now because you have brought it to my attention, I will see it. Have you guys noticed the booty shake I speak of?

  37. OMG on the third gif down i ALMOST made a color guard/marching band reference ALMOST!! glad someone else can understand!

  38. I had the pleasure of running into Jackson Rathbone in Vancouver last week. In my head, I had plenty to say to him. In reality, he was so pretty I just stood there with a dumb smile on my face.

    Oh well.

    He is pretty.

  39. I saw the shake-n-bake and love it!!!
    I never really noticed how hot Jazz is until today since I’ve been drooling over Edward every minute of the movie….sigh…..

  40. Thanks moon….I never paid any attention to anything but Jasper in that scene until you pointed out NReed. Now I can’t concentrate on Jasper…and it’s 2nd hand embarrassing because she looks really stupid.

  41. since i’m not obsessed or anything i went back and watched the bat scene in slow-mo… i’ll just be taking a cold shower now. thanks.

  42. Moon:

    We chatted last night on Twitter. I remembered you mentioning Jackson playing on Criminal Minds…so I watched it today. What an amazing performance! Jackson was so creepy, but still lovin that guy!

  43. Totally HOT scene! I have to say that after the 10th…okay 20th time rewinding, I can totally block Rosalie out!!! It’s my special vampire power 🙂

  44. ” i said outloud,”thats hott” when i saw jasper’s skills”
    That’s because Jasper IS hot hehe

  45. When I see this scene I think of Jacksper in naughty naughty ways… like when he hits the ball… I imagine that’s his ‘O’ face just for me… *swoon*


  46. Okay, this is my 3rd post on this but….

    DAMN……he is fine!

  47. EIGHTY-ONE comments?? at five pm? LOL – there’s definitely lots of jacksper love happening today!

  48. Oh my! I’ve never noticed the little bootylicious shake. Me likey. I’ve always been busy laughing at NReed. I was so hoping someone would say something about her looking stupid during the movie commentary.

  49. The bit with Nikki attempting to flip the bat is THE WORST PART OF THE WHOLE FILM!!!!!! It annoys the crap out of me and totally spoils Jacksons moment!!! He looks so cool while she looks like an uncoordinated 2 year old-no offense to 2 year olds intended!- as she is lamely trying to toss the bat-someone should toss her!

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