Monday Funnies – Lost in the Meyer

Dear LTT gals and guys-

Monday Funnies were such a hit last week that we’re back again with another AWESOME Lucy Knisley comic!

For those of us who came late to the Twi-world (aka after all the books were released) I think we can all remember vividly the first time we read the saga. At first a bit hesitant (teen vampires?!) but wondering what all the fuss was about and then so engrossed you’re forgeting to eat meals, and then a total addict who’s calling every bookstore within a 5 hr radius on a Sunday night to see who was open and had the next book just so you could get your fix. And just like the last comic we featured last Monday, Lucy nails “getting lost in the Meyer.”

Enjoy and Happy Monday (only 4 days till Friday!)

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clickify for big LOL's

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50 Responses

  1. OMG!!!! THIS WAS TOTALLY ME!!!!! Great job on the Monday funnies!!! 🙂

  2. Someone needs to do a comic about waiting a full year for Breaking Dawn to be released. Wait, that wasn’t funny. At all. That was pure misery.

  3. krazykidd, i’m WITH YOU… read the first.. totally skeptical… then DIED and bought all 3 at once….

    and loved the adolescent-wet dream-abstinence. LOVED IT

  4. My family thought I was ill when I first read the series, i slept two hours each night and went back to reading =D i’m reading them over and over and I stilll dont get bored.

    Loved the monday funnies, looking forward to some more 🙂

    • thanks sophie!!!! i’m about to pick up twi again for the 4th time!

      • i think i read them all through (which includes midnight sun w/twilingt in my lap) like 5 times between the jan-march. is that bad? i haven’t picked them up again since march. i am surprised that i am not going through withdrawl.

        • Trixi, that would have been me if I didn’t force myself to read other books (umm, still twi-related – read pride and prejudice and jane eyre). I read the entire series including midnight sun twice over a period of two weeks. I have since then reread twilight another two times. I don’t feel like there is enough Edward in any book but the first and it just leaves me frustrated. Plus I get super angry with Bella in the third book and I never fully recover.
          If anyone is looking for a good series to fill the gap, I just finished reading Libba Bray’s A great and terrible Beauty trilogy. Does not suck you in quite as much as twilight, but very enjoyable.

          • agree with you. books 1 and 2 LOVED 3 and 4 frustrated me completely ugh… I too went to P & P and Jane Eyre…which happens to be my fav book. 🙂

  5. This could definitely be me but change out her reading the first one in bed to me in a uhaul with my brother driving and I am reading twilight by flashlight as we drive through the night from FL to PA Lack of daylight was not going to stop me from reading it. However is was so embarrassing trying to explain the plot to my much older brother as he was trying to figure out why I couldn’t put the book down.

  6. reading hangover oh so true. i don’t think i spoke to my husband for at least a week which is how long it took me to finish all the books. only communication i had was with my friend who told me that i needed to read twilight. i had to let her know that i was addicted then again when i read new moon and i threw the book across the room when edward left because i was so mad at him for being a d!ck head.

    • Totally did this too. Threw BD across the room when Jacob imprinted. Also threw the book when he kissed Bella in Eclipse. It’s a miracle my books survived.

      LOVE the cartoon. The truth stings me.

      • I would’ve loved to throw my New Moon book when Edward left, but I couldn’t 😦 because it was a friend’s book, which I only had to read because freaking amazon couldn’t deliver the box set. It still hasn’t arrived, I’ve been waiting for weeks now. The first time Amazon failed me, and that’s when I was like, totally dependent.
        Yeah, and I also couldn’t like, scream at the book, because it was 3 in the morning.

        Am now totally checking out the comic artist’s other stuff. SHe’s got talent, and not solely because she’s drawn twilight related ^^

  7. oh yeah then i read them again. and in the back of my mind i though why am i reading this garbage and why am i enjoying it and why have you taken over my LIFE!

  8. Oh jeez. This is all too familiar. I read all 4 in 3 days. I did nothing but read. I remember showering as fast as I possibly could…even though the book was less than a foot away…waiting for my return!

    I lost weight too. I called it the “Twilight Diet”.

    The only part I hang my head in shame for is….uh…well, I sorta pretended to be “under the weather” so my hubs would leave me alone to read. Plus, someone needed to feed and bathe the children!

    Are you calling CPS now?

    • lmao, that’s hilarious. There should be a disclaimer on all the books. “WARNING! Reading may cause loss of appetite, sleep and a disregard for your loved ones. Once you start you might not be able to stop. May cause irrational behavior, such as talking to your book or throwing it across rooms. Read at your own risk…”


    • omg sign me up! losing weight while reading twilight? please share what you did!

      • teeheehee…I was just too engrossed. Taking a break to eat…nah…food can wait! Twilight comes 1st.

        I survived on Coke and cheese cubes.

        No really. Those little cheddar & colby jack ones. Good stuff!

    • LOL! I joked at the time about being on the Twilight Diet too! I admit I was a bit concerned, but rationalized that I could stand to lose more than the 10lbs I lost. In the end OMB was calling me to make sure I was eating.

      Now when someone blogs about starting the Twilight series because some friend won’t leave them alone about it I tell them to get a Twilight Buddy, someone to make sure they’re eating, sleeping, and taking any necessary meds. I’ve posted this on dozens of sites. I wonder if yours was one of them, Tasha.

  9. Insanely true. The no eating thing, especially. I, like, lost most of my appetite cuz I was so absorbed in something else. I didn’t even wait to read the 1st book and then decide to get the rest. I saw the movie on DVD and then ordered the hard-cover set online. Hardcore. I know myself too well.

    I did mention that I converted 3 of my “real world” people to the series. One being my little bro (a unicorn!). Did I mention that he’s in the army and being deployed and a total guy and yet now he’s totally absorbed in the saga? He came home this weekend spontaneously for Easter and had had the set (yeah, he ordered it too before reading anything) sent home so that’s what he did all weekend around all the other stuff he had to do. Stayed up till the sun came up reading.

    Btw, we saw Adventureland on Friday night. So good! You all should see it. I tell you, you will become more of a KStew fan. She and everyone are amazing in it. I want to see it again!

    • Saw Adventureland also, and was surprised – it was actually good! KStew did a better job than I thought she would of – great movie going to see it again!!

    • get your brother to pose with the set! we need more unicorns!

  10. Haha…I love Monday Funnies! This was totally me. All my friends warned me after they read the series. I even watched one go through this. I only remember a few things from when I finally caved. One, I didn’t sleep a wink because I had to know what would happen. My books went everywhere I went on Christmas, which made family dinners amusing. And finally getting so pissed at parts that it took my friends telling me it was all going to be okay. Now I can’t put them down, I just finished reading them for like the 4th time since December…

  11. Holy Crap that is totally about me! My poor husband thought I was cheating on him. It was so bad – he would come home from work and I would leave dinner out for him. I would eat maybe 3 bites and run (actually RUNNN) into the bedroom to continue reading. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t interact with anyone. My mother called me 3 times one day and I never answered or called her back. I felt like a junkie. The best part was after I read all the books and totally let my “real life” go for a week. All I could talk about was Twilight. It had completely consumed me – I would be talking to my husband or my mother – about how great the book was specific scenes in the books etc. I think they contemplated sending me to the crazy house. Now the only bad thing is its ruined books for me – I open expecting the character to be just like Edward and he turns out to be like Napoleon Dynamite! Oh well, It has all been extremely worth every minute!

  12. I love the Monday funnies, the cartoon is frighteningly true – I’m ashamed to say that I took Eclipse with me last week to my nephew’s baseball game and read when he wasn’t on the field. I just finished Breaking Dawn on Saturday (my second time through the series) and I’m suffering through my reading hangover. I didn’t think it was possible for the entire saga to be that good the second time around. My husband refuses to read the books but knows the entire story b/c I kept talking about – he is very intrigued by the Cullen’s and is constantly bothering me to discuss out what would happen if they were in a fight with different superhero’s. I actually got mad at him this weekend for saying that Superman could take out the entire Cullen family. What is wrong with me???? While I’m confessing, I got the DVD and forced my husband to watch it with me. I was so disappointed in how it turned out that I have been dying to write Stephanie Meyer a letter about it.

    • Yeah I wasn’t very impressed with the movie either. I watched the whole thing like it was a horror movie (hands over face covering eyes – waiting for something scary to happen) ya know the way – because I felt embarrassed. My husband loved the movie (obviously didn’t read the book). I just had to explain parts to him because the movie skipped so much. Could of been a lot better. But I have watched the movie 4 times now since I got it 2 weeks ago. I don’t listen much to the movie I just stare at Robert and drool….lol

  13. You guys are SO TOTALLY AWESOME!
    This is HILARIOUS!

  14. omgg guys! there was a guy in my psychology class with new moon! my twidar must have gone off because i saw it right away!! i totally wanted to take a picture and share it on here, but i couldnt be descrete enough lol. if he takes it again, i’ll try to take a picture. 🙂 that was the first time i’ve ever seen a unicorn xD…I wanted to like drill him with questions lol

    • A guy reading New Moon baffles me. I could barely get through it and I’m a girl. There are just so many feelings… So many feelings…

      • Yeah, the only guy I know who ever read twilight only read the first book (but he’s a jock anyway, so …)

        • Guy in my office is reading new moon.His wife is reading the series so he decided to read it too. However he isn’t as enthusiastic about it so I have yet to revealed my true twi-obsessed self.

  15. I love that! It was basically me only squinting because I had a sinus infection and strep while reading, but still wouldn’t stop!

  16. That is hilarious! So very, very true. I just left Twilight and New Moon for my aunt to read. I expect her call in two days demanding Eclipse and Breaking Dawn lol.

    I didn’t throw Breaking Dawn when Jake imprinted, rather I shouted obsenities, which caused my neighbor to come check on me. I so wanted Jacob with Leah.

    • my fav text message ever was after my lil sister find out about the imprinting.. she was so mad… it was hilariuos!

      • haha! My mom called me at 2 am to scream into the phone “wtf was that!” If I didn’t find it so hilarious then I would have paid her a visit for interrupting a really good Rob dream.

  17. hahaha yes ditto…was like umm yea don’t really do vampire stories..(push push) ok ok..just give me the freakin book , if I read this will you shut up? Read the first one..second one..third one..fourth one in one week. I would have DIED if I wasn’t able to read them consecutively LEIGH ANN I dunno how you did it!

  18. Totally hilarious! I felt the same way that fateful weekend I first read Twilight seies… Couldn’t. Stop. READING.

  19. OMG totally me! I came late to the Twilight-ness (only read them in January this year for the first time – I’m in Australia, I think we got them all later than you guys in USA)

    I was away camping and bored because it was raining. One of the girls had the whole series, she was reading NM and another girl was reading BD. I started Twilight, read it in just over a day, moved onto NM the next day (suffered from lack of sleep because I couldn’t stop reading) The other girl read slower than me, she was half way though so I made her stop reading NM telling her I’d have it back to her the next day (I did :P). Started reading Eclipse and polished that off quickly, and then made the girl reading BD stop so I could read that.

    First thing I did when I got home was go to my local Borders to buy the series and I find out that the publisher is out of stock and they’re reprinting – I freaked out! lol

    Now I’ve seen the movie 7 times [not including the *ahem* “advance” copy I have – cz we don’t get it till April 22nd here 😦 ], am a member of so many facebook groups I’ve lost count, follow so many blogs I can’t remember them all, have WAAAAYYY too many photos and have spent more on merchandise for this series than anything ever before. But I love it, can’t imagine not having read it. (And I avoided the series in the first place cz I didn’t want to get caught up in the hype – LOL!)

  20. Lost in the Meyer…that totally reminded me of a converstation I had with a co-worker. In fact…I had that VERY converstation.

    I warn everybody that unless they want to be in their own personal Twilight hell…stay away from those books!!!

  21. Put my name next to that poster LOL!
    I heard about Twilight and I tought it was about space and aliens. So I didn’t bother. But then a friend of my told that she saw the movie and that it was about vampire. I downloaded Twilight on my ipod and was hooked! But in the middle of the story something went wrong with the audio book. When I went online to I saw that there were 3 more books! I orderd all 4 books. I had to wait like a week before I got them (I live in Holland)
    OMG! I read all 4 books in 1 week. I wasn’t speaking to my boyfriend. It was very difficult to put the book down because my two kids (3 years, 4 month) needed my atention. So it was mostly when they were in bed that I could read. I sneaked the book to my work and pretended to work while reading breaking dawn……so pathetic LOL.

    Gosh I tought I was the only crazy person about the saga

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