Character tribute: Jasper & Alice

Dear Jasper and Alice-

It’s no secret… I love you kids like a Twimom loves Edward or a fat kid loves cake so when I saw this Jenbona video I was jumping up and down. First of all it’s you guys. duh. But secondly she used one of my favorite songs by Lamb: ” Gabriel” and it’s pretty much too perfect for words.

Sometimes I read the Twilight saga and wish it was really about you two… or maybe I wish Stephenie Meyer would just write a whole series centered on your story cause you seem so much more complex. Start it right when you walk in the diner Jasper, to meet Alice. I really wanna hear that conversation and also show us how you meet up with the Cullens. Oh well… maybe someday. Maybe never…

Love ya! XO

PS check out more music by Lamb!! You won’t be disappointed!

19 Responses

  1. Cool….LOVE the song…will most def check out more Lamb. 🙂 Happy weekend everybody!

  2. Great idea Moon..I agree these 2 characters are very complex and I bet would make a great story on their own 🙂


  3. I have to say, you guys (UC and moon) are my two new favorite people. for real. I love you guys. I might just have to stalk you creepily. just kidding. i think.

    and I love alice and jasper too. their relationship is beyond words…mystical and spiritual and inspiring.

    I love the video and the song.

  4. More good music to check out…thanx!

    Even though I ❤ Edward and Bella I do think there are other characters in the book who have really great stories and I would love to hear them (hint hint SM!).
    Jasper and Alice especially because….well I just love them. The little bit you get of their story in the book is enough to get you hooked (damn Twi0crack!).

    • such twicrack!

      oh and esme! give us more emse!

      • AGREED! Totally! (On both points. Alice & Jasper are great, and I also want more Esme. What I love about her is that she’s always warm. The other Cullens all have moments where they’re not just “cold”, biologically speaking, but they’re “cold”, temparament-wise. But Esme doesn’t)

  5. now by “lamb” you’re not talking about the messianic-jewish band that my dad listened to in the 70s b/c it was the first time my pastor-grandpa let him buy a record, are you?

    cuz if you are.. that’s awesome.

    I ❤ jalice

  6. That Jenbona knows her stuff!

    I really liked the lead singer’s voice!

  7. When you’re right, you’re right… and you’ve never been more right than right now.

  8. Dear Moon,

    Will you marry me? I have NO friends who know Lamb. And a husband who thinks they are Sneaker Pimps.


  9. Do you know this post inspired me to write my own Letter to Movie-Jasper? True story.

  10. Ok, so I have to thank you for two things:

    1.) For this amazing Alice/Jasper video–I agree, can they have their own book?

    2.) For introducing me to Lamb! Oh my goodness, I am absolutely hooked on “Gabriel” and now I’m exploring their other songs. Is it just me, or is “Gorecki” very Bella/Edward reunited in New Moon? Just me? It’s ok if it is. 😉 No, but really, “If I should die this very moment I wouldn’t fear, for I’ve known completeness, Like being here wrapped in the warmth of you [ahem, cold?], Loving every breath of you…etc” So that’s Bella being ok with being in creepy Volterra as long as she’s with Edward again. Then the other lyrics all seem to fit Edward’s general love for Bella and how all the years he’s been alive it was all leading to her.

    Am I reaching? Probably. Anyway thanks for the beautiful music you’ve shared with me!


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