Celebrate Good Times, COME ON!

Dear LTT gals and lads,

Just like KC and the Sunshine Band sang it’s time for a Celebration! Just the other night we had this conversation…

Moon: I just want to hug all these people [our readers] and be like you know what? You’re pretty cool. I can be having a shitty day, working for people who suck and clients who hate me, but I know somewhere there’s someone reading the blog and THEY like me! Very gushy I know, and maybe a tad drunk, but still gushyand NORMAL
UC: and I feel the same way
Moon: “Gushy” is one of my favorite terms because though I come off as a tough bitch on the exterior to most people, inside I am a truly and deeply sentimental person. Probably almost to a fault, but it’s true, and I can’t deny it- I love to gush.

Today we’re gushing because in our wildest imagination, 4 months ago on December 8th, 2008, we never imagined we’d be HERE with you all, over 500,000 views and 30,000+ comments later! Whew!

However large these blogs end up getting, we hope that one thing remains the same- that you feel personally connected to us and the other readers here, because if nothing else we want this to be a personal experience (albeit a funny one!) because Stephenie Meyer’s books are exactly that- a truly personal look at love and relationships. We can only hope that we convey one ounce of that to you all.

Happy FOUR MONTH anniversary to us! After the jump you can see ours and some of our very own commenters hand-picked favorite posts from the past 4 months.

We love you all and look forward to the next 4,
themoonisdown and UnintendedChoice

Our Favorite LTT Posts…

Moon and UC’s fave’s

kellanbloodWe’re gonna have to go old school with the very first post EVER “The Purpose Driven Vampire” I mean HELLO I (moon) thought of and wrote the entire post in my head while using the potty! TMI? That’s NORMAL! And it’s where the whole Kellan/youth group story line comes from…

The Purpose Driven Vampire

Here are some of the letter highlights:

“Last night after watching the Vanity Fair outtakes video, I decided I hadn’t wasted enough time so why not read all TWELVE interviews? Then I got to yours. And I read that your favorite book is “The Purpose Driven Life” … so that got me to thinking you chose this for two reasons…” Read letter here!

Another Moon/UC Favorite:

Besides quoting the Disney Pocahontas song UC pleads to be cast as Emily and then genius strikes and asks to be cast as Tanya instead in New Moon. So much win in that one. We still laugh reading it.

new-moon-cover1I Can Paint With All The Colors of the Wind

Here are some of the letter highlights:

“Hello. My name is UnintendedChoice, and I wanted to introduce myself because I am coming to visit you really soon. Actually, it’s a good idea for us to become bff’s because you’ll be seeing a lot of me in the upcoming months, starting on Sunday, February 8, from 9am-12pm at the Second Ave Studios.

You see, I have what we call an acute fondness for Robert Pattinson (not to mention a sorta unhealthy obsession of looking at this picture of Taylor Lautner)…” Read letter here!

Find out some of our reader’s favorite letters from the past 4 months on LTT after the jump!

LTT Commenter Favorite Posts:

Jizz in my Pants Rob PattinsonChrista’s Fave: My favorite Letter to Twilight is from the same (as my favorite Letter to Rob from that) time and while I’ve picked it for a similar reason, this one has truly become a classic. These two Letters combined caused me to call OMB in the middle of the night, laughing, because I just had to share with someone how strange and wonderfully funny these sites were. OMB wasn’t online at that moment of course. Not to be deterred, I insisted on holding my cell phone up to my laptop’s speaker so OMB could at least hear the beauty that is Jizz in My Pants

This Really Never Happens You Can Take My Word

Here are some of the highlights:

“Dear Rob-

Everytime I see you do this face in the movie I get a little uncomfortable and I have to excuse myself for a second… apparently someone else understands…” Read letter here

Gen22’s Fave:


f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

This is how you found us? Vol. 2

Excerpt of our favs:

  • filet-o-fish fan site – uh no, not us but this sounds like the perfect name for our new LetterstoTaylorsDad fan site. We LOVE you Taylor’s Dad!
  • pornos – um, wrong place dudes. Unless we’re talking Rob, then head over here
  • Robert pattinson win a date contest 2009 – Brought to you by a Nigerian Prince and the UK Lottery (which you’ve won!). Just ask these girls
  • robert pattinson on puberty – this sounds like an after school special wherein Rob explains “the change” to a group of 6th graders in a smelly cafeteria
  • robert pattinson buttcrack – Oh HALE nah, who does Rob think he is? Our lover Buttcrack Santa. NEVER!

Read them all here!

Jbell’s Choice:

My name’s Chris Hansen and you’re on Dateline NBC

Which way to the gunshow?

Which way to the gunshow?

The title says it all, but here’s an excerpt:

The only other thing I can say after watching this interview is I totally felt 2nd hand embarrassed when the weird creepy interviewer guy said “how many inches around is that?” and then asked you if you had a “sixer” going on! And made you lift up your shirt! Uh? EW. I looked over my shoulder to make sure Chris Hanson wasn’t going to jump out and surprise me with the Dateline film crew cause it felt so skeezy. But I do have to say uh, WOW. You are ripped for a 16 yr old, and now I feel weird.”

Read the entire post here!

af01Leigh Anne’s Fave:

Kellan.Spiders.Over-Priced TShirts.

Here are some of the letter highlights:

Dear Kellan –

Why am I not surprised to find out you were an Abercrombie and Fitch model? I always thought you looked like one but to see these confirms just about everything I’ve ever thought about you. You’re the boy of my innocent, Jesus loving, pom pom waving, 15 yr old fantasies. But then I found rock n roll and grew up…” Read the entire post here

Check out the best of the Letters to Rob posts on our 4 month anniversary!

47 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    Reading this definitely made me feel all warm and fuzzy – thanks for getting all gushy on us and revealing that underneath the hard, bitchy exterior, you are really a sweet ray of sunshine (I’m not believing this for a nanosecond, but hey – it’s your blog and you can say whatever the hell you want).
    : )

    • oh believe it.. moon is a major-bitch…


      i’m just mad b/c she didn’t say she loved me at the end of this post and I did at the end of the LTR post. boo

      • i am! don’t let me fool you with my fake sincerity!

        uc- i doooo ❤ and i havent seen this so called declaration of love. i’m “working” oops.

  2. {wipes off excess gush}
    Aww, our 4-monther already. Thanks for hosting us.

  3. crap i don’t have time to read all this because of work. but you got that song in my head which will make work more difficult. “celebrate good times!”

  4. Awww…. good times!

    Does anyone else wonder what we’d do without you ladies? With no source to vent all this pent up Twi-love, I probably would have spontaneously combusted already! Thanks for keeping me alive (even if I only live online versus in real life).

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    I, too, am a fan of the gush. Gush! Gush! Gush! All for you! *pushes gush forward to UC & Moon w/hands*

    Girls, I just wrote you a funny letter. Check the mail. I couldn’t believe it, haha.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hoping you have much more succes coming your way!!!! LUV YA!!!

  7. Happy 4-monthaversary!!! *Hugs*
    Your blog makes me smile. You guys Rock!

  8. Happy Anniversary, so happy to have found your blog – I love it!

  9. Happy Anniversary, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I Love your blogs. They make my day so much better. It’s my morning cup of coffee.

  10. Oh, let me gush right back at you. You may have saved my sanity here. I found you thru Robsessed, because, well, I heart Rob so much, but I also REALLY love Twilight….

    I love Twilosophy, and Breaking (anything) Down Vanity Fair Style. Oh, who am I kidding, I love every post, this is the first place I look after email every morning. I’m also only a couple of hours away from Forks, WA, so I am dead serious about sending you cans of Rainier beer for your New Moon DVD release party next year. Unless I decide to crash your party and hand-deliver, haha. Thank you for understanding my Twilight (and Rob) obsession, and feeding right into it. Happy anniversary, and congrats!!

    XOXOXOXO (fake lesbian hugs and kisses, of course)

  11. I can’t believe this site is only 4 months old! I happened across it a few weeks ago and became obsessed with reading your hilarious letters and pissed that I hadn’t found the site sooner. Glad you are only 4 months old because I haven’t missed too much, I can catch up, and I’m sure that we haven’t seen the extent of your hilarity. Thanks for sharing my Twi-session and for making me smile daily!!!

  12. I ❤ you gals! You are made of ‘awesomeness’!

  13. Don’t worry, all of this gushing has be tearing up…seriously.

    Just kidding, I am in no way near tears. Mostly just full of love for my Moon and UC (i did that in alphabetical order…don’t worry I love you the same.)

  14. UC & Moon,

    I’ve been lurking for a long time, coming out of “lurkdom” today to wish you a” Happy Anniversary”.

    I haven’t commented before because RL gets in the way and have a hard enough time keeping up with the comments, let alone comment myself. I found you guys through another site, where I used to go and get all my Twi and Rob info. Now the only sites I visit are LTT &LTR for all things Twi and Rob. I keep both pages minimized all day and check in frequently .

    I can’t remember the first letter I read, but I know that Pocket Edward’s ” ming” reading skill had me LOL. I had co-workers walking into my office asking me to forward the joke!
    You guys and all the LTT/LTR ladies that comment put a smile on my face every single day. What a witty, intelligent, inclusive and ” crazy” group girls.

    Love you all!

  15. December 8th was 4 days after my birthday…today is my anniversary. Today is your anniversary. It’s no accident that all these special days coincide. Of course it’s not.

    Happy anninversary to y’all! You know I want to be fake lesbian life partners with both of you. And that one other gal…

  16. Just remembered, I think it was TCA that got me over here….with the Letter to Renessme about the cat. One of my favs.

    You guys seriously are the greatest and am a BIG FAN of breaking it down VF style thing too. Still waiting for the commentary BDVF style, though. Your snarkiness will I think have a unique take.

  17. I love you guys :). Not having the net is KILLING me. My roommate has been waiting on a check for almost a month now and I barely make enough to live on as is so we can’t afford it right now. So every few days I come and catch up on things… but thats why I haven’t been gracing you with my presence lately :(. It’s interesting going back to the pre-internet dark ages though.

    • oh we miss you!!!

      • *huggles*. Is it wrong that I dropped by here to take care of the critters I couldn’t take with me when I moved…and I can’t pry myself off the internet? I’m surprised my eye didn’t start twitching like an addict the first few days without.

      • Heh- I’ve been copying & pasting freakish amounts of fanfic into word to read later when I HAVE been able to get online… I think thats my new bad habit. I’m scared I’m going to totally jump or violate some guy after the stuff I’ve been reading lately!! Crap. It’s bar night. Must…not…do…shots…

        • shot shot shot!!

          • Ack! Noooo!!! Saturday I saw a guy that looked like Rob, and my guy friend went, “you should totally do him!”. Which surprised me. And I kinda hopped back in surprise and meant to grab the rail, but somehow it moved a foot away and I wouldve fallen but he caught me. And, I let someone talk me into doing the electric slide, which I hadn’t done since like, 2nd grade. I have a feeling that one of these days there will be the combination of just the right amount of alcohol and the perfect song will come on and I’ll find myself dancing on the bar like I know what I’m doing…. and then I’ll fall.

  18. The “I Can Paint” letter is what brought me to you lol…it was a like a beacon of twilighty goodness calling out to me ! lol

  19. I LOVE the colors of the wind post.

    So funny, I laughed out loud.

  20. I have been out of town working in a village all day and was almost stuck there overnight….but I just knew I had to get home tonight and wish two of my fav bloggers Happy Anniversary!! it was all for you! hehe love you girls!

  21. I wasn’t around to comment yesterday but — HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You gals are totally the shiz. You have a remarkable way of making all us crazies feel right at home and lurved.
    thanks for the refuge of this site!

  22. Congrats!!! You guys rock in every way possible. Keep up the wonderful work!

  23. OK, so, I haven’t existed on the web for a few days, for various reasons – so I missed this post on Wednesday, but Happy Belated Anniversary, ladies!!

    And my gush will even top what the girls have said in previous comments – I’ll gush to RPattz (because we’re on the DL) about how super-fantabulous you two are and get him to the nearest Vancouver post office (pronto) to hit up some Express Mail, so he can send each of you a Letter From Rob! (which would probably give the WordPress servers a psychotic episode or something from the ridiculous overload of LTR comments, but whatev)

    (and I’ll tell him to make sure that NReed doesn’t blow smoke on the letters first, and to make sure that KStew doesn’t hijack them to use as rolling papers)

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