NReed blows smoke up our…


Come and get me Robbie

Dear Nikki,

Now, if I were caught out on the town without make-up, with greasy hair and smoking in-between sushi bites, I’d probably look worse than this, but I don’t think that’s a reason to not break-it down vanity-fair-style with the Quad (well, 1 of the members is on vaca this week, so we might just be a trio all week long- sad) We’d be “selling-out” if we refused an opportunity to discuss this picture just because we may or may not have had a bad photograph or two snapped of us in our lifetime(s). We’d be going against the very essence of that that is LTT- making fun of all things Twilight & related, including ourselves. We can’t do that. Not to you, not to us.


Moon: this is SO unattractive
Friend #1: what are you talking about? that is such an ‘gasm face. look at it again
UC: going. hahah. okay that’s hilarious
Moon: hahahaha sick
Friend #1: she loves her cigs
Moon: such a smokin’ orgasm that she literally blew smoke out of her mouth! DAMN her sex IS on fire
Friend #1: she has to turn to cigs when Rob is out with Kstew
Moon: zing zing

See? We just couldn’t let that moment pass!

Hugs and smokin’ ‘gasm loves

50 Responses

  1. And what’s with the four earrings in her ear? Tack-eeee!

  2. It is apparent that I need to give her lessons on how to exhale sexily. Or not. She can continue to look ridiculous. That lopsided topknot on her head seals the deal.

  3. Dear NReed,
    When I see this picture of you, I can’t help but think of this picture –

    Except the fact that Dragon seems to be a lot prettier and looks classier when doin’ her fire/smoke breathing thang. Just sayin’


  4. Dude, she looks bad. I know, I know the public life sucks but seriously. If I knew I was shooting a film that had the paparazi EVERYWHERE I would not leave my hotel/trailer/whatever looking like a college girl after a rough all night bender. Especially if you are going out for some sushi or Thai or what ever it is you are eating with loads of soy sauce there.

    Heck I wouldn’t leave the house looking like that NOW on a diaper/milk/whatever run at 4 am.

  5. Wowza, that’s just trashtastic right there.

  6. First I must state that I am not a smoker nor ever have been, so I usually find most people smoking pretty sicknast. However, I believe this one takes the cake. I believe this picture could be used in an anti-drug/smoking campaign. See kids this is what happens when you huff everything in sight before your brain fully matures.

    Who knows, maybe I shouldn’t be so cruel. As stated by the quad minus one, she is just trying to get through the day knowing that her fake lesbo/bff and her F-buddy are getting high without her and playing just the tip.

    Nikki – you will survive!

    • OMG you said “just the tip”

      HAHAHAH in ❤ with you!

      • Moon – ❤ you too! I am convinced that they almost do it all the time and that KStew is a big c*ck-tease. He probably almost does the deed with her on a bi-weekly basis – then Nikki comes along and is a big c*ck-block (heehee that word is so dirtnasty). Either that or they get so high/drunk that he gets limp. That’s my theory anyway!

  7. i can’t say anything because that is how i look after a night of drinking and either do the walk of shame or go to denny’s. or do the walk of shame to denny’s. lol. when i was in college. i don’t do that now but i do well minus the walk of shame. who doesn’t love moons over my hammy after a night of drinking.

  8. Ha! Moons over my Hammy. I prefer the BLT.

    Where in this world can you still even smoke at a restaurant table? Canada? LA?

    I’m……. confused.

    • yeah who knows where you can smoke anymore. i only know of two places where i live (pennsylvania) where you can smoke one is the american legion and one of the dive bars we frequent. maybe in canada. gotta love the neighbors to the north! i would move there if i could.

      • I think she is in LA at an outdoor cafe place. In LA unlike many east coast cities you can smoke in the outside eating section.

        Oh and in VA (or Robgina) you can smoke anywhere. We have the freakin headquarters of big tabaki and they haven’t been able to outlaw the smokin inside, or maybe they have recently…who knows. But you can still smoke in bars here for now with your brew.

    • they’re tables outside in la. aka PLEASE watch me eat and notice me papparrazzi tables.

      la is odd people here just throw tables out on the sidewalk in front of their restaurants and call it dining al fresco. wtf. trust me it’s the MOST annoying thing when you’re trying to eat and some dbag lights up. THANKS nikki.

  9. Have you guys seen this site? Funniest stuff ever 😀

  10. I’m really confused. Someone help me here.

    Rob gets all “tight in his jeans” for this chick?! Dude, I know we all have shitty-roadkill-looking days, but srsly?! Has anyone on set, besides Jacksper, actually looked at Ashley? And yet, it’s the greasy hair, hangover-looking, rainbow bright hightop-wearing, choking on smoke chicks, that “strikes” his fancy?!

    I don’t get it.

  11. That pony tail bun takes me back to 7th grade. Man…it used to be cool to do the “trash” pony tail bun.

  12. Perhaps this was a test to see if all of her globbing onto Rob and Kristen have paid off. She decided to go out, dressed like she just woke up in a public toilet and see if she can get noticed by the media. Because really if she did this a year ago noone would have noticed.

  13. all i can think is “when i grow up i want to be like NReed”

  14. to be fair i prob look like that 75 percent of the too many benders i guess.

  15. Ditto on looking like that alot of the time. Except I have the “trashy”, curly, pony-tail, bun.

    I am still stuck on the ciggs, sushi, hangover food, combo. I want french fries, hashbrowns, bacon, In-n-out, greasy pizza, like Jumbo slice (toadly rockin pizza in DC), NOT sushi with my hangover. But that may be the reason I am always trying to lose weight….

  16. Dammint, just changed my Comment ID and now I have to be Janetrigs,but maybe I will have a new avitar!

  17. Nikki Reed is soooo gross! Okay. I feel better now that I went all 8th grade and shiz. As far as comparing her to Ashley, there is no comparison. I mean, even in the interviews I’ve seen of Nikki, she has no personality. Ashley comes off as really sweet and genuine and Nikki just acts like…well…Kstew. I refuse to believe that Rob would even waste his time with her or Kstew (where is that delusional bubble Carrie was talking about?). Okay, back to the real world…

  18. This one’s for you janet!

    (Nikkie gives a nice hackers cough as cigarette smoke tunnels out of her mouth)
    Friend: Dude, what is up with you?!?
    N: are they watching?
    F: (perplexed) are whooo watching?
    N: the paparazzi… are they snapping photos?
    F: (looks around) ohhh sh*t yeah…
    N: good… do i look like i got wasted and laid this weekend?
    F: you look like sh*t
    N: so yes… perfect. i need them to think i was doing Rob all weekend long.
    F: (starts uncontrollably laughing) why?!?!
    N: if i help Kristen and Rob cover they will let me leach all the success i can off of them. it’s a win, win.
    F: gotcha. you really do look like cr*p though.
    N: i know… it’s becuase i really did get laid and wasted this weekend.
    F: hahaha! with who might i ask?
    (nikki takes a drag and blows smoke again)
    N: Oregano… and Billy Black (i don’t know his real name)… and Tom Hannigan…
    F: Oregano? again? seriously Nikki…
    N: (takes drag of cig… hacks) whatever… we were bored waiting for Kristen and Rob… those two are seriously animals… so we agreed he could call me kristen and i could call him rob…
    F: (friend gives nikki dispproving look and sighs) and who is BIlly Black.
    N: (takes puff… blows smoke) you know… Billy Black… Jacob’s dad… “I’m down with the kids” Billy Black…
    F: OMG i think you just killed my appetite
    N: he’s actually pretty sweet between the sheets… well i mean, i guess it wasn’t really in between sheets. it was in my trailer… okay well, not really my trailer, i’m not really technically even IN New Moon that much. (takes a puff… blows smoke) but it was in a trailer… i’m not sure whose though… (cocks head to think) actually… i think it might have been someones home. (shrugs) whatever.
    F: wait… did you say a third guy too?
    N: yeah…
    F: Nikki you weren’t even in Vancoouver for 48 hours…
    N: relax… it wasn’t in vancouvour
    F: what do you mean it wasn’t in vancouver? i just picked you up from the airport!
    N: (takes a drag…) i think we were over Seattle
    F: OVER?!?! on the airplane Nikki? seriously?
    N what?! he was nice. he told me he liked my hair on the flight back today… at least i think he was talking about my hair? whatever. i was bored so we did it in the bathroom.
    F: (stares at nikki)
    N: (shrugs) whatever… i’m gonna be famous. come on, we gotta go… i told the paparazzi we’d be outside the used furniture store in 10 minutes and back by the BMW in 20. If they don’t get pics of the BMW they won’t publish my photos.

    *i don’t really mind Nikki… or Kstew or Oregano (okay that might be a slight half-truth) or Billy Black or Tom Hannigan (whomever he may be) … i just like to make sh*t up. haha.

    • OH MY GOSH!! THHAAANk YOOUUU!!! That made my afternoon. My logical left brain (or is it right?) is not too much on the creative side and I have been drowning in yucky contracts all day. That was too incredibly funny. I appreciate all snarkiness and creativity, but there is something about your picture captioning that I find brillant.

  19. Ok I agree smoking is sicknast..sorry not meaning to offend anyone..just not healthy for you and all. I agree she isn’t all dolled up but I dunno..I wish I looked that good on my best day so..she looks ok to me hahaha sorry don’t mean to swim upstream and all..but I gotsta keep it real 😉

  20. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  21. have you all seen this interview???

    she basically admits to her relationship with kstew…just wait till the end….

  22. bah! I miss out on all the fun 😦

    Tell my school that I don’t want to be a slave anymore.

    That picture is sick.

    She is such a pretty girl, why ruin it with the smoke???

  23. I don’t blame her. I can’t say I’d dress for the paps.

  24. […] her band strangely close to a movie set you’re on and I even just miss watching you and your creepy smoking habits. Why don’t you, me and KStew call it a truce?! Let’s meet and go skipping down Melrose […]

  25. […] lesbian? Nikki: No! Calliope: So you aren’t a lesbian? Nikki: And i want to clear up about my smoking and looking disgusting. they can’t just WRITE stuff like that. I HAVE FEELINGS TOO. Calliope: Well, i mean, […]

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