Monday Funnies, Twilight saga in 16 frames

(In an effort to bring back Monday Funnies I’ve found some comics by Lucy Kinsley to help lighten the mood… cause let’s face it most Monday’s SUCK and who couldn’t use a few laughs to start off the week? So without further adieu…)

Dear LTT gals and guys (yes we have a few Unicorns around these parts)

Have you ever tried to explain the Twilight saga to a super cynical “it’s a story about teen vampires” person or even a friend and somewhere around “Yea he doesn’t come to school on sunny days and she’s all ‘he hates me’ and then he shows her his skin and he sparkles like diamonds in the sun light…” you think, oh crap what am I really reading here? Then this comic should make you LOL just because of the absurdity of it all… then you can tell your friend TRUST ME, JUST READ IT!!

I especially love how she NAILS Breaking Dawn and Jacob as the Werewolf!

Enjoy and God Speed Friday!

Clicky to enlarge for maximum LOL's

Clicky to enlarge for maximum LOL's

Comic by: Lucy Kinsley

51 Responses

  1. lmfao @ “shwiiing” from Jacob.
    The is brilliant. lol

  2. “Can we please do the sex now?”



    And, “Other stuff happened, but whatevs” is genius.

  3. “Why won’t you put out?” Too funny and true true.

  4. And this is why I come here…lol’s thanks!

  5. Okay – I risked exposure by big brother to look at the comic on my work computer screen.(Writing too small for the BlackBerry) Well worth it!! Heehee.

  6. That was flippin awesome!! LMFAO doesn´t quite cover it….best Monday ever!!

  7. I love you two! I started this day out as craptastic as ever.. and come here.. I am laughing so hard, I almost pee’d myself.

    You two are the roxors.. Robward loves you!

  8. love the baby shooting out in a gyser of blood. and the can we do the sex now please? and jacobs phooey. hysterical!

  9. You just made my Monday morning! Makes me feel better about missing my train this morning to run home and grab Eclipse for the ride.

  10. I will post exactly what Leigh Anne said b/c it’s what I woulda said but she beat me to it:

    “Can we please do the sex now?”
    And, “Other stuff happened, but whatevs” is genius.

  11. ahahahahahaaaahahaaa…..
    “Gah. U stoopid vampire, why won’t you put out?”

    Just so ya know….your posts cause people to look at me like I’m slightly off-balance. Not that I mind. =] In the opinion of my onlookers, I am slightly off-balance, but this just confirms their suspicions. (they’re a bunch of misguided Twilight-haters….sigh…)

    Monday FUNNIES?…..Yes please.


    • HAHA that was my fave line too!

      • My other favorite(even though it’s HELLA weird, but true)is “sploot”..exit 1/2 vampire thing…”shwiiing”…imprint.

        Cuz, that’s literally what happened in BD…and it’s gross & weird. I edit that part of the story to misguided Twilight-haters, for the sake of what little sanity they think I have left.

        • Yeah, when I tell people (who ask) about the book I try to act really calm and
          give just the highlights even though inside I wanna break down the “leg hitch”, the “meadow”, the “tent” scene all “Vanity Fair Style” ala Moon, UC & the Quad, but I am afraid I already look like a lunatic so I calmly say,”Yeah, they’re good, if you like that kind of stuff”…..WHICH I DO!!!!!!

  12. Can I just say, I’ve totally had that moment trying to explain the awesome-ness of Twilight and it comes out sounding like the stupidest damn thing ever.

    I think from now on, I will just refer to this comic strip whenever someone asks me what the deal is.

  13. My favorite is Bella giving birth. That is totes how I imagined it my head. 🙂

  14. Hmm.. my previous post got lost in internet lands.
    I had the most craptastic start to today.. I come here and you two ladies deliver! I love you both! Seriously.. come visit here Moon.. my BFF Lori and I will take you and UC out and get you completely trashed.. or whatev’s you wanna do.

    Thank you ladies for all your hard work.. its so nice.

    • where do you live dawn, i’m on my way.

      when you see someone at your door with a mini edward, ITS ME! let me in.

      • I live in Media PA.. right outside of Philly.. and if UC doesnt have the extra room, I do! Your more then welcome! And I promise to make *your* room all things Twi and Robward..

        • Yay for more Philly people! We should totally do an outing for when the next movie comes out or .oon visits – whatever comes first. Oh – anyone in the area planning to see Paramore and NoDoubt in June?

  15. Definitely awesome! I agree with Amber above — every time I try to explain the plots to someone, I feel incredibly ridiculous and start laughing.

    “No, seriously, but they’re good!” I squeal to their condescending faces.

    I, too, will print this as a reference — and keep it handy!

  16. Okay.. so I am a completely idiot.. its there.. I just didnt see it.. but who cares.. Im spreading the LTT LTR love.. woots

  17. Ahahahhahaha!

    Brilliant. I was also having a stupid monday, oversleeping, barely getting kids to school on time, etc, Thank You so much for the laughs! Luckily I am alone, so only the pets look at me like I’ve lost my mind when I laugh out loud.

    Now I will just laugh all day thinking of “Schwiiiiiiinnnngg” and “Phooey”. And next time I read Eclipse, (likely next week) I will be thinking, Yeah! Put out already!

    I, too, have tried explaining the awesomeness of Twilight, and can barely get past ‘vegetarian vampire’ and ‘…then the werewolves’ before the other person glazes over and says, ‘You were an English major in college, right?’

    Will now refer them to the comic…Happy Monday Ladies, love ya!

    • love that screen name!!

      cause it’s LAaaaa PUuuuuSH… ok i’ll go if you stop saying that!

      • I had to pick it, because I live in the PNW and have actually been to LaPush, and really, it is not as exciting as it sounds as when he says ‘It’s LAaaaaaaa PUUUUUUUUUSH, Baby!’ it sounds so exotic. It is beautiful out there, I will say that, in case some one here is really from there….

        Its main drawback is that The Cullens don’t go there.

  18. I’m glad I saw this…been having a rough week/weekend/Monday morning 😦 But this certainly brought a smile to my face…thanks guys you’re the best! 🙂

  19. absolutely hilarious! we’re supposed ot be at a girl scout camp this week, but are all home b/c my son came home from cub scout camp with a stomache virus. but your site made my monday. loved jacob’s shwiiiing! thank you so much for finding this stuff so i don’t have to spend more time obsessing over twilight and can take care of my kids. they suffered so much when i read all 4 books in less than 2 weeks. but they put the weight back on. cereal isn’t just a breakfast food.

    • amen thats my dinner half the time when i’m trying to figure out what to write on here or ltr!

      cereal is a miracle food.

      • that’s why i love when my hubby is out of town. the kids love eating breakfast for dinner. and it gives me more time to re-read twilight. as long as i can get the books away from my 13 y o daughter that is.

  20. Haha so awesome.

  21. lol! this made my day! most of my favs are already posted….but I also laughed out loud at “I am clingy” and “I am immediately pregnant!”

  22. I have printed it and posted it on the Fridge in the break room..I am sure the Docs won’t mind hahaha

  23. Dear New Moon People Who Decide What Music To Use In The Actual New Moon Film and who prolly do other cool stuff too,

    Please use Blue Octobers…My Never.

    Much Love
    Twilighted aka Brummie

  24. this was super funny.

  25. This is my first day checking out your site and I just have to say I have blown my entire afternoon (at work) trying not to laugh so hard that my co workers look at me funny.

    This cartoon is freaking hilarious… and I know what you guys mean about trying to explain the books to twi-virgins. I will shamefully admit that anytime I go to the bookstore now I pray that I will run into someone (anyone) near the Twilight section that will ask me about the books so that I can convert them.

  26. each one, win one!

  27. i’ll now be changing my ‘when i meet rob script from “wanna bang?” to “can we please do the sex now?”
    too peeerfect! now i just have to find him, lure him away from his friends (i think i’ll go with an angsty i may smile but you’ll never know look and some eye rolling- just like kristen), and hypnotize him to recognize myself as his perfect match (and to shower a little more often and to buy new clothes).

  28. I just can’t wait for my sister to finish reading the whole series so that I can give this to her! FINALLY got her to start reading it – and she got completely sucked in… YAY! but sorry to my little niece and nephew for making mommy inattentive…
    That “SPLOOT” in the Breaking Dawn made me choke (well, that and “BITE BITE BITE” and “SCHWIIING!”).

  29. I am an *older* lady pretending not to like Twilight etc (swoon). This made me laugh insanely. I love you guys. You have no shame & make me feel normal.

    Love from Engerland XXX

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