A Tribute to Alice Cullen

Dear Alice,

Many months ago Moon & I pushed the little heart on YouTube to “favorite” this video tribute to you. I just watched it again tonight and got goosebumps because it’s a great tribute set to a great song:

The girl who created the video apologized for using another girl most of the time b/c there isn’t much out there with Ashley Green (which is soon to change!)

I thought I’d name today “Alice Cullen Day” and throw out all the reasons why, next to Edward, you’re my favorite character in the Twilight Saga. (Well, also after Mrs. Cope, but duh, that goes without saying)

  • Because you can’t remember your human life, yet you seem the most compassionate to human feelings and emotions
  • Because of your love for Jasper- how you waited for him, how you knew he was coming! I can only imagine how hard it was to ignore those visions of your first, ahem, time together for all those years
  • Because you are a true, committed friend
  • Because of your connection with your brother, Edward.
  • Because you saw Bella coming and knew Edward would love her and you were right, so you’re smart which is another reason I love you
  • Because you knew that you’d be bff’s w/ Bella someday
  • Because you get to rip off James’ head in the movie, which is awesome since he’s the reason you’re a vamp in the first place and it was a brilliant move on Catherine Hardwicke’s part- one that Stephenie Meyer should’ve thought of!
  • Because the girl they picked to play you in the movie is Ashley Greene and she embodies you and IS you and dresses the cutest and is sweet and humble and we’re bff’s now and she’d probably be real creeped out if she ever read this, but Hi Ash! I’m normal, I promise! Let’s go shopping!
  • You’re the one who shows up in New Moon and rescues us from almost ending up with that dog
  • Because you have a great fashion sense and attempt to help Bella at any cost, any time which is a huge task b/c she dresses so fugly. Member that sweater Edward describes in Midnight Sun? Ugh!
  • Because you’re the most huggable marble-skinned vampire out there even more than Edward. Of course, he usually prefers my ‘special hugs.’
  • Because you gave Bella a huge closet which, ps, she only pretended to ‘play in for hours’
  • You come back in Breaking Dawn and I cry. The end

Hugs (and ps- can you tell me when I’m moving to California… it’d really help me with my summer plans…),


What did I forget? I know there are many more reasons. Why do YOU love, Alice Cullen?

31 Responses

  1. Alice is the epitomy of *Best Friend*. She really is just one person you want on your side. I never believed for one second that she abandoned Bella or the family in Break Dawn.. not one moment. I cried when she showed up in the glen with the Hybrids.. yay Alice.

    And she is very dazzling to look at..

    Yay! I would so want Alice as my BFF

  2. *umm yea that would be BREAKING Dawn.. its early and I have only had one cup of coffee.. thats my excuse and I am sticking with it.

  3. Can anyone tell me the name of the song? I just loved it as much as I love Alice and can’t find it </3

  4. “also after Mrs. Cope, but duh” LOL!
    Also because it was Alice who sat at the table after the van incident and convinced Jasper to back off from his plan to end Bella, which then put it back in Edward’s lap.
    Because she can drive like a demon in a yellow Porche and arrive just in time for Bella to save Edward.
    Because she can plan a party like nobody’s business!

  5. I love today’s topic! You won’t catch me betting against Alice! 🙂

    Reasons I love Alice:
    She helped Bella through her recovery from the James injuries and did all the stuff that her mom should have been there to do.

    Alice kept asking Edward if she could talk to Bella throughout most of Midnight Sun, which was supercool – Edward wake up – you may enjoy your brothers, but all Alice has is Rosalie. I’m sure Alice wanted to rip her head off nearly everyday. She needed Bella just as much as you did!

    Alice showed up in New Moon because she thought that Charlie would need her support. Not only does she care about Bella, but she feels for her family. OH – and Alice actually wanted to know how Bella was really doing while they were away. Hopefully she leaks this info to Edward at some point because I think that he got off very easily at the end of the book. He pretty much takes no responsibility for leaving and throws it back on Bella for believing him. HMPH. Okay – I will stop here because I could go on for days about that one.

    Love Alice for trying to help Bella and her fashion sense. Love how she made Bella go shopping in LA when they were driving to Phoenix in Twilight (see Stephenie Meyer’s outtakes from the book)

    I think my other reasons were covered by U.C. Oh random Alice thought… If she couldn’t remember anything from her human life and woke up alone, how did she know her own name? She couldn’t have visions of the family calling her by her name because she didn’t know it herself and that would have been a paradox. Thoughts? Did I miss something in one of the books that explained?


  6. Amen to all of the post above! Lurve alice for her unwavering loyalty to her friends and family!! and the vid posted above is. Awesome * wipes tears from eyes* captured the essence of alice beautifully

  7. You’ve already said every reason perfectly! So I’ll share some favorite Alice quotes.

    “How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?”

    “Bella’s all about the extreme sports these days.”

    “You’d think I was shoving bamboo splinters under your nails.”

  8. uc-ons… buttons… wish i could come up with a better riff off your screenname! AH.

    i LOVE this video and i love that the maker somehow showed us the jasper/alice meeting for the first time scene. i LOVE it… we need a jasper/alice movie/book series… SOMETHING!!

    and reasons beyond yours why i love alice…. uh cause she’s ALICE FREAKIN CULLEN!!!


  9. love the video! the song is beautiful…just like Alice! Alice has always been my favorite Cullen…along side Jasper. I saw the movie before I read the books, so Ashley Green has always been who I envisioned while reading, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love Alice for all the reasons listed…but some of my favorite reasons are the fact that she is totally badass and rips James head off, and her wonderful sense of humor and enthusiasm…

    “It sounded like you were having Bella for lunch, and we came to see if you would share.”

    “I think she’s having hysterics. Maybe you should slap her.”

    “This hostage stuff is fun.”

    “It helps a little if you think of them as people.”

  10. Alice is by far the best vampire character in the saga, well I guess besides Edward. I think you’ve covered the basics, and I must say that I cried when she left in Breakin Dawn, I almost started to hate her, but deep down I knew she was going to come back. I wish Alice was my best friend.

  11. Yeah, you all covered it well, and please count me in the Alice/Ashley fan club. She’s adorable, and her best qualities are my favorite qualities in my real-life friends as well. (I consider her my friend, even though she is pretend).

    LOYALTY and not judgmental AT ALL. She would give you the shirt off her back and then take you shopping for a new one. I actually never thought she wasn’t coming back in BD,

    I knew her loyalty to the people/non-people she loved would bring her back, because she could never make the decision to come back, or she would envision it, and then Edward would know and then the Volturri guy that reads minds would know, and then they would be screwed. Alice is the best because she saved them all, and why? She’s super smart! And cool! And fun!

    I love Alice Cullen Day! I’ll toast her later…..


  12. my fav alice moment, besides when she shows up in NM and asks bella why she isn’t dead, is in EC when she is begging to plan bella and edwards wedding. that part always makes me giggle because i so envision alice jumping up and down saying “please, please,please” LOL

    Happy Alice Cullen Day!!

  13. “You are so bizarre, even for a human”

    I love Alice. She’s completely cool.

  14. Kudos for recognizing Alice Cullen…she don’t get nuff props!

  15. LOVE this post. Love all the responses. Love Alice. Love Ashley. LOOOVE.

  16. I’m definately with you girls….ALICE (aka Ashley) is unequivocably the most intriguing character/actress to ever pique my interest.

    She embodies what most of us “average” girls feel but with the added ability to be able to foresee where life may lead us.

    Oh if we could all have a friend like Alice! :o) Steph Meyer was brilliant with the development of Alice’s character, next to the only & only Edward (which of course, Rob plays BRILLIANTLY)!!

  17. WOW!! That was awesome! I love Alice and I’m still hoping that Jasper gets his own backstory published someday!

  18. Why am I Team Alice?

    Because she’s not opposed to Grand Theft Auto, even though it would freak me out. And when she does steal, it’s not something like my Holden Nova, it’s a yellow Porsche. Clearly the girl has taste.

    Because she is completely capable of taking care of herself… more power to you, Alice.

    Because she gives good pedicure.

    Because she’s weird and kooky but clearly would be cool to hang out with. And shop with. And she pays for it. And Bella should quit her whinging and just go with it.

    Because she speaks her mind, especially against Edward when he’s being all moody and manic depressive, which is often.

    Because she’d help me with my share portfolio and she’d never be wrong. Not that I have a share portfolio or even savings, but still. I would if I was friends with Alice.

    Because she’s more accurate than a weatherman which would be quite hardy when you live in a city that has four seasons in one day.

    Because of Jasper/Jackson…erm…yes. Him. The Cullen who is really hot, not just pretend hot because he’s meant to be every girl/woman’s fantasy. The fact that he’s not the focus of the story means you get him all to yourself, you lucky lucky thing.

  19. What you just said…all of you. 🙂

    Happy Alice Cullen Day!

    So how do we celebrate Alice Cullen Day? Do we make a prediction and see if it comes true by next Alice Cullen Day?

  20. I don’t know if someone covered this already and I missed it but someone asked…According to Jebona’s Info for the video the song is Reverie by Megan McCauley.

  21. I want to be Alice’s kid in New Moon Tyra 10 years old.

  22. i know im reading this reallyyyy late but still… I LOVE ALICE CULLEN! i reallllllllllyyy wish she waz real and i love her so much i memorized a lot of her quotes
    “how strongly are you oppossed to grand theft auto?”
    “i think she’s having hysterics, maybe you should slap her” -lol i laughed really hard at that cuz i wanted to slap her too 😀
    ” I never noticed before, you do smell good.”
    “it’s not pleasant, you see?”
    ” go play with edward, ive got work to do”
    “no one dressed by me ever looks like an idiot
    ALICE CULLEN FAN FOREVRZ!!! i really did memorize all those. i have more quotes stored somewhere in my brain. Happy I wish Alice waz my BFF day. (i just thought of that holiday) note i also luv Alice cuz she is a smart alec and witty. She is also really kind. Actually, when i first saw the movie and Alice i said to my friend i watched it with “Alice is just to cool for words” Uh im goin on and on cuz this is my kinda post. Alice also is my fav cuz she seems the most possible not realistic but possiblely able to be real. srry bout the long post cuz i hav CFAD (crazy for alice disorder. well luv ya (not asmuch as i luv alice :p) lol bye!

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