Cam Gigandet – Our fave nomadic trashy vampire!

Dear Cam-

We don’t talk nearly enough about the nomadic vampires around here… well besides our BFF Rachelle! We thought it was time we paid homage to our 2nd favorite BAD vamp (yes, Rachelle/Victoria will always be our first) and your awesome portrayal of James. Don’t tell anyone but sometimes when I’m watching the movie or reading the book I wish you would have gone a little off script and totally killed Bella. I mean all that whining and blinking and crap gets old after a while. But I guess they wouldn’t let that happen, what with killing the heroine and needing to finish the rest of saga and all. Oh well, a girl can dream can’t she?

So anycrap…

First can we talk about how flipping cute you are in the Gap ads? During Christmas you were the only thing keeping me from going postal in the mall. Whenever I was feeling particularly NOT FULL OF CHEER I would find the nearest Gap and look at your face and then know I could make it through a few more stores…

jamescamSeriously though, can we talk about your wig/look in Twilight? I mean we know they screwed up everyone else’s wigs but yours looked especially white-trashy. And maybe that’s the look they were going for but I was thinking they should have gone more just plain HOT cause you’re a vampire after all and totes cute sauce in real life!

It’s kinda too bad they killed you off… well maybe not, watching Alice rip your head off is just “good programming.”

But if they somehow figured out a way for you to come back and reek havoc on Forks or just sneak in and slap Bella I wouldn’t be mad!


PS who else is feeling Cam? Did anyone totally want to DO trashy James?

Moment of shameless self promotion: have you voted for us today in the Dazzle Awards as your favorite Rob Fansite (I mean really is there any other?) And since there was no category for Favorite Cam site, you gotta head over there and pick the next best thing. LTR!!

26 Responses

  1. i really didn’t want to do trashy James, but I did secretly want to do trashy Volcheck on the OC..

  2. Have you seen “Never Back Down?”
    Oh, but he is delicious in that. And he’s a badass.

    ‘Nuff said.

  3. me and my friends agree. he is HOT! i would let him eat crackers in my bed!

  4. It took everything I had in me to keep myself from climbing atop racks of clothes and scaling the walls of Gap to not start dry humping his ad displays…

    Just sayin’

  5. Ditto, UC.

  6. I didn’t want to do white trash James (his nostril flares freaked me out) but I’d so do Gap Cam!

  7. Did anyone totally want to DO trashy James?


  8. Dude. there’s a “deleted scene” called “i love it when men chase me” of james and victoria making out- On the 2nd disc. it’s HOT.

    • wha? I didnt see that?! I think I need to go and watch it again.. I was in lalaland when I was watching it.. so I could have missed it.

      And yea, Cam is the sexay.. I want to make him my Cabana boy.

    • i remember watching that going WHAT??!! just CH just yell GO FOR IT and let them make out so she could be all creepy cougar and watch??

  9. and his voice is hott and his name is sweet as gigandet..totally diggin it.

  10. James scares the be-jeezes out of me! but Gap Cam is SMOKIN’ HOT…I just wanna snuggle up to him and that scarf!

  11. i would do CAM no matter what, him as james, the oc, never back down. Doesn’t matter because that man is always sexy. CAM GIGANDET is the #1 sexiest man.

    I love CAM!!!!!!

  12. Oh Cam! How I love him!! He’s pure yumminess!! =]
    True story: My ex-husband looks EXACTLY like Cam!!!

    yes, I’m crazy for letting that one get away.. If only I would’ve known he was a Cam look-a-like sooner!!


    brb I think I should call my ex right about now lol

  13. i am ashamed

    i think I bought husband a sweater from Gap for Christmas purely because Cam’s huge ad in the store seduced me into it.

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