And then Edward hitches Bella's leg up over his hip...

And then Edward hitched Bella's leg up over his hip...

Dear Dad on flight from Chicago to LAX-

I was settling in for another tortureous 4 hr flight on American “we don’t believe in legroom” Airlines when I saw you pull out something familiar from your bag. As all twi-fans can attest we have Twi-dar, meaning we can sense or see anything Twilight related within a 5 mile radius and so OF COURSE I KNEW what that little red ribbon was on the front of your book. You had brought along Eclipse to help pass the time. I was about to rip it out of your hands and read some good ol Bella/Edward/Jacob love triangle when you started READING IT OUTLOUD!! I sat there going ‘why in the world would he be reading that outloud?’ Then I stood up to AHEM “stretch my legs” AHEM and I saw that sitting in between you and the lady I assume is your wife was your son! A young-ish 12-13 yr old BOY! And I knew I’d found another Unicorn*: A Dad reading Eclipse to his son!

Mile high book club

Mile high book club

So I grabbed my bag and ripped out my phone cause this just had to be documented. Then I stealthy took like 10 shots without you ever knowing. Seriously, look at these! TMZ needs to hire me cause this is some stalker-azzi shiz right here! I thought long and hard about asking you and the fam for a pic, but I didn’t want to freak anyone out so I grabbed the shot you see and parked myself to listen to your dad-voice read the part where Edward and Bella exchange notes in Mr. Berty’s English class. As I sat there I wondered what if you got to the part where Edward “hitches Bella’s leg up around his hip.” How would you explain THAT to your son? Or what about all the shirtless kissing?!

Oh well, at least he was even talking to the kid! More parents should be as involved and kids need to hear about Bella and Edward’s love story. So I stopped asking questions and listened to your voice as we landed to the tales of the Wolves trading stories.

Dads Rule!

See more Unicorns!

What’s a Unicorn? *A Unicorn is a term we use to refer to mythical creatures… meaning people we’ve only heard exist but have never seen in real life, i.e.: a man reading Twilight/A male Twilight fan*

41 Responses

  1. OMG!! That man deserves so many effing awards I can’t even begin to tell you! He read outloud the whole time, Moon?? That’s about a 2.5 hr flight isn’t it??

    Kudos on the ‘razzi skills too!

    • It also needs to be said that if I was in the seat in front of 12yr old boy, I wouldn’t even mind that he had his feet all up on the chair and ‘shizz’… I’d let it pass bc of dad-icorn.

  2. OME I, I, I …words fail me…..

  3. awww. kudos for the incognito picture taking! and like you said kudos for the dad getting involved with his family and READING to his child instead of letting him be “plugged in” you know playing video games etc.

  4. hahahahhahaahha..wish i could see the kids face as dad reads aloud that edward rips a fetus from bellas stomach with his teeth..good times.

    • “Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Fine family fun.”
      Fake prize to whoever knows where that quote is from:)

      • travis, clueless, the movie i could quote in my sleep LOL

      • She’s a Monet…from far away she’s ok but up close she is just a big ol mess…my fav line from Clueless 🙂

        • oh girls you’re quoting my bible!

          he’s a total barney!!!

          • I totally paused!

            Clueless was definitely a staple of my HS years. I think my friends and I watched it every other week or so.

            Rolling with the homies…

        • “She’s a Money,” and, “I totally paused,” are two of my favorite lines from that brilliant movie.

          Moon, excellent ‘razzi skills. I bow to you. And seeing a baby unicorn being raised in the wild like that…*sniffle*

          I just loved everything about this post. Everything.

  5. This is my fav thing EVER, moonie-pie.

    I hope i catch a dad reading FanFic on my way to LAX

  6. Seriously….you’re brilliant & camera phones with no shutter sound are too.

    I’m curious about what happens when Dad-icorn gets to those oh-so-glorious-and-steamy giant bed scenes. *hold on…distracted by memories of Edward trying show the importance of the giant bed*

    phew!….ok I’m back…swoon-time over.

    No really, I’d be all kinds of weirded out to overhear a middle-aged Dad-icorn reading to his tween son about leg hitches, breathless pants due to vampire-neck-kissing, & tracing smooth marble lips with tongues.

    ….hmm….I’m just going to tell myself that he skips over those parts.

    Yep…he skips. I hope he goes back and re-reads it to himself though….those 2 giant bed scenes are not to be missed of skimmed over!


  7. This is WAY better than a Jesse Jackson sighting. Seriously.

    • LOL – that comment wins the “understatement of the year” award

      also, I agree that there could be some slight issues with him reading some of that stuff out-loud to his son, if he doesn’t do a bit of editing as he goes, but still – that doesn’t take away from him being awesome! go dad-icorn!

  8. That’s amazing!!! I wanna cry… Parents should definitely be more like that guy. I would prefer if the kid were reading the book himself, but I’ll settle. This is great though, all hope is not lost.

  9. Best. Dad. EVER!

  10. When he grows up, that boy will know EXACTLY how to get and please a woman properly…

    We need more dads like that!!

  11. That Dadicorn is freakin sweet! Good for him! Even though he is reading to his son, I bet he is enjoying it too. What a rad dad! Thanks so much for sharing these pics!

    Have sooooo much fun in LA. Take lots of pics.

    Should I take a picture of my son reading Twilight? He has read the first two, but I told him he had to wait a couple more years before he could read the last two. I am mean, I know.

    Thanks for making me laugh and giggle everyday!

  12. I think the dad was reading out loud *to a teenager* maybe to edit the steamier parts as Dadicorn saw fit? Or that was the compromise since they were both desperate to read it? Or is it just that cute, something t do together on a long flight?

    Anyway, trading notes? Does that mean they were reading aloud Edward’s plans to have he and Bella survive any air tragedy? Wonder how other passengers felt about it.

  13. My boss’s 11 year old son has read the entire Twilight Saga, by himself. I guess all the girls in his school were reading it so he decided to as well.

    When the movie came out, he wanted to see it, so his mom and I went with him. It was so cute! Little Unicorn!

  14. Wow!! I wish my dad would read me Eclipse instead of the Bible…LOL!

  15. i totally liked the unicorn term. its so true.
    and dad it’s unique! i want him to be my dad too. so we could chat about the twilight saga all day long. kinda weird the kid wasn’t reading on his own. or maybe the dad offer himself to skip on those parts where the shirtless kissing scenes were on 😛

  16. uh best mom ever?! hahaha thats awesome! i love that shirt idea!

  17. WOW! That is FANTASTIC! (and yes, TMZ should totally hire you for your stealth-cam abilities!) i wonder if he’ll be as willing to read aloud when he gets to Breaking Dawn – lol…

  18. Spread the little unicorn seeds, dadicorn… if this keeps going we may have to come up with a new name for these men who love Twilight.

  19. That Dad deserves the Dad of the Year award! He rocks!!! I too would like to be a fly on the wall when he gets to the leg-hitchin part!!!

  20. This is just so weird to me, because there is no way in hell my dh would read Twilight for himself, let alone read it to our son. Hmm, my dh reading Twilight? Now that, my friends, would be the real king of all unicorns.

  21. that’s AWESOME! that kid will probably be a HUGE hit with all the tween girls – better get him a black book! lol

  22. Far too awesome for words…
    Nice stealthy pics of the mythical creature and a Dad-icorn no less. So they do exist….

  23. Moon, I just tuned in here today. Better late than never. That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! Ahhh, would that all the Dads out there put in the time and attention to their sons. This world would be such a better place. Hooray for Unicorns!

  24. You’re awesome Bandmum, and so is your little Edward. I love that you’re going together.

  25. I asked my 16 year old brother if he knew lots of girls at school who read Twilight…He said he didn’t know any girls who did but he knew one guy…Then he told me he knew the kid wasn’t gay because apparently this guy has a new girlfriend every week. What if Twilight is being used for evil instead of good? What if Edward is unknowingly helping this kid be a playa? What if this kid is saying “you are my life now” to multiple girls? I’m not sure all unicorns are good.

    • HAHA! I see what you’re saying about him using the books to get girls, but still isn’t that a little OMG hilarious!!!? hehe.

  26. […] female unicorns with your horn? It’s been so long since we’ve come across one of you reading Twilight to your son on a plane or wearing an Edward Cullen T-shirt to the gym. We miss you. Come back & visit us. Be like […]

  27. I don’t understand why the 12-13 year old was being read to. Didn’t everyone learn to read by the first grade? A 12 y/o should be able to read SILENTLY to himself.
    This is toooo weird.

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