Okay.. we gotta discuss it.. it’s time

Meet me in room 618 at 11:43pm. Bring the cheap wine

Meet me in room 618 at 11:43pm. Bring the cheap wine

Dear those in denial,

I’m 99.7% certain that Rob and Kristen hooked up while filming, despite the whole Michael Oregano situation.

I recently informed a dear friend of my opinion on the matter and she responded:

“Yes. Dude…I said it all along…from that very first Larry Carroll vid… “there were TWO nights that were…productive…” He probably had wine in his room…and offered her 17 year old ass some…which she took, of course. And smoked the night away. (Figuratively and literally.)”
This topic is of so much utter importance that I decided to bring in my reinforcements and “break it down vanity-fair style” (see this post if you don’t know what the H I’m talking about). I know many of you don’t want to believe me. You want to continue thinking Rob & Kristen were nothing more than close friends and that Kristen stayed true to Michael. If you are one of those in denial, you will hate the following conversation because we are going to PROVE it to you. Feel free to offer your rebuttle in the comments, but just so you know, you’re wrong. XOXO UnintendedChoice

Last Tango in Paris

UC: can we talk about the PROOF that we know that rob & kristen hooked up? They watched that MOVIE….
Moon: I’m gonna play devils advocate and say NO. she seems like a total prude who’s WAY too into NReed and her BF
Friend #1: wrong- they’ve done it.
UC: how do you watch (what’s the movie again?) and not have sex after it and JOKE about mirroring your characters after it
Friend #1: LAST TANGO IN PARIS. No-strings attached sex…. they watched that shizzzzz…. and she was 17…. and he hit it. but then they will deny it ’til the death, ’cause she was underage.
UC: and i’m confident Michael knows. she told him. she was so upset at herself. and he forgave her. they worked through it
Moon: they watched last tango in paris?
UC: YES. Omg, Friend #1, she hasn’t seen the interview
Moon: god how old are they?
Friend #1: of course. ’cause he got a freebie out of it, too. GIRL…. ok, you have to watch THE interview that first came out last year….
UC: THAT’s the interview that makes us KNOW they did it
Friend #1: april of last year. it’s the PROOF!
UC: it’s SOOO obvious. MTV. They’re SO flirty
Moon: link please
(literally 3 seconds later b/c Friend #1 is awesome like that)

UC: there it is proof
Friend #2: OK, I missed a lot because of the phone call. BUT, I must say… Rob and Kris most DEF hooked up. I am positive of it
Friend #1: yay Friend #2! she agrees! she has seen the interview, clearly.
Moon: dude is this the one where she scrapes that crap out of his mouth?! sick
Friend #1: yes.
Moon: hey im just being devils advocate
Friend #1: “bonding.” is when they talk about it.
Moon: THATS it?! That’s what you base this off???
Friend #1: have you SEEN last tango in paris, moon? there is no reason those 2 would’ve been watching that if they didn’t have ulterior motives.

Be further convinced after the jump

The Deleted Scenes

Friend #2: You guys haven’t watched the deleted scenes, have you?
Friend #1: NO–no deleted scenes. waiting for the DVD.
UC: no. not the deleted scenes. b/c you say it’s obvious they did it right?
Friend #2: Well, then I can’t make my point
Friend #1: no–make your point. i don’t mind…
Friend #2: No, I can’t spoil the awesome
Friend #1: dude. TELL! or i will kill you.
UC: how much spoiling will it be? i mean.. something we really don’t know?
Friend #2: YEs.
Friend #1: just TELL. TELL. TELL. TELL. please.
Friend #2: only when all three agree
Friend #1: i agree. The others do, too.
Moon: REALLY???
UC: i agree. I don’t want to watch, just hear.
Friend #1: say it. SAY IT. OUTLOUD!
Moon: Do they say “we had sex” in the extras?
Friend #2: Ok here I go. Ok, so there is a leg caress that is 100% Rob and zero percent Edward


Friend #1: of course there is. because he’s FAMILIAR with her. in the Biblical sense.
Moon: in the kiss scene on the bed??
Friend #2: YEs And it is beautiful And so not Edward Those two shagged. totally
UC: oh MAN i wanna watch! for “research”
Friend #1: i’ve been saying it since last year…when i had no one to say it to!
UC: dang. a leg thing
Friend #2: And she liked the leg grab. that’s why they deleted the scene
Friend #1: of course she liked it. hello!
UC: was it a butt grab too? i haven’t seen any of the deleted kissing scenes
Friend #1: me either. i’m a purist.
UC: me too i want my “first” time to be with Moon next Saturday while eating sprinkles cupcakes
Moon: i saw the one Friend #2 is talking about. sorry I’m a slut, UC
Moon: it was accidental
UC: do you concur? it’s hot? and they did it?
Moon: YES SO HOT. I watched it like 88 times
Friend #2: You guys…it wasn’t even a scene in the movie. The camera crew just caught them in the act
UC: what?
UC: oh haha joke
Moon: broke into their hotel room

The Penelope DVD Preview

Friend #1: what about that scene in the Penelope preview…where they are leaning into each other…
UC: in the movie about the girl with the pig nose?
Friend #1: they are SO doing it.
Friend #2: Broke into Catherine’s bed
Friend #1: were. are. will do it again, whatever.yes…sending vid now:

Friend #1: at :26.they are doing it. that is NOT a scene in the movie… that is THEM. and this vid is sweet before kstew became a huge sourpuss.
UC: DUDE i’m not done but her on his back? yeah? he was ALLL about that
Friend #1: but did you see :26? that is the PROOF!
Moon: that they’re hugging?
Friend #2: special hugging?
Friend #1: i dunno…what they are doing….but she is majoring pulling him in… leaning into him. having a MOMENT. this must have been the morning after..the afterglow. bet she still smelled.
: ohhhhhh the clare de lune part. so happy he’s so hot. i want to make love to him
Friend #1: ew. “make love?”
Moon: he is SOOO Edward here. HAHAH MAKE LOVE

The Nylon Interview

UC: what other “proof” do we have?
Friend #1: my work here is done.
Moon: I’m not convinced
Friend #1: wellllll… that recent interview with her…. where she tried to play it off… “Sometimes we lean into each other…” she is begging off it too much…trying to prove that they aren’t a couple. which they’re not. just friends with benefits.
Moon: i mean i think they’re close, but i act that way with people sometimes. theres totally attraction there and thats obvious
Friend #2: I have proof. I didn’t want to tell you…but… I know that they did it because after Rob and I were together…he said, “Kristen who?”
Moon: HAHAHAH you win

Are you convinced?

129 Responses

  1. I think they came close during their “productive” evenings while trying to bond for their roles. I think that it worked well for them until the sexual tension they so successfully achieved starting spilling into real life and people started noticing, and then the awkwardness caused by people noticing started spilling into their performances. That’s why some scenes are spot on and others are so awkward. It’s also why their earlier intervies together are so much better. They spend more and more time trying to rein it in.

    Clearly they need to have angry hate sex before the break-up scene in New Moon to get all that tension out. And then just before the scene Rob needs to let her know it will never happen again. I think Bella would be appropriately destroyed then.

  2. Yes. They so did it. It couldn’t be any more clear if it was written across their foreheads. I also think you can tell when the “before” interviews are(cute and giggly) and then they drift into the super awkward “after” interviews(all fidgety and uncomfortable). I mean, K-Stew was locked in a room with ROB alone studying lines and watching naughty Marlon Brando movies, do you blame her? And then they said most nights they would stay up “talking”. I’m sure Rob is nice to talk to, but how can you just talk to Rob when you could be doing other stuff with Rob? Lol, I don’t know! That’s just my take!

    By the way, I love your site!

  3. Totally agreed. There’s the Comic-con moments too and lots of things.
    Pfft, who cares about Oregano? xD

  4. OMG ..you girls are hilarious!!! I am still laughing and I finished reading this post 10 mins ago!

    I am totally convinced, though I have always believed they were hiding something 😉

  5. They totally, totally did it. There is no convincing me otherwise. The looks, the awkwardness. Its totally classic “I just hooked up with my coworker” behavior. Anyone in the working world has probably seen it play out in real life multiple times.

    He had a crush on her. They obviously had chemistry. She couldn’t resist it. And really, who could blame her? None of us. She probably felt mad guilt and went running back to Mr. Safe Boyfriend. However, yes, I totally believe they hooked up and I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it happened again. The entirety of their time in Japan was like the R/K show where Taylor Lautner was invisible to them. And, conveniently, her boyfriend was nowhere in sight.

  6. I don’t know but I really want them to be together 🙂
    they’re just soo sweet and the chemistry is oozing,not just
    on-screen but also off-screen!

  7. I thought I was the only one with an issue. Okay I feel like I’m at an AA meeting… here goes nothing…

    “Hello, my name is Lisa and I”m a twicoholic…This started about 2 months ago when I decided to order all 4 books from Amazon.com” haha

    OKay back to reality…Yeah honestly I”ve been googling like crazy about mainly Rob & Kris daily…okay multiple times a day….which makes me sometimes repeat to myself “I’m not a teeny bopper” multiple times.

    Here’s my take on it…
    I am not 100% convinced that they hooked up. I think some hot and heavy stuff probably happened but because of her age, boyfriend, Catherine, management, and friendship, they haven’t gone there yet. Although I wouldn’t mind if they did. Makes things more hot and steamy in my opinion. I think they may have had some slips and ended up kissing or heavy petting? I just don’t think they would blatantly imply things on camera like that? From watching the MTV clips, it gave me the impression that they were just really really into one another. Okay the Last Tango in Paris is a bit weird, but maybe they used that as a way to bring a lot of forbiddon sexuality in their performance? Yes this might be a stretch but who knows?

    Robert started off by having a major crush on Kristen, which he has stated in countless interviews. He was really pushing it, fully knowing how this must have been affecting Oregano and Kstew’s relationship. Proof – The Ryan Seacrest interview. When asked…”could you fall in love with Kristen Stewart?” Rob without hesitation said that he totally could. Let me emphasize again…no HESITATION! He even goes on to say how he wants to make “her life really really difficult” – This is totally in reference to Oregano. Ryan continues by asking about Oregano being on set. Rob goes on joking how Oregano loves watching him and Kristan during the love scenes. This is Rob trying to piss Oregano off and for him to totally show that he is definately interested in Kristen. Put yourselves in Oregano’s shoes..How pissed would you be?

    That is why I think Kstew & O are on a break at the moment. They still remain friends because he was at the Adventureland Premiere but did not walk the red carpet and he rode in the same car home with her and her brother. This was caught on a paparazzi video. Both of them are both trying not to be photographed together. I think more so Oregano than Kristen. I personally think they are trying to work things out at the moment.

    That leads me on to my next conclusion. Kstew is trying to be good and prove to Mr. O that she is worth it. She is trying so hard to avoid being around Rob. That is why there are barely any photo’s of them together on the set of New Moon. I think Rob has given up on the chase of Kstew since she hasn’t recipricated enough in his advances. Note to Kstew… “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?” I think she doesn’t want to hurt her boyfriend while at the same time fighting temptation.

    Finally, I think if they haven’t hooked up yet, but I still think it is still going to happen. Whether or not they do become a couple, (which I actually think they compliment each other quite well), is completely up to them. There is an undeniable irrecoverable chemistry between the two. The sexual tension is so thick, you can cut it with a butter knife. Kstew is either a super human or a lesbian if she can continue to resist, especially if Mr. Oregano and her are on the rocks.

    You guys should really read the posts on http://www.atwilightkiss.com. Lorna the blogger does an amazing job on her fact-based ficitonal writings. They are pretty detailed an some of her thoughts are point on. I visit that site daily for my guilty pleasure fix.

    Rob gave her a guitar for her 18th birthday… I’m dying to know what he will give her for her birthday next month. That would give us a big clue into if they are friends with benefits, bed buddies, or maybe even a couple?

    Holy crap… did I just write all of that? I seriously need some help. UGH…

    Robsten Fan.

    • i loved hearing your long take on things! my favorite is that you think they probably had some ‘heavy petting” 🙂

      • Definately “heavy petting”…Maybe I started day dreaming about myself getting petted…..Damnit! I need Rob’s other half of the Vicodin pill he didn’t take. Something to calm the F….down! Where is the justice in the world! Did I just mentally cheat on my husband? I think I just did.

  8. Oh yeah.. he totally tapped that. It’ been obvious from the beginning. Just ask any guy, they can read the signs too. Sorry Mike – wake up and smell the Oregano.

  9. I want to deny it, but the evidence seems so solid! How can they have so much onscreen chemistry and never have hooked up? Maybe we’re all biased because we are so in love with him. We can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want that ass.

  10. I want to deny it, but the evidence seems so solid!

  11. Ok, I just watched the special bonuses on Twilight. Got it from Target, three discs, awsome..but thats not the point..the point is in the music video of Bella’s lullaby, you can see major make out sessions and OMG, you want proof they hooked up, there it is. Watch it and you’ll believe..lol

  12. Back to the French interview. They asked several questions like “Could you ever be attracted to each other in real life?” and “Who is sexier Efron or Rob?” Rob pushed the button so fast to the attraction question, and KStew seemed very uncomfortable with both. Perhaps they hit a little too close to home? But the clincher was that she “hoped to see more of France than just the inside of her hotel room” – obviously a hint to Rob that he needed to take her out on the town and not just treat her as a booty call.

  13. […] to kiss Shelly Smith during spin the bottle in 9th grade or you rag on Rob for actually getting down and dirty with KStew last year and your friendship ends, there goes 85% of your […]

  14. You guys might want to use the behind the scenes vanity fair photoshoot video as proof as well. That’s all i needed to be convinced. Seriously, have you seen that video? especially the part where he is holding her back and she runs her fingers and arms through his hands? come on

  15. […] Two MORE nights that are… “productive“ […]

  16. […] I’m not just talking like I did before when I was 93.7% sure you were banging. This time I’m 97.586% sure you’re in a full-blown relationship. Flowers and all […]

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