Okay.. we gotta discuss it.. it’s time

Meet me in room 618 at 11:43pm. Bring the cheap wine

Meet me in room 618 at 11:43pm. Bring the cheap wine

Dear those in denial,

I’m 99.7% certain that Rob and Kristen hooked up while filming, despite the whole Michael Oregano situation.

I recently informed a dear friend of my opinion on the matter and she responded:

“Yes. Dude…I said it all along…from that very first Larry Carroll vid… “there were TWO nights that were…productive…” He probably had wine in his room…and offered her 17 year old ass some…which she took, of course. And smoked the night away. (Figuratively and literally.)”
This topic is of so much utter importance that I decided to bring in my reinforcements and “break it down vanity-fair style” (see this post if you don’t know what the H I’m talking about). I know many of you don’t want to believe me. You want to continue thinking Rob & Kristen were nothing more than close friends and that Kristen stayed true to Michael. If you are one of those in denial, you will hate the following conversation because we are going to PROVE it to you. Feel free to offer your rebuttle in the comments, but just so you know, you’re wrong. XOXO UnintendedChoice

Last Tango in Paris

UC: can we talk about the PROOF that we know that rob & kristen hooked up? They watched that MOVIE….
Moon: I’m gonna play devils advocate and say NO. she seems like a total prude who’s WAY too into NReed and her BF
Friend #1: wrong- they’ve done it.
UC: how do you watch (what’s the movie again?) and not have sex after it and JOKE about mirroring your characters after it
Friend #1: LAST TANGO IN PARIS. No-strings attached sex…. they watched that shizzzzz…. and she was 17…. and he hit it. but then they will deny it ’til the death, ’cause she was underage.
UC: and i’m confident Michael knows. she told him. she was so upset at herself. and he forgave her. they worked through it
Moon: they watched last tango in paris?
UC: YES. Omg, Friend #1, she hasn’t seen the interview
Moon: god how old are they?
Friend #1: of course. ’cause he got a freebie out of it, too. GIRL…. ok, you have to watch THE interview that first came out last year….
UC: THAT’s the interview that makes us KNOW they did it
Friend #1: april of last year. it’s the PROOF!
UC: it’s SOOO obvious. MTV. They’re SO flirty
Moon: link please
(literally 3 seconds later b/c Friend #1 is awesome like that)

UC: there it is proof
Friend #2: OK, I missed a lot because of the phone call. BUT, I must say… Rob and Kris most DEF hooked up. I am positive of it
Friend #1: yay Friend #2! she agrees! she has seen the interview, clearly.
Moon: dude is this the one where she scrapes that crap out of his mouth?! sick
Friend #1: yes.
Moon: hey im just being devils advocate
Friend #1: “bonding.” is when they talk about it.
Moon: THATS it?! That’s what you base this off???
Friend #1: have you SEEN last tango in paris, moon? there is no reason those 2 would’ve been watching that if they didn’t have ulterior motives.

Be further convinced after the jump

The Deleted Scenes

Friend #2: You guys haven’t watched the deleted scenes, have you?
Friend #1: NO–no deleted scenes. waiting for the DVD.
UC: no. not the deleted scenes. b/c you say it’s obvious they did it right?
Friend #2: Well, then I can’t make my point
Friend #1: no–make your point. i don’t mind…
Friend #2: No, I can’t spoil the awesome
Friend #1: dude. TELL! or i will kill you.
UC: how much spoiling will it be? i mean.. something we really don’t know?
Friend #2: YEs.
Friend #1: just TELL. TELL. TELL. TELL. please.
Friend #2: only when all three agree
Friend #1: i agree. The others do, too.
Moon: REALLY???
UC: i agree. I don’t want to watch, just hear.
Friend #1: say it. SAY IT. OUTLOUD!
Moon: Do they say “we had sex” in the extras?
Friend #2: Ok here I go. Ok, so there is a leg caress that is 100% Rob and zero percent Edward


Friend #1: of course there is. because he’s FAMILIAR with her. in the Biblical sense.
Moon: in the kiss scene on the bed??
Friend #2: YEs And it is beautiful And so not Edward Those two shagged. totally
UC: oh MAN i wanna watch! for “research”
Friend #1: i’ve been saying it since last year…when i had no one to say it to!
UC: dang. a leg thing
Friend #2: And she liked the leg grab. that’s why they deleted the scene
Friend #1: of course she liked it. hello!
UC: was it a butt grab too? i haven’t seen any of the deleted kissing scenes
Friend #1: me either. i’m a purist.
UC: me too i want my “first” time to be with Moon next Saturday while eating sprinkles cupcakes
Moon: i saw the one Friend #2 is talking about. sorry I’m a slut, UC
Moon: it was accidental
UC: do you concur? it’s hot? and they did it?
Moon: YES SO HOT. I watched it like 88 times
Friend #2: You guys…it wasn’t even a scene in the movie. The camera crew just caught them in the act
UC: what?
UC: oh haha joke
Moon: broke into their hotel room

The Penelope DVD Preview

Friend #1: what about that scene in the Penelope preview…where they are leaning into each other…
UC: in the movie about the girl with the pig nose?
Friend #1: they are SO doing it.
Friend #2: Broke into Catherine’s bed
Friend #1: were. are. will do it again, whatever.yes…sending vid now:

Friend #1: at :26.they are doing it. that is NOT a scene in the movie… that is THEM. and this vid is sweet before kstew became a huge sourpuss.
UC: DUDE i’m not done but her on his back? yeah? he was ALLL about that
Friend #1: but did you see :26? that is the PROOF!
Moon: that they’re hugging?
Friend #2: special hugging?
Friend #1: i dunno…what they are doing….but she is majoring pulling him in… leaning into him. having a MOMENT. this must have been the morning after..the afterglow. bet she still smelled.
: ohhhhhh the clare de lune part. so happy he’s so hot. i want to make love to him
Friend #1: ew. “make love?”
Moon: he is SOOO Edward here. HAHAH MAKE LOVE

The Nylon Interview

UC: what other “proof” do we have?
Friend #1: my work here is done.
Moon: I’m not convinced
Friend #1: wellllll… that recent interview with her…. where she tried to play it off… “Sometimes we lean into each other…” she is begging off it too much…trying to prove that they aren’t a couple. which they’re not. just friends with benefits.
Moon: i mean i think they’re close, but i act that way with people sometimes. theres totally attraction there and thats obvious
Friend #2: I have proof. I didn’t want to tell you…but… I know that they did it because after Rob and I were together…he said, “Kristen who?”
Moon: HAHAHAH you win

Are you convinced?

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  1. Ok I disagree and here is why…if YOU EVER “special hugged” Robert..do you think you could go back to Oregano? Do you think you could STOP “special hugging” Robert…oh no no no no no and heeeeck no.

    She didn’t , she wants to..which is why she is so b*tchy all the time..cause its there, he’s there, she’s there..oh my did it get warm in here lol

    • while i disagree, i do like your reasoning, brummielover… how COULD you go back to Michael after you had Rob? I just think she’s crazy 🙂

    • brummielover get a clue, as much as i love kstew, she def would have run back to oregano..shes used to him, she wouldnt want to hurt catherines feelings, oreganos family, etc etc..complex 17 year old love triangle hollywood style LOL…

    • if you ask me she went back to micheal because rob got sick of her. where is that french interview where they press that button that makes a weird noise? they ask what do you hate most about the person next to you and he says “her personality.” he realized what you get when you sleep with highschoolers, a highschoolers personality/attitude and all the complexes/insecurities/annoyances too.

      • Yeah, but did you see his lips move when she looked at him. He mouthed, “not”.

        Uh huh, both want each other baddddd.

  2. “UC: i agree. I don’t want to watch, just hear.
    Friend #1: say it. SAY IT. OUTLOUD!
    Moon: Do they say “we had sex” in the extras?”

    “Friend #2: I have proof. I didn’t want to tell you…but… I know that they did it because after Rob and I were together…he said, “Kristen who?”” = Win.

    lmfao I love you guys to death. I have nothing to say because as UC says, “I’m a purist” and have not watched the scenes. I have watched that MTV thing though and I never looked that deep into it.

    ‘Deep into it’… oh where my mind just went… (KStew not included)…

  3. Man, I hope they read this…R & K…’cause you know they totally stalk this site.

    This is just good programming, y’all.

  4. Hand on her thigh says it all: Did it!

  5. I have always believed they did it.. their chemistry and how awkward they are.. she is too young to play it off so it confirms it for me.. especially when she gets all irate about it.

  6. While I 98% agree with you, I would just like to point out that kissing scene *spoiler*

    was part of Bella’s dream, which is before she found out Edward is a vampire. So, he’s not supposed to be “cautious Edward” he’s some dude that got pulled onto a bed and is reacting as such.

  7. I will have to be one of the “nay”s. Didn’t happen. She and NReed are close, and Nikki’s his ex, which of course means she’d do anything to be with him again because who could possibly want to not. If they had hooked up, I doubt those two would still be fake lesbos together.

    • I don’t get where everyone is getting this NReed thing? I’ve never had the impression they were more than friends-ever. What am I missing? I saw pictures of them getting boxes together, but that’s it. I do think KStew is glad Nikki is there to buffer her from Rob, but beyond that?

  8. I am not sure which I think, quite yet, but am leaning more towards that they did it.

    Regardless, I love it when you all “break it down Vanity Fair style” whatever it is. Makes me feel more or less sane, because I always end upreading it.

    • haha… i never know whether people will like our convos or not, because they’re long, but they’re hilarious.. i take 1/2 of the funny stuff out b/c it’s random things people say that aren’t on topic… glad you enjoyed it!

  9. MMMMM…cheep wine!

  10. 1. I was convinced a looong time ago. Remember one of the 1st press junket interviews? Rob started blushing and was hella nervous when asked about their “chemistry.”

    2. Then another early-on interview when he totally dismissed the fact that KStew had a BF! He was so like…”who cares about her unfortunate-not-as-hot-and-mysterious-as-me-boyfriend?!”

    3. Last…look at how she looks at him. See above photo and MANY others….proof! She looks all “yeah, we did it….and I have a few plans for Italy. *fingers crossed that dorktastic BF doesn’t make it there*”
    -she doesn’t look at any of her other male co-stars like THAT!
    -dude…they sooooo did the nasty-tango.
    -they’ll tango again…while Nikki is distracted in trying to corrupt young Taylor

    end scene.

    • ummm tasha.. you are a girl after our own heart. your comments sound like an extension of our ‘breaking it down vanity fair style’ convo we had earlier! AMAZING!
      don’t be ashamed for just finding us- just keep coming back and leaving amazing comments like this!! XO

      • I believe I am…I have found my Twilight-home.

        My bestie/soulmate and I have weekly ‘breaking it down vanity fair style’ discussions via long distance. It’s our Twilight bonding time. When she comes home from NC, we turn any conversation into Twilight-related stuff. It annoys people, but it’s a talent, nonetheless.

        I watched the vanity fair 1 hour video too….while my hater-hubby just stared in concern and wondered if it was a cry for help.

        • it wasn’t a cry for help.. it just solidified your soul to us. *hearts*

        • tasha- you are home!

          this was all started because uc and i had these type of conversations on the regular and thought they were funny/mildly psychotic and other people needed to hear!

          invite your friend!!

          • 2 things:

            1. Generally speaking, I agree that there’s a strong possibility they hopped on the good foot and did the bad thing, at some point, but I’m not completely convinced – I’d say, like, 60/40 or 65/35 in favor of them having hooked up

            2. @ Moon – OMG. you dropped “on the regular” – that is FANTASTIC. *internet high five*

  11. oh yeah they did!

  12. P.S.
    I’m shocked and ashamed at myself for just now stumbling across this Cullentastic site! Better late than never.


  13. ive said it since day one, i totally agree with you, they did the deed..im entirely convinced..the vanity fair hand slide thing,etc etc pretty much solidified it for me, and there was an interview that if i can find i will def post the link but the interviewer basically calls kristen out about her shyness around rob and how shes always clinging to nikki when he’s around yadda yadda..anyway, yeah, totally did it.

    • Ooo- I don’t think I saw that one… And which part of the vanity fair thingy? Any idea who she was being interviewed by?

  14. I agree they did it. There is no way they didn’t.

    Do I think they are in a relationship? No. He’s just a friend with benefits. And that’s okay. They can pawn all the sex off as research, right? That’s what I would say.

    Dear Rob,

    We can totally be friends with benefits. And, don’t worry, its okay that I’ve got a hubby and kids….just think of it as research for my blog.

    And I have A LOT of research to do!!

    Love, me

  15. Girls…love how you always tackle the hard (did I just say hard…um, yes Rob…hard) subjects.First the Vampire Tampon protection, now this. This awful “elephant in the room” (breaking it down Robstyle) we all have to live with. First Kstew…productive , I think she actually meant REproductive…harumph, Hate Her! Second …they totally did it, poor Oregano (I think he´s cute after I was forced to watch Sky High like a million times).

    I don´t know how I got to it (work time…which has turned into Rob “internet research time” lately) but there´s a video in Youtube from the filming were it looks like his spanking her @SS , will look for it and post link.

  16. http://www.laineygossip.com/Robert_Pattinson_Kristen_Stewart_discuss_Twilight_during_visit_at_eTalk_Much_Music_studios_.aspx?IsMicro=0

    thats the link, its from an old interview and yeah its lainey gossip but she isnt rude as she has been of late..and it just backs up the fact that yeah, they did it LOL.

  17. I was at a college party last year and met this girl who totally wanted to be my new BFF because her ex (who she obviously wasn’t over) was hitting on me. I kinda blew off the guy because I didn’t want to hurt my new BFF’s feelings. This is totally what happened with the KStew/NReed/Rob triangle. Except I am Kstew and NReed is the tricksey beyatch who makes friends with girls so they would feel guilty about going after her man.

    But I don’t think KStew and Rob have done it because 1) Oregano 2) NReed 3) They still act like they want to, I wish they would so they could get that out of their systems and move on.

  18. M totally makes sense, but that lainneygossip run down seals the deal for me…KStew wanted it BAD .

  19. Oh yes, I think they did! Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

  20. OMG that video interview is proof:
    “there were 2 nights…”
    “2 nights?”
    ” well all of preproduction actually – but 2 nights that were productive…”


    Can’t blame ya KStew- you’re only human.

  21. I agree 100%. They have totally knocked boots. It doesn’t bother me, I think it’s kinda hot.

  22. I don’t know…

    I’m going to have to disagree.

    Not that I can even relate, but I’ve done plenty of musicals where I’ve had a love interest, even kissing scenes (some since I’ve been married) and it’s true you do create a special bond because it needs to portray well on stage. I’m assuming it’s even harder for film because you have to portray that through the camera, as opposed to people being in the room and feeling the actual energy.

    I’m just saying I don’t necessarily agree that because they spent time together working on their relationship doesn’t mean they actually had one.

    sorry gals, don’t hate on me

    • i will hate you forever
      (this is a false statement and i completely retract it)

      disagreements are fun!

    • haha stay strong Malia…..You are not alone..feel the love! lol..

    • im in agreement malia, i’m really still not convinced.

      shes even admitted it herself to not wanting to “be sexy” cause it’s “gross” true words from her nylon interview!

      sure they made out, did some groping, but i dont think they went all the way.

      she’s VERY 17 still and that comes across it seems to me robbies into an older more experienced lady, ifyouknowwhatimsayin.

      who knows though!

      • yay @moon!

        i think kstew is a classic teen who wants to appear older when in reality she is still a kid.

        this is so apparent from her “indie” scencester ways, like, por ejemplo, skeleton gloves and liking all things vintage.

        i’ve been in denial, but lately i’m crushin a little on kstew – i’m realizing she’s just a typical snotty know it all teenager…who gets to make out with Rob

        whoa, did i just say that? call the paramedics

      • ur fired as my blogging buddy.

      • ifyouknowwhatimsayin…why yes I dooooooooooo! lol

  23. ok this is effing hilarious.

    but my concerns are:

    did Kristen take care of business, was Rob sated? did Oregano teach her anything at all that would give Rob cause to thank him??

    because he has always stated he liked older women. (one of the arquette sisters and natalie portman…) as an older woman who’s bumped uglies with a few people, i think **I** can satisfy him better than a young inexperienced teen like kstew.


  24. okay so before… i’ve always believed that they did not hook up… prolly because i wanted so badly to believe what they were saying… you know staying naive and completely blinded by the obvious.. but after reading this hilarious–vanity fair style breakdown– watching proofs and reading random interview…

    my viewpoint has changed… I think that they DEF HOOKED UP!… the awkwardness.. the stammering… the blushing… yah.. they did it… just trying to completely hide it—real badly i might add–… iunno man.. poor Oregano… but kris and orb does make a pretty hot couple… (just saying)

    anywhos… i hope u have more breaking it down vanity fair style chats… i really enjoy reading it!

    KEEP the FUNNY going =)

  25. p.s. and another thing is that Kristen is majorly avoiding him… like common..liek anymore obvious that she is trying to quiet down rumours that they hooked up… i think its more obvious if u avoid people when u want to quiet down rumors… cause yahh… at least it seems liek you are not hiding anything… just saying =D

  26. They totally did it. No doubt about it in my mind. You just don’t look at people like that if you aren’t bumping uglies.

    Also in part of the commentary on the DVD, Catherine mentions a point in the movie when she felt like “they were really a couple” and Rob and Kristen giggle like small children. That was what did it for me.

  27. Ok, they haven’t done it. Yet. They are trying to be professional, and the director specifically asked Rob NOT to hit that when she hired him. They have 3 more movies to make and it would mess things up if they did. So they are all over each other as an outlet to their pent up-shit. It works well on screen, for sure.

    And I alternately love and hate you two for making me laugh almost daily and think about things that I shouldn’t. I’m too old for this! Ugh.

  28. I’ve always wanted to deny it also. But I think you all have convinced me. Further evidence: I remember hearing an interview during the press junket where Rob said people (I think it was Catherine) warned him to not hook up with Kristen because of her age and BF. We all know what happens when you tell a man not to do something. They want to do it more. But you guys did the best job breaking down the reasons I had given myself that they hadn’t done it. Now I am probably 90% sure they have. Especially after that Lainey article and the interviews and the deleted scene and the butt-slap clip and the looks they give and the etc, etc.
    I don’t see that link to the butt slap yet, but I will try to find it.

  29. here’s the link to the butt slap go to about 2:57.

    I picked this link because nomoremarbles picked a perfect song to go with this classic Rob move.

    • Thankz AmyLou! I´ve been racking my brain trying to remember how I got to it!!! IT IS A MUST SEE….hope MOON and UC break it down VF style 🙂

    • omg that marbles girl is WHACKY!!!

      the hand doesnt even look like it makes contact.

      ps this isnt anything i wouldnt do to a friend. maybe im just a slut but ya know.

      (dont you just love being devils advocate?)

      • ah I agree! i don’t think his hand touches her butt- just looks like it

        • just a friendly but spank? dunno? anyway I like him all dressed to da nines as Eddie…smacking Bella´s but…hihihih!!

      • Let’s be skanks together…because I slap butts all the time haha!

        • OHH I´m ALL for some spanking action with Movie Edward, no doubt! Maybe Pocket Edward could tackle that subject on one of your escapades!

          • Okay…I have to say this is a difficult decision.
            First, I was like, “They totally did it!” because I may smack my friends on the ass but there is no way I am gonna scrape anything off your damn teeth unless you know…

            Then, I was like, “They totally didn’t do it!” because of Oregano. I mean the guy is always around…he’s worse than a damn TwiMom!

            So, Finally I am gonna have to go with, they probably did it one night when Oregano went home to feed his dog and then Rob decided that he “tapped that” and now it’s over because he is totally not looking to get into a relationship with someone so young, he needs a real woman, perhaps like Moon…or any of the single ladies on this site.

            So, there is my two cents! Do with it what you will!

          • best quote ever “oregano is worse than a damn twimom” i just LOL

          • and I’m not saying they were sober when it happened…

          • Ha ha thanks to you and moon I don’t have to be a TwiMom anymore, I can be a LTR Girl!

            🙂 ❤ it!

          • AMen Vicky…AMEN!!

  30. I think I just cried….yup…I did

  31. I read this earlier and have been struggling with my emotions since! But I have finally come to my own decision. Ignorance is bliss, and I choose to believe that Rob has not had sex with that girl.
    #1. She is such a washed out stoner that I can barely look at her. I had a period myself in college where I had a girl crush and every day after classes she and I and a couple of friends would smoke some weed and enjoy a game or two of Hungry, Hungry Hippos before the munchies took us over, but we had little to no sex drive because of the pot…
    #2. I would blush madly anytime I was in a room with Rob, and forced to talk about him in front of him. I blush looking at pictured of him and my mind wanders off. She’s just a child, and the blushing/stammering/idiocy proves nothing to me.
    #3. If I were on a tree swing with the hottest man alive reaching out his hand to me, I would stroke the beJesus out of it. He’d have no skin left. Please.
    #4. Kristin has a hot little body. If I were instructed to make out with her on a bed, in front of people, I would totally go for it and grab some thigh, or ass, or even on a good day, I might go for boobies. Game on.
    #5. The 2 productive days they were referring to were the 2 days KStew ran out of spleef and they had to actually talk to each other and read the script instead of hitting the bong.
    #6. Above all this – Rob is a gentleman. I have decided he just wouldn’t go there. She’s nice enough looking, but there is no way her pot addled mind can stimulate his big, um, brain, and so, therefore, I see no proof to the contrary – they have NOT done it.

    • omg..” enjoy a game or two of hungry hungry hippos before the munchies took us over..” best. line. ever. haaaaaaaa…

  32. To be honest, I HAVE to believe Rob didn’t tap that. I would lose respect for him if he did. And not because she’s a sourpuss or pothead but because for most of the filming she was 17…(Anyone know the age of consent in WA?) If it was after she was 18, it wouldn’t be a thang.

    I am seven months younger than Rob and it would be like me screwing Taylor Lautner. When I leer at Taylor via the interweb, I expect Chris Hanson to jump out with a clipboard and a film crew. Sure, he is from England, where the age of consent is 17…but when in Rome, don’t screw the 17 year old. That is all.

  33. Whether they did it or not is completely irrelevant because the fact of the matter is, he didn’t do me and that is all that really matters.

  34. i know im a party pooper but who cares? we still love rob and hate kstew.

  35. I’ve debated this a lot myself. I’ve watched most of BOTH their interviews and have noticed the way they act when they talk about and are around each other. I think what it is is that they have that spark and instant connection you get with some people when you meet them so there’s constant sexual tension. To the point where, if she didn’t have a BF, they’d probably be together because they’re drawn to each other. So its probably awkward for her because she feels things she isn’t supposed to and then is encouraged to act it on screen.

    Towards the end of the commentary, they mention there being one day where there was a lot of drama on the set and Kristen says her knuckle was all cracked so she was glad it wasn’t in the scene- meaning she probably got pissed and hit something. Various articles have said that she was arguing with her bf on set and he became really possessive of her afterwords because of her relationship with Rob. They seem to have one of those comfortable but not passionate relationships if you watch them. And this was at least a year ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLeYOgGXTB0

    I was going to say that you rarely see them at premiers and things together any more and shes generally oriented closer to Nikki than him at things but that may be on purpose. It’s good promotion for Twilight if it looks like her and Rob might be together because it gets them more press. Her showing up with her bf might not help things. Or something. I don’t know. I know that when he is at an event, he’s stuck to the side somewhere while Rob and Nikki get to be up front because they’re part of her project. That has to suck for him.

    In all fairness, if you’ve watched any of her interviews with her costar in adventureland, shes downright giggly in those. If she acted like she does in those interviews with Rob, I would be convinced they had something. Granted, she was in that movie with a bunch of SNL people and Jessie is hilarious. I would be giggling like a mad woman too.

    If you have the patience for it, this audio interview with them is hilarious. Heh I played solitaire while I listened, but Jessie is so freaking funny and she’s not…retarded so its amusing. “I’m sorry, I was just apologizing for being inept.”

  36. Here is why I completely agree that they hooked up:

    1. When I watched that interview with them about Last Tango in Paris and caught the “productive” line I immediately knew what they were talking about.

    2. Their chemistry in those early April MTV interviews is sadly lacking in oh say…the movie…I remember watching the movie and thinking “Couldn’t they have waited to have sex until AFTER they shot the movie. Now I know I’m up for the firing squad on this one but I expected SMOLDERING during that kissing scene in her bedroom after all of Catherine’s hype about their chemistry and watching those early videos. I just thought it fell kind of flat although any scene of him kissing makes me stomach flutter.

    3. I had the EXACT same thoughts when watching the Twilight Extras thing from the Penelope DVD, when she leans in to whisper in his ear in that way.

    4. DVD EXTRA SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Commentary on the DVD that suggested “on set drama” in more than one place lead me to think the whole one night stand thing played itself out during shooting to a painful degree.

    5. She totally went back to Oregano because I get the idea Rob’s a ‘hit it and run” sort of fellow.

  37. OMFG! I just saw this posted on Lion/lamb or whatever. I know you girls will get a kick out of it, even if it made me cringe for Kristen. I’m going to try to find the whole interveiw to see it in context, but the one dude calls her a bitch heh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aWhtOAjuYU

  38. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…


  39. OMG YOU GIRLS ARE KILLING ME WITH ALL THIS PROOF! ughhhh! okay okay okay…….as much as i want to crawl into a corner and deny this until i turn blue….the fact that they smashed is so obvious it’s retarded! HOWEVER for the sake of argument: my best best guy friend and i are super close, probably closer than robert and sourpuss. Girls at school that i don’t even know come up to me and ask me if we’re going out. We even hold hands for godsakes! but have we ever smashed? NOPE have we even kissed? NOPE! i’m not attracted to him in the least bit!! ..and YET we’re always hugging and whispering..just because we’re BFFs (and he’s not gay because he has a girlfriend and i acutally witnessed a girl go down on him once at a party it was so SICKNAST) sooo because it definitely is possible to be close and APPEAR to be having sexual relations…it doesn’t always mean you are..which is why a teeny tiny part of me still wants to believe robert has slightly higher standards than kstew…and by higher standards i mean ME ^_^

    • Haha! I’ve always had mostly guy friends because I kinda think like a freakishly emotional dude so thats kinda how I’ve seen it too. I’m living with one of my closest guy friends and people always say we act like we’re married. That’s why we can stand living with each other though. We discuss our sex lives and have known each other years and yet nothings ever happened.

      And I’ve periodically allowed my relationship with other guy friends to turn into “Snuggle Buddies”- essentially getting all the intimacy from eachother we’re missing in being single without crossing the line into being more. It’s kinda like having a quasi-bf for a while. I could see them doing something like that with all the traveling they had to do.

  40. I’m still on the fence with this one. Just sayin’

  41. I completely agree. :26—Totally doing it.

  42. We’re all forgetting al the interviews in the beginning when Rob obviously had a major crush on her though. If anything, he would have initiated it. Or at least been the one that wanted more from it if something did happen. She doesn’t deal with change well, she won’t leave her bf unless she has too probably.

  43. Holy Crap. She’s actually using her fame from Twilight for something good. I’m pleasantly surprised. http://vimeo.com/3581129

  44. They totally did it. I completely agree with you guys. She gave into him (who wouldn’t?), then likely felt guilt and went crawling back to what’s his face.

    Here the deal sealer for me: the supposedly fake Facebook account. First of all-it was totally Rob’s FB page. It was obvious. Second, his friend, Ben Coles, came out and stated that he is friends with Rob, but didn’t know he was talking to an imposter—DUDE! That’s doesn’t matter. Ben Coles is the one who stated first “Get Kristen yet?” thus totally implying that he had spoken to Rob about getting with KStew.

    Third, the same FB supposed Hacker sent Camilla Belle (Routh)a message a day after Rob and Cam were spotted having lunch together. I don’t know too many hackers that would take the time to tell someone they had a nice time at lunch before the paparzzi pics hit the stands.

    Totally did it. Are they together? No. Quite honestly, I don’t think that Rob wants to be with her anymore or she him.

  45. this was a good read! haha

  46. […] Okay.. we gotta discuss it.. it’s time Dear those in denial, I’m 99.7% certain that Rob and Kristen hooked up while filming, despite the whole Michael […] […]

  47. Heh. I was trying to explain to someone how I was totally addicted to a twilight blog. And he raised his eyebrow at me. So I was like no no not like the teen ones, more like a pervy ‘were so gonna jump rob if he gets near us’ sarcastic one. Which made him stare at me like I was crazy. I’ve since learned not to talk about LTR and LTT to non-twifans.

  48. Ok, here it is, don’t hate. I love both LTT and LTR. I read it daily, it makes me laugh. You bitches rock! I talk to my husband about this twilight business all the time. He swears that Rob is gay. There is no way he hit it with K-Stew. The reason he thinks this is because every picture I have shown him of Rob he says, Rob looks too femmy. He says when Rob is pictured with a girl he is too polite. He says that Rob does not angle his face like a typical hetro-sexual male would do to look at the girl’s tatas. He also says because Rob did not hit it with Queen Amadala (this is how he referred to Natalie Portman for real) at the Oscars, he is totally gay. Here are some questions I get from my husband. Why has there not been a girl that has broken the silence that she has hit it with Rob? It should have happened by now. My husband says he looks pained and uncomfortable in pictures with women. How come you never see him with girls?
    Also, there are a couple of things I have picked up on. In the MTV interview Rob made a comment about being gay and K-Stew remarked or impotent. I know you are going to say they were joking, but you could say the same thing about the rest of the comments that were made in the interview. Now here is the next weird thing I picked up on. About a week ago it came out that he wanted to do a collaboration with Will Young, who is so gay when you look at him you know it. So, the day after it came out, another article magically appeared about Rob hitting it with some random dark haired girl in a bar. Who the f**k comes up with shit like that? Oh yeah, PR reps. Too convenient if you ask me. Way to stray away from the why does Rob want to do a collaboration with a gay pop idol contestant from 2002. I don’t know, maybe that was Rob’s way of letting Will know he is interested in him Just a theory. There are alot of other strange things that I have picked up on that could lead to Rob being gay. Don’t be haters. I am just thinking outside of the box. For what it is worth, I really hope that Rob isn’t gay. Oh and one more thing if
    K-Stew and N. Reed know that Rob is gay. I would think it would be quite a funny inside joke to them by acting gay themselves. Because they know the truth and no one else does. Also, it would make perfect sense why K-Stew would continue to be so persistent that her and Rob are just friends. I said my part. Peace out. Don’t hate.

    • Just to preface this, I’m not mad. I’m not even the slightest bit bothered by what you’ve said, and it wouldn’t matter to me if Rob were gay. In fact I may just choose to believe that to rationalize why he hasn’t called me about the Kept Woman position I applied for. But I do think you’re wrong. Having worked in the travel biz for 15 years, my gaydar is pretty finely tuned. Not once in any interview has he pinged even a little bit. I think any politeness toward women you might sense from him has either to do with him having sisters and/or him fearing that anyone he takes a picture with is instantly going to be rumored to be his girlfriend.

    • Sorry i hv to disagree that u mentioned rob so probably gay.

      and no, I’m not one of the haters.

      Just want to share my reference:

      If u ever read the april GQ mag, rob did bluntly mentioned there that he is straight. and i don’t see any reasons why he would rather lied and bashed it out in public.
      Maybe i’m way out of the loop, but i haven’t heard any gay celebrity that denied them self of being gay..probably hiding it, but not vocally lie about it.


    • I think you may be on right (left-lol) track. That ‘Krikki’ fake lesbo relashy was such a “nah..nah~ we know a secret”–I even LOLMFA off at the time!!! But think even bigger multi-lines outside of the “BOX” (speculation again-& not just me)…as in Hugh Jackman, wife Deb & “biz partner” John P (LOVE them all and sign me up too, ok pleaze!!). Think outside lines to BI-sexed! WOULD THAT NOT EXPLAIN SOoooooo MUCH of the past “akwardness” as in “what a K/R relaysh Could Really Be???” –and ALL the “hesitation” compounded on KS part. Also may explain in part why NR would say in fall, KS relaysh with RP is, umm, “complicated” (me irked here–but also let’s not forget NR very likely had “friend-w/benes” RP relaysh too- hope ONLY in past! Lucki bitch, lol). And WHY WAS Italy SO uncomfortable in the Q&A? Something really seemed to majorly piss KS off! It looked like she cried in Q&A too. SOMETHING WAS REALLY OFF in Italy! (Did Someone come to visit from UK before Italy?? Humm.) BI-ness could also explain KS joking that RP stared “longingly into Baz Lurhman’s eyes” while karoked with…HUGH J’s GROUP in Japan!!!–LMAO! Hey -well here’s THE DEAL: if those in IT are DOWN WITH IT ALL….NO PROB. However, having family mems in those situs@ present, we feel strongly that “fidelity” type issues SHOULD (bitch-mom me says must) be worked ahead for those who would ever commit in those relashys. Would you agree? And please don’t hate on me as I am a true admirer —and I’m a BE “true to yourself” one too. Anyway–all of the many @present speculations of “WHO is RP with”—ARE SO FUELING THE NM MOVIE PROMO MACHINE—IT IS NOT FUN ANYMORE!! Well okay, it is warped funny, actually! Now that “Little Ashes” is out, any & all female “Rumors” for RP I think SummitE PR would veiw as a positive. Sad fakery. Please, Gods of Love & sex Karma, let it be KS for REAL. Haha. But IS that too one good to be true? What do the real people inside all these PR~charades WANT? Sigh….How WILL this all COME OUT IN THE END? (Pun …FIRMLY…intended!)

  49. Ok so I don’t want to believe but on the Robsessed site there is an article from the Australian magazine AdelaideNow and this bit makes me think something happened between them.

    Their off-screen chemistry was enough to concern Hardwicke, who revealed she was worried the duo’s obvious closeness would mean the end of Stewart’s relationship with her boyfriend of five years, actor Mike Angarano.

    Angarano is a close friend of Hardwicke’s since she directed him in 2005’s Lords of Dogtown.

    Stewart takes a breath and looks at the floor when told of Hardwicke’s comment.

    “We were fine. I have not left my boyfriend for Robert Pattinson,” she says quietly.

    “But we went through a lot together. It is crazy to go through something that heavy in real life. At the end of it you are inevitably going to have something.

    “I know a version of him better than anybody else in the world because I did this movie with him.”

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