A Unicorn and another wanna-be Uni…

Wanna-be Unicorn


hubs who love Edward are HOT

Dear Edward,

I was laughing my ass off today when I finally had time to get to the computer. My husband (who normally does not encourage my Twilight computer time) kept hinting for me to come see something on the computer, but I kept putting him off b/c I was in the middle of making dinner.

When I finally did sit down I couldn’t help but feel like someone was staring at me. Imagine my surprise when I looked over my left shoulder and saw ol’ Rpattz staring down at me with his sex on fire self. Grrrr. So, I am not sure what to think of this, does my husband want to be a unicorn or does this mean I have to return the favor??? I hope he doesn’t think I am going to pin up a poster of Megan Fox out in the garage.


Vickyb- I’d say he’s a Unicorn, in my opinion. I also say he’s smokin’ and I give him our ‘hot hubby of the day’ award.

Actual Unicorn

I, like Jordan, am too a guy, though maybe not as much of an upfront one! Do excuse the formality of my style, as such things do not come to me easily *sheepish grin*

In the year 2030, I feel my own son will be of age to read the great books that have shaped and formed the minds of generations: Oscar Wilde, Dicken’s, of course, a selection of Jane Austen, even dear Kasaprov, as contested as his status still is amongst such greats. Why, I think I shall even suggest he reads the Harry Potter series, though many would question that choice more than giving a 12 year old boy Kasaprov!

There is one series however, that stands upon it’s own lustrative altar. For it’s sheer doctrinaire propensity and unsalable differed equity from the other books, I believe my son (and may he be smart enough to realize it’s stolidity) should quite fully read, amongst Mary Shelley and Saaverda, the complete Twilight works.

So amazed I am by both it’s quality and it’s obvious appeal to people all across the globe. It’s seems a book capable of crossing language barriers, just as Shakespeare has. In my mind, I imagine a little girl, in the slums of Africa, picking up this series, and learning English, just so she can read it fully. The simplicity of the language, yet the content of concupiscence aimed at the perfect gudgeon leaves in my mind a feeling of awe, both at the cunning skillfulness in which Stephenie Meyer traps her audience and the way she weaves the net around so many young, and older women (and quite a few men too!).

I stand in constant awe of the popularity and abhorrence of Stephenie Meyer’s series.
My son will be made to read it as a guide on great writing.

Hoping always for a bright future, Calum

*whoa- he wins our hero of the day award, for reals!

Other great Unicorns here!


23 Responses

  1. Vickyb– your hubs is j’dorable! What a thoughtful gift.

    This Calum fellow is quite the catch too.

  2. @Vickyb – You are one lucky woman!! I keep hoping my hubby shows up with something like that, but alas…

    @Calum – Um, wow. Really, that is all I have, wow.

  3. I love that poster! Jeremy bought it for me yesterday AND helped me hang in up in our bedroom! I said, “You aren’t worried I’ll look at it when…ya know?” and he said, “Nope. It will make things easier on me.” I could not stop laughing!
    But anyway, everyone, get yourself to Blockbuster and get that poster. It’s massive.

    I also want to say I think every man should read Twilight and learn to be more like Edward. Easiest way to get chicks ever.

    • OMB doesn’t mind either. Whatever makes me happy. I love that.

      I can’t tell you how many men I’ve told, “She’s read Twilight? Well now you have to read it, if you ever want to understand her again.”

  4. How sweet …..he gets it…It is all just fantasy and fun and you love your hubby and “its all good” 🙂

    • @brummielover i cant believe you dont remember that big bald guy with the “Real Men Read Twilight” shirt at the midnite premiere…he was a unicorn alrite but also a dbag..

      • oh oh I remember I was gonna tell him off if he made one more comment about Lauren accidentally bumping his seat….yes I was about to get all midevil on him lol gotcha…well see I wasn’t thinking with my twilight head then. I was thinking with my don’t mess with me or mine head lol..

  5. @Moon and UC Ha ha, my husbands ego needed this little boost ,it’s been suffering a bit since last Nov 😉 so thanks for that!!!

    @Amber Keep the hope alive…you never know!

    @RhoJo Yes, a thoughtful gift indeed. This from the man who thought a “PantyRose from a gas station was “romantic”. True Story. He’s come a long way baby!

    • pantyrose!! HAHAHA omg that made my morning. hilar.

  6. Ah, Vicky, to be you. That would be wonderful. I have that poster too and my husband hates it. I can’t even hang it up anywhere. I’m so jealous of your husband’s high self-esteem and understanding of the fact that it’s just a fantasy. You are one lucky lady!

    As far as Calum’s letter goes, well, I need to get out a dictionary or a thesaurus and read that again. I thought I had a decent vocabulary, but I guess not.

  7. @Vickyb- Your husband deserves a hubby of the year award! Especially if he’s move that far beyond PantyRose gifts! That’s just great stuff there 😀

  8. I agree with Ayden…Vickyb’s husband deserves an award from the Unicorn’s Guild of awesomeness!

  9. @Ayden…Yes although I should be a little embarrassed that this poster makes me so happy I have to say the PantyRose was just….AWFUL!

    @Lauren I like that…Unicorn’s Guild of Awesomeness. It sounds so fancy. I wonder if we sent Rob a letter saying he was getting an award from the UGA if he would show up?! Hmmmm.

  10. yesssss
    converting one husband at a time…
    it’s workin’ like a charm ladies

    • that should be part of our LTT/LTR mission statement… helping to convert husbands and boyfriends to cullenism

      • YES

        I am an active member

      • @ Moon – I agree, and if any of them need to be helped along a bit, send ’em my way!

        @ Vickyb – that’s awesome! give your husband props for me! has he read the books?

        • Unfortunately he has not read the books, did see the movie though and didn’t even talk smack afterwards. So, I have to give him credit for that. Slowly but surely!

  11. @vickyb…what an awesome hubby to do that…and it looks like he is enjoying it as well, hee!!

  12. Yay for down dudes and cool husbands.

    Seriously, my husband just saw the pic of Rob wearing the Louisian Swamp Tour hat…and BEFORE asking who the gal was with him, he said, “Well, he might be cool after all.”

    Rob is my people. Amen. And my husband rocks.

  13. @Leigh Anne I say YAY too! That is awesome your hubs noticed the hat before the girl (who was a bit too close to Rob for my liking).

    @Sass he is indeed. I just wish Blockbuster had that awesome cardboard cutout like you have….then we’d be talking some serious Rob Porn!!!!

  14. I’m looking forward to Jennifer’s Body. Megan had no real meaty scenes in How to lose friends and alienate people. And in Transformers she was pretty much mute.

    Shes also up for the role of Leila in Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin.
    She would be a perfect Wonder Woman thought! 🙂

  15. Can he please give my husband some pointers?

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