It’s Ashley!! Soooo meaty!

Dear Ashley-

As if I needed MORE confirmation that we needed to be BFF’s, you go and show up on The Soup, one of my favorite shows and hosted by one of my favorite men: Joel McHale! Now I just wanna go to lunch and have you spill all the details: is he really THAT tall? If he funny in real life? Did you propose marriage to him? TELL ME EVERYTHING!

Seriously, you don’t need to convince me any more, I will be your best friend.

Your BFF,

23 Responses

  1. YES!! I love Ashley!! Whenever we finally have the big sleepover with all the LTT/LTR girls, Ashely is soooo on the list of invites.

  2. Okay, seriously… Joel is like a GIANT next to Ashley! She’s 5’5 (yes, I Googled it) so he’s gotta be AT LEAST 6’3/6’4.

    I love her, she’s just the bees knees.
    (LMAO I don’t know where that came from, but deal.)

  3. we’re soo having a sleepover with her… good idea, amber!

  4. omg..i LOVE the soup!

  5. haha, that was great – ashley’s fantastic

  6. That was so fun!

  7. OMg I died when it was her making fun of Miley. I laughed so hard the first time I heard one of the “It’s still a felony!!!!” lines.

    And in honor of the soup and Miley’s cradle robbing bf, I present various soup clips that this one is kinda playing off of:

    Aaand omfg- on the soup on the web, they made their OWN twilight trailer. How had I not seen this before?

    And of course, Twilight Mania

  8. Oh-em-gee! I love love love love Joel McHale! 😀 He is soo funnnnny–and not to mention hot.

  9. oh I love Ashley Greene! a slumber party would be awesome! we can play guitar hero, and eat pizza, and braid eachothers hair! it’ll be amazing!! =D

  10. The SOUP…I love it!….Its soooooooo meaty! lol

  11. I am in love with her hair. I’m in love with her, too…in a non-lesbian kind of way.

  12. @kdrimmer – Yes, hair braiding and guitar hero are a must!!

  13. I LOVE the soup…and now for her appearance on it I really like Ashley Greene 🙂

  14. UHHHHH, FUNNY! As if I needed another reason to love the Soup, Joel or Ashley. What will the interweb bring us next? And the bonus….making fun of Miley 🙂

  15. I’d like to be the meat in that sandwich!!!

    :ahem: sorry…that just flew out of me…

    I’ll be meeting my new BFFnE in 24 days…not that I’m counting,

    IT’S STILL A FELONY!!! is my new tag line…I’m driving my family insane with it. Try it, it’s fun!

  16. I would totally be a fake lesbian with her.

  17. But only a FAKE one.

  18. As if loving Rob wasn’t enough, now that I know you love Joel I think we could be BFFs!

  19. I have a total girl-crush on Ashley! Love her. And also Miley Cyrus’s face just makes me laugh. :p

  20. love the soup. i dvr it and was surpised when i watched it.

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