Edward Cullen is a dad. And I am 2nd-hand Embarrassed

Dear Edward,

You probably don’t remember most of these pictures being taken, huh? That’s cuz someone had WAY too much time and WAY too many photoshop skills!


Thanks to JBell, our unofficial twi/rob-tipster, for finding this gem!

53 Responses

  1. Oh my freaking lord.

  2. Admit it, there was a point when you thought “Awww, Rob will make such a great dad!”

    No? Was that just me? LOL

  3. shut.up

    that video CREEPED me out.

    but a few things i noticed

    1. robert was lookin a tad chester in some of those photos (ie: the ones with renesme)
    2. he likes to take it off for baby photos
    3. kstew disappears after the baby is born. coincidence? i think not.

    awesome find jbell.

    woke up the husband from all my sqeals.

  4. I don’t quite remember Bella being quite that “glowing” during her pregnancy. Where’s the cuppa blood???

  5. @JBell – Wow. Scary. No gonna lie. I watched half before I HAD to stop.

    So, who is supposed to be taking all those pictures at the honeymoon? The house cleaning lady?

  6. Anyone, notice that Rob has no hand in that wedding photo?

    And I love the one where they are out yachting together.

    “Here comes Edward with the baby carraige”

    I’m still laughing. This is so creeptastically great!

    • yeah i noticed that too! there was just a sleeve but no hand. man this video made me laugh. some people have way too much free time on their hands. 🙂

      • I don’t think that’s his sleeve. It looks like some kind of fire place. I assume his hand is meant to be behind the nasty flowers 🙂

  7. Please tell me that at 2:02 you noticed the picture of Stephenie Meyer in the “shot”… lmao

  8. I am still lmbo! Nice touch with Stephenie in the background. I was creeped out, but it gave me a good laugh, so thanks!
    I also kept thinking, Rob looks amazing in every picture-Kristen not so much. But isn’t that the way it usually is? He is just too beautiful and then next to the baby girl….awwww.

  9. I refuse to watch this…because those flowers (in the pic above) are just completely wrong, and I don’t do wrong flowers.

    They look like a pink afro. And I love pink afros…but not of the floral variety. And NOT in the presence of my Edward and Bella.


  10. This video is just…indescribable. Like, I’m speechless but howling with laughter at the same time. Every single picture made me say WTF for a different reason. Like boating? WTF is up with that? All the Bella prego pics? I just..were they serious with this?

  11. Way too much time on their hands, definitely. Too many photoshop skills…not so much. I also found it funny that Bella just disappeared once Esme arrived, though the Stehpenie Meyer shot made me laugh.
    I’m one of the girls that love his hands and the hands in most of those shots killed me. And yachting, playin on the beach…wouldn’t he be sparkling??
    I totally agree that Bella was not that happy and glowing, no iv’s, no cup of blood…lol
    Anyone else notice that in some of the photos the arms and chest were hairy and in some they weren’t?
    Also, can’t see Renesmee in a duck suit or Edward strolling with her and her Cullen blanket…lol.
    Thanks for sharing this. Hilarious.

  12. ok made it to 1 min 33 sec can’t do. Nope just can’t can’t can’t. Go on talk about the video..let there be 500 comments..Brummielover must simply look the other way here..lol..go on make hilarious comments and jokes and post fabulous links…..
    I will bide my time till a new “robstacle” crosses my path and or screen that prevents me from doing anything else…hahaha I am laughing and yet frightend at the same time eeeeek.

  13. Even underneath my second hand embarrassment, I have problems with this video. Why would Edward be all smiley when Bella is pregnant? It would be more accurate to show Robward chasing Krisella with a kitchen knife so he can perform an impromptu ssshmortion. Also, those babies and little girl are too normal looking. They should have photoshopped some children of the corn in there to stand in for Reneesme.

    Moon and Choice-

    Absolutely love this site and LTT. It is such a relief to see other 20somethings who find Twilight/Rob fandom absolutely ridiculous but want to frolic in it anyway. My biggest complaint about this site is that it’s too new. I’m laying around, recovering from a tonsillectomy, and reading back entries… and then it abruptly stops in December. wtf? Keep up the amazing work…You girls make me laugh out loud daily.

    • M- haha.. i’m so sorry we didn’t come up with the site earlier for you! we also have letterstorob.com if that helps.. you can go back to december too with that site and see our fangirl come out for rob!

      and you’re RIGHT on- ‘find twilight/rob fandom absolutely ridculous but want to frolic in it anyway” AMEN girl! XO

  14. alternative song choice for this video: The hand that rocks the cradle by the smiths

  15. ugh there goes all the money for special FX..

    • haha.. i TOTALLy didn’t even think of that! you KNOW she’s getting paid more than kristen and rob for her 3-4 lines! UGH!

      • Lets hope Summit was savy and promised her a cut of the proceeds so they didn’t have to dish out a ton of cash and can still have enough to make Edward sparkle properly and not look like he has shiny eczema ugh lol

  16. Wow, wow, wow. This one takes the cake for me.

  17. I’m dying here!!! Holy bajezus!! I seriously had to get my inhaler out for this. Who in the hell comes up with this stuff?

    I noticed Kristen disappeared after the baby was born too!! Hmmm.. I bet she ran off with Nikki.

  18. I saw this shortly after you posted it and was so freaking disturbed that I couldn’t even comment until now.

    Matter of fact, I still can’t comment.

  19. Oh, seriously — I am posting after only 40 seconds of that work of art. It was the sailing shots that made me stop. I might finish it eventually, but only after I take a break. But, I do LOVE that you and your helpers find this crap — it really is priceless.

  20. Kinda creepy. Some are actually done decently- so decently in fact, that I’m sure it’d completely freak Rob & Kristen out if they ever saw them. Others are pretty bad…and disturbing. Almost Picasso like.
    OMG did you guys see Ashley Greene on The Soup? Sorry I didnt post sooner, I just now was able to get to a comp with internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAp_GuiB2TU

    The original skit thats spoofing on where they’re making fun of Miley’s 16 bday parties and her having a 20 yr old bf makes me die every time the background voice goes “It’s still a felony!”

  21. Oh my, this is so 2nd hand embarassing – on so many levels. I DO have to admit thought, the first pic of him with the tiny baby against his chest made me ooh and aah. I need help, seriously please send some before my husband has me committed. I got my tiny Edward in the mail today, and he said “Great so now when I go to make a move on you tonight I’m going to find him between us” Lol. . . . . . .

  22. OH EM EFFING GEEEE!!! this might be the WORST/BEST of them all!!!!!!!! this is all kinds of FAIL. oh my lawd im still dying, like crying laughing it was SO embarrassing and funny.

    you KNOW someone spent a quality afternoon doing all those crappy photoshops and then making this video.

    off to watch again for smeyers. GREAT CATCH!

  23. Wow wow wow. That was um, something all right. I can’t imagine being Rob or Kristen and stumbling across this. How creepy would that be? Couple things: Too many pictures with naked baby and shirtless Rob (never thought I’d say that about shirtless Rob) and did you notice how Kristen is listed as “Kirsten” at the end? She was clearly not the focus of this video. lol.

    • i would LOVE if Rob came across this vid. I think it would make him laugh SO hard! and then after he laughed so hard he’d probably take a shower b/c he felt so dirty

  24. Umm seriously, Fake Bella sitting on Fake Edward’s shoulders on the beach? It looked so awkward, it hurt.

  25. Best: 0:30… Edward/Bella steering a boat
    Worst: 2:15… that’s terrifying.

    I killed myself laughing through this entire thing… the embarrassing kind of laugh when you’re alone in your room and hitting the top of your desk.

  26. OMG! I think I just tasted my stomach juice. They are just deformed!
    I’m pretty sure my Manip is better than any of that. (made one evening of creativity)

    Check it out.

  27. Wow…there are no words…hilarious!!

  28. Where are these vids u all are posting about? Is there a link anywhere?

  29. […] Not convinced? Watch the vid where these pics came from […]

  30. god…that video was strange..who does this stuff? Seriously?? It’s one thing to read every bit of info about him and looking at all of his beautiful pictures, But, this! This is going too far. Stop crossing the crazy line people!!!

  31. Omg. I have never been more terrified in my life.

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