One picture, two takes… Filet-o-Fish Edition

taylorsdadlax(*moon note- i found this pic and sent over to UC because we think this is taylor’s dad and we KNEW we had to hit it with a ‘one picture, two takes’*)

Take One – UnintendedChoice

Dear Taylor,

If this is the future you, I’m gonna have to re-think giving you my sister, Wolfgirl, to be your girlfriend.




taylorsdadlaxTake Two – Themoonisdown

Dear Taylor’s Dad –

I love that you eat McDonalds while Taylor is working out.

Bear hugs and Big Macs,

PS I ❤ you taylors dad! seriously, you are my new love affair. don’t run!

Pic from the Gossip Girls. Check out the creepy bio pic of Taylor!

39 Responses

  1. Dear Mr Taylor (he he),

    Is that an actual walking stick you are resting on? Or is it a device intended to make your son go ‘faster, higher, stronger’ in his wolfish-workouts? Either way you should know that
    sharing your son’s anabolic steroids is not enough – you have to exercise like a freak at the same time. Ask mini-me to explain it to you over a bowl of 6 egg yolks.


    The Captain

  2. I think he is cuddly and huggable and probably a very down dude. I’d totally eat tacos with him.

  3. Hmmm…wonder what the mom looks like?

  4. Hmmmm, Mr Taylor or JStew??? Defs Mr. Taylor. JStew probably only goes to McD’s when he has the munchies!

    @Moon. I saw that pic a while back and all I could think was, “Is he trying to be Sexy like our Rpattz?”. Not working. Just creepy.

    • Vickyb, LOL, when you put the choice of dads that way, Mr. Lautner seems like a safe, normal choice. The KStew Spawner probably doesn’t clean up as nice. And definitely smells a little.

  5. i have no idea where you come up wth these things, but they are FUNNY.

    Keep the filet-o-fish references coming…

    P.s. Where do you guys come up for all your random names for things?

    ie: glow worm, wolf girl

    they are genius

    • we’re just weird and say the first things that come to mind! glow worm was easy cuz she actually looks like a glow worm…

    • malia- our brains are twisted dark places where things like filet-o-fish and sour puss run wild while rob works out to olivia newton john.

      scary scary place 😀

      that and sometimes we’re just terribly bored.

  6. Good call on the Filet-o-Fish.!

  7. So what is Taylor?

    Partial Native American?

    Pacific Islander?

    Or is Taylor just a tan boy with sharper fangs than Edward, that they thought would make a good wolf?

    I am not hatin’…just wonderin’…

    Now onto his dad…killer walking stick, dude.

    • apparently NONE of the above. he said in an interview he’s caucasian. weird cause the boy is totally dark with black hair. genetics never cease to amaze!

      anyone have a picture of taylors mom??

    • Just watched an old interview on EW that said his darker skin comes from his Mom’s french side.

      I think he said his ancestry includes german and french too

      whoa, did I just throw out the word ancestry on LTT?

  8. Maybe he found Taylor in a basket on his doorstep?

  9. Taylor has said in interviews that he found out through doing the movie that is partial native American on his moms side… Btw 🙂

  10. Since malia mentioned ancestry, when is that book by SM supposed to be coming out.?..the one with the geneological charts, etc.

    • well originally it was supposed to be dec then got pushed to AUGUST or some nonsense and last i hear it was SUMMER. so lord knows.

      whenever smeyer is good n ready.

      id rather he release midnight sun, but thats just me 🙂

      • Oh, moon, I totally agree, I would give up my kids to read a full and complete MS!

        Kidding..sort of.. 😉

    • @ Sass – I’ve had that damn book preordered since January. Amazon keeps asking me if I’m sure I still want it…since THEY have no idea on the release date.

      What makes me mad is why put a release date in BD if you are not even going to come close to meeting it?!?

  11. I hope that isn’t taylor’s dad. The father doesn’t look like the son, but…stranger things have happend. McDonald’s pwns the french fries!


  12. Dude! Justin Chon improvised the retarded worm line…

    And…. tonights access clip:|widget|Access%20Hollywood%20Video&__source=ah|widget|Access%20Hollywood%20Video

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  14. well it clearly looks like he inherited different genes not from dad this is going to sound mean but I have to say halleluha

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  16. i guess the native american part of him doesnt come from his dads side. nor does the good looking part…

  17. hmm so THAT’S who my stepfather’s gonna be. not too bad i guess. now that i kno wat he looks like i won’t be too afraid to go over my speech w/ him on how Taylor and I should date/get married before he turns 28. If my speech doesn’t work (which it should) well then there’s always a bribe…….hmmm

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