Crazies in motion

Dear Crazies-

In honor of UC’s post over at LTR honoring the crazies, I thought I’d put together a video tribute post to you all! I present some of my favorite YouTube Twilight related crazies, freak outs and general 2nd hand embarrassment.

Love you crazy freaks!

This Twi-mom takes the cake for either freakin craziest woman alive or so funny she’s come full circle and right back to crazy. Kudos!

More whack-a-doo’s after the cut!

This crazy goes on for 9+ minutes about Stephenie Meyers with flipping cold cream on her face… honey, I don’t know what look you were going for but it looks like someone took a moneyshot right on your face. ew. If you watch all of this maybe you should send us a letter cause you’re whacko

One word (hyphenated): crazy-eyes!
ps the term is “CAST” my dear

this is your brain on twilight-crack. if you watch no other videos, watch THIS ONE!

9+minutes of nerds video taping themselves waxing poetic about the Twilight cast but totally pronouncing things incorrectly: COLIN, s-ME, pattERson, pattesson, patterinson

Seriously, they should make you pass some sort of mental evaluation of competency test before you’re allowed to buy a web cam, or get a YouTube account.

PS none of these videos features the glow worm. We’ll save glow worm for an extra special post some day.

40 Responses

  1. *giggles*

    Well, if they don’t have anything else, they sure do have balls.

    That was great fun to watch while having my morning tea. I feel totally normal now!

  2. I just peed my pants. you girls are *killing* me. LMAO!!!!

  3. woah….i have no words.

  4. i can’t watch them. i can’t do it.

  5. HA!!! Chris Crocker has nothing on her! I will now refer to her as Bettie Crocker…WOOT WOOT!

    Off to the 2nd video.

  6. My overwhelming second hand embarrassment made me open Letters to Rob in a new tab and only listen to the videos….

    I agree with Sass. I feel much better about my crazy Twilight/ Rob obsessed self now 🙂

  7. The best thing about the first one is you can hear her children in the background. So not only am I embarrassed for her, but for her children!

    Gah, these people are why I’m a closet Twilight fan.

  8. @Moon, how DARE we be rude to Rob.


    I’m so glad he learned to speak American just for Twilight.

    What an amazing thing, truly, amazing.

  9. I feel like such a horrible person

    I just want MORE MORE MORE

    MORE MORE MORE of Robert

    Now i know why Robert lives in secrecy, because he is a REAL VAMPIRE

    I think I need to repent now. I guess I’m goin to hell.

  10. LMAO….Ok now I DEFINITELY don’t feel bad for loving Twilight…these people are SERIOUSLY crazy…I’m just a little obsessed…just a little nothing like this though LOL 🙂

  11. I think I just destroyed my computer screen with coffee.

    “honey, I don’t know what look you were going for but it looks like someone took a moneyshot right on your face.”

    Moon, none of my chick friends use the term moneyshot. It’s so refreshing to know that other women know and use the correct splooge terminology.

  12. Damn being at work and not being able to watch videos. Will have to watch them tonight and be embarrassed.

    • me too! I’m totally missing out here….but I know I would so get fired if they caught me rolling on the floor laughing at youtube vids!
      or WORSE pee my pants in my office! NOW THAT WOULD TRULY BE EMBARRASSING! =D

  13. lmao is the first one a piss take of chris crocker?
    if its not than that woman is seriously mental 🙂

  14. so sad. I can’t even get through them. I completly agree about having to pass some sort of test to buy a webcam.

    Did you gals get my link from the comments on LTR to that video of the sir-mix-a-lot rap?

    • i have one in our youtube profile that’s sir mix a lot! i bet it’s the same! people are INSANE!

  15. “It’s 11:11; let’s make a wish!”


    Warning: If you ever make a face like that in face goo like that and post it to for the rest of the world to witness…. I will laugh at you. Pretty sure I pulled a few stomach muscles doing it this time, too.

    I am officially even more grateful that I’m only in the sorta crazy category and not the totally lost her fricking marbles category!

  16. I think “crazy-eyes” has more eye shifting and head/face twitching than K. Stew. Interesting.

  17. I watched Leave Robert Alone, Moneyshot, and Hyper all the way through. I just couldn’t keep watching the others though. Moneyshot…LOL Good one, Moon.

    You know, if she hadn’t whipped out the Visine, I would have been convinced she was Crazy. Mostly I think she was just making fun of Crazy…mostly.

  18. …the Leave Robert Alone thing is scaring the crap out of me. It’s like watching someone come unhinged. Somehow it makes it even worse seeing how wrinkly the sheet is… its kinda symbolic of how twisted her mind is.

    Haha! The Stephanie Meyer Haters thingy is funny. She’s soo ADD. “Whats that noise..? I’m so about to die…”

    Dude. The chick in the ranting video needs to get off the crack and calm the hell down.

    Hah! The Twilight Project- A compilation of dorkiness.

    I was feeling all hungover and crappy but now I feel better :). Thanks guys 🙂

  19. I know who gloworm is….”Under the Sheets” Anyone??

  20. gah,that was painful to so glad im not in that lost-her-sanity- category yet and post shiz like that for the whole world to see that i need therapy-fastttt!!!

  21. Too frightening. Too terrifying. Too ridiculous.

    Cannot. Watch. I cannot.

  22. I gave it my best shot, but I couldn’t watch any of them all the way through.

    TwiCrack girl really was making me nauseous with the camera movement… or maybe I was still sick from looking at Moneyshot girl…

  23. OMG

    TwiCrack girl was AMAZING – that’s hysterical

  24. LOL and cringing at the same time. Great finds but for some reason I feel queezy, even after not watching them in their entirety. oi.

    The first one? *slaps desk again* I can see someone doing something like that for Brittany, but for Rob? Ya think now that she’s put this out there she’ll leave Rob alone?

  25. I think “Leave Robert alone Is comic genius but the Best Part of all is how she is neglecting her kids who are yelling in the background to suffer for the love or Rob!!!!! Oh, I am feeling a new saying…I’m gonna use that one. For the Love of Rob! make another video and put the kids in it!!!!!!

  26. I lovingly offer an antidote to the previous videos. Yes, it’s a fanmade trailer, my debut video that I made because the sheer awesomeness of Tiffanyd666 and SindyEM, both Twi-vid superstars on YT, inspired me to create my own. You should definitely check out their trailers if you haven’t already! Thankfully, there are so many amazing fanmades out there to counteract these entries. Here’s to preventing Twi-embarrassment, 1st-hand or 2nd-hand!

    Moon & UC, you ladies rock!

  27. wow, this a great video. never saw like this before. thanks for sharing…

  28. I doubt anyone will even see this but I thought I would put some of your worries at ease. I actually recorded Leave Robert Alone on my crappy digital camera well over a year ago with the help of a couple of friends. My friend in the video as some have comment wrote the dialogue to go along with the Chris Crocker video. And she added the eye drops because of the parody Seth Green did of Chris’s Leave Brittney Alone. My friend is an extremely talented actress, and just happens to play crazy very well. She is not obsessed with Rob at all, in fact it took her a month to see Twilight. We were in fact making fun of the crazies we would saw online. We had the video in the second take, it took all of 3 minuets (the video itself is 1:48). She was not neglecting her kids to film the video there were others present to help her for the three minuets it took to film. Oh and as for the wrinkly sheet it was mine, sorry I just grabbed an extra one that had been packed away hence the wrinkles. But really wouldn’t it have made me crazy if I had ironed the sheet that was used for the minuet in a half video. 😉 Really the video is a joke we are glad when it makes people laugh and confused when people take it seriously.

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