Do this and DIE soundtrack producers

coming soon... oh so soon

coming soon... oh so soon

Dear New Moon Soundtrack music supervisors and producers-

If the rumors about the JoBros and Madonna (among others) being on the New Moon soundtrack are true I will boycott you all and deny any of this ever happened (but if this was all an eleborate PR ploy to get more publicity for that 3-d movie nonsense than round of applause for the smart PR team!) As a wanna-be music supervisor I’m BEGGING you don’t go down this road… I love Alexandra Patsavas and worship at her music choosing feet like the rest of you but the Twilight soundtrack walked a fine line between genius picks (the black ghosts, iron and wine, blue foundation) and complete lunacy (collective soul, linkin park). I implore you PLEASE PLEASE pick some amazing music, unknowns, up and comers, oldies, whatever WORKS with the film but NOT the Jonas Brothers!! Or crinkly old Madge. We don’t need to make this an even more tween-y affair than it already is, NOR do we need someone who hasn’t put out a good album in several years trying to get in the mix and profit from cult hit like this. I love ya Madonna (your older stuff) but your services are NOT needed here. If I hear ANY whine-y, nasal-y, pinched prepubescent voices like the JoBros singing about “burning up” or whatever I will go postal.

friends don't let friends put JoBros on the Soundtrack

friends don't let friends put JoBros on the Soundtrack

May I suggest some winners like… martina topley bird, youth group (of course i would like a band called youth group!), neutral milk hotel, the pains of being pure at heart or how about some joni mitchell for the really sad Bella is dumped and lifeless bits?! I know I always cry at Joni, PERFECTION! Seriously guys I make amazing ‘PLEASE KILL ME NOW, I’M SO SAD’ mixes if I do say so myself.

Ok so maybe what I’m saying producers/music supervisors, you should HIRE ME!! (i’m not joking, call me) In fact I think we shall begin either highlighting songs we think are New Moon-eriffic or create some tracklistings and feature them here.

But I’m serious about the Jonas Brothers nonsense, do it and DIE!
Themoonisdown (even my ‘name’ says PICK ME!)

So what do you guys think about the new moon soundtrack? Anyone as passionate about it as I am? What are some ideas you have?

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  1. See, I thought Linkin Park made sense because that is what Bella is listening to in the book (according to Stephenie Meyer). Otherwise, I agree they should keep it to unknowns and maybe even local bands. I would love to hear more from The Black Ghosts too.

  2. Agreed.

    Oh, and “Half of Me” by Me Talk Pretty.

    Trust me.


  3. Ok I would love some BLUE OCTOBER on the sound track..Congratulations or You make me smile? How about LIFEHOUSE… Broken. I was ok with Linkin Park but not that song..something more like Hit the FLoor but really thought they missed it with that selection. Also, that Into the Twilight mess..whatev! No to Madonna, NO NO NO to Jonas..How about some TRAVIS? KINGS OF LEON???

    • Travis!!


    • I was thinking blue october too. I love them and I listen to them alot when I’m in a darker place. They have sooo many songs that could work. Evanesance (sp?) does too- “Good enough” would be awesome. I lvoe linkin park so I was happy to get the song…but confused as to why it was on the sound track to begin with.

  4. @Moon- We must be on the same page today, because my blog (which I wrote last night and auto posted this morning) is also threatening the soundtrack producers about the JoBros and Madonna and what death may come to them should songs appear on the album from them.

    Great minds think alike!!

    Also, I love Hana Pestle and her song Need. She’s been campaigning for it to be in the movie, and I think it is perfect.


      we win for thinking alike!

      ps juries still out on this hannah character… good on her for using the webs to promote her song and jumping on the new moon bandwagon but still dont know if im down with the song. we shall see.

      • One thing I’ll give her…at least she’s read the books and seen the movie, unlike other people…*cough* JoBros *cough*.

        It’s cool, we don’t have to agree on everything!! 🙂

    • DUDETTES! I totally wrote a letter to ya’ll voicing this EXACT concern (as you well know). I prefer to call them the Jon-*sses, because, well, let’s face it they are. They make me sad (in a sympathetic, “you’re a loser” kind of way) on so many levels and if they turn up on the New Moon soundtrack, I’d have to say that franchise has lost any class it may have been tenuously clinging to.

  5. hahaha! i agree NO JONAS BROTHERS. and Madge??!! Come on, she was awesome back in the day but I’m not a huge fan of her now. The more I read about New Moon the more I’m worried about how tweeny the movie is going to be. Do the realize they don’t need to make this tweeny? That the “older” crowd likes it too?

    Speaking of the tween crowd, my younger sister and I went to the local Hot Topic last week because her favorite local band was playing there. (I know it was really weird for a band in the middle of hot topic but they were actually good) Anyways, I was standing there with my sister and no joke 4 people came up to ask my sister and I if we were going to the midnight release party for the Twilight movie. I just rolled my eyes and told my sister that we’d preorder the movie off of amazon. I am not walking into that teen mess.

  6. I think #1 they should hire YOU to supervise, moon

    and #2 that it needs to be great- less-known bands, but nothing too crazy and indie. just listened to the Shins on Pandora.. they’d be PERFECT. and perhaps Blitzen Trapper since I’m obsessed with them right now- plus it takes place in the pacific northwest.. all those bands just sound like the mountains of WA and Oregon. I think I’m okay with anything as long as it’s on subpop.

    Thanks for listening, soundtrack producers for New Moon, and I bet $100 you don’t listen to us and the soundtrack SUCKS.

  7. When the h did Madonna join the Twilight bandwagon? Is this another one of her efforts to look young?

  8. @Charlee – Preorder from Target instead of Amazon. I switched mine from Amazon to Target because it came with an extra disc (which include 5 extra mins of Rob *sigh*) and with a digital download from iTunes.

    AND it was the same price!!!

  9. @UC – I just don’t know how the New Moon soundtrack can be as good without any Rob. 😦

  10. In Love Actually when they use Joni Mitchell when Emma Thompson cries it always KILLS ME. They could definitely go down that route (not that I’m comparing Kristen to Emma Thompson in any way!)

    • AMEN neen!! great scene, great movie, GREAT music!! good call.

      ps yea kristen is NO emma!

  11. So…anyone else as excited as me at the possibility of a Rob-only album!?! If we can’t have him on the New Moon soundtrack, this will definitely be a (much better) alternative!!

    I just hope he is not saying it to get my hopes up. *fingers crossed*

  12. Oh bloody hell, they best not go there with the Jonas Brothers. It’ll activate my gag reflex and my gag reflex just doesn’t get activated when Twilight is involved, oh hey-ell to the no!
    I want significant artists with emotion and real talent (sorry Jonas Brothers, you’re talented but you all sound constipated when you sing, especially the young one that hasn’t hit puberty yet) like Sia, have you heard her song “Breathe Me”? It is fantastic! I ache when I hear that song, but in a good way.
    I like Madonna (not so much her but I like her music) but I can’t hear thumping disco vibes with New Moon, that just won’t match.


    I think that a song that would be perfect for a Edward moment it’s I will follow you into the dark- Death cab for cutie: “Love of mine, someday you will die, but i’ll be close behind, i’ll follow you, into the dark”. *-*
    I love this song!

  14. I love Death Cab for a Cutie. Snowpatrol’s “Run” would be good to, which was just redone by Leona Lewis and her version is fab to. See, Summit just needs to contact us and we can put together the soundtrack, whatdya think? 😉

  15. yeah… I always cry for joni too.
    but does anyone listen? no, never.
    I am a german singer/songwriter, and I did a song for new moon (well, not really for the movie, just in my own little dream world), it’s called “one wolf (jacob’s song)”.
    it’s meant to be a gift to twilight fans.
    so, twilighters out there: you may download it from my little twipage
    and use it on your fansites or for any other twilight-relatetd purposes, for free.
    enjoy. and if you like it, I wouldn’t mind if you spread the word, of course 🙂
    love, betti

  16. Oh my gosh. I threw such a fit when I heard about the potential of the JB and Madge begin on the soundtrack. I was absolutely in love with the first one (like, I haven’t listened to a single album so much since I discovered the beauty that was the Garden State Soundtrack 4 years ago).

    I think if they let us supervise, the soundtrack would be a musical orgasm…a screaming orgasm if Rob was on it, but alas. No such luck

    I’m totally rooting for some Kings of Leon, The Black Keys. or Death from Above 1979 (if you haven’t heard them, check it out!).

    For now, I’ll just keep praying that all these nasty soundtrack rumors are a PR ploy.

  17. I liked Linkin Park. But no JoBros!!!! Not for New Moon or any Twilight movie for that matter!

  18. I vote for Rob covering Creep by Radiohead. It would make my… year possibly. Especially if he Robs it up.

    • Whiplash that is an AMAZING idea!

    • “robs it up”

      HAHAH yes please! i’ve also heard jacksper sang this song to stephenie on set. WANT.TO.HEAR.NOW!

      • ahhh i totally agree on the rob/radiohead.

        what do you interpret from the rumors that Chris is “more open” to music selections. I’m not sure what I take from that, considering that it was in reference to people like the Jobros and Madge. Because being “more open” to me, means being more open to music that isn’t on the billboards top 100. You know what I’m saying? So maybe being “more open” means Britney Spears will sing acappella the cover song for New Moon. YIKES

      • It’s always been on my wish list. I think it fits Twilight perfectly, and was disappointed it wasn’t on the first soundtrack. It still fits for New Moon, and as much as Rob protests he doesn’t want to do a song on this soundtrack, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind singing it for me!

  19. They should use some of the songs on Stephanie’s playlist. I wouldn’t buy the soundtrack if the JoBros are on it. I have to listen to their racket all day. My little sister thinks there “cool”.

  20. I like all the songs on SM’s playlist. They should definitly put some Blue October, Placebo, MUSE, Matchbook Romance, and Three Days Grace on the soundtrack. Coldplay is a good one too…they are so melancholy! I liked Paramore on the Twilight soundtrack, but I think that they need more edgy raw sound for New Moon.

    sure I am guilty of dancin around to Jonas Brothers but come on! this ain’t no Disney movie!

    • I’m with you on your music choices :). And I’m glad I’m not the only one thats caught myself humming along and dancing to the Jonas bros. In all fairness, I didn’t realize it was them until the radio dude said so afterwards. And then it was like !!!!!!!

    • Heh, and me and my friends running joke is for whoever sees the Jonas bros first to go “Like omg, check it out, its the Jonas bros!!!!” because he said it one night to make fun of me for being so into twilight and now its just become our thing hehe.

  21. I read somewhere that Paramore was working on something for the NM soundtrack. Not sure if that’s rumor or reality.

    If JB ends up on the soundtrack, the entire experience will just be ruined. Ruined! I think I’ll have to riot at that point.

  22. Can’t post this at LTR, so I’ll provide the info here.
    The Fug Girls come to their senses and give Rob a “Well Played” desgination for the Tokyo premiere.
    (Scroll about halfway down the page to find the Twilight entry.)

  23. Hi. I’ve been reading this blog for about a month now and i figured i should probably say something.

    I completely agree with this. Both of them kinda get on my nerves. My mom and have been discussing the soundtrack lately and thought it would be interesting (since part od the story takes place in Italy) to maybe put a song by an Italian band on the soundtrack. Negramaro, Le Mani and Linea 77 all have great songs that could fit… But that’s just our opinion…

    • Yea imbranata!! welcome out from the lurking shadows!!

      ohhh italian band, another great idea! we need to get together a list of these… now i gotta look these folks up!

      WELCOME 😀

      • Thanks…
        Yeah, Italy has some amazing artists. Almost nobody has heard of any of them over here though. Negramaro was actually featured in the billboard magazine and one of their songs is on guitar hero world tour.
        Linea 77 is awesome too. Their song “Sogni Risplendono” (dreams sparkle, teehee) is one of my favorites.

  24. ugh..if the jonas brothers or madge are on the album they might as well throw some miley cyrus into the mix while they’re at it..where’s good musical taste when you need it?

    • not on this soundtrack supposedly!

      ps is that m knight shamalamadingdong as your icon??

      • LOL Melissa has asked me to tell you that nooo it isn’t m knight shamalamadingdong (although she likes his films) she is CRAZY bout Jeffrey Goldblum….but don’t worry she loves ROB more! She is at the pub..they are having a quiz night 🙂

        • omg haaaaaaaaa…i thought i was the only person to refer to m night shamalan as shamalamadingdong..too funny.

          • great minds think alike! let’s start a quiz team! i rule at trivia.

            and i ❤ jeff goldblum, he’s SO funny.

  25. One song that I LOVE and always makes me think of Bella’s cliff-diving is “Tautou” by Brand New. It’s kind of short, unfortunately, and it’s sung by a male vocalist, so I’m not sure if it could actually be worked into the movie, or the soundtrack, but I love it.

    “I’m sinking like a stone in the sea … I’m burning like a bridge for your body” – it’s perfect for that sequence.

    There’s also a few instrumental songs that I think are beautiful that could be mood/background music for certain scenes, like “Your Hand In Mine” by Explosions In The Sky” and “As The Little Things Go” by The Appleseed Cast. Also, “Samskeyti” by Sigur Ros is one of my favorite songs ever, and it’s so simple and beautiful and haunting (it’s a solo piano progression with some backing chords), and I always think of it at the end of New Moon, after Edward and Bella are re-united and after they get out of Volterra, like when they’re in the backseat of the car just holding each other.

    • YESSSS explosions in the sky, such a good call! i ❤ them!

      and of course anything sigur ros!

      • yeah, EITS is great! if you ❤ them, then you should definitely check out that song by The Appleseed Cast (I think it’s on their Myspace) – they’re in that same sort of “pretentious expansive post-rock” vein, lol, but they do it really well, and “As The Little Things Go” is like the aural equivalent of going for a dip in a cool stream.

        • aural equivalent of a dip in a cool stream! YES!! genius.

          also listen to Lamb. you will go nuts. trust.

  26. Speaking of Coldplay and melancholy, I am partial to their song Amsterdam…some of the lyrics include:

    “Come on, oh my star is fading
    And I see no chance of release
    And I know Im dead on the surface
    But I am screaming underneath”

    When I hear that song, my mind wanders to a very despondent Bella. Or Edward in fact.

    • wow I am listening to this song and it really does make me think of Bella….I am actually crying listening to it. (wow Ima nerd)

      OME! I LOVE COLDPLAY! and I don’t care who knows it!

  27. Wow…all these great songs. I need to write them down and make me an awesome iTunes list that will get me all pumped (and by pumped, I mean incredibly depressed) for New Moon!

  28. The Twi soundtrack was an EPIC fail. Before someone spouts off that it’s been at the top of the charts for a few months, let me remind you….Miley Cyrus has been charting longer. So has Britney…Jonas Bros…Mariah Carey…Rascal Flatts. Yeah, I rest my case.

    Alexandra Patsavas, you have a second chance to redeem yourself. If there is a HINT of Collective Soul, Perry Farrell, or more elevator music in the form of that lameass lullaby, I will hunt you down like a dog in the night.

    Moon…you and I could totally do better. UC, too, of course.

    New Moon is dark…very dark…the music better reflect this. Joni Mitchell, for sure…Ours…Thriving Ivory…Blue October…and may I suggest Kings of Leon’s “Cold Desert.”


    Yeah, I’m opinionated about it. Clearly. Love me through this, please.

    • Tell us how you really feel Leigh Anne, lol! 😉

    • Yes! how smokin hot is Cold Desert?!
      UGH Melissa is going to see them KOL in concert next month…leaving the old mother hubbard behind lol

      • Kings of Leon. May 12. Cincinnati. I will be seeing them. Live. And then I will be kissing Caleb Followill. Taking one for the team…and by team I mean me, Moon, and UC. Chime in here, girls.

        • yes. please take one for the team. you know my caleb obsession has resurfaced in recent weeks. but, unlike someone else we know, i don’t think he’s gonna need any “teaching” if you know what i mean…

        • AMEN AND AMEN… though ill take jared and matthew thankyouverymuch. any coincidence that this concert date is between my bday and robs?! UM NO! hahaha

          • Oh my gosh! I’m so glad other people are loving KoL like me! And I’m all for the song “Closer” to be on the soundtrack. Did you guys know that when caleb was writing, he was picturing a “lovesick vampire”.
            Plus, it’s my favorite song on the album. :0)

          • Wait, Moon, whens your bday?

          • i’m 98% positive it’s May 9th.. i need to verify that though… 🙂
            or maybe it’s the 11th..
            okay here’s what i thikn
            #1: May 11
            #2 (close 2nd) May 9
            #3 May 7
            #4 May 13 *happy bday rob!

    • Cold Desert…another great song to add to my playlist!

    • I agree about the need to use dark music. Most definitely. As far as the “lameass lullaby” goes, lol, a lot of people originally wanted them to use “River Flows In You” by Yurima as Bella’s Lullaby, and I can see why … it’s beautiful.

    • we shall hold hands, anoint our lips with ashes and pray while kneeling in front of our alexandra shrines as we make petitions on behalf of the new soundtrack.

      PS amen, popularity does not equal QUALITY!

  29. Personally, I think ‘If You Only Knew’ by Shinedown would be a perfect track for the soundtrack, and here’s why:

    If You Only Knew-lyrics

    If you only knew
    I’m hanging by a thread
    The web I spin for you
    If you only knew
    I’d sacrifice my beating
    Heart before I lose you
    I still hold onto the letters
    You returned
    I swear I’ve lived and learned

    It’s 4:03 and I can’t sleep
    Without you next to me I
    Toss and turn like the sea
    If I drown tonight, bring me
    Back to life
    Breathe your breath in me
    The only thing that I still believe
    In is you, if you only knew

    If you only knew
    How many times I counted
    All the words that wen’t wrong
    If you only knew
    How I refuse to let you go,
    Even when you’re gone
    I don’t regret any days I
    Spent, nights we shared,
    Or letters that I sent

    It’s 4:03 and I can’t sleep
    Without you next to me I
    Toss and turn like the sea
    If I drown tonight, bring me
    Back to life
    Breathe your breath in me
    The only thing that I still believe
    In is you, if you only knew

    If you only knew
    I still hold onto the letters
    You returned
    You help me live and learn

    It’s 4:03 and I can’t sleep
    Without you next to me I
    Toss and turn like the sea
    If I drown tonight, bring me
    Back to life
    Breathe your breath in me
    The only thing that I still believe
    In is you, believe in is you
    I still believe in you
    Oh, if you only knew

  30. Madonna needs to accept that she is old. I already feel second hand embarassment for little Lourdes.

    I haven’t heard the music the Jonas brothers make. Or I have and it’s just not good enough for me to ask “who is this? I like this song.” Therefore, they should NOT be on the track.

    Everyone wants a piece of New Moon.

    We need some music for NM that makes us want to slit our wrists. Not that Edwards absence won’t do the trick.

  31. I’m REALLY feeling Maria Mena (for the Edward leaves Bella scene)…”I miss you love” its like awesomely depressive…I ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT!!!!! 🙂
    Some Bishop Allen would be good too!!!

  32. @ Whiplash…I’m definitely with you…Rob SHOULD totally do a cover of Radiohead’s Creep!!!

  33. @moon – tell me you’ve seen the showbiz article with Kristen.

    That girl needs some serious help

  34. @Moon- ‘shamalamadingdong’ LMAO!!! Thx for killing me! I thought it looked like Jeff Goldblum but I was like-nah.

    Anyways, in my humble opinion anything from Coldplay is good and especially anything from ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’. In particular- ‘Warning Sign’

    Now, to the issue of Collective Soul- it was the only song that was on SM’s playlist that made it to the soundtrack. So maybe it wasn’t such an awful choice afterall.

    I like Rebellion (Lies) from Arcade Fire, KOL is good, Muse is good. So much to choose from.

  35. I grabbed this from my other blog where I posted a full New Moon Wishlist.:

    As I sit here listening to the Twilight Soundtrack, I am reminded how terribly important music is to a film. Wish #9 is, and I cringe to say this, no soundtrack. Sure I’d love another killer CD like this one, but Bella just really doesn’t like music during this particular phase of her life. I really want a soundtrack though. So, if you could, just give us a few snippets, maybe while Jacob is learning about Bella’s aversion to music, that would be great. I vote for Kristen Stewart covering Radiohead’s Creep, as I’ve stated in a previous post. Other than these few snippets, and some mood music, I really think this film should be pretty quiet. I think an absence of music would go a long way toward the mood, as much as I’d like another Supermassive Black Hole moment. Hey, maybe the whole soundtrack can come from before Bella’s birthday and after Volterra. The dark spot inbetween would be pretty powerful, I’d bet.

    Also, if you check my 86rabbit blog you’ll see that there’s been a lot of talk of Rick Mugrage. Someone named alexandratian posted that New Moon’s soundtrack would be more “delicate.” I don’t know who she is or how she would know that, but I found it interesting.

  36. cold water by damien rice would be a great song for the drowning scene.

  37. My nomination is “Signs” by Bloc Party:

    For when Bella is having her “flashbacks”

    the last time we slept together
    there was something that was not there
    you never wanted to alarm me
    but i’m the one that’s drowning now

  38. Everytime I listen to the song “Dancing” by Elisa I think of the scene in New Moon when Bella is running to save Edward in Italy….Seriously it’s abosolutely perfect! The words and the melody fit perfectly!!!! I’ve always loved the song, but since I’ve read the books (over and over :)) it’s all I can think about when I hear it. Check it out!!!

  39. r u kiddin me!!!??? the jobros r the hottest people ever!!! and extremely talented!!!

  40. the jobros will kill the movie ad put it in shame if they ever where in the soundtrack. i meen i like SOME of there music but there just to much of teen-musicy ttypes and they would ruin the whole movie and the series. UGH i cant believe there considering the jobros. that is just ridiclous.

  41. como le pueden hacer eso a los jonas brothers son los mejores cantantes del mundo y ustedes los tienen envidia…

  42. como lo pueden hacer eso a los jonas brothers son los mejores cantantes del mundo y ustedes los tienen envidia envidiosos…

  43. oooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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