Taylor and Wolfgirl sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

perfect for framing, christmas cards, prom portraits

perfect for framing, christmas cards, prom portraits

Dear Taylor and Wolfgirl-

Since we hooked you two kids up for Taylor’s 17th birthday we thought we’d give you another gift. Being the kind, responsible folks we are here at LTT/LTR we’ve decided it would be best to lend our services as chaperons on Taylor and Wolfgirls dates. You see we want this to last and understand the pitfalls that many relationships fall into. Especially Hollywood relationships. So Rob, UC and I have agreed to triple date with you to keep your minds and hearts pure. Not to mention give you less hump-y potentional. For you guys at least. Us? That’s a different story.

Dates and locations we approve of…

  • Volunteering at the old folks home – Wolfgirl can play piano, Taylor can entertain them with karate kicks and then you guys can duet on “Apologize
  • Five after Five dinner specials at Luby’s on Tuesdays – carpool with the old foggies from the home
  • The Library – you two can do research on the teen pregnancy and abstinence essays we’ll be collecting at the end of the date
  • Bingo and table games night at the Elks Lodge – now these are some folks you could learn a thing or two from, like how to wash out ziplock baggies and avoid emphysema n stuff

Now we’re not saying don’t have a little fun, by all means please do! Hold hands, skip, kisses on the cheek, sit next to each other in church but listen kids, you gotta leave enough room for the holy spirit!

Now excuse me while Rob and I go make out in the reference section of the library.

Your older wiser mentors!
Themoonisdown and UnintendedChoice

20 Responses

  1. The developing WolfGirl/Tay-Tay story! Yesss!

    It’s so nice to see a relationship that is able to develop outside of the spotlight for Taylor. Make sure WolfGirl keeps him away from Sourpuss; we don’t need her corrupting him too. Love the photoshop job… learning a few things from the TwiHards I see. lol

    “…like how to wash out ziplock baggies…” I just died. LMAO My grandma does that crap. It’s kind of sad.

  2. We will so dance at their wedding.

    But you know the biggest coup will be getting SCC to sing, “I Will Be Here” during the ceremony.

    So hard rockin’. Won’t be a dry eye in the house.

    • LA, with your connections, we’ll have SCC there in no time!

      Moon I am ever amazed at your PS skills. Why haven’t you put me and Rob together yet and given me an 8×10 for my bedroom walls?

      Wolfgirl- I hope you’re aware of who is missing in this picture that I gave moon to use for her amazing Photoshop skills. This is war. You tell ‘volleyball boy’ (who she cut out) that it’s on. And have you seen Taylor’s karate skills? He’s gonna win!
      (Ps- wanna go sledding?)

  3. “Now excuse me while Rob and I go make out in the reference section of the library.”

    LMAO!!! Do as I say, not as I do!! Reminds me of the episode of Friends where everybody does it in one section of the library. That’s where Rob can meet me!

  4. I saw the original of this (of Taylor, not WolfGirl obviously) and that is hilarious how well the two pictures fit together. lol He looks so much older now (AT LEAST 19! lol) that he’s “beefing up” – no more cutesy wootsy baby face.

    Note to self – He’s 17. He’s 17. He’s 17.

  5. “Now excuse me while Rob and I go make out in the reference section of the library.”

    Noooooo! That is where rob took me for our makeout session when he flew in to visit me before his Japan escapades! What a skank!

    (but a hawt skank)

    (that i love)

    (and am sorry I called a skank)

    (Rob, marry me?)

    Anyway…UC, Moon…what sweet abd considerate mentors you are! I bet Wolfgirl is appreciate of your concern.

  6. You gotta watch out at the elks, it can get a little crazy in there..trust me, i know…

  7. I do appreciate the concern. but we talked and don’t worry. we have boundaries. but he can be a bit pushy with the whole holding hands ordeal.

    we were thinking about picking up trash in the park? too risk-ay?

    ps: creepy picture, but I don’t mind whatsoever of course.
    pps: sorry sister for not coming sledding.

  8. @ Wolfgirl…NOT PICKING UP TRASH AT THE PARK! What are you thinking?! 😉

  9. Picking up trash is way too risque Wolf girl. I think you should stick to something more along the lines of watching paint dry. Much safer. No bending over required or anything tempting like that. Lol.

    You’re such a great sport!

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  11. Luby’s??

    Oh my goodness, my great grandma used to take me there to eat when I was a kid. Gross.

    And, is it bad that my husband and I make out in the stacks all the time??

    • not at all! thats what the stacks were made for. hello! 😀

      ps my grandparents used to LOVE going to lubys, then it shut down. i was never more happy in my life!

  12. Is it wrong that I actually like luby’s hehe. It reminds me of my grand parents and simpler times… Go get some polymer clay and make stuff. It’s an interesting way to get to know each other and see how his mind works. Making out in the library is definately an interesting idea. I’ll have to keep that in mind next time I have a thing for a research partner.

  13. My Nana loved Furr’s and Golden Corral. I can pass on both of those, thanks! But perfect date spots for Taylor and Wolf!! Keep you outta trouble!

  14. Maybe its because I’m really picky and eat like a 5 year old. Mashed potatoes, jello, and either the fried fish/ham/roast beef and I’m happy 😀

  15. Is it coincidence that both Rob and Taylor have butt chins? Am I totally random or what but I just noticed this…
    Is there some sort of phenom that all hot men leading men must have butt chins or something?

  16. That Eclipse ribbon over WolfGirl’s eyes is still cracking me up. And the Apologize duet! I’d pay money to see that. LOL

  17. I am hoping to see prom pictures!

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