Losing my Twilight-virginity

(as always, with everything that we post, there are MAJOR spoilers ahead)

Dear Twilight Series lovers,

Do you remember your first time? I do. I was on the beach in Hilton Head Island, SC in August of 2008, and I didn’t speak to my family for 5 days while I blew through the series. And I died a little inside on Day 2 when I finished Twilight and my husband wouldn’t drive me in the rental car all the way across the island to Wal-mart to buy the rest of the series.  I had to talk to people, play paddle ball on the beach and try NOT to think about what might happen in book #2. It was the longest day of my life.

I will never forget losing my Twilight-virginity; falling in love with Edward for the first time, experiencing all that sexual tension during the two days Edward and Bella are watching a video in Biology class- and trying not to touch- in the first book, crying so hard and feeling the ache when Edward was gone in pages 73 to 451 in New Moon, re-reading the part where Edward hitches Bella’s leg over his hip in Eclipse a million times, and Isle Esme Isle Esme Isle Esme (and inserting some important details in my own mind that S.Meyers left out). Reading the series was one of the most magical experiences of my life. And THEN getting to see Robert Pattinson bring Edward to LIFE in the movie on November 21st, AH- ORGASMIC I tell you! (before you go saying my sex-life must be way lame, let me also point out I call sneezing orgasmic- it is- the release! oh I wish I could sneeze right now!!)

Believe it or not, one of my close friends (let’s call her UrbanGirl) is a Twi-virgin. Or she was. She is currently reading the series for the first time right now. I’m so jealous. She emailed me and 3 other Twilight friends this past week while at work. Here was the conversation that ensued:

UrbanGirl: Book Three is Over. So now I know they are engaged and about to plan a wedding, and that Jacob ran away because he was so hurt by Bella’s choice. Tonight I am starting the last and final book.I am listening to the M83 album on Pandora and the song is Midnight Souls Still Remain. Sounds very vampirish.

Do you remember when everything you heard, saw or read had some sort of Vampire significance?! UrbanGirl also swears her new trainer at the gym looks exactly like Jacob. She promises pictures soon.

Me: Enjoy the last one- take it slow.. there’s nothing like your first time!

ItalianGirl: YES! Take it real slow!!!!

UrbanGirl: but I don’t want to. I want to know what happens!

Tex: It is painful at times; I’m not going to lie. You may even shed a tear or two but it will be all worth it in the end.

ItalianGirl: no no no.. just savor every word and don’t speed read it. trust- me slower is better!

UrbanGirl: yesterday I wanted to finish reading the one chapter so I snuck in my supply closet to finish it. ha.

ItalianGirl: I laughed so hard because I did the same thing- but was too embarrassed to mention it to anyone.. I actually sat at my desk with a contract binder nearby and the book underneath it… would quickly steal a couple sentences and then flop the contract binder down. HYSTERICAL! I am glad I’m not the only freak!

Tex: Seriously…I did this too. I sat in the balcony during church [where she works] and read a few chapters. I didn’t think I could go to my office in case anything went wrong in the service, but I think I did that two Sundays in a row.

PregPants: I never snuck it at work, but I would carry around the books with me like a prized possession and read them wherever I went. I waited for a car wash, read the book. Waited for a prescription at Walmart, forgot the book in the car, went and got it off the shelf at Walmart, and read it.

And there you have it. A workday conversation about losing your Twi-virginity. Sounds like a convo I had once in the past about another “first time” I experienced. There was talk of ‘taking it slow’ (of course THAT didn’t happen), pain, tears, a supply closet, more tears, a church… a closet in a church… oh jeez.. do many details?*

Anyway, let’s just say I liked losing my Twi-virginity a WHOLE lot better…. and UrbanGirl is loving it too!


*Calm down- I’m not a skank- I like to joke around. I was kidding. It wasn’t in a supply closet 🙂

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  1. “Do you remember when everything you heard, saw or read had some sort of Vampire significance?”
    True story! LOL

    “I didn’t speak to my family for 5 days while I blew threw the series.”
    Exactly. No real social interactions besides at work, which was just painful to sit through. The day consisted of waking up, going to work, coming home, reading – repeat. I barely ate anything either; barely allowed bathroom breaks… lol

  2. I had my best visit ever with my in-laws this Christmas because I kept reading the books anytime direct responses to conversation were not required. My Twi-deflowering was a beautiful thing.

  3. haaaaaaaaaa…this was hillarious and yes, when I sped read through the books EVERYTHING had a twilight connection..my friend and I swore up and down this pale guy at our bar was a vampire. we would try and sneak looks at him in his very edward-ish coat, sipping his beer alone and looking very brooding… eventually we creeped him out so much he left looking very scared and haven’t seen him since.

    • ummm what do you mean HAD!! a connection?? I completely abandoned my 17 year old son and my hubby (who got 2 line emails from me for a week whilst I read the series and he lives in England so this was our only communication hahaha) kept saying oh I was so busy or tired or work lol he survived. Melissa still yells at me because of the “connection or I always find something to relate to the series…It’s not my fault I am a hopeless romantic! and I have been DAZZLED

  4. @Melissa, wow, you spooked a vampire? Am impressed!

    Every song on the radio has Twilight meaning now. Leona Lewis’s “Bleeding Love,” with references like “you’re frozen,” “they don’t know the truth,” and “I’ll be wearing these scars”? Bella wrote it. Katy Perry’s (When I’m with him, I am) “Thinking of You” has “New Moon” all over it.

    I feel like the words “sparkle,” “dazzle,” and even “irrevocably” are lost to the Twi-universe forever.

  5. My cousin had been trying to talk me into reading Twilight for a really long time and I didn’t want to conform and be part of that. Then I saw an interview with the cast on one of the Twilight Tuesday things and it intrigued me, so I decided to give the book a chance. I finished Twilight in about a day and a half and immediately went to get New Moon. I started it that evening and stayed up all night reading it because I had to know things would be OK with Edward again.

    My cousin was mailing me her copies of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn so I had to wait a week to start those. So I reread them while I waited. I definitely got along better with those around me during the week and a half I was going through Twilight Saga the first time. I didn’t get much done though.

    I always feel very complex emotions reading the books in the series. I’ve been hurt a lot in relationships so the wounded part of me feels a little sad reading about their relationship. I’ve felt like Bella’s felt… but it never ended well. The more optimistic, romantic side of me longs for a relationship like theirs and I kinda live vicariously through them.

    Ironically, I was dealing with something very similar to Bella’s Jacob issue at the time I read the series so I totally understood what she was going through. I was dying to talk to someone about it but the best way I had to describe Brandon was that he was my Jacob. Somewhere between getting a new job and figuring out our feelings for each other, he started shoving me away. I had to cut off our friendship a couple weeks ago because he just didn’t care anymore.

  6. @UC I am not sure what line of work you are in…but you should be writing. You are very clever and witty and you should make it work for you 🙂 I’m just sayin…..

  7. UC…I love you…that was perfect.

    There was nothing quite like reading those books for the first time. How the hell can a series of fictional books and fictional characters affect one so profoundly? I don’t know, but they did. Never have I felt such yearning for something that I could never physically have.

  8. @UC I agree with Brummie. You are very witty and your writing has just enough sarcasm without coming off pretentious. You know what I’m saying?? I get so tired of reading twilight blogs where they are trying so hard.It seems like it just comes effortless for you. Your writing has a very natural prose to it.
    Wow, hello can you tell I’m writing a term paper right now? Prose and pretentious in the same paragraph. By jove!

  9. Oh yeah, I forgot to say this earlier. I love that you lost your Twi-virginity on a Hilton Head Island beach. I love to hear that people come to my home state for vacation. Next time you come, let me know. I’d love to meet the “Queen of Twi-sarcasm.”

    • Queen of Twi-sarcasm!??? OMG THANKS! my head is just getting BIG today 🙂 hee hee jk. When I read what I write to my husband, he brings me back to earth by telling me how NOT funny it is! Oh well, I guess only real twi-hards can get it:)

      yes- Love me some HHI. And the rest of SC is pretty great too!!!!

      • lol Great post, as always. Where did you go in HHI? My family and I go to a place in Shipyard every September. Def. my favorite place to vacation and to read Twilight! That’s the first place that I read the first chap of Breaking Dawn when it was released in the Eclipse Special Edition. I called the bookstore ahead of time, and the day we drove down to HHI I had my fam stop by the Barnes and Noble (it was released that day) and I bought it.
        Thanks for LTT and LTR, btw. I love reading them!

  10. Yee-hah, my first comment here.

    I loved this entry–such fun, such fun! I laughed myself into a runny nose reading it. (I also think you have a gift for writing, UC.)

    I remember my first time. A friend sent me a PDF version in May of 2008. I read the first page or so, was bored, and closed the document. I didn’t get back to it until sometime in July. I’d read a comment online somewhere about Edward leaving Bella because he was afraid he would kill her and I was like: WHAT? BUT I THOUGHT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE IN LOVE.

    So then I figured there must be something wrong with me in that I couldn’t make it past the first few pages of chapter one, and I gave it another shot. I inhaled the first three books and twitched my way through the next few months until BD came out. I haven’t been the same girl since. It’s friggen ridiculous.

    My obsession is entirely Meyer’s fault. She left out SO MUCH about Edward’s past life and thoughts, that it still drives me wonderful-crazy.

    Love this site. Love what you girls do here. It’s definitely one of my favorites.

    • Unhinged- first WELCOME! We love when people come out of lurkdom. And thank GOD you gave it a 2nd chance!!!! I was skeptical at first too- ‘wait.. this book is about VAMPIRES?” i remember saying after (i already had bought it) reading the back… but i opened it up.. .and haven’t been the same since! XOXO

      • When I try to get guys or very wary friends to read it, I always tell them to start at Ch. 4 because thats where I couldn’t stop at.

  11. UC, that was a great letter! It took me back to my first time in March 2008. It’s been a year now, living in the Twilight Universe. I read each book s-l-o-w-l-y. Since I put them on reserve at the library there was lots of waiting between books so I reread. By the time I was through with Eclipse I was a mess…longing for a change and feeling lonely. The months before Breaking Dawn came out were excruciating! Nobody else in my life would read the books so we could talk about them. It’s been so good to find people online who are as crazy as I am over all that is Twilight but LTT/LTR kicks it up a notch! Thanks for all the laughs.

    • EyeC- you’re WELCOME for the laughs! and I was alone too- although i got to read all 4 books at once, so i can’t complain.. but NO ONE would read them! Not even moon! it’s so funny that everyone seems to go through the same thing! the books are Crack-liture for SURE!

  12. I read the entire series in 1 week…and I had to work. I would read at lunch (I lost like 10 lbs during that week because I didn’t even eat at lunch or dinner). When I got home, I went to my corner of the couch and read. Until I couldn’t hold my eyes open. Then I would dream about it. Every song I heard I could relate to Twilight. I listened to the Black Parade constantly because almost all of the songs reminded my of it.

    I think I actually mourned when I was done. Of course I re-read them all like 5 times (except for “those” chapters in New Moon – once was enough for me. You know what I’m talking about).

    • Amy… WELCOME first off and 2ndly- i agree- it was literally MOURNING when it was over… ohhhh so painful!

      • Me too. I reread and reread but its not the same *cries*! And then I found Midnight Sun… and it was very close to that original high. But of course it has to stop just before they have their first kiss. Dammit.

  13. That was brilliant!

    I called in sick to work two days in a row because I couldn’t stop reading!

    The days of my Twilight awakening were awesome, I pranced around like a lovestruck giddy schoolgirl. My favorite story from the glory days is this one…

    after I read the whole series my friends and I had made plans to go downtown to a concert . As we were walking down the street towards the venue I looked into the window of a little hole in the wall bar and I thought I saw Edward Cullen (a random guy in a peacoat with pretty hair )….so I let out a gasp and ran to the window almost tripping in my stilettos, I recovered from the near wipeout and just stared longingly with my hands and face pressed to the window. Standing there, jaw dropped, drooling over this poor guy who had unknowingly become the victim of my delusions. He did, in fact, notice me staring at him and gave me an odd look like I was making him uncomfortable but I was unphased by this and continued undressing him with my eyes. I couldn’t decide what to do…I would either have to abandon my dream world, go to the concert, and return to real life where Edward was just a fictional character, or I could skip the concert and sit at this bar all night with my friends where I could steal glances at pretend Edward and tell myself that he really does exist in human form and Im not bat shit crazy for wanting to get it on with a pretend vampire. SO, I went to catch up with my friends and told them we couldn’t go to the concert anymore because I had to stay and stalk this guy. Luckily, my friends are used to my fanatical behavior are not opposed to being enablers of it. Basically, We went in the bar and my friends kept telling me to go talk to pretend Edward but, of course that would be stupid because at that point, in my mind, he was Edward Cullen and if I talked to him, I would find out who he really was and pretend Edward would be no more. I wasn’t sure I could handle that loss. I sat there the whole night and sipped my drink while laughing and having a good time with my friends, but secretly I was playing out in my mind how Edward was going to sneak into my apartment window later and ask me to be his vampire wifey. Basically that was the best night of my life.

    : )

  14. OMG! i LOL’d so much at the “re-reading the part where edward hitched bella’s leg over his hip” because that is exactly what i did! my very close amiga just called me like two minutes ago (she is actually loosing her twilight -virginity as we speak! she’s on breaking dawn ^_^) telling me she was so upset that edward is a finally a dad because it means he’s really committed and now she feels like she has no chance..and as crazy as she sounded i felt the exact same way! reading about renesmee…it just made it official that edward cullen will never be ours 😥

  15. GREAT letter, UC! Also, I’m loving the previous comments – like Sass said, I remain fascinated by the effect the books have had and continue to have.

    I very clearly remember my first time – without realizing the world I was stepping into, I grabbed a copy of Twilight at a local bookstore, because I was curious from having heard so much buzz about it. I’d heard of Bella and Edward and about the basic framework of the story, but that was about it. I’m good at relating to things that girls like, so I wanted to check it out.

    I ended up getting completely engulfed by it and reading the first seven chapters in the bookstore. I completely lost track of time and was amazed when I realized how much time had gone by and how much I had read. The store was about to close, so I immediately went and bought it, and, well, things just esaclated from there, lol.


    • Unicorn, you make me smile 🙂

      • Well thank you!

        One thing I forgot to mention yesterday – what I most remember about reading it for the first time, after I bought the book and had it at my house, is going through chapters 8 to 14. Those seven chapters are almost exclusively just Edward and Bella talking, but I loved sitting in on those conversations as they got to know each other.

  16. @UC this letter really took me back to my first time and I will never forget it! I really hated that the more I tried to convince my friends to give into Twilight, the crazier i looked. Until a close friend wanted to visit me, and maybe I told her that she could only stay with me if she read the series (she called me evil). She showed up at my house looking like the living dead, sleep deprived for 5 days. To this day she cannot stop thanking me for forcing her to read it 🙂 We talked about EVERYTHING Twilight related, and this made us open up more as friends. In a weird way, Twilight UNITES us…don’t u think?

  17. I can TOTALLY relate…I lost my twi-virginity over the Thanksgiving break…I did not come out of my room for ANYTHING…I was practically forced out for Thanksgiving dinner and my fiancee literally had to pry the book (BD) outta my hands LOL…BTW did you guys know that the Twilight series is a great diet/way to lose weight quickly…I lost 7lbs. over those 5 days because I wasn’t hungry…I was too busy reading till 5am everyday to eat…LOL Let’s just say I went a little nuts…

  18. @UC…O yea and I just wanted to let you know that you really bring a smile to my face everyday when I check LTT/LTR…you may not think that you’re doing much but you girls are making my mornings brighter 🙂

  19. …so don’t feel “stuck”….just go for it!! whatever it is that you want….ok i’m done for reals now 🙂

  20. Ha ha! Oh so true, it really is a deflowering of sorts. For instance, my “cherry pop” happened November 26, 2008, Thanksgiving of last year. My boyfriend and I were up in Big Bear California with my dad’s side of the family. Nearly all of my cousins and their children had already read the series, so when they saw what I was reading, all was understood 🙂 I was sitting on the floor of the kitchen, next to the oven reading it, that way I barely had to move to check on the 30 lb. turkey I was cooking! I finished Twilight that night after thanksgiving dinner. I convinced one of my cousins to accompany me into Big Bear City the next day (black Friday) to buy New Moon. You can imagine my frustration when every single bookstore we went to had each of the Twilight books…except New Moon! I had to suffer for two more days before making my boyfriend make a detour on our way home. I had called ahead to the nearest Barnes and Noble and reserved New Moon and Eclipse. I made him stop at the bottom of the mountain and go to the Redding Barnes and Noble so I could get my books. He tried talking to me on the drive home, but all he got was “Sush! I’m Reading!”

    I too use Orgasmic to describe the feeling of sneezing, or having your ears pop after they’ve been plugged up, or Peeing when you really really really need to go!

  21. UC, you know there is NO better place to fall in love with Twilight thanHilton Head Island. I just had to wait a full year to read Breaking Dawn. Yeah, it was agony.

    Dear God, thank You for the Barnes & Noble on the Island, where I purchased my copies of New Moon and Eclipse (both in hardback, of course–because that’s what was available in August ’07). And thank You for Bradley Beach, where I read every single delicious word. And, well…while I’m thanking You, I really appreciate Charleys Crab and Red Fish, too. Just because. Amen.

  22. When I think of my first time with Twilight, it seems so long ago. I say that because the books and I have been at it a number of times since.

    A colleague of mine at work loaned me her Twilight book as I was about to get surgery done last December. Needless to say, I devoured it in one sitting. As soon as I could get up (pain pills helped), I dragged my dear hubby to Borders to get the books. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have the whole series – they just had Twilight and New Moon. I couldn’t wait and called Barnes & Noble to find out if they had them. Fortunately for them, they did. So my money went to them when I purchased all 4 books in hardcover. I read the books as I was recovering and still read them to this day.

    @UC – love the topic and your letter. This was a great idea. And I have to agree with everyone else – you are special (as well as Moon) for having created LTT/LTR. Do you even realize how much you mean to us, Robsessed ladies? I think I can safely speak for the others when I say… you are goddesses in the altar of our Robsession!

    • ‘you are goddesses in the altar of our Robsession” amaaazing! best quote i’ve read about us!!! XOXO

    • WOW thats so nice justamortal! so will we start seeing statues erected in our name and paintings commissioned to capture our greatness? 😀

      just so everyone knows it’s a two way street and we LOVE you too, it wouldn’t have half as much fun without all you lovely ladies!

  23. Ah, my first time. The first time I remember hearing about Twilight was on a business trip. This guy from my office was being extremely rude and reading this book every minute he could–on the bus to the hotel from the airport, in his hotel room instead of socializing as expected, on our Chinese Theater tour, etc. On the tour bus, on our last day in LA I had to ask what he was reading. I’d been watching him read obsessively for three days. He told me a little about the books. He’d already read Twilight on the trip and was halfway or more through New Moon. I said I’d have to read it because it was right up my alley. He immediately went back to reading. Immediately after that trip I had my family reunion. My cousin Anna said, “You’ve read Twilight, right? She assumed, because it’s right up my alley, and was excited that she’d finally be able to talk to me about something I’d read. Then she was excited that she’d read it first. I promised to read it as soon as I got home from my travels. July 25 started two weeks of foreplay for me. I say foreplay because I didn’t have time to actually have sex with OMB no matter how ready I was to do so. Besides, Edward and Bella weren’t getting any. It would have just been wrong. I finished Eclipse the night Breaking Dawn came out. So, I had two weeks of life-altering obsession that suddenly came ot a screeching halt. I of course started the books again immediately. That’s when the internet stalking and blogging started. I read the saga twice more over the holidays, but certain scenes get read more than that…guilty of re-reading the leg-hitching scene.

  24. This was/is totally me as I try and convince my married/mom girlfriends that reading about a teenage love affair involving vampires is totally worth the time!! It’s so rewarding when the call about 150 pages in and are trying to line up the next books asap!!

    Its kinda like having that mid-life crises with the under age pool boy …just with no laws being broken 😉 and my hubby can’t hold it against me …lol …well, that and I am in no way middle aged …just to clarify, lol

  25. I read the whole series in 3 days. I shut the world out and didn’t sleep a wink till I was finished. its the longest Ive ever been without sleep.

  26. I don’t know what I would have done if my obsession had started before last December and I couldn’t read all the books in a row. I had (disparagingly) read a few articles in my Entertainment Weekly – snobbing it up, really, that these silly teenage books would have such diehard fans. But then I saw the movie trailers. Such hotness! So I got intrigued. The night before leaving for vacation in Mexico in early December, instead of packing, I downloaded Twi to my Kindle along with several other more literary books. On vacay, I read Twi as much as I could — only taking a break when, forced by my gfriends to, you know, take in the local culture and sightsee and stuff.

    But my Kindle downloading choice turned out to be as torturous as Bella’s perfume is to Edward. You see, you can’t download to Kindle while in a foreign country. Stupid, stupid Amazon! And the bookstores only had Spanish language versions of the next books. And my gfriends traveling with me wouldn’t go see the movie.

    So literally the minute I landed on U.S. soil, while waiting for my suitcase in customs, I downloaded the next three books. By this point it’s Christmas and I’m visiting family. I stayed up until 6am one night reading Eclipse (my favorite).

    I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read each book since then. Or re-read the bookmarked parts (hitched his leg, Isle Esme, visiting the meadow again in Eclipse….ahhhhhhh).

    At least when I’m reading the series on an airplane the peeps next to me can’t tell it’s Twi.

    Proud to say I haven’t read any of those other ‘literary’ books yet on my Kindle.

    My Twi-obsessed bestie’s story is even better. She reads chapters at her local bookstore with her 5 and 2 year olds in tow because she doesn’t want her husband to know. Ali, tell your story!

  27. Okay so I lost virginity Feb. /08. It was the last semester of high school and only then did I hear about these books. My friends forced me in reading twilight, insisting that they are in love with this fictional character. They explained some part of the story like– a vampire in love with a human– and i immediately thought that this book was completely useless. Because I also had two books to read for my English class, this black covered book was the last thing on my mind. But one day, when I finally had enough of reading memoirs of a geisha– which is no doubt a great book also– I hesitantly picked up twilight and promised that I would only read one chapter. Oh boy did I fool myself.

    That whole night, i did not do anything but read this book. I got sucked into this book in an instant. I fell head over heels with this fictional mysterious boy, with bronze hair and hypnotic golden eyes.

    I did not sleep until 4 o’clock that night– which i truly regretted because i had school at 7:00 am. Even with my tired self, i dragged my sorry butt out of bed, put on my handy uniform and went to school with twilight in my bag. But still i could not stop reading. i had to know what happens to Bella, will she say yes to Edward’s Seattle invite? so that entire day, i read. I read during class, to and from class, during spare and lunch. I swear my friends thought that i was crazy. But I insisted that this book was the friggin BOMB! By 12 am i finished twilight. the next day, i bought new moon. During that first week, i finished twilight, finished new moon and got 5 of my friends plus their sister into twilight.

    I bought eclipse the second week and finished the entire series within the first two weeks. by that time my hands were itching to get a copy of breaking dawn. gosh, i swear that twilight was the only book that made me fall head over heels over and over again to a fictional character… Gosh how i wish edward was real…

    soo yahh… its been more than a year since that twi-filled month and read the series at least three times over and read the host– highly recommended book. Now i await New moon and more books my miss meyer =)

  28. OMG, my sentiments exactly!! I saw the movie first, unaware of the unexplainable force that is Twilight, of course falling head over the La Push cliff for Edward. My friend then instructed that I HAD to read the books (i should have known, the books are always better!) And I must say, I’m glad I saw the movie first, as I was able to have sweet Edwards aura from the movie saturating the pages of the books. It was an amazing experience needless to say! I called my friend the second I finished BD (after an 8 day binge of the full saga) and left a frantic message of worry about whether or not I was going insane for being so completely absorbed. She assured me that I was not alone, and so I went to the net and have been stalking ever since. Your letter explains my feelings perfectly! All of those parts left me gasping for more! Also, the part in Twilight where he pins her at her truck before the game (which I am quite pissed that they left out of the movie!), LOVE IT! It was to the point that I was starting to feel like a neglectful mother to my 2 lil monkeys (Luca, 3, Noah, 1) and no that has nothing to do with the lame monkey references from the movie, I’ve always called them my monkies!! And my husband thought I was totally losing it. Now that i’m reading them over and over, he’s considering the psych-ward. Ah well, that is the astounding, enchanting, idyllic world that Stephanie has created for us and it is futile to resist. I only wish she would continue the saga, FOREVER!! Like, “Edward and Bella, the Continuum”, and make them adult books, I think a lot of the stuff in the saga was too mature for young readers anyway, let it all out Stephanie!!! Oh yeah, P.S. I hope and pray that they don’t ruin Eclipse and BD with a silly PG13 rating (though I know it’s inevitable), that would seriously crush me to bits, please just rip me apart and burn the pieces, I’m done…

  29. Oh I remember my first time…

    I got initiated into TwiLand a few months ago – AFTER the movie came out! My Vet Nursing classmates talked me into reading the books, and, well, that was that! Totally worth saving myself for 🙂

    Our tutors are forever telling us we can find stuff on the internet so of course the phrase “it’s very common – you can google it” is uttered almost daily in my class. (The non-Twilight people give us ‘looks’)

    I also remember our biology classes where we had microscopes… you can imagine the rest haha! “wanna check”?

  30. Im a middle schooler and when Im at school during class I casually take a couple check it-outs you know a a few paragraph wouldn’t hurt nobodies.

  31. […] going through at that very moment, just so I can live vicariously through her first time. I miss my Twi-virginity so […]

  32. I spread through reading through the series AFTER I saw the movie. I wanted to read it before, but was afraid because of all the teens that were reading it. But after watching the movie, I thought WTF, why not read it? So I asked for them as a present at Christmas. I got them, and read all four books in three days. I stayed up until 5 am each night reading them. I sped through reading them so fast, I should re-read them over again cause I probably missed something (yeah, I know… I’ve only read the books once through…). I was so sad when I finished them… I wanted more.

    And then I discovered Fanfiction. Now, every friggin’ day I read fanfiction story, after fanfiction story. Able to relive some new ways Bella and Edward fall in love.

    But it will never be like the first time I read those damn books. The anxiety, the butterflies in your stomach… and as you said, the steamy moments your mind fantasized about after the whole honeymoon experiences… 🙂

  33. love this post! “losing my twilight virginity”lol.

    i remember my first time.
    it was last summer, and i had just moved into this new house and i had this awesome neighbor around my age that would come over all the time. i could tell that she was reallly fanatical about the series-literally, she would scream when she watched Rob Pattinson videos on youtube.
    she tried to get me to read it, but time and time again i refused. she told me of what is was about, about vampires and falling in love and all that, and i thought it sounded really cheesy.
    but one day in July-oh gosh i remember it so clearly-i was really bored and sitting around, and my neighbor was coming over to my house to just hang out.
    so i FINALLY got up the courage to ask her if-gulp-i could borrow twilight….
    that night i did NOT go to sleep, I stayed up reading it. I was literally addicted to it the first sentence.
    i finished it the following day, i went over to her house and got on my knees and BEGGED to read the next one.

    my life from that day on, little did i know, would never be the same…

  34. […] think I meant? I introduced you to my friends UrbanGirl, ItalianGirl, Tex & PreggersPants back on this post [go, it's brill] and I really thought it was over. I thought everyone in my life I could convince […]

  35. stumbled into the film with a friend & her daughter (15) with no prior knowledge of the books–was simply mesmerized by a lanky Brit named Pattinson–since he was/is always on my mind, the logical next step was to read the books–ordered all 4 at amazon & read them non-stop as soon as they arrived–then had another set sent immediately to my daughter while recommending that she leave the kids with her husband & jog off to see the movie–her crush is not as lethal as mine, but we agree the Twilight saga is spellbinding

  36. UC and Moon, you guys are hilarious! I love your blog.

    I first came to know about Twilight after watching the trailer for the movie back in June ’08. I live in the other part of the world (South-East Asia, to be exact) so it was obvious that we would remain ignorant about an American phenomenon. The books had been just released in my country this Dec. after the film release.

    Anyway, so I was on my holiday to the UK so I ordered the first book online. After I got back home, I read it in September. Until then I had no idea how huge the Twilight universe was. Next, since I didn’t have New Moon, so I downloaded the audiobook (yes, I was THAT desperate) and finished listening to it within days (consequently damaging my ears a bit in the process..lol!). After that, a friend send me PDF files of Eclipse and BD and I finished the series and the 12 ch of Midnight SUn. Twilight has had such a major effect on me. I related the story to my mum and my friends who were still in the dark until the movie came out. Then finally, I asked my brother, who lives in England to send me the remaining three books. It’s true he thinks the series is gay but he did send me the books and to tell the truth, seeing all my four copies of the books stacked together was one of the happiest moments of my life.
    So there it is. Everything I listen or watch, I do so keeping Twilight in mind. Twilight made me read Wuthering Heights, watch True Blood, listen to Muse and Within Temptation and finally introduce me to the amazing world of fan-fiction.
    Thank you Twilight!

  37. Ah… I remember my first time. Having just moved back from Seattle last year right at Fall was beginning in Eastern Washington… it was the same green, rainy lusciousness that I “saw” while reading the books (PS. It made my childhood Summer trips to Forks and La Push so, so, so much cooler.) I listened to M83 and Stars on repeat, and spent every night for 5 days shacked up with Edward (I mean, aside from things like coffee… and other delicious treats) note: delayed gratification is a symptom of maturity, and I’m entirely without.

    The morning after Eclipse, during my walk of shame to my car, I had a mini spasm when the U-Haul at my neighbor’s house featured the Hoh Forest. It was a sign.

    Of course I expected guests to arrive by window to my flat, and spent all day, everyday day dreaming about Edward (conveniently during my first month or two of employment as a Video Game Producer… I was able to listen to the books on MP3 while I was working…. OH SNAP!)

    And I gave up tanning.

    And I dyed my hair brown.

    And I nearly fainted when my hairdresser in Portland told me his salon was doing the hair for Twilight, AFTER THE FACT, and strangely enough he’s the vampiest of them all.

    In honor of our anniversary (Edward and I) I’m planning for my 5th time reading the series… ♥♥

  38. […] but anyway during the making out it says something about “leg hitch.” we’ve been talking about it since last march and well it took off Font:wait, leg hitch like his junk? Moon: NOOOO! like grabbing someones leg […]

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