2nd-hand embarassment

Dear girl in this video,

What did you said after :43 cuz I didn’t watch? I was wayyyyy too embarassed.


Thanks to Emily W. for the heads up on the vid. XO

More 2nd-hand Embarassment here *if some of the vids are no longer available, it’s cuz the vid makers got embarassed that we called them 2nd-hand embarassing. Which is kinda the point. So we WIN!

38 Responses

  1. Holy balls, she’s back! That girl did a filk of Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” about Edward being a virgin and how she could be his first time. People encouraged her in the comments, and now we get this–her in RED FACE?!? This chick is 2nd Hand Hall of Fame.

    • Wait, she is a repeat offender? C-L-A-S-S-I-C

      I don’t know what worries me more, how flat she is or the gratuitous rhyming of “to and fro?” with Jacobs nether regions?

      Oh dear.

      • I couldn’t stop staring at the WTF make-up, so I didn’t notice any lyrics but the “he will be nude” stuff.
        And yeah, repeat offender. I’m starting to think that some people are putting in fake applauding comments to get her to make more for their own sick lulz, like the Vote for the Worst crowd and “American Idol.”

  2. Her’s her earlier work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8RUxf0Uajk

  3. She did not paint her self up to look native…wow…that just adds a WHOLE other level to this…

    I’m scared. Will we all end up like this if we don’t quit this obsession?

  4. Holy Cow! That was crazy. I can’t believe someone actually thought up those lyrics. Hahaha! And what was with her waving the cell phone at the end like she was at some rock concert. Oh man. And the face paint…doesn’t she know it’s a bit offensive. I wonder what she would do if she ever acutally met Rob or Taylor. Probably keel over. Hahaha!

  5. Ummm… I’ve got nothin. Seriously, speechless – and I’d like that 4 minutes of my life back please. And! It’s Chief Swan, not Sgt. Swan – if you’re going to make that much of an ass out of yourself, make sure your facts are right at least. kthx! 😀

  6. i’m looking forward to the letter we will receive from her asking why we’re poking fun. Just so I don’t have to respond later, here is the reason: If you post videos in a public forum like YouTube, it’s fair game to poke fun of. If it’s awesome we’ll love it. If it’s not you win the 2nd hand embarrassment award. CONGRATS

    I actually watched the entire thing this time. A-W-F-U-L

    • Some of them have hilarious and creative lyrics… and for being done by a teenager they’re not as bad as they could be. I think the quality (or lack there of) combined with the lyrics is what makes it funny… I wouldn’t have the balls to that. Not even then- and I did some crazy embarrassing stuff in high school!

  7. omg shes back!! im so embarrassed for this poor girl. i couldnt get past the 1 min mark and im sad i watched that much.

  8. omg..this makes me want to slam my laptop shut and run outside. i don’t know what i’ll do when i get out there, but hopefully it will prevent me from ever doing anything like that video..

  9. @brummielover don’t get any ideas, either, we are NOT making collab song videos, EVER..

  10. Heh, yeah when I found them I couldn’t decide whether to run screaming out of the room, laugh hysterically or keep looking for more… OMFG- did you guys see the Cullen crust one? She spoofed on Jackson’s slip in one of MTV’s interviews calling the “Cullen Crest” the “Cullen crust” and made a video acting like it was an STD… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I96k9kHXvB4

    Dude- check out michael singing & dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody at he Salute to Twilight convention- its hilarious! I would NEVER do this in public (unless I was really really drunk….) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiXpyupaTTs

  11. is this the same girl who sings in her kitchen? HAH. oh wow she just doesn’t stop.

  12. I only made it to 23 seconds

  13. That is just way too second hand embarassment. What are people thinking? Of doing it in the first place then posting it to youtube!

  14. hmmm she should enter this in the New Moon contest she might win …hey it could happen! lol

  15. There’s been some pretty bad stuff posted on here, but that was the first time I actually got chills I was so 2nd hand embarassed.

  16. ok so all these fab videos..this one being the exception of course …when is someone going to make one of Rob to John Lee Hookers…Boom Boom Boom…?

  17. That was just… wow.

    Just remember ladies… when we begin to question our sanity we can look back at this girl and remember that we never hit that particular bottom.

    We may obsess. We may scream like 12 year old fangirls when the Robscars on are. We may carry around Pocket Edward. We may even buy door sized posters or EC cardboard cutouts to provide visual aid to said fantasies but we have never, ever devoted hours to Twilighting lyrics, made ourselves up in craptastic Jacob makeup, pulled out the butt crack bad wig and then recorded ourselves singing the Twilighted lyrics in craptastic Jacob makeup and the buttcrack bad wig to share with the entire hysterically laughing and pointing world.

    We are, indeed ladies, still rational, thinking creatures.

    Thank. God!

    (And can I just add… if I ever do anything anywhere remotely close to *that*… please for the love of all that is holy, kill me. Immediately.)

    • Exactly. I’m fighting the urge to go from the level where I’m constantly checking LTR, LTT, etc & watching twilight related stuff when bored to actually owning my own pocket Edward. I already own a pocket Spike from my huge Buffy obsession in high school so I figure they can amuse themselves by arguing over whether brunnettes or blondes are hotter.

      Should I be worried if it’s gotten to where its almost like a scavenger hunt to find a clip of the cast I haven’t seen yet? I couldn’t sleep last night and was watching clips from various independent projects. Kristen needs to bring some of this to her interviews…. and playing Bella. It’s freaking hilarious!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eE7eyi_dvM

      • I feel your pain…I have three exams between Monday and Tuesday. And what am I doing? Checking LTR wondering why she painted her face orange

        • Hehe exactly. I’m getting bad about that too. I think its because I’m almost done with my degree so I keep getting alot of repeat info/concepts so its harder to make myself take studying seriously.

  18. Yeah.. I love when she goes “Yet I seem to prance around the woods, with my family jewels swinging to and fro”. Makes me giggle. Then I scurried away because she does this scary thing shortly after where she tosses her head like shes trying to bite her own ear.

    Dude- I could just be delirious from lack of sleep but I actually kidnda liked this one. It’s done by someone else but the songs they put with the scenes are so stupid they’re funny. IIE- playing “The sound of music” to them walking in the forest and… Ice ICe baby for her “Your hands are ice cold…” comment.

    My inner child had a good laugh over this… James mentos commercial.

  19. I am truly embarrassed for this girl…she has no shame. my fav is her “which twilight guy is gay” song. her videos are so ridiculous I can’t help but watch more! I even got my husband to watch them! Though he doesn’t get all the twilight references he still thinks they are funny! After spending about 20 minutes watching he finally got up and said “wow, you spend way too much time on youtube” to which I responded “at least I’m not the chick making all this videos!”

  20. Oh, man! No longer available. I wish I’d been able to see this classic.

  21. This girl repulses me. If she stopped eating for a good six months, stuck to ciggarettes and ice cubes, and quit singing all together she would be tolerable….Oh if she wasn’t allowed to speak that is.

  22. aw poor thing, I think she’s sick. Seek some help sweety.

  23. GET ME A KNIFE! I want to cut my wrists!

  24. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!! ni siquiera pude terminar de ver el video…..

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