He agrees with us!

Dear Kristen and the recent haters-

2nd question:

What is it that you can’t bear about the person next to you?
Rob: “Her personality.”

BOOM. Roasted! (office anyone?)

See! Even Robert agrees with us!

Love ya
the gals who run this joint

43 Responses

  1. lmfao LOVE IT.
    And Kristen says she likes his feet… I’ll bet she does.

  2. OMFG! Youtube pulled the video down! Dammit!


  4. hell yeah he agrees! he’s probably known all along, this was his subtle way of trying to warn us.

    “yeah her personality sucks…haha..ha……no seriously, shes a twat. help me.”

  5. HA!! I knew we were right about KStew!!

    And you gotta trust Rob, I mean he was willing to marry her even with a crappy personality!

  6. “BOOM. Roasted!” So perfect!

    I think I just fell in love with him all over again for saying that.

  7. Ditto what Steph said.

  8. @Lacey…”she’s a twat” LMFAO I agree1000%…

  9. How about how to kiss kristen…HEAD BUTT! hahaha

  10. As I suspected all along…

    Of course he agrees with you. And me. After all, this is US we’re talking about.

    See? He really is that brilliant of an actor. Onscreen and off.

    • i want to public announce my love for leigh anne from lulaville. i love her so much i want to jump from cloud to cloud and proclaim it to the world. in fact.. i will: ‘i see leigh anne, seated on a cloud.. exalted..’ oh snap… 🙂

  11. ahahaha about headbutting her in the face. Omg that’s so cruel, but yet, so poetic.

  12. Ah…I just love a man that can agree with me. So sexy.

  13. I KNEW you’d love that if I sent it to you :-p. I think its funny how shes like 0.0…

  14. Go Rob! I like how she seemed stumped to find something bad about him and then said his smell. Probably just smoked a ciggy and she really had nothing other than that.

    His over-acting on the Head Butting was great. You’re right Emily, it was probably something she did during filming, you could tell she did not think what he said was funny. Too bad, we did! Ha Ha

  15. Well now we have proof what we’ve suspected all along…
    Miss SourPuss

  16. @Lacey HA!!! Awesome.

  17. Saw this yesterday and I thought the same thing. She does have no personality, if Rob is gonna say it.

  18. And she didn’t disagree either.

  19. HEALTH WARNING! DO NOT drink diet coke or any anything else whilst watching this video. I took a sip of DC just before the personality question…laughed so hard I spluttered it everywhere and snorted it up my nose but SO worth nearly choking for! That video is ridiculously funny!…..stupid thing is did the same at the head butt one,”Especially if it’s Kristen” LMAO, thats why I love the guy!

  20. You know Kristen went and cried to Oregano after that remark. And for that, I laugh!

    Rob…please keep talking smack about Kristen. We LOVES it!

  21. To quote Michael Kelso…”BURRRRN!”

  22. oh to be that buzzer..

  23. OHH, DISS!!!
    I love Kris, but damn, Rob’s right.


  24. The whole thing was drenched in sarcam – they are both really wry and witty. Obviously they have tremendous respect for another. Rob has stated numerous times that his main reason for doing the movie was Kristin and they are really good friends. I love them both and can’t wait till New Moon comes out.

    • hey reba! glad you’re back. just a little fyi that will help you out on our site(s) and make you understand and laugh at everything SO much more- we’re really wry and witty too.. we love sarcasm and use it in everything we say (except when we talk Twilosophy- the philosophy of Twilight- no jokes there.. we’re keeping it real on that topic) but seriously, i promise you’ll enjoy everything more if you remember #1 we’re being sarcastic #2 we over-exaggerate #3 we say what we think and what a lot of other people are thinking but too afraid to say outloud. 🙂

      welcome! join the fun!

  25. I love how fast he answers about the can you fall for each other in real life…you know he was thinking “HALE TO THE NAH!”

  26. I just realized what I like most about that video…when he says “In the face” and looks like he might head butt some body….preferably KStew!

  27. note to Kristin:
    just because women don’t shave their legs and/or pits in Europe(is that not true? cause I feel like that is gross) doesn’t mean they don’t shower.

  28. Awww WolfGirl! How’s Tay-Tay?? lol

    Best part of the video:
    Rob – “…you go in like really fast; that’s normally quite good. …In the face.”

    Yes Rob, going in ‘really fast’ is ‘quite good’… and you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. [cough…InTheFace…cough]

  29. lmfao! what was up with that head-butt!? he’s too adorable<3 but ugh i hate how kristen just basically looked at him like he was stupid i’ve noticed she always does that every time my robert makes a joke in their interviews she just looks at him like she doesn’t get it my god what a weed head!!

    ANYWAYS i’m so glad i found this blog and Letterstorob you two are so hilarious and make is so much easier to get my daily twilight/r.pattz fix ^_^( i swear i can’t stop reading those books overr and overrrr again its not healthy!)

    oh by the way i really can’t wait for new moon to come out (mainly because i wanna see how tyler pulls it off which i know he will!!) soo i decided to type it in youtube and found this awesome fanmade trailer (with steven strait as jacob though =/) that i just wanted to share even though you gals have probably seen it =P

    i got the chillsss!

  30. @Magsterrr- I agree about that whole head-butting thing. I found it extremely cute, as well as him laughing every time he hit the button and it screamed.

  31. Every time I watch a clip like this it makes me so giddy, I swear I am adding years to this obsession. I think that his interview with Laura Culpepper (the one with the underwear) alone added like 5 years. It’s going to be embarassing still lusting after Rob when I am like 60. **sigh**

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