This is how you found us??

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

f-a-k-e l-e-s-b-i-a-n-s

Dear LTT/LTR Readers and random Googlers-

When we started this blog we weren’t really sure anyone would show up and it was mostly a place for us to catalog all the funny things we had said about Twilight and Rob… but little did we know you all would show up. And boy, did you ever! So we sat around wondering how in the world did they find us? Then we found this handy dandy feature on our blogs that tells us the search terms people used to find us. Most of them are your regular run-of-the-mill Twilight related terms but then there are the ones that made us wonder who in the world are these people and WHY would they be searching for this and WHY of all places would they come here looking for THAT? (we also wondered how many run-on sentences we could create). So we started keeping track of all the ones that made us laugh…

Top searches:
These are terms people used to find us

  • taylor lautner is rippedYea he is! and we feel like creepsters talking about it, but we must cause he is now Wolfgirl property
  • save a volvo ride a vampire lyrics – Heck no we did not write this ‘parody song’ but we definitely make fun of it!
  • who plays renesmee in breaking dawn- um, no one. That’s a weird question. Have you ever read breaking dawn? This is not actually a movie. YET.
  • jizz in my parents– I about peed my parents when I read this one, uh GROSS?
  • kristen stewart twilight pants off makeo – so excited they couldnt even finish “makeout.” trust us, she’s not that exciting
  • is rob pattinson a virgin – not after we’re done with him
  • kristen stewart has no boyfriend – HAHA this might be news to Mikey Oregano
  • rob and kristen fanfiction– i’m so 2nd hand embarrassed to read this one. as IF we’d ever write rob/kstew fan fic! Come on people!
  • nikki reed kristen stewart kiss – again! We know
  • susquehanna university – and you ended up here? I think you may be lost
  • kristen stewart and nikki reed holding hands – apparently EVERYONE else is thinking the same thing
  • taylor lautner teeth whitening – RIGHT!! Seriously, we want to know this too! Spill your secrets Taylor!
  • rob pattinson likes asian – Yea, we have a sneaking suspicion who searched this one and her name is: his one and only and yes, friend he wants to give you a HUCG!
  • r-o-b-e-r-t h-o-m-e a-d-d-r-e-s-s

    r-o-b-e-r-t h-o-m-e a-d-d-r-e-s-s

    rob pattinson ticklish – yes but only on his… uh… yea we’ll save those details for ourselves

  • nikki reed kiss with kristen stewart van – kissing in a VAN?! down by the river perhaps?
  • edward pantless pics – What?! WHERE?!
  • twilight unicorn quote – have you READ Twilight? There are NO Unicorns in Twilight but there are TONS here!
  • i hate ashley hate site ex gf – Sounds like you need some anger management cause we LOVE us some Ashley
  • emmett shirtless pics – yes, i’m proud of this one because it is my one-woman mission to procure every shirtless Kellan picture in existence and curate them here as a homage to his greatness
  • pictures of hand writing of robert pattinson – uh, this is creepy! what are you some kind of stalker?
  • robert pattinson i hate you but i want to – again with the hate! don’t hate, participate people!
  • reed midnight sun online – maybe you should READ more school books instead

Keep em coming googlers!
Themoonisdown & UnintendedChoice

72 Responses

  1. I thought it might be interesting to share how everyone found LTT/LTR?

    I was googling Rob’s ex, and ended up reading the letter to his ex and how you guys can be great pals etc. LOL! ((Fell off my chair laughing in the middle of the night sort of thing.)) I’ve been a faithful LTR reader ever since. if not stalking the site, at least twice daily. Just recently popping on to LTT now and then.

    Again I just want to thank Moon and UC’s great work!! You ladies rock!! and I really love how everyone contributes soooo much to the comments! *hugz to everyone*

    • Nessa- THANKS! and what a GREAT idea!!! Everyone should tell us how they found us! I love how you did! And love that you’re ‘hooked’ :):) XOXO

    • I was thinking the same thing Nessa. I found LTT by Tag Surfing. Boring I know, but true. I love Tag Surfing. Lately everything is a review of the books though. I might need to find new blogging methods.

      @ UC and Moon I love looking at the search feature on my site too. Hilarious. I should have kept track but I think Jizz In My Parents beats anything I’ve had on either of my sites.

      • A few more things…

        There aren’t unicorns in Twilight, but there is a unicorn quote. I don’t know the exact quote but Bella is thinking that a her new house is so idyllic that a unicorn could stroll by at any moment.

        Rob’s handwriting…yes that’s creepy stalkerish. It could also be an indication that counterfeit autographed memorabilia may be out there.

        REED midnight sun online–LOL!

  2. “nikki reed kiss with kristen stewart van – kissing in a VAN?! down by the river perhaps?” LOL love the SNL reference.
    I don’t remember what I Googled when I found you guys… I really wish I did though. I think it was something to do with Taylor showing his abs and I got the blog about Chris Hansen from Dateline. lmao (by far one of the greatest letters)

  3. HMMM I think I found the wonderful world of Moon and UC jumping from another site..Yes pretty much had to be TwiCrack. Love it 🙂 but love you all MORE! Now do you have any pics of your handwriting hahaha sorry just kidding…not really. lol

  4. Wow…I found this feature on my blog and read them every so often. There was one that really struck me: “head in a freezer”.

    Now before you ask how people could have possibly found me with that search term, I will direct you to this posting:

    But who searches for those terms together, seriously?!?

    I’m gonna have to start keeping better track now of the more humorous ones.

  5. brummielover sent me to this site and i have been laughing ever since!

  6. @Amber
    You had me there…”head in a freezer”
    ((laughing with tears))

    This is indeed very fun!! I promised myself to go to bed…and here I am still……..just one last little peak and another entry! LOL! Not that I’m complaining 😀 xoxo

  7. *peep not peak……that’s it! I’m definitely off too bed!

  8. I found you guys through Perez….was reading a posting on Rob and someone posted a comment and had and attached at the bottom of their screename…clicked on it…and BAM!!!! Fell in love!!! 🙂 Been hooked ever since!! 🙂 You guys are like “my own personal brand of heroin” LOL

  9. @UC – Someone posted a link on the Twilight Facebook page, and here I am. It was a guy of all things, if I remember correctly. I don’t frequent that page often, filled with TONS of tweens. I was so happy to find a page run by some women!

  10. Um, how did I find y’all? Please. We all know it was divine intervention.

    And CCM.

    And youth group.

    And John Lee Hooker.

    “For as long as I shall live, I will testify to love…”

  11. I found you through Lauren’s Bite. She has you linked. 🙂

  12. @UC – Tee hee! I always feel so wrong when a link takes me to Perez’s page. It just feels wrong!

  13. “kristen stewart lesbian- yeah, we thought so too

    is rob pattinson a virgin – not after we’re done with him ”

    SHUT.UP. That was the best thing ever. I am in love with this post. Can I link it? Meh, I don’t care if you say no…I will link it anyway.


  14. @UC- ‘is Rob Pattinson a virgin- not after we’re done with him’ LMAO! Brilliant!

    My sister (SID) directed me to your ‘bow-down to the goddess” blog! Have to ask her how she found it.

  15. @UC – I found you guys through your posts on Eonline. It seemed like I would post around the same time you would. I was intrigued by your posts with LTR listed and just had to check it out. Glad you put your link in there because otherwise I would have never found you guys. Love both blogs, UC and Moon, you guys crack me up!

  16. did I not comment on this yet? jeez.. what’s UP with me today?

    my forever favorite will be “does robert pattinson like asian” b/c that’s amazing.
    and a close second is ‘jizz in my parents’ b/c i DIED when i read that!

    i found out about us b/c one night (12/8/08 to be exact) moon and i decided enough was enough, our instant message conversations had to be shared with the world in the form of letters. and the rest is history

    • it was morning at work! i remember cause the first post (about kellan) came to me when i went to the bathroom! and i ran back here to tell you! HAHAHA

  17. @UC awww thanks I feel the same way!!! 🙂

  18. jizz in my parents? bahahaha.

  19. I too was on Perez Hilton and someone had put a comment on a Rob post like “Rob is hot!” and in my bored state I came over here hahaha! 😀

  20. I found you lovely ladies through twilightmoms when someone posted about your “lost script” letter.

    HILARIOUS! love you girls!

    ps…jizz in my parents!?? I laughed and gagged at the same time!

  21. OMG These are HILARIOUS! I am almost scared to look at mine!

  22. I think it was back in January, I was reading comments on some Rob related article and one in particular was brilliant…by our very own UC and she had after her name. I thought “If this site is as funny as this girl’s comment’s, then I will be very happy.” And of course, it was, and still is and I lurve it here!!

    *group hug*

  23. * joins group hug* yeah,UC and moon are the bestest ever…i think i might have been at uhh…perezhilton too.. and somehow,i got here and has been addicted to it!!! i live in a different timezone so i get pissed when i get home and read a newly posted letter and there are like 200 comments already and i feel i have been left out! *cries* so now i got the d iphone permanently hooked up to the net just so i can keep up with LTR! its like another full time occupation,i tell yah!!!

    • @sherin -i feel that way too and i posted it half the time! hahaha. west coasters get a late jump on everything!

  24. OMG these are hilarious. I love all the typos hehe. And.. hmm… I wonder if rob IS ticklish. Kristen is, Cam (or maybe rob) and nikki were tickling her in the Vanity Fair shoot. I could see him and ashley being ticklish heh.

    I actually started wondering about how pure Rob is myself the other day after (re)finding an interview he did where he says he was raised catholic so he totally believes in the abstinence thing.

    Usually I try to stay open minded and think the best about people but one thing has been intriguing me for a while about Kristen. It’s been reported that she’s been with her bf anywhere from 2-5(maybe 6) years… and if you start doing the math, thats kinda disturbing. Not necessarily if they were just friends that kinda had crushes on eachother, but if they were like sexually involved that long it is. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

    And I realize its funny that of all the things about her, its her relationship that I worry about. I was trying to figure out why (besides my general compassion for people) I get annoyed by all the Kristen bashing and I think I just overly relate to her. Not in the pot-smoking, very affectionate with her bff way, but just in her personality. She has the charictoristics (and has admitted) to having to deal with alot growing up and I think it makes her jumpy around new people. She got better at interviewing as time went on and I think she’ll do better this time around. When you see clips of her on set and just chilling with costars shes not as reserved. I think it’s kind of wrong to judge her on how she behaves in an artificial setting.

  25. I can’t remember but I’m pretty sure I was looking something inappropriate about Rob up and it led me to you girls…destiny perhaps??? All I know is that I loved you guys so much that I was compelled to write my first letter to Rob (and his blue tshirt) right then and there. I told Mrs. P one day at lunch and we have both been hooked since!

  26. Does Kstew even know how to spell FAKE LESBIANS?

    I doubt it. She’s probably too busy being indie and wearing her super cool converse.

    I found you from my other twilight friend on facebook and I’ve read nearly every day since.

    I like you guys as much as Kstew likes Nikki…which apparently, is ALOT haha

  27. OME, I am IN TEARS over these! This was such a great idea, posting them — they are hilarious! “not after we’re done with him” — indeed. God, you I love you guys.

  28. @vickyb…your blue t-shirt letter was one of the first letters that I read here…loved it!

  29. This is cracking me up. Oh the things you can google…

  30. The “jizz in my pants” thing is an SNL skit. Some ppl on LJ have taken the lyrics and gifs of Edward and put them with the lyrics.

  31. You know the first thing I remember…the Twilight Calendar Xmas song. I knew I was hooked…took me awhile to come out of lurkdom but now I am so glad I did.

  32. I am so glad I found you girls! i was telling my husband about unicorns today and he just stared at me with this “deer in headlight” I-think-I’m-going-to-have-you-committed-look. I was enjoying you’re postslast night so much that I freaking forgot to watch LOST! omg! maybe I am going crazy?! =D

    hi my name is kdgrimmer and I am a LTT-aholic!

  33. I’ll admit, it was hard for me to come out of the closet with my twilight obsession (and we now can add a “Rob obsession” to the list). I searched high and low for a site that made me feel right at home, and closer to Rob…I absolutely LOVED the books, and i really didn’t want to let go of Twilight. I don’t exactly remembered what I googled, but i found LTR/LTT! and after reading a couple of letters, i bookmarked this site 🙂 and the rest was history…


  35. I honestly don’t remember how I found you gals. Yes, it was way back at the beginning and you only had a few posts up, but I thought you both were hilarious and got my sis Gen addicted too! 🙂

    LOL, My friend Tez and I have been making fun of the funny search terms people use to get to our wordpress blogs for about a year now! Only we blog about it on our livejournal blogs, not on our wordpress “review” blogs. And what’s even funnier is that I totally make the smart ass comments too! LMFAO 😀

  36. “Jizz in the parents” is classic.

    I found you guys after checking out a Google alert for Twilight, which led me somewhere that had a link to LTR. It was so great to read something funny and witty and intelligent! I didn’t even bother lurking! I wanted to jump right in ASAP! There are a lot of other great Twi-blogs and Rob blogs (eh hmmm, Lauren) out there, but I will forever be loyal to you guys first.

  37. Freakin hilarious! Especially “REED” 🙂 Is Rob Pattinson a virgin…ahaha

  38. Hey, how can I find out how my readers are finding my blog? I’d love to know what they’re googling to find me. 😀

    • hey doll.. wordpress has a built in feature… what do you use to track stats? usually most analytics programs have that feature!

      • Grr, I’m going to stay logged in under my teacher moniker because I’m too lazy to change it. Anyways… I use wordpress for my students’ blog, blogger for my twi-bloggy, and I have this site tracker button thingamabob, so I am curious to see if that will show what they’re googling to track me. I have it just so I can see where in the world my readers are. It’s pretty neat. 😀

  39. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH oh my fucking gosh too bloody good. teeth whitening????

  40. so funny. i need to stop reading your website at work. i can hardly supress my giggles! i keep pretending to cough. good thing i was sick this week.

  41. Seriously, thank goodness I started reading this, I was an avid LettersToRob reader before. This is probably my favourite post so far.

  42. […] What’d you freaks search last month? […]

  43. […] to Twilight (Comic from above) also has a great continuing piece called “This is How You Found Us.”  (There are three installments.  Vol 2.  Vol 3.)  Highlights include: *  twilight […]

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