"psst Rob I just told someone you and your movie sucked!"

"psst Rob I just told someone you and your movie sucked!"

Dear Kristen Stewart’s Dad: John Stewart

Today our lovely friend Leigh Anne sent us a post about why Kristen Stewart didn’t present at the Oscars and you said this:

Access’ Billy Bush got the answer on the red carpet, when he asked Kristen’s father, John Stewart, why she wasn’t presenting with Robert Pattinson.

John responded that Kristen would present at the Oscars, “When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

And now JOHN my resulting RANT…

You, my dear long-haired-hippie-stoner daughter-supporting-dad, are a jerkoff and as the wise Poet Laureate of Dogwood Lane, Drum Eatenton, once said:

An ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure

I have a great idea! Let's burn every bridge we've ever built in Hollywood by saying some really insensitive stuff!

I have a great idea! Let's burn every bridge we've ever built in Hollywood by saying some really insensitive stuff!

What a load of garbage you people are! At this point I wish Summit would just recast your daughter to teach you all a lesson and get it done with cause she’s bologna and this only proves it. Because even BIG stars (which you are NOT my dear Kristen) understand the need to balance both types of movies. You gotta do your little indie flicks but you also gotta do your big blockbusters too.

What you’ve said John, is a slap in the face to NOT ONLY her costar Robert (who understands the importance and presented!) but also to people like: MERYL freaking STREEP, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Sean Penn, Amy Adams, and flipping Mickey Rourke. COME ON! You and Kristen aren’t even good enough to be those people’s seat fillers during the commercials.

This really got me:

“When it’s a great movie, not just one that makes a lot of money.”

UH you folks only have yourselves to blame because kstews acting was a majority of the problem! Stuttering, blinking and looking uncomfortable does not equal acting… unless you’re playing a psych ward patient. And that you weren’t!

Since you and your wife work in the film industry you should know first hand how EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. Hollywood is a very small town and you should probably watch what you say to people like BILLY BUSH on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. Never bite the hand that feeds you John.

And to think UC and I were feeling like being nice girls and posting Kristen’s NYLON pics. YEA RIGHT, not anymore! Saying crap like this just pisses me off and if you think I was being mean in those other KStew posts, I’ve got news for you folks: you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Save us the hassle and piss off!

PS Apparently Perez isn’t impressed either

145 Responses

  1. Agree. With all of it.

    Can I just also point out Robert’s tongue in that picture? OMG

  2. There is one word I can think of for her, and it’s a word I never use, so I will not type it here. But you all know what it is. And I’m sure you agree with me.

  3. WOW! What a slap in the face to all the rest of stars (Rob especially), to the movie studio, to everyone behind the scenes, Catherine Hardwicke, Stephenie Meyer and all the fans out there. Maybe Natalie Portman is available *wink*

  4. Thank you Moon for expressing the thoughts of so many…I have always hated actors who collect their paychecks and then belittle the fans who supported them. You know we get it ..it sucks sometimes being an actor..take it on the chin and make the best of it!

    • its her fathers opinion. her father. and did you hear every bit of the conversation. honestly, get the fuck over it. twilight was a terrible movie.

      why dont you listen to the interviews robert gives about how he thinks edward is a manic depressive psycho and twilight is pretty much stephenies wet dream that she wrote down….
      if you are going to criticise kstews dad, you should probably see all sides psycho.

      • @jazz you are completely entitled to your own opinion about anything and everything, but just to warn you.. the girls aren’t gonna like you very much!!!

        • @Jazz – Um, wow. Who pissed in your coffee?!?

          @UC – I love when people stroll on to the site and take everything way too damn serious. I laugh because we’ve probably watched WAY more of Rob’s interviews then this person will ever know.

  5. Preach on, Moon! Preach on! Couldn’t have said it better myself; damn pretentious little git.

  6. @meadow it might be the same word i used on twitter yesterday that starts with a b? but maybe not it might be one that starts with a c? lol

    I’m starting to like Perez, wasn’t much of a fan, but he does love our rpattz and now he’s outing kstew’s idiocy!

    I agree with moon, she better watch it, I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to get recast from that comment. It was really stupid dadstew!

    @uc, thanks a lot for pointing out the tongue, now another thing about Rob to obsess over☺

  7. A-to the mother effing-MEN!

    Pull out of the sequels and let them cast someone who can act! Take NReed w/ you.

  8. I think Summit needs to get on with the damage control and snap a muzzle on that bitch’s mouth. Oh yeah, I said it! They had the audacity to send Rob to ‘interview coaching lessons’ or whatever the hell they were and then they’ve got HER out there saying shit like this! I’m sorry but I haven’t heard one moronic or idiotic thing come out of Rob’s mouth in a single interview – and I’ve practically seen em all!

    @Moon & UC – I would like to recant my letter that I sent last weekend about actually liking Kristen. Please accept my sincere apologies for my temporary lapse in judgement.

  9. I could not work yesterday I was so flipping upset about this. RECAST! RECAST! It would be an improvement… no matter who it was. Okay, fine… I’ll do it.

    BTW – UC. the tongue.. I seriously lost my train of thought. I am just think of the things it could… STOP IT!


  10. RE: the caption of the second picture –
    “Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s burn every bridge we’ve ever built by sparkin up a doobie and watching those things burn baby burn!” (don’t know if I spelled that right, I don’t speak K&JStew idiotic stoner language)

  11. Ohnohedint just say that about our movie. UGH! I’ve always felt her casting and NReed’s casting were due to their relationship with Catherine H and not because they were any good as actors.

    Isn’t KStew getting a cool $11MM each for NM and Eclipse?? What a bia.

  12. I saw this yesterday and thought the same thing. I can’t believe he just insulted a movie that is beloved my millions especially when his daughter is signed up to do at least 2 more. She also sounded very ungrateful in her Nylon interview talking about the stupid questions and the intense situations. KStew, You are an actress you idiot you knew what was involved in being a celebritiy when you decided to act and your business is fan driven so I’d advise you to keep your trap shut.
    I also agree with Rhojo on the fact that KStew and NReed were only cast b/c of the relationship with Catherine.

  13. @ RhoJo – I tend to agree with you about the casting motivation by Catherine Hardwicke — particularly with Nikki Reed. I mean given that the role of Rosalie is more visual (until Breaking Dawn when she becomes Florence F’n Nightingale) you really had a big pool of drop dead gorgeous actresses to choose from … Nikki Reed is not such a thespian that you would choose her acting chops over those with better looks.

    Kristen is a twit. I cannot even comment further b/c I have great hopes of being able to work today. **blind with rage””

  14. I have to agree. I have really been trying to ignore the way Kristen behaves, but if this is really how she feels(if not then she needs to come out and state it) then maybe she should be recast. I personally thought her performance was the worst, but I love the books and over looked it for the sake of my fantasies. However, I do think that it was a slap to the (stunning) face of her co-star, Rob. He is so much more of a professional then she is and he truly loves us, the fans. If it wouldn’t hurt him so much to recast her, I would say let’s do it. Maybe after these comments from her dad, he’ll get over it and let them. Oh well, she better not ruin the next three movies. I will be really, really pissed off if she does. Ok, enough rant, I got it off my chest for now. By the way, we will just see who has a longer, more successful career, K or Rob. I am betting on Rob. I know one thing, I will not be watching anymore of her films. She may have just lost a great deal of her bankability in Hollywood. It would serve her right. Ok, I’m done(for now).

    • @BeCullen & @Red totally agree- I liked the Nylon article except when she talked Twi- she was totally annoying about it. I bet it SUCKS being recognized everywhere and having to sign autographs and everyone still talking about the Twilight saga- but come on. it’s your JOB.. you’re getting PAID to do something millions of people would KILL to do… and YOU signed up for the movie- no one forced you to.

      It’ll be interesting to see how she acts in Japan on Friday after having a long break from twilight promotion and after her obvious annoyance over it all!

  15. I read this yesterday and was so pissed. Who the eff are you? I can see the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree…

    Well, I’ve been feeling kinda sorry for KStew lately, but NO MORE!! Once again, life is soooo hard for poor lil KStew, what with the money, fame, etc.

    Excuse me while I go and cry you a river!!

  16. @JBell – “I’m sorry but I haven’t heard one moronic or idiotic thing come out of Rob’s mouth in a single interview – and I’ve practically seen em all!”

    LOL…I really do believe you’ve seen them all! 🙂

  17. do actors really say no to the oscars? isn’t that like herasy?

  18. oops! heresy.

  19. Oh, wanted to add that I posted my personal how-to guide to Twitter on my blog. You can just click on my name and it will take you directly there.

    I know this is off topic, but a lot of you were interested. I normally don’t like to use other blogs to push mine, but what the hell. It’s only once!

  20. OMG, HATE. HATE. I barely know where to begin with this one. Such a lack of grace and just basic manners, such ingratitude — honestly, it’s all just stunning. Even considering that KS is young — this is some RUDE freaking behavior. Love the bit about how Twilighters are “thoughtless.” Just this AM, I read the sweetest little piece by Larry Carroll about how much Rob impressed everyone at the Oscars (http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2009/02/24/a-modest-robert-pattinson-classes-up-the-oscars/). The difference between them right now is just staggering. KS might have just blown her only ticket onto that Oscar stage, like, ever.

  21. Oh! And the other thing — being able to actually get through an interview and show some social skills is having a “contrived personality?!” She is killing me with this stuff — I’m starting to wonder if this is directed toward Rob. Granted, I feel protective of him 😉 but it’s starting to look that way.

  22. KStew’s Dad = douche bag.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll ever recast her. She has too many fans. I still have no idea why people like her. Horrible personality and horrible acting.

    @BeCullen. I with you. I say boycott her movies!!

  23. @Julie – Thoughtless?!? It’s takes a lot of thought to become this obsessed!!!

    Maybe someone needs to remember it’s not just a bunch of tweens that have made this franchise what it is. It just irritates me now that any of the money I have spent on this is going to her!!


  24. You know how we call her sourpuss?

    I think it’s because she has sour grapes…

    I don’t think the Academy even asked her and he just came up with some lame response because he had to protect his daughters image, which he didn’t.

    My guess is they didn’t even ask her because people want to see Rob. They were probably afraid she would revert to blinking and stuttering.

  25. Hey girls! Love the site! 😀

    Now for a slight tone change:

    UGH I HATE KRISTEN SO MUCH. At first I thought “aww she’s trying to be all intense and committed” but now I see that is just her being a pot head.

  26. Malia, as soon as I saw Rob was partnered with Amanda Seyfried, spreading the love around for multiple movies (and later when I realized AS was there to perform in the musical number, too), I decided the same thing: KStew was not even asked.
    Know what I think her real prob is with all the ‘psychotic” stuff at Twi-events is? The fact that none of the screams are for her. Sour.
    And yeah, if this is all her dad, then you and your PR rep come out and, frankly, throw Daddy under the bus. You disavow this crap.
    Still waiting for that.

  27. @Julie_Stars Fall I agree 100%!

  28. @Amber — I totally agree — if only she KNEW just how much thought we have put into this stuff! 🙂 Soooooo much….

  29. I agree with you1000% I say we boycott HER stupid movie adventureland….she’s such a freakin dumbass!!!

  30. @malia & tigerlilly- I was thinking the same thing. She didn’t get asked and b/c her dad was probably pissed that was his retort. . Not too sharp! Perhaps the apple does not fall far from the tree.

    @UC- I agree, it’s part of the JOB. If you don’t like it then why the heck are you still doing it? Note to KStew-you are ruining S. Meyers books (on screen)! She deserves better and so do we!

  31. Oh. Ugh. I would just like for someone to kick her (and Crack Daddy’O). Just once. Pretty please?

  32. @Tigerlily and Genevieve – now we know where she gets it from. I’ve been wondering for months why she is a complete idiot, who in the world says these things about a move you are STILL promoting?? It’s obvious her parents think she is a “legit” actress. If she’s so legit why did she choose to do it in the first place?

    I’m sure there are thousands of actors who would kill to be in her shoes, and happily smile at all the quote on quote “dumb questions” during interviews.

    Note to Kristen* YOU ARE DUMB, not the questions sweetheart

  33. Wow I just have to thank UC and Moon because it’s nice to finally have a fan website where we can speak openinly about sourpuss without a bunch of girls saying

    “No no she was misquoted, she didn’t mean it, she’s tired, she’s just really honest, she must have been high..” blah blah blah

  34. can we start a petition for a re-cast?!?! SkankStew is just a bitch…she acts the same way in ALL of her movies. There are sooo many other young actresses that could’ve done a way better job than her.

    *btw check the spelling of “ounce” on your quote* 🙂

  35. does she realize how many girls would kill to play that part? if i were her id be kissing fangirl ass. since she is the one who tainted bellas part with horrible acting. shes lucky she hasn’t gotten a beat down from a mob of twigirls on the street yet for defiling the beautiful love story!

  36. I didn’t mind the Nylon comments, as I felt they were directed at lazy journalists who don’t bother coming up with insightful or original questions. I feel that way reading and watching interview after interview with her, Rob, and SMeyer.
    But you don’t diss the actual film, the body of work, or the people with whom you work.
    Stiiiiiillll waiting for someone to say Daddy was talking out his ass, and that KStew would have *loved* to have been there. Please. Lying is your job. Get it right!

    @Malia, I am laughing at the idea that “she must have been high” is offered as a legit excuse for someone performing one of her professional duties with douchebag aplomb. I’ll try that the next time I mess up at work: “Hey, I was high. Forgiven, right?”

  37. I am trying not to get upset about this, but is so hard to do. I do agree that if Kristen was recast I would have no problem with it. Obviously she does not want to be doing blockbuster movies so…maybe she should re think her contract with Twilight..

    is just annoying…

  38. After reading about this yesterday, my first thoughts went to Rob (of course). What a slap in the face to him (not to mention the rest of the cast AND Catherine Hardwick ). I think she was asked alright. I just think she couldn’t handle that kind of pressure. She can’t handle being on the David Letterman show for pity’s sake. OH…or for Heaven’s sake that people might think that her and Rob were a couple!! waaaah…bitch. Her comments, or her father’s comment – however you want to look at it – was the last straw for me. I officially hate the bitch now. I can’t wait to hear how she’s going to try and backpedal her way out of this. Something like..”…ugh…that was SO taken out of context…..I’m so misunderstood….” Whatever. I’m still livid over this whole thing. I guess anyone that would say something to hurt my boy Rob – deserves to be bitchslapped then boycotted.

    I felt so bad when that mic didn’t work for Rob when he was doing his little ‘This is Hollywood’ thing. Now that I see that picture…with Old Man Stew…now, I’m wondering…was it done on purpose?

    OH..one more thing. Rob, being the class act that he is, will probably join with her to defend her position on the whole thing. He’s just that kind of guy. That’s why we love him. But..I sure hope he’s taken note of her comments and filed them under ‘why you are not good enough for me..my crush is over..thank you very much’ file.

  39. @Tigerlily – Did you just call KStew a douche bag? If so, then you are my new best friend!! I love it!!

    Let me know how that excuse works at a real job. Of course, if you used it, I bet you’d have a lot more time to surf on LTT/LTR, seeing as how you won’t have a job anymore.

  40. Was KS even asked to be at the Oscars?? I don’t think she was…I wonder how we can find out

    Does anybody saw the interview with theb today show when they are walking out to the fans outside KS makes a coment about the fans I will re watch tonight and post what she said, it was all sour talk even then

  41. @Amber, more surfing time? Now you’re making the “I was high” excuse more attractive! 😉

    Celebuzz is on her case, too.
    But, to be fair (though I’m sure I don’t know why) GossipGirls.com has pics of her smiling at the same arrival point. Still, nothing but smiles from Rob. I’m looking forward to more from the Twilight Singamore crew who is in Tokyo, and already met Rob–and Martin Scorsese!

  42. @Tigerlily – apparently in Hollywood you can talk crap about your job and still get paid millions to do it. Maybe I should switch careers??

    I think Sourpuss’ new shortened name should be “D.B” in honor of her and her lame dad

  43. i think i’m the only person who indeed likes kristen, but i do agree with this post. in her quest to be, in her mind, this conflicted intellectual indie queen she’s really passing up great opportunities. i think she said it herself before, that doing blockbusters are vital in being able to continue her beloved indie flicks, cuz lets face it, the yellow handkerchief isnt gonna pay her rent like twilight. and in any case, who in their right mind passes up the oscars, anyway? she’s young and i think her dad probably encourages her slightly absurd behaviors. oh well, i’d still chill on her porch steps with her and text rob to come get lit.

  44. @Melissa, I did not have a thing against her, really. I prefer celebs to act a little grateful for living off my money and to grin & bear it with the press junket stuff, but I feel bad for the uninspired interviews and such. I don’t require that they be smiling and happy with their lot 24-7.
    What I mind is stupidity. Smoking weed on your front stoop, no matter what you think about maijuana, is dumb. And her dad? Like, how has this guy been working in H-town for this long and says something that ridiculous? There’s no reason to be certain that she will ever have any reason to be asked to the Oscars again. This might be a once in a lifetime chance. And the DVD for the film is about to drop, along with a couple of related books. And the film is still opening in big places like Japan. You only get to make films because people like me pay money to see them, and it’s harder to pry money from our hands when we feel sneered at.
    I’m in the minority that actually enjoyed most of her Bella interpretation, giving her a tad more spirit and bite than I got from the book. I can see her running into a vampire capital to save her man in “New Moon,” and rebelliously hopping on Jake’s bike to escape school and Alice in “Eclipse.” The question is will I still *want* to see her?

  45. you know i was actually going to write a really good,witty comment on this but I can’t be bothered to waste my time on this total jerk, I mean really! I have always given KStew the benefit of the doubt, the odd comment here and there about her potkini and NEVER smiling but I never hated her……but give me one more thing…one more and that may all change.On another note………Love that pic of Rob nearly as much as the “Oscars OMG” pic (now that is one funny, but hot pic!)

  46. @Tigerlily I agree with everything you are saying.

    At first, I could get over her snarky remarks, but now I’m over it.
    I’m not sure I want to see her as Bella either.

  47. Question – Why isn’t Summit wrangling this in? She’s made so many rude comments in the past, why aren’t they putting her on gag order? Are they afraid of her or something? All this press is bad news considering the second movie isn’t even out yet. Especially because Summit knows the fans are the bread and butter of this franchise.

  48. YOU GO GIRL! I was getting tired of ‘being nice’ but now I don’t have to. Did you read the article in NYLON? If not, it’s on PITNB (I’m pretty sure you read it). She was talking about the ‘stupid questions’ fans ask her. I don’t get why she can’t be a sport about it. Stupid or not, she should answer the damn question and keep her opinions to herself.

  49. She makes me so tired. And I’m certain she makes herself tired, too. Pretending to be all cool and mysterious and indie and nonchalant about life has got to be very exhausting.

    p.s. Wonder if DaddyStew is growing his hair for Locks of Love? That would be so awesome.

    I’d say more, but Jesus won’t let me. And that is a miracle in and of itself!

  50. She showed up in Tokoyo with a smile and a denim tux


    Total Glamour don’t.

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