A Halloween Surprise

Dear Edward,

When Halloween rolled around last October, my husband informed me he would be dressing up like you. At first I thought he was joking, but it turned out he was serious. It was something I secretly desired and being the great catch he is, he actually went through with it.


I'm gonna guess that "Edward" got some lovin' that night!

I was afraid no one would recognize him, so I sported a “Team Edward” tee just in case.

We weren’t prepared for the reaction we would get while trick-or-treating with family.

We had moms whisper in coy voices, “I know who you are,” with an oh so subtle wink. Their husbands looked confused asking, “I don’t get it, who is he? He’s wearing normal clothes?”

aOne cougar almost pounced on him chanting, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah baby.” (She was like, 45)


Fangirls follow him wherever he goes

But the best reaction came from teenage girls. One group of girls SCREAMED, yes, SCREAMED when they saw my love dressed up like you (my other love, coincidentally)

It was as if he WAS you by their response. They followed him around, they giggled when he took pictures with them. Some were even dressed as Bella and Alice.

We got such a good response that he volunteered to dress up like you again for the premiere. {Okay, maybe I forced him too} He endured cat calls all night and photo sessions with numerous twi-hards. He kept saying he looked stupid, like he had an eye disease because who wears sunglasses at night? But he looked hott. Super hott. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who thought this because the group of grown women sitting next to us kept hitting on him.

So thank you Edward (and of course to Rob for giving Edward his “look”), for being such an appropriate muse.

Love, Malia


Coming soon "LetterstoMaliashusband.com"

18 Responses

  1. Clearly Malia’s husband is a down dude. His hair is rockin’.

  2. Now if I can just convince him to wear it to the New Moon premiere…

  3. @Malia – Best hubby ever!! What an awesome dude!

    And let me just say, he pulls it off well!

  4. Oh he has got to do that at the New Moon Premiere and then the Eclipse, and the Breaking Dawn…..

  5. Very cool husband. I bet he’d get even more recognition on the street this Halloween.

  6. Malia – the question is how many times do you dress him up for sexy play time? Its a wonder that you even let him out of the house!

  7. @Malia- took a look at your blog, if you hate Tempe traffic then your other choices to live aren’t going to be much better. I’d pick London (just for a glimpse of RP), but did you know there is a traffic fee (tax) you have to pay to drive there? Best take the Tube. =)

  8. Did he win any “Best Costume” prizes? He should have, just sayin’.

    @Malia – keep him! What a hubby. Score: A, A+ if he wears the costume again (or something else from EC’s wardrobe) for New Moon.

  9. @ Ceri – we will most likely end up in Boston and we hear traffic is horrible!

    @Just Mortal, now everytime i buy him an outfit or jacket, he asks if it’s another Edward outfit.
    I just can’t help it, movie Edward looks smokin’

  10. @malia has one awesome husband! I hope he was rewarded well (by you) for his effort.

  11. @Malia – Good plan…but my hubby stuff that Edward wear, therefore turning him into Edward.

    Almost as good as my original plan to turn him into Rob…

  12. wow! he even resembled the real edward!!! what a cool hubby!!!!

  13. @Amber – yeah just try a peacoat and a few days without a shave and you’re in. Haha

  14. Jealous. Yep. No other words I can say… 🙂

  15. I’m with jbell- jealous! What a great husband!

  16. You’re so lucky. Definite sexy play time potential. Mmm…

  17. You’re so incredibly lucky. My hubby wouldn’t even consider it if he thought it was twilight/rob related. He doesn’t understand my obsession

    You have to post more pics if you manage to get him dressed up again

  18. Heh- thats awesome! Only way I could’ve gotten my ex to do that would be if sex was involved… and who knows what I’d have to wear!

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