Twilight stuff on my cat

Dear Renesmee,
My husband sent me a link to this picture with a note saying, “I shouldn’t be encouraging your obsession, but look at this”

I love this site:

Aw! Someone loves cats AND your biography, Breaking Dawn. I’m writing this letter specifically to you so that you have enough sense to not hunt anything as cute as this when you’re thirsty. I know Jacob might encourage it because of that inborn hatred that dogs and cats have, but this cat loves your story, so leave it and all other cats alone.

Representing all cat lovers everywhere ever,

27 Responses

  1. “I shouldn’t be encouraging your obsession, but look at this”

    LMAO, your hubby sounds like mine. However, I think I have thoroughly beat him in submission. The eye rolling has definitely decreased by at least 50%.

  2. That sweet kitty looks just like my Dusty (RIP). This just gives me another reason to hate Jacob. LOL

  3. OMG this is the cutest thing ever!!!
    @Amber…yea my fiancee got beat into submission a while ago too…even to the point where HE was the one who bought me my Edward action figure LOL!!! It went down something like this:
    Fiancee: “Hey I got you something”
    Me: “Really?!?!?! What did you get me…”
    F: “Here…you can’t say I never think of you or get you anything….”
    Me:”OME I’m speechless…MY VERY OWN EDWARD ACTION FIGURE?!?!?! Thanks so much…Love you!!!”
    F: “Yea yea take the stupid DOLL…I figured that was probably the ONLY way you’ll ever be close to him anyway…LOL”
    Me: “Aw sad….”

    Now tell me i’m not getting through to him!!! 🙂

  4. Wow….UC you are fortunate that you are not closeted..Your hubby knows about your “other man” I have to keep my obsession hidden tee hee.. Rob is my dirty little secret 😉 shhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. I told my hubbky to think of it as a hobby, like collecting baseball cards.

    He told me to just get whatever I want cause he just doesn’t care.

  6. Oh man, cats too?

    I was just texting my friend the word “volver” when predictive text came up with “volturi.”

    You know you’re a true twilight fan when your predicitve text stores word like “volturi” and “wolf pack”

  7. I read Twilight to my cat. I also whisper it sofly over my girls’ heads while they sleep. All cats and children should be raised on Twilight. I’m just sayin’.

    yes, I got all Crazy on y’all there.

  8. @Leigh Ann…That is soooo hilarious!!! LMAO….
    @Amber…I think I’ll use that one on my honey too…LOL
    @brummielover…one day your day will come too…just hang in there and pretty soon you’ll be able to come out of the ‘twilight closet’…LOL

  9. I’m cracking up at the comments! And I wuv dat wittle yitty! Cats rule! Cats are the best!

    I loved this: “I shouldn’t be encouraging your obsession, but look at this.”

  10. If the men can have their constant ESPN and sports and poker night with the guys, then we can have our Edward dolls and our Twilight books! Why can’t they see it like that? LOL!

  11. hmmmm….thank god im single,the only victims i can get are those people i work with to whom i talk to about robert ( today at breakfast at work ME: oh,guys you know rob is now in LA?! co worker : huh??) im prod to say i have managed to convert 5 ppl to be robssessed as i am and listen to me while i rob-rant and gush about him.

  12. LTR won’t let me post anymore comments(in tears) Oh yea, the cat is really cute

  13. @Sherin – Don’t convert people!! Awww man, now I have more people to share with. Damn! 😉

    @Jena – The funny thing is, I’m all about sports, ESPN, poker and Twilight! So at least my hubby still has a few things in common with me. What I need to do is get him to obsess about one of the Twi-girls…perhaps Ashley Greene?

  14. @Amber – I’m a little more partial to Rachelle myself…

  15. @JBell – I like her, too! My thought is I need one of the lead characters, that way he will be good to see all the movies with me (assuming they go all the way through to Breaking Dawn).

    I think we could get any guy to see Eclipse, cause let’s face it, that fight scene at the end will be AWESOME!!

  16. My cats would totally sit still for a pose like that. They curl up with me when I secretly re-read the series for the umpteenth time .. hiding out from DH who does not understand why I must do this … so cats are picking up Twilight vibes vicariously thru the time we spend together. (the dogs, not so much)

  17. @Moon & UC – I think you should try to get this guy to read your blogs. He completely got it right.

    From the beginning to 0:35. LOL

  18. @Amber – I definitely like the way you think! Thinking ahead and all that… and yes, the fight scene in Eclipse will be phenomenal!

  19. […] unintendedchoice wrote an interesting post today on Twilight stuff on my cat « Letters to TwilightHere’s a quick excerptTwilight stuff on my cat. Posted on February 18, 2009 by unintendedchoice. Dear Renesmee, My husband sent me a link to this picture with a note saying, “I shouldn’t be encouraging your obsession, but look at this” … […]

  20. A brief from my upcoming yearly review:

    Pros: Plans ahead

    Cons: Spends way to much company time on blogs about Twilight and/or Rob

  21. I’m not really a cat person, but that is one cute little kitty.

  22. @ Leigh Anne – I like your parenting style, lol

    And that pic is awesome! While we’re talking about cats, check this out:

    I know the video orientation is messed up – my apologies. But that’s my roommate’s cat, and she likes Twilight too! I think she’s Team Edward 😉

  23. @JBell – You’re right! He should read this blog!

    Speaking of this blog, do you all know about the Dazzle Awards? I think we should nominate LTT for Best Twilight Site and LTR for best Rob Site.

  24. 😀 Aww, so cute! ^^ I will be visiting now, thanks!


  25. Is it just me or does it look like the cat fell asleep and then was stabbed with a ‘breaking dawn’ button? I know, its just sitting on it, but random morbid thought popped into my head. It kinda looks like its bowing down to the book too.

  26. Oh- and on talking about Twilight to the non-twi obsessed, I’m increasingly finding myself pulling random crap from interviews or about twilight into convos with friends.

    Especially my roommate because we spend so much time together. It’s gotten so bad that something will remind me of an interview or whatever and I’ll try to screen myself with something like “OMG, I was watching this interview today where the paparazi ppl ask one of the newer actresses….. and she goes….”. And he’ll laugh about it then go “So, this ‘actress’ is from Twilight right?”.

    *Sigh* Thats what sucks when you have mostly guy friends. Luckily, last time I went to ‘game night’, I met a fellow Twilight fanatic and hopefully I’ll get a new chick friend AND outlet for my twilight obsession other than message boards heh.

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