A Unicorn’s Perspective

We were thrilled when we received our very first letter from a male reader. Yep, a real, live Unicorn. Jordan owns all 4 books, a “Team Edward” keychain and has convinced females to read the series. Um, our hero? I think he’s our mascot for today. Congrats, Jordan. You are today’s mascot. Today’s “Twilosophy” will be in the form of a letter from Jordan:
Yeah, this is Rob on a unicorn. Thanks FB flair

Yeah, this is Rob on a unicorn. Thanks FB flair

Dear woman who have fallen in love with Edward,

This might end up being really hard to write about without sounding completely gay, but my man-card has pretty much been permanently revoked at this point anyway, so screw it.
It absolutely makes sense to me why so many girls (and their moms, for that matter) are such big fans of Edward, almost as if they are legitimately frustrated that Robert Pattinson isn’t just Edward brought to life. And it’s not just Edward and how dreamy he is, or whatever, but it’s the way he looks at Bella, and the way Bella seems to just be transformed by being around him. It’s the effect they have on each other.
It’s a love that’s pure, unfiltered, dangerous, sexy, scary, and uncertain. That kind of feeling for each other, the intensity that flares every time they lock eyes – it’s almost blinding. Nothing else matters. It’s just magical.And honestly, I’m glad that so many women have fallen for him and wish that they could be the one to see his skin sparkle, or to stand at the top of a massive tree after being carried up on his back, or lay in a field of grass and just gaze at him.
I hope Edward and Bella’s incredible romance makes all those women more discerning and more willing to pay extra attention for that magic, and more likely to turn guys down who find it easier to tear them down than to lift them up.
We are in desperate need of more relationships like theirs. Maybe not to the extent of worrying about whether or not kissing your significant other will end up getting you bitten, but we all need to see interaction like theirs. The way they look at each other, it’s almost as if they’re the first member of the opposite sex that the other one has seen. Really, in a certain way, that’s precisely the case. Not biologically, but emotionally, because neither of them have ever seen another person the way they see each other. And they’re completely immersed in that – just stunned, and wondering how it is possible that someone could exist who can make them forget where they are and make them wonder why they ever thought anything else had any significance at all.
Maybe I’m delusional, but I refuse and soundly reject the notion that all of what I just mentioned, all of those feelings, have to be confined to the movies. Those feelings and those indescribable moments of wonder and of ecstasy are out there, waiting for those of us who believe in them to find them. Here’s to never accepting otherwise and being brave and hopeful enough to continue the search.”
We <3 Unicorns!

We ❤ Unicorns!


So, we officially know you’re out there guys. We wanna hear from you. NOW! And to “All the single ladies,” click on Jordan’s name above to read his blog.  Maybe you can convince him to experience those “feelings and those indescribable moments of wonder and of ecstasy” with you. (Note: we have no idea who he is, how old he is and if he’s single, so we will not take responsibility if it doesn’t work out. We will, however, take responsibility if you fall madly in love as a result of “meeting” through our blog and are expecting to both be maids of honor at your wedding.)
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34 Responses

  1. Wow….that is deep! And from a guy none the less!

    Umm…can you hold classes and teach our hubbys about the Edward and Bella romance (more specifically how to be like Edward)? I’m sure you could make some serious dough.

    Also, I’m not frustrated that Rob isn’t Edward. Edward was into the whole “wait until marriage” thing, and well, that just isn’t going to work for me and my plans for Rob. 😉

  2. Hey…….How you doin’ 😉

  3. This is brilliant! About time a guy sees it this way! Yay!

  4. Amazing. I have no other words… I’m in awe.


  5. @Jordan that was really deep and amazing. You will definitely make some lucky girl happy one day! 🙂

  6. @Jbell- i am in awe too 🙂
    i wish my guy friends would just pick up the book and read it…talk to them!!!

    ps That was very deep i give u a round of aplause Jordan!!!!! *clap*

  7. Jordan….I. Love. You!

    Why does my husband look at me like I am crazy when I say the same thing?? oops, i forgot to mention that i was married? Oh well, i still love you and your deep sensitive thoughts. My husband always chuckles and rolls his eyes and says, “you’ve been watching a romantic comedy haven’t you?” Very frustrating! I am glad to hear a guy (or guys) are out there who know this is the kind of love we all want and deserve.

  8. OME, yes and did I mention I have a beautiful single daughter ?!

  9. After thought (and because someone just mentioned her in a comment on LTR) – to quote red-headed braids girl… “Dream really do come true!!! They really do come trueeee!!!” lmfao

  10. @ Jordan~
    I hope you have found your soul mate.. the one who will make you whole and provide you with the intimacy you crave. If you haven’t, don’t loose hope. There are beautiful things in the future of a man that has so much to give and has such unique, awe inspiring qualities.
    I bet you sparkle a little 🙂

  11. “and more likely to turn guys down who find it easier to tear them down than to lift them up.”

    That was beautiful! Jordan…we love you!!!!

  12. That was wonderful. Thanks, Jordan 🙂

  13. Jordan is a man amongst boys.


  14. @SuzieQ – Your whole comment was so great… I almost teared up a little. lol No seriously, almost.

    “I bet you sparkle a little” – amazing :]

  15. He does totally get it. Never thought I’d see or hear anything like this from a guy!

  16. all i can say is wow!!!! * blinks* forget rpattz, jordan marry me!!!!!!

  17. @Sherin – Now you may have gone a bit too far there! 😉

  18. @ amber….uhhhh sorry temporary insanity there,what was i thinking??!!!! shizzzzz i just abandoned my place at the “want to bang rob line” now im at the end of a very long line AGAIN!!

  19. WOW – what amazing responses! If anything I said makes sense, or was responsible for a smile, then that’s fantastic. You’re all awesome, and don’t ever let things that the guys (or girls) that aren’t Twilighters say get to you, or give you pause, because WE know the truth – they’re the ones that need help, not us!

    @ vickyb – I’m not sure why so many guys react so adversely, either. A lot of times, they seem to want to resist giving Twilight any credit at all, even if they don’t really know a whole lot about it. I think, among other things, it kind of has to do with the subconscious stuff that’s drilled into lots of guys’ heads – the way that guys are “supposed” to react. To chuckle and roll their eyes, as you said. I don’t subscribe to that, because emotion isn’t a laughing matter – love is life-affirming, and considering all the terrible things we hear about on a daily basis, I think the good stuff (like the purity, the strength, and the admiration shown in Edward and Bella’s relationship) goes under-reported much more often then it should. Also, as far as romantic comedies are concerned, Love Actually is just amazing – it has to be my favorite. Not that that has anything to do with Twilight – just throwing my opinion in!


  20. Whoah! This totally makes up for that time as a kid I went to the Ringling Bros Circus only to have my hopes and dreams crushed because the Unicorn they promised in their promos was a freaking GOAT.

    Not even a horse. A goat. I’ve carried that hole in my heart ever since. I thought I was finally going to see proof that a real live Unicorn existed, and instead sat there with tears of disappointment streaming down my face while a freaking goat spun on turn table in the center ring, with a horn stuck it it’s forehead. Jordan has plugged that hole right up, and all is magical in this world again.


  21. @Nataliae—that was sheer poetry 🙂 and yes all is magical in this world again….bravo!

  22. high fives and REAL TALK to Jordan!! you’re my favorite unicorn!

    @suzieq- “I bet you sparkle a little” we’re totally adopting this from now on!

  23. @Moon and suzieq – We are SO adopting “I bet you sparkle a little”! In fact I’m crossing that over into real life. When people really please me, in a way like Jordan just did, I’m going to tell them they “just sparkled a little.”

    @Jordan – Don’t worry about that Man Card. You can rip that tattered old thing up. The Real-Man Card is in the mail. That’s the important one, that can only be given to you by women. You surely have enough endorsements here.

  24. BTW check out my blog for a musical Unicorn I ran across. He wants in on the New Moon soundtrack.

  25. @ Rabbit – Thanks so much for your kind words, and rest assured, I’ve long since scrapped the idea of having any sort of pride (or affiliation, for that matter) in most of the stuff that’s usually thrown under the Man Card umbrella. So yeah, rare is the day when I miss having it in my wallet, lol. I’d much rather have the one you speak of, as I agree with you – that’s the one that counts.

  26. I’ve actually looked at that one before and considered ordering it! So yeah, it’s awesome! I showed that link to a couple of my guy friends, and let’s just say they were less than enthusiastic, lol

    The one I’m definitely ordering sometime in the next couple of months is this one:


    Totally wearing that to New Moon opening night 🙂

  27. Jordan,

    So yeah, like SuzieQ – you do sparkle.

    And like Nataliae – the magic is back.

    Also like brummielover – not quite a daughter but I have a niece… intelligent and beautiful for starters. I’ll be sending her your blog address. You don’t mind, do you?

    Such a find. We adore you.

  28. […] like Jordan, am too a guy, though maybe not as much of an upfront one! Do excuse the formality of my style, as […]

  29. I MUST find that FB flair!!!! 🙂


    ( ..)

  30. […] some dude brought along his pet snow dog… At first glance I thought the snow dog walker was Jordan, our resident LTT Unicorn (which is a knock to the dog lady and not him- she makes a handsome man) […]

  31. First time reading Jordan’s letter.

    I seriously love you, Jordan!! I love talking to you on Twitter and I’m so glad I was fortunate to meet you last month. You’re amazing and any woman who is lucky enough to call you hers is in for a lifetime of adoration. You’re such a great guy and I’m happy that I’ve met you and can call you my friend.



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