2nd hand embarrassment – Vtines edition

Dear LTT readers and fuzzy animal lovers from around the globe,

In continuing with our Valentine’s Day spirit, let’s all be embarrassed about the creation of this photo:

Aw, wook at the fuzzy wuzzy bunny and wion. Aw (barf)

Aw, wook at the fuzzy wuzzy wammy and wion. Aw (barf)

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown who swear to never impose Rob and Kristen’s faces on children’s bodies, ever.

Thanks to Aja for the heads up! Not sure where the pic came from originally. If the owner would like to come forward, we promise to be nice. Actually, we’re trying to ‘keep it real’ these days, so we’ll probalby just be honest and suggest you try your hand imposing one of OUR faces over Kristen’s in one of Rob/KStew’s sexy photoshoots.  Now THAT wouldn’t be embarrassing at all.

26 Responses

  1. That’s so bad… but yet I’m curious… where did they ever find a picture of Kristen smiling?

  2. @spank- no kidding huh?

    I saw this a few days back on a couple different Twilight sites.
    Scary!! Is all I have to say.

  3. probably made by a tweetum tween fan.the pink blush on is hilarious

  4. I saw this on my twitter a few days ago and I was SOOOO embarassed.

    @UC & Moon – You are right. These type of Photoshopping skills are much better used for creating pics of me with my legs wrapped around Rob ala Vanity Fair shoot.

  5. Aww, this is revolting. And the weirdest part — KS is SMILING??? Very strange. (And I’m not the only one who’s noticed that, I see!)

  6. She’s not a bunny…she’s supposed to be a lamb! Obviously, someone didn’t read the book…UGH! Anyway, that is embarrassing. HAHAHA…cute though I guess.

  7. I’m LMAO! You have to admit, it is slightly adorable, LOL!

  8. The caption says “bunny and wion” but it’s a lambbbb – as in “…and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.” 🙂

  9. First, I think her smile is photoshopped. Second – I think Robbie is a cutie pie as a wittle wion…makes me want to pinch his cheek .

  10. whoops- i am an idiot. i’m gonna blame it on the fact that i set this up at 2am fri. night to post for this morning. and i knew that was a lamb, not a bunny… thanks for calling me out!
    note to self- don’t post after more than 2 glasses of wine and/or at 2am
    k bye

  11. hahaha Understandable, I won’t hold it against you

  12. I just saw that you changed it. “fuzzy wuzzy wammy and wion” I think I might be sick lol

  13. eewww.
    not to be mean, but what the he** kind of sicko makes that?
    ok, it was a little mean.

  14. I’m sorry. I got carried away. I had no idea that you made it. I thought it was some person that hadn’t read the books that put that caption. I still think it’s cute =]

  15. @spank – this is a holiday and we must write is down as the one day she smiled.

    this is like taking anne geddes to the next level. ugghhh.

  16. Wow, not only did someone spend time on doing this but they chose a very unnatural shade of pink for the cheeks.

  17. @Carolina – I just saw that you had posted about the caption before I did! Sorry about that, I’m usually pretty good about not double commenting… oops

  18. She’s smiling ’cause deep down, in places we don’t think about, or discuss in polite company…deep down on the inside, she really is a lamb. A fluffy, cuddly, cozy lamb, hidden behind badly dyed hair, a blaze pipe, a pouty persona, and Oregano’s greasy tresses.

    That’s all I’m sayin’.

  19. Get that bunny suit off Kstew before rabbits everywhere unite and start a start a war.

  20. Eh, no worries. We know it’s really a lamb suit.

  21. I think I just dry heaved! This is more shiteous than the nikes!

  22. No comment on this one…just….no effing comment.

  23. Why does everyone keep calling it a bunny suit! It obviously wammy sit. Oops I mean Lamby… No! no! LAMB suit.

  24. BUAHAHAHAAAAA! This is epic. I wonder if the creator accepts commissioned work?? I’ve some ideas.

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