Twilight at the Oscars

Don't be confused by Kristen looking hot, she will NOT impress you come Oscar night

Don't be confused by Kristen looking hot, she will NOT impress you come Oscar night

Dear Oscar planners,

Please don’t let Kristen Stewart be the promised “Twilight Presence” during your program this year, cause she won’t smile no matter what you do.

And if you decide that, instead of a Twilight presenter, you’re going to use a song from the movie, I’m BEGGING you, do not use “Go all the Way’ by Perry Farrell.*

Looking forward to hopefully seeing Robert Pattinson on the 22nd,

What? Twilight presence at the Oscars? Yeah, Peter Gabriel out, Twilight in, or so E! says


*this song interchangeable with “Tremble for my beloved” by Collective Soul
**Just to be clear, as much as I’d love to see Robbie back in the US and in a hot suit on Oscar night, I don’t think he should be there. Let Mickey Rourke have his moment.

19 Responses

  1. She def. won’t impress…I mean she grew up in Hollywood, and is so OVER it.

  2. Twilight at the Oscars! Great! I agree with you. I hope it isn’t Sourpuss but I won’t be surprise if she’s presenting an award or something:(
    It would be soooo awesome if Rob attended but I doubt that as well.
    Can’t wait for Oscar night. I love the Oscars!

  3. lmao Those are the only 2 songs I can’t stand on the soundtrack. 20 bucks it will wind up being Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser, not that that’s a bad thing, but I can see them trying to make more hype out of it than is necessary. I don’t think Rob should be there either, and I don’t think he would do it anyway, he’s way to modest for that.

  4. Oh dear kristen.

    There has to be more to her than potkinis and her fake lesbian affection for nikki. I mean, she is a “serious actress,” people, we really should take her more seriously.

    Who will kids look to as an example of how to light up your bong like a sour puss?? I can think of no one…other than the queen s.p herself.

  5. dude she can look so freaking hot, it’s a shame.

    ps i want that dress/top whatever NOW. kthanxbai

  6. Wanna know what I think? I think, if Miley freakin Cyrus can go to the Oscar’s…then Robert-Hottie-Pants-Pattinson can go. Heck, he should serenade us, as well.

    @ Mrs. P…I TOTALLY agree with you…she IS way over it. And it is lame-spice.

  7. I get told I look like her a lot. I’m never sure if that’s a good thing.

  8. I haven’t watched the Oscars in a few years and I don’t think I have even seen any of the movies that are nominated this year, though I heard that Slumdog Millionaire is fantastic. You better believe I will be watching all 4 hrs plus this year if there is even a eensy teensy chance that Rob may pop in.

  9. i doubt Rob will show – that would be mass pandemonium…if it’s Kristin she will definitely be stoned…

  10. I do not want kristen to have anything to do with the Twilight unless she will act like…well….Ashley Green, Ashley has been very enthousiastic about it all or Jackson, or Kellan plus there hott!!!

  11. She is a beautiful girl, if only she would smile more!

  12. @moon – Agreed! KStew can be really pretty, even prettier if she’d smile once in awhile. And that top/dress, AWESOME!!

    It probably won’t be Rob…maybe Ashley and Rachelle. They would be so classy and would represent well.

  13. @Amber – You’re comment “totes” reminded me of one of my favorite songs! Shawn Mullins – Lullaby, and now that I listen to it, I relate it with KStew. It seems to be pretty fitting if you know her background story…

    And all her friends tell her she’s so pretty
    And she’d be a whole lot pretier if she smiled once in a while
    ‘Cause even her smile looks like a frown
    And she’s seen her share of Devils in this Angel town

  14. Hm. I’m starting to think I’m the only person that actually LIKES Kristen. I think that the attention freaks her out. I mean, can you imagine being that young and having hundreds of people swarming you, all saying your name and asking a zillion questions? That has to be sooo overwelming.

    I have a similar personality to hers so I guess I empathize with her. If you watch the footage from Comic con when they first have to deal with the fans you can kinda see her more clearly, shes really nervous and strung out dealing with it the first time. Cam puts his arm over her chair to kinda shield her from it a bit partway through and robs talking to her between questions. I think she kinda shuts down to calm herself down so she doesn’t get completely overwelmed with everything going on.

    All the Comic Con footage are my fav interviews because of their body language in them. Sorry for the rambley post, but us girls gotta stick together right?

  15. @JBell – I remember that song. Totally fitting!!

    @Emily W – I don’t think I dislike Kristen, I just dislike her choices…smoking weed…never smiling…refusing Rob’s marriage proposal…oh, no wait, I liked that choice…left him for all of us. 🙂

  16. BTW – I’m so glad we all agree on the 2 songs on the soundtrack that would have been better left off of the soundtrack. I always skip them when I’m listening.

  17. @Emily W – And add to that teenage girls saying stuff like, “We’re not here for you. We’re here for Rob.” I’m with you. It all reminds me of David Duchovny when X-Files was everything. Fans would get so pissed that he wasn’t all about X-Files. They wanted him to love it like they did, but it was just a job to him. He gave his job his all, but he wasn’t a fan. Gillian Anderson got a much better reception from fans because she seemed to be one herself.

  18. Rabbit- I think its not that shes not a fan, its more that shes not at the obsessive level we are. I think shes funny because you can see her mind working when shes answering questions trying to keep from getting herself in trouble. I kinda live in my own head alot and people will ask if I’m mad or upset because I kinda have a blank expression but its more that I’m thinking. I think its kinda like that with her too.

  19. Twilight presence at the Oscars…yeah, I heard about that. I totally agree with you on the whole “Go All The Way (Into The Twilight)” by Perry Ferrell song. It sounds like they would play that one though. >.<
    And come on. Sometimes Kris looks hot not smiling. I’m not saying she looks better not smiling, and I’m not saying she shouldn’t smile ever. (Because, let’s face it, I don’t like people who don’t smile at least 10% of the time.) But you have to agree she loks good in that photo.


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