Unicorns and Edward sightings

Dear Edward and all Unicorn lovers:

Edward found in Nebraska

Jena from Nebraska had a nice visit from Edward recently: (clicky pics to read captions)

eddollandtwilight edandcat edgrammys1

I ❤ that kitty SO much!

Unicorn Spotted in Australia

I was at my local club  standing with my boyfriend (a non-Twilight lover who shamed me by falling asleep in the movie) when lo’ and behold, across the room my eyes met with one of the most amazing-looking gents I have ever seen! He looked exactly like Jasper Cullen/Hale (Jackson Rathbone). I turned to my boyfriend a squealed “oh my god that guy looks like Jasper,” and I think he was shaking his head as I ran off. The conversation I had with the unicorn is as follows:

ME: “Have you seen Twilight?”
Hot Stranger (HS): “Yeah of course!”
ME: “Oh my god! You look like Jasper, you know Jasper?”
HS: “Yeah I know all of the Cullens. He’s Alices boyfriend right? The one who is new to vegetarianism (chuckles)”
ME: (giddy and slightly red in the face with excitement): Yep that’s him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…. I like your vest”
HS: Bows and walks out of my life forever….

Looking back there are so many more questions I could have asked like: Did you see it with a girl? Have you read the books? Are you gay? All of these came to me hours later when my mind wasn’t running around a thousand miles an hour..

-Australian Amanda

AA, did he really bow? Because that is awesome if he did…

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The Volvo

Dear Edward,

Was that you I saw on January 30 going to WalMart??  I mean, you could have called me and let me know; I wouldn’t have let you go by yourself.  We all know how that WalMart can get around 5 in the afternoon on any given day, much less on a Friday!  Plus, I wouldn’t have let you drive your car! It’s kind of hard to stay incognito when you have the first silver Volvo C30 in town! Geeze.


really01  really02

Edward also does Birthday Parties and Bat-mitzvah’s

Edward stopped by Stephenie’s 29th birthday bash. THANKS, Vickyb!


Listen, Edward. It’s cool that you’re sharing the love with all the girls. I get it- they ARE pretty great, but please let’s not forget your first loves- theMoonisDown and UnintendedChoice. Oh- and while you’re hanging out with the girls, can you remind them to enter our Twi-alentine’s Day contest? Thanks xo


18 Responses

  1. Wow! He made it to her bday party too?! He is all over the place, because he was pimpin’ at my bday party on Saturday night.

    Umm…I totally died when Pocket Edward nearly jumped that cat.

    That unicorn sounds scrumptious. He is a Hottie-corn!

  2. WOW!! Lucky Stephanie!

  3. Oh, I want Edward to come to my birthday, how fun.

  4. My world seriously stopped when I saw that car pass me on the road. I couldn’t stop laughing and giggling… It made my week. 🙂

    Also, my birthday is in May and I’d like to reserve Edward for the weekend of the 29th! And I call dibbs to watch the Oscars with him too… I’m being a little greedy today. lol

  5. Wow — Edward is a hit in any setting! Really funny.

  6. It’s funny, I went to a hockey game last weekend and a silver volvo (different model though) cut me off and I yelled out “YOU SPARKLY VAMPIRE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” And what’s funny is that my friends and I all were serious about it b/c they knew what I meant and it didn’t even phase any of us, LMAO! So now everytime I see a silver volvo I call it a vampire without even thinking of it.

  7. Edward’s been getting around… 🙂

  8. Awww i wish i could c some1 who looked like Jackson Rathbone he is hott 🙂

  9. ” No Edward! We don’t hunt kitty “. CSL! Man, that cat has a big ass head!

  10. LOL! I think it’s the angle of the photo, but yep, that’s my 19 lb kitty, Wyler.

  11. Am I the only one w/o an Edward action figure!!
    (having a tantrum)

  12. LOL is he picking the kitty’s nose or what? Maybe he’s trying to be helpful by removing a booger that it can’t get out by itself.

  13. @futuremrspattinson – I don’t have one either. I keep worrying about what my hubby will say. I’m contemplating ordering one online and hiding in my work bag.

  14. I already know what my husband will say because we have had a conversation about it. He thinks I’m losing my mind. And that my obsession with ROB/Twilight has gotten out of hand.(hmm………I THINK NOT)
    So I have also thought of just ordering it. But it would be better if he knew, so Edward and I could enjoy all the fun things everyone else is enjoying with him.

  15. @FutureMrsPattinson – I don’t have one either… yet.

    @Amber – haha I thought the same thing! I looked them up last night on eBay and they’re outrageously expensive. Let me know if you come across them anywhere else?

    @Moon & UC – I think we’ll be needing a letter to the maker of Pocket Edward quite like the one to Hot Topic saying “You’re welcome” from all of the ladies at LTR/LTT for single handedly keeping their company afloat… even if they can’t spell ‘mind’ correctly. I think you’ve started a Where In The World Is Pocket Edward epidemic.

  16. @Amber and anyone w/o an Edward. I bought mine at Hot Topic for $19.99 and I just keep him in my (awesome Twilight) bag (Thanks Mrs. P). Today at Old Navy I was digging around for my wallet and instead I pulled out my Edward. The sales lady looked at me like I was nuts. Oh well! She’s just jealous!

  17. Wow, Jackson-look-alike bowed to you and walked out of your life? I’d dream for the rest of my life that that was really him.

  18. My pocket Edward was $19.99 at Borders. I went in there just to use their restroom Friday night and came out with a pocket Edward, LOL!

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