Monday Funnies

Dear girl in braids with red hair in this video,

Thanks to you I almost peed my pants which would have ruined my Herman Miller Aeron chair*.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I love people who have the guts to do what you did. Let’s be best friends. (and how about you enter out Twi-alentine’s Day contest because I’d love to laugh at what you come up with)


*by Herman Miller Aeron chair I meant chair from 1997 whose back is so loose that it occasionally falls off causing me to fall backwards…while wearing a skirt (true story)

Thanks to Genevieve for the heads-up on this! And to NewMoonMovie.Org where I watched it for the first time!

40 Responses

  1. That was the best video ever!

  2. Oh my gosh! I saw this video this morning, couldn’t stop laughing, though I think it was a waste of being next to Rob. Though I might of done the same thing, not knowing what to say while in his presence.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out UC! Yeah! You got that right about (almost peed my pants)! This video is HILARIOUS! Did you catch the look on Jackson’s face- not to mention Anna’s? Oooh, she was SO close to Rob though! Lucky, Andy Morris.

  4. OMG This was soooo awesome….how could she waste her Rob moment like that though!!! UUUGGGHHHHHH!!!! Anyway this was freakin amazing!!! 🙂

  5. Ohhhh my God! I just died a little inside when she wasted her time with Rob… but all-in-all HILARIOUS. Wow! lmfao

  6. *speechless*

  7. Ok..I am not. That was such an OMG moment, watching that. I think I liked Jackson’s reaction the best. He was like “WTF is up with this girl?” hahah!

  8. i think the best part of it all is how the actors think she’s being serious… so they kinda look dumb in the way they respond (isn’t rob’s manager/pr guy/luckiest person in the world walking with him like PULLING him away from her?)

    if they knew it was for fun, i bet they would’ve acted differently!

  9. I love these type of red carpet interviews! Of course, I wonder if I would blow my time with Rob the same way…or would I blow it a different way. 😉 (Oh, I think I was the first one to get nasty on this post!! Yeah me!)

  10. OMG, that was hysterical! She is my hero! Now THAT made an impression on him…I loved how he giggled! I want to make Rob giggle like that!

    *coochie choochie coo*

  11. bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Rob’s agent is afraid. I was waiting for him to throw himself in front of Rob, like he was secret service or something.

    I’m sorry, but this is good programming.

  13. @Sass.. I TOTALLY agree, I think I about died when Rob was like gimpin out at her!!!! hahahaha. It was great! Ah wow… this was too funny. Haven’t laughed that hard at something in a while! Woo..

    And niiice Amber, very good way to get NASTYY!!! Mmmmm how I would love to get nasty with Rob…. Ahh… 🙂

  14. not including this blog, that was the funniest twilight related thing i’ve ever seen!

  15. I am crying from laughing so hard! She totally blew a moment with Rob but this was hilarious! And his response was classic! LOL!

  16. @Sass- ‘coochie coochie coo’ indeed! Love it!

    @Adrienne- I agree.

  17. Aha, but she did get to TOUCH him!

  18. That was so embarassing to watch. Jackson’s face was classic when she started taking her clothes off. I had to close my eyes when it was Rob’s turn. I thought for sure she’d maul him or just grab his face and start making out with him. Thank goodness she just went nuts so he could get away. Crazy!!!

  19. I’ll bet Rob was attracted to her on some level. After all, she kinda fit that elusive “craziness” factor he purports to dig in a bird.

    It just seemed like he knew it was in fun….not so his handler.
    —>insert obligatory crotch grabbing one-liner here 🙂


  20. That. Was. Funny. OME, I bet Rob remembers that interview for a very long time. Too bad she didn’t get to interview Kstew or we would have seen the mother of all bitch faces for sure!

  21. we need to figure out who this girl is because she NEEDS to be here. and the fact that they didnt GET IT makes it even more priceless. i LOVE jacksper looking at the camera while she flips out and the fact that robert just laughs his ass off. he looks like he was going to say something if the dumb pr flack hadnt grabbed him

    WOW there are SO many moments of WIN in this i cant even comment about them all.


  22. i have been preparing my questions for weeks!” ahahahaha!!!and she totally blew it!!!!LOL.that was freakin’ hilarious!!! and jasper’s expression was priceless!!! love the part where she says to jessica ” no,seriously,stay away from him!”

  23. Too funny for words. I was laughing out loud the entire time, and I was by myself. This just doesn’t happen with me. I think they all got it and were just playing along. At least I hope they all got it.

    If you were looking for the Rob’s laugh vid, I think this was it. 🙂

  24. Oh it’s totally my red haired sista! I love her! And are those PURPLE extensions in her hair? That was much more fun to watch than the usual interviews the cast are forced to give. LOL.

  25. omg this is hilarious!!! my favorite part was jacksons reaction, he did a Jim Halpert camera face (you know the guy from The Office when he just stares at the camera)

    thanks so much for sharing this with us

  26. That was priceless! I LMFAO for the whole video. That girl soooo needs to get a job as a regular interviewer. I’d watch her show! And her completely losing it with Rob was just hilarious, poor girl.

    I ditto what Adrienne said: “not including this blog, that was the funniest Twilight related thing I’ve ever seen!” 😀

  27. that was hilarious!! 😀 😀

  28. That was hilarious! 😀
    However, I think I would have spent my time with Rob dry humping his leg like a b*tch in heat.

  29. Dear Rob,

    Are you looking for a new PR person? I can totally be swayed to leave my current job to become your full-time PR guru. I’ll work for cheap, and I mean dirt cheap!

    And no need to worry about needing to afford living in LA (or where ever you are). I’ll just sleep on your couch (bed) and I’ll bring Hot Pockets we can share.

    Love, me

  30. They should have put her alongside Ross the Intern, that would have been an even bigger scream!
    What she said to Jessica, Rob’s laugh and Jackson’s face were my fave parts and then the end when she pretends to puke! “Dreams docometruetheydocometruetheydo!” LMAO!

  31. @FutureMrsPattinson

    “That was hilarious!
    However, I think I would have spent my time with Rob dry humping his leg like a b*tch in heat.”

    now besides this weebsite, and that Video THAT is the funniest thing I’ve heard!!

  32. “Who are you Waving at!! Who is she? WHO IS SHE!?”

    Had me rolling…and

    “Stay the F*** Away! I will End YOU!”

  33. That was AWESOME! Oh man! Thanks for posting that, I can’t stop smiling!!

  34. Oh, this is BRILLIANT!!!!! Comedy gold! “I WILL END YOU.” Thank you so much for finding such great stuff — you guys are THE BEST!!! (do I sound like that girl now???)

  35. OMG I really did fall off my chair! Way to go Andy! We’ve GOT to find her at Fuel TV and get her on this site!

    Loved the Rob laugh….*sigh*

  36. I am so glad I watched this at home and not at work, I surely would have been fired! I was laughing so hard I would have never been able to hit minimize before my coworkers came in to see what my problem was! I have watched this video multiple times cause it never gets old! SOOOO HILARIOUS! by far the best “interview” ever!

    Poor Jackson….she was practically humping the guy!!

  37. You warned me and I still watched at work… and seriously almost peed myself.

  38. Now this is a fine example of second hand embarrassment. Haha!
    I always love this video. But I spuriously can’t watch it all the way through. I have to keep fast forwarding passed the embarrassing bits.

  39. OMG best video EVER.

    Jackson’s face? PRICELESS!

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