2nd hand embarassment- art edition

Dear Edward and Reneesmee,

I’m sorry. This is weird. I feel weird. 


Yes, oftentimes it IS cute to see babies with their daddy’s…but not when the baby and daddy are pretend people and the daddy’s photoshopped arm looks like Hulk Hogans. 



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30 Responses

  1. That’s just….creepy.

  2. WTF?
    At least the photoshopping is good…


  3. Somebody has wayyyy too much time on their hands. But seriously if I didn’t know any better I would think it was a real photo.


  4. Call it my “anit-Geddeism”, but Edward and Renesmee would look better in color… and proportional…

  5. The big arms look awful!! This person should have just put Rob’s head on a body, but instead it appears it put Rob’s upper body and tops of his arms on to some other guys arms. I mean, the guys arms are more tan as well.

    And now I’m embarrassed that I just explained how I would have done it better. Yikes!


    This picture has creeped me out for a while now…thank heaven you think so too.

  7. Words have failed me… ::stumped::

  8. When I saw it a while back I thought it looked real and then realized the arms were not Rob’s.

  9. .. .and bad photoshopping at that. Ick.

  10. Wow someone should tell Rob to lay of the spinach…he’s looking a little Popeye-ish.

    Who are these people who think of these things? Oy!

  11. Creepy, yes. But did this photoshopping fool even READ Breaking Dawn? Nessie never looked like this…all teeny, tiny, and bald. Girlfriend was biting boobs mere seconds after her birth.

    Yeah, go photoshop that. Get your manips on.

  12. @leigh anne – Manips?!? ROFLMAO!!!

    Very true about the disconnect from BD. Keeps making me wonder if they’ll ever be able to make the movie.

  13. 1st time I’ve seen this, yes.. the photochop thing is terrible.. but before I noticed that, my first reaction was some part of my mommy-lioness-maternal side kicked in at how beautiful he would be holding his baby… umm.. my baby.. umm our baby.

  14. I think the above photoshopped pic is about on the same level as this pic of Rob with a baby:


  15. Oh dear.

    I got nothing.

  16. @Sass – It scares me that you have no witty retort for this picture. That is proof enough to how embarrassing this picture is for all of us.

  17. Yikes.



    I am just very… puzzled…. yes… wow.

    Btw, I didnt notice the arm until I read that part… and it’s just horrible. But, eek.

  18. I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants! I have never seen this before, and yeah…it is so embarrassing! Can you imagine how proud of this the person who made it must be? hahahaha

  19. @jonette – Since they actually posted it on their Flickr page, I’m assuming they were very proud. And on top of everything, people are telling this person they did a good job. Liars….

  20. I didn’t even notice the huge arm until you pointed it out. Ey-yah!

    I do think it’s fun to see this though. Fun to picture Edward and his baby girl. But kind of odd that someone would actually photoshop it into reality. 🙂

  21. good god. UUUUGGGHHH. what is it with bad photoshopping and arms? they couldnt get the creepy bella pregnant arms right either.

    this is so awkward

  22. Whaaaaat in the hell is that?! That’s not creepy, that’s just SICK. What kind of person puts that much thought into things like that??


  23. now that was just plain creepy.*hides*

  24. I know I’ve seen this before. It’s a poster, but I can’t find it online. It was a bare chested model-type holding the baby. I think the guy from the baby up is Rob, but below the baby is the model from the original.

    @Samantha – I did see that womb. Who thinks of these things? The only thing that would make that creepier is if it were made from dryer lint.

  25. @christa
    i have absolutely no idea. and equally baffling, what the heck made that person think “oh you know what will be a good arts and crafts project? bella’s womb made out of dry lint!” 😀

  26. This is WIN.

    Reneesme-concept hater.

  27. I made what has to be the best Twimanp ever made, seriously (head swells)
    And no I didn’t have endless time on my hands. Was just an evening of creativity. I have no idea how I would show it on here though.

  28. Ive made a link 🙂

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